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Ambulance Services in Jalgaon District:

Jalgaon District has significant number of Governmental as well as Non-Governmental Organisations run Ambulance services available 24x7. Ambulances with Cardiac Care facilities, regular Ambulance within City/ District, Ambulance for shifting Patients to other Metro Places, Air Ambulance Services are widely available. Since starting up of Maharashtra Emergency Medical Services (MEMS) Project, one could easily get Ambulance just by dialing 108 or by dialing National Ambulance Service Number 102. Both services are fully functional in entire district.

Road Ambulances:

National Ambulance Service: 102 | Maharashtra Emergency Medical Services: 108
Private Ambulance Services: Jhalawadi Jain Sangh - 2224265, 2224236, Krishi Utapana Bazar Samiti - 2210757, 2210665, Keshav Smruti Pratishtan - 2234590, 2229963, 2223699, 2251735, 2229644, Amar Shahid Sant Kanwarram Trust, GM Foundation
Funeral related Vehicle Services: Jain Group, Krishi Uttpana Bazar Samiti, Jain Jhalawadi Sangh, Swarga Yatra, Girana Patpedhi and many others provide within city Vehicle (Open Matador with facilities for keeping body in center and few persons along. Such providers either provide this vehicle for free or charge nominal amount.

Air Ambulance is an aerial effective and fastest way of shifting critically attention needing patients to nearest Major facility Hospital/ Specialised Units. Air Ambulance is equipped with Specialist Doctor, Cardiac Facilities, dedicated Pilot, Support staff, necessary Medical equipments, Medicines and have Universal Access to all Airports across the Globe subjected to prior communication. Jalgaon has fully functional Airport that allows use of Air Ambulance Services during day time. Currently due to non-availability of Night Landing facility, such flights cannot be landed/ taken off during night time. Jalgaon being centrally located, Mumbai/ Pune/ Delhi/ Bangalore are ideal shifting location for such patients.

Air Ambulance Service Providers: Most of Air Ambulance Service Providers are based in Mumbai or Delhi and these Providers offer 24x7 telephonic support for getting Quote and communication further. We advise clear written Quotation and communication and authenticity checks on such providers before depositing Advance sum in their Accounts. Practising Advance payments below 50% in any circumstance is highly advised as safer cross check means. Being High Emergency time, failure or distrust during such critical hour might impact by means of patient loss as well financial losses due to non-performance by such service provider.

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