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Jalgaon Monsoon - Year 2014
Monsoon Raining - Last update: 10th Sepetmber 2014
(Beginning 01st June in descending order of rainfall)
Yesterday's Rainfall(mm)
Total Rainfall(mm)
Erandol 129.75 123.6
Dharangaon 99.10 115.1
Jalgaon 70.35 99.7
Amalner 61.50 97.8
Parola 60.80 86.6
Pachora 58.00 78.0
Bhadgaon 43.25 83.7
Jamner 29.50 59.8
Chopda 28.83 112.6
Yaval 26.64 105.7
Chalisgaon 21.00 86.6
Bhusaval 17.50 83.3
Bodwad 9.66 72.7
Raver 8.42 76.7
MuktaiNagar 7.50 59.3
Water Storage in Dam:
(Last update: 10th September 2014)
(In descending order of Storage percent)
Dam Percentile%
Suki dam 100.00
Mangrul dam 100.00
Ambhora dam 100.00
Hivra dam 100.00
Agnavati dam 100.00
Waghur dam 99.30
Anjani dam 99.11
Bori dam 92.41
Tondapur dam 86.26
Bahula dam 83.20
Mor dam 80.95
Gul dam 66.56
Bhokarbari dam 40.69
Girana dam 36.34
Manyad dam 26.86
Hatnur dam 23.71

12th September:

Raining loses assessment in progress:
Jalgaon Tahsil office has completed around half of loses reported estimation by now and has sent reports of 322 affected for loses of Rs. 12.48Lakhs. Administration is expected to avail Rs. 4,000 each affected family as aid today wherein rest assessments are in process. Roads are still full of garbage and rain damages and major roads have water logging as key concern. Crompton greaves has reported losses amounting to 8Lakhs due to water logging in transformers and electricity supplies poles bending. Mehrun region supplies are still to normalise. Loses report reveals 27,000 hectares based crop getting affected due to heavy rainfall.

11th September:

Raining loses mount to Rs. 50Crores:
Jalgaon district administration has issued orders for assessment of losses due to rain pouring on Sunday and Monday in entire district. Primary estimation reveals loses worth Rs. 50 Crores and 20,000 acres of standing crop damaged due to water logging and heavy raining. For first time administration order mentions evaluation of loses in Jalgaon city also. Report further marks Jalgaon and Amalner Tahsil as two most affected with around 7,500 hectares land down under water. Corporation has estimated it’s loses worth Rs. 7Crores and is sending loses report to State for aid. Raining has led to polluted drinking water supplies adding to viral and waterborne diseases spread. Dengue, Malaria and typhoid viral spreads are visible in large numbers. Raining has also shoot up vegetables market due to lower inflow.
Corporation has setup 30 groups to assist citizens witnessing loses/ damages due to this raining and has also setup its dedicated helpline on 0257-2237666/ 2224999/ 2232398/ 2232498. Groups include divisional engineer and other staff including anti-encroachment drive members. However city still lies in water logged state with most of major roads flooding with rainwater, roads having bigger dents. Bank accounts frozen have led to almost its half vehicles down due to no fuel availability.

10th September:

Historic high rainfall exposes government’s disaster plans:
Jalgaon district including Jalgaon city has witnessed extensive rain pouring on Sunday and Monday devastating entire region’s life and causing deep grief in citizens due to heavy losses by water logging. District’s almost 2,037 houses witnessing partial fall down, 02 persons died in incidences and 9 animals turned victim to this rainfall. Raining intensity turned most of dam to 100% levels wherein Girana, Tapi and other Rivers are flowing above danger levels.
Administration has raised alerts to citizens living on banks of Rivers. Jalgaon city Municipal Corporation has failed in assistance during such disastrous raining. City has sheltered from all bounds with most of areas still water logged, main roads flooding with rain water and water outlets fully blocked. Citizens miser and strived hard to find their pathways and escapes from rain water. City’s many colonies got disconnected with rest areas with roads fully water logged and even electricity supplies under water. Mehrun’s many areas had water logged up to 4feet levels. Jalgaon’s naming ‘जल – गाव’ turned practically visible with rainwater spread everywhere.
Meteorological department has reported average 201mm raining on Sunday and 155mm rainfall on Monday with Erandol on top witnessing 129.75mm rainfall, Jalgaon city having 70.35mm and Muktai Nagar on bottom with 7.50mm rain. Hatnur dam’s 41 doors have been opened to ease water pressure wherein Bori dam’s 5 doors are open and Anjani’s 3 fully open. Waghur and Anjani dam have 99% storage levels. Raining has now triggered viral diseases spread and if not controlled in time, Jalgaon district might trap itself in viral spreads. Neighboring Dhule and Nandurbar districts have also reported heavy raining.

09th September:

Raining floods life in Khandesh – exposes disaster management plans:
Khandesh region marked monsoon’s historic rain pouring for over 30hours non-stop in full speed beginning on Sunday afternoon. This raining washed out and exposed all governments paper worked disaster management plans with citizens in deep panic on grounds of heavy water logging. Jalgaon city witnessed never alike water logging for over 2feets height in many internal areas and slums and new settlements on basis of hilly zones. City’s all roads including Rajpath remained water logged with over a feet rain water and Navi Peth alike areas went fully choking with huge water finding no space to exit. Raining led to electricity outage for over 8-10hours and no Corporation or other governmental agencies were seen easing situation. Mehrun Lake is at its never seen water levels with all neighboring constructions reporting heavy water logging yesterday in spite of its overflowing water flooding in MIDC areas.
Things eased by yesterday evening with raining slowing down and taking a break of around one hour and later stopping in night. This rainfall as felt by many Jalgaonities has been amongst worst affecting rains in recent decades causing heavy losses due to water logging all around. Hatnur dam’s all 36 gates have been opened to ease water pressure. Neighboring Dhule also reports more of same story.

01st September:

Raining lashes life in region:
Jalgaon district is in monsoon’s low pressure belt and continued medium to heavy raining is being witnessed since Saturday. Girana region had heavy rainfall since Saturday night wherein Jamner Tahsil also has recorded good rainfall. This raining has flattened Jamner region’s standing corn crop and has added to water levels in dam. Chalisgaon city, Pachora have also reported heavy raining. Bori River is flooding and few internal roads have been closed due to rainwater logging on roads. Parola region also has flooding. Raining along with low cleanliness has raise viral diseases spread with large cases of dengue and malaria reported.

23rd August:

Heavy raining in Bhusawal division:
Khandesh region continued to witnessed medium to heavy raining in many areas for second consecutive day. Rain pouring in Satpuda area has caused flooding in Suki and Hadkai River in Raver Tahsil. Hatnur dam’s 4 gates are open by a meter to ease water pressure. Raining has eased farmers with hopes of further rainfall and good crop.

22nd August:

Raining in Jalgaon district:
Entire Jalgaon district marked arrival of raining after span of almost 18days. Climate remained extreme humid since morning and raining began in afternoon and continued till late night in showering form. Department has reported 25mm raining in city and has reported heavy raining in next 48hours in northern Maharashtra. This raining has now chilled climatic conditions. Farmers are desperately awaiting rain pouring.

21st August:

Humid climate unrest life:
Monsoon this year has been pretty unpredictable with long intervals in between badly affecting agriculture. August beginning with good raining is now down once again with no raining since last week. Humid and heating climatic conditions have unrest life and humidity levels are very high. This condition has raised cold, cough and fever diseases largely.

27th and 28th July:

Shravana Monday festive begins with rain showering all around:
Today is this season’s first Shravana Monday and Lord Shiva has sent blissful rain showers to mark this special eve. Region is under lower pressure zone and is witnessing showering to medium rainfall since last evening. Jalgaon, Amalner and Yawal Tahsil have reported good rainfall since last evening. Cyclonic winds and raining losses have mounted to 12.70Crores in Raver Tahsil.

25th July:

Monsoon rain eases after two days span:
Raining gripped over entire Khandesh eased yesterday whole day with sunny intervals and clear climate. Two days continued raining logged huge water everywhere moved out and life normalised with this gap in rain yesterday. District authorities have reported 550 animals killed at various locations during two days continued raining. This includes 180 animals in 9 Tahsil of Jalgaon having rain pouring along with 350 animals in Dhule district. This includes cows, bullock and other smaller animals. Raining led to losses to around 150 hectare standing banana crop in Muktai Nagar. Raining also affected electricity supplies in Bhadgaon area due to disconnecting of electricity supply lines in heavy raining. Raining’s worst effect is on roads and city’s almost all road are no win bitter mode with drags at many places. Hatnur dam’s 41 gates are open to ease water pressure in Tapi River.

24th July:

Khandesh turns watered with continued monsoon raining:
Two days of non-stop raining in medium to heavy form in Khandesh region’s all three districts namely Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar added with heavy raining in Madhya Pradesh has led to flooding in Tapi River leading to opening up of all 41 gates. This opening has caused heavy water logging in Raver area with backwater filled in most of villages and farms. All 57 villages of Dhule along with many from Jalgaon on banks of Tapi River have been notified of danger and shifted. Raining in this form has cheered farmers and has made all small dam 100% full in Raver belt. All three districts have witnessed whopping 122mm rainfall in just 24hours. Raver area alone had 140mm rainfall wherein Jalgaon city had 126mm raining.
Raining has overflowed Mehrun Lake and Girana River is also flowing with good water. Muktai Nagar based old Kothali temple has gone underwater. Raver’s 5, Yawal and Muktai Nagar each’s two villages have lost connectivity due to heavy raining and roads blocked with water. Chopda Tahsil lost connectivity with 9 villages in Adavad area following water logging. Patalganga River in Savda area has mega flooding disrupting routine of all nearby villages. Jalgaon city’s name ‘जल – गाव’ turned real with water logging everywhere in city including prime areas and no disaster management or local government cells working. Street lights in many areas remained on for whole day yesterday. Lendi Nala, Bajrang pool and many like areas had huge water logging disrupting traffic.

23rd July:

Monsoon raining ushers liveliness in region:
Khandesh region is witnessing rising grip of monsoon raining since Monday night. Raining continued in showering form on whole Tuesday and turned medium to heavy on Tuesday whole night. Heavy pouring since beginning of this monsoon has ushered cheer and rejoice in farmers and has enhanced yield opportunities in this Kharip season. Heavy raining in neighboring Madhya Pradesh has led to flooding in Tapi River. Meanwhile administration has availed special release of Girana dam water to Chalisgaon region for easing drinking water troubles.
Jalgaon city is witnessing best of season’s raining in continued and consistent form. State meteorological department has reported likely continuation of heavy raining for next 24hours. Hatnur dam’s 4 gates are open by one meter each wherein 6gates are open by half meter.

15th July:

Monsoon makes wonderful entry in entire Khandesh:
Jalgaon and Dhule district’s most of areas are under monsoon rain showering since Monday morning. Heavy raining in few areas has led to flooding in few Rivers and Nala. Raver’s Mangrul dam is 100% full now wherein Sakri, Shirpur, Yaval, Raver, Chopda and Amalner Taluka are now having adequate rain for cultivation of new crop. Meteorological department has reported more raining in coming 24hours. Yawal is on top of charts with 66.10mm rainfall wherein Chalisgaon remained on bottom in 1mm rainfall.
Raining has triggered pending cultivation and district is now witnessing good demands for seeds and fertilisers. District has received 45,599 tons of seeds for this Kharip cultivation and has sold 26,288 tons by now. Agricultural department has estimated 746,143 hectare cultivation in this Kharip season. This includes BT Cotton’s 24.23Lakh packets supplied.

13th and 14th July:

Monsoon’s best raining is here:
Jalgaon district and neighboring areas are witnessing this season’s one of best rainfall. Raining began last night in showering form, picked pace to medium form throughout night and is still continuing with showering mode. Continued raining has chilled climate and cloudy winds are visible. Meanwhile Dharangaon area facing drinking water shortages has demanded special release of Anjani dam water for easing its drinking water supplies concerns. Region had humid and suffocating day with clouds in interval and evening turned blissful with good rainfall.

12th July:

Monsoon pours rain in Jalgaon:
Jalgaon district witnessed wonderful raining in medium to heavy form last night across entire region. Jalgaon had heavy to medium raining in midnight continuing in showering form till early mornings. Raining has spurred climate with cold breeze and raised cheer levels. Farmers have begun crop cultivation following two days of continued rain showering. District has recorded 17mm rainfall in average in last two days.

11th July:

Monsoons showers spring region:
Entire Khandesh region marked shining monsoon raining beginning in evening and continuing till late night. Climate marked thunder strokes in between and remained cloudy for whole day with sunny intervals. Jalgaon city had 9.70mm rainfall on Wednesday during Ekadashi, Utran, Kasoda and nearby areas witnessed heavy raining. Raining led to electricity outage at many places. Dharangaon, Erandol and Pachora along with Bodwad Tahsil have reported raining at many places in medium form. Meteorological department has recorded 63mm rainfall in district in last 24hours with Bhusawal on top having 16mm rain and 5 Tahsil namely Yaval, Raver, Muktai Nagar, Bodwad and Amalner still to see rain.

10th July:

Ashadhi festivity cheers with monsoon showers:
Entire region marked devoted Ashadhi Ekadashi festivity yesterday with Lord Vitthal’s blissful monsoon showers continuing for around one hour in evening. Raining in mid to showering form has spring new hopes in farmers. Raining caused water logging in few areas in city. Region still looks forward to rain pouring in entire district.

06th and 07th July:

Raining in Raver, Yaval and Chalisgaon:
Jalgaon district’s many areas marked rain showering to medium raining on Sunday evening. Raining led to electricity outage in 10villages of Raver Thasil. Khanapur region had raining for around 60minutes. Raining continued till late night in few areas in showering form. Nhavi, Yaval witnessed cloud bursting followed by raining damaging standing crop. Chalisgaon city also marked rainfall. Climate is cloudy today as well and has showering intervals.

05th July:

Administration review meeting on drinking water supplies:
Jalgaon district administration yesterday conducted a review meeting of all Councils, Tahsildar and ZP officials to study drinking water supplies in district. Administration has urged officials to prepare water supplies plan and stressed on planned alternate days supplies until 25th July. It has assured officials of special release from various dams if situation continues with lower monsoon rainfall. It has ordered officials of Tahsil level to acquire well and start tanker supplies as required and will review situation again in August first week. Lower to no raining has put standing crop cultivation in deep trouble and likely chances of damages.

03rd July:

Monsoon bestows region, raining at many places:
Jalgaon district witnessed showering to medium raining yesterday after a span over a month at many places. This includes Parola city, various village in Parola Tahsil, Dharangaon city, few villages of Dharangaon and Amalner city marked rainfall. This raining has rejuvenated farmers’ hope of recovery in monsoon ahead.

28th June:

Delaying monsoon triggers water woes:
Monsoon’s first month about to end with almost zero rainfall during the entire month has raised panic levels in farmers and administration to handle likely draught type situation. State officials have ordered immediate planning of various measures to handle drinking water supplies and introduce various measures to smoothen through supplies. Jalgaon district has mere 20.40mm rainfall till date in this season and is having 87 tankers as of now. Neighboring Dhule has 23.50mm rainfall and 4 tankers wherein Nandurbar has 13.40mm rainfall. Delaying in monsoon rain is likely to cause drinking water acute shortages in rest of district areas. Jalgaon city is on Waghur dam supplies and is likely to surpass this delay and whole year ahead with sufficient storage in dam. Nashirabad has been shifted on Waghur River and dam water to ease drinking water concerns. Delaying raining has inflated vegetables and agricultural yields prices in market.

21st June:

District farmers on verge of second cultivation:
Jalgaon district farmers are facing hard times with no to low raining in entire district in spite of monsoon startup. As a result, the cultivation done earlier is drying and soil is humid and dry and is leading to damage to cultivation done. If region does not receive good raining in next few days, it will lead to second round of cultivation post raining thereby affecting farmer economics. Pests and fertilisers markets are still vacant and delays might even lead to lower cultivation.

18th June:

Mamurabad villagers move Court for getting Waghur dam water:
Amidst water crisis, Mamurabad villagers have moved to Mumbai High Court Aurangabad bench filling public interest litigation on Waghur dam water sharing to Mamurabad. Next hearing of this PIL is on 25th June and targets its right to Waghur dam water for irrigation purposes. Waghur dam’s canal water work to Mamurabad has stopped since year 2008 till Asoda branch and rest is trapped in administration versus few other farmers protesting acquisition of their fertile land for this purpose.

Monsoon rain showers in region:
Khandesh region marked shining arrival of monsoon raining yesterday with most of areas having showering to medium raining in evening continuing for 20-30minutes. Until now Jalgaon district has recorded 125mm rainfall and 9 out of 16 dam are still dry. Major water supplying dams like Waghur, Hatnur and Girana still have sufficient stock to cater to drinking water supplies requirement. Neighboring Dhule has received 200mm raining since 07th June.

13th June:

Farmers await desperate monsoon rain:
June arrival marks farmers having curious eyes on sky to deliver best of monsoon ahead. This year till today farmers haven’t seen expected good start of raining so as to pace up cultivation and climate is still in middle and near 40 degrees zone. As a result of this earlier expected 140,000 hectares cotton cultivation is likely to reduce and seeds and pesticides shops still await queues and rush. This Kharip season has 293,000 hectares under cultivation.

12th June:

Raining with winds kills four and disrupts rail traffic:
Khandesh region marked thunderous welcome to pre-monsoon raining yesterday with heavy winds flowing rains leading to heavy losses to standing agricultural crop and disturbing railways traffic at some places. Raining caused trees falling on roads, water logging in Jalgaon city at many places and disrupted routine due to heavy winds flow. City’s many areas witnessed power outages for more than 7-8hours during and after this raining. District authorities have reported three deaths due to lightening at many places and one in neighboring districts.

05th to 11th June:

Heavy raining in Chalisgaon area:
Chalisgaon city and neighboring areas witnessed sudden and heavy raining beginning around 5.30pm in evening yesterday. Raining began with heavy winds flow and poured in entire area. It disrupted electricity supplies and caused water logging in many areas of city. Jalgaon city also remained cloudy with showering at few places. Until now raining in sudden form and cyclonic winds has damaged banana cultivation on 3,300 hectares during period from 17th May until 03rd June. Losses reporting and compensation from administration is still in process.

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