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Jalgaon Business - Setting up Industry

Industries are backbone to financial growth of region and Jalgaon is yet to get full benefits of this aspect. Industrialisation in region has been low to medium following various concerns that largely includes lower local labour availability, no space for new coming Industries due to houseful state industrial zones, no local government support/ benefits, lesser infrastructural facilities and lower diplomatic willingness to usher in this area. Industrial sector in region has attempted rejuvenation in last decade with arrival of many national players opening up window of employment opportunities.

Jalgaon region's industries include Jain irrigation systems limited (JISL) as pioneering industry followed by many industries. Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) holds key role in regulating industrial sector in State and Jalgaon district has Jalgaon, Bhusawal and Chalisgaon as three fully functional Industrial zones marked by MIDC. Jalgaon MIDC has Flour Mills, Chemicals, PVC Pipes, Aluminimum produces, Plastic/PP Granules, Bakery, Jute bags, battery, battery acid, chargers, Blankets and Shawl, Vehicle Body Builders, Blow Moulding articles, bulk chemicals, cables, calcium carbonates, can, card board, cattle feed grinding, corrugated boxes, cement blocks and produces, Chilli Powder, Coconut Oil, Concrete Blocks, Industrial Control Panels, Cotton seed oil, Cupboard, Drip Irrigation produces, Electrical products, Fabrication units, Fertilisers, Footwear, Steel Furniture, Glass processing units, Ice factories, Heat exchange equipments, Machine tools, Marbles, Notebooks and registers, Offset Printing, Oil, PP Mats, Paints, Plastic Bag/ processing units, Pulses, Soft drinks, Sweets and Namkeen production, Tiles, Transformers, Fabrics weaving units and Woolen units.

Setting up new Industry in Jalgaon requires space availability either directly from MIDC or from Resale of existing MIDC plot (to get uninterrupted power supply) or private industrial land in nearby areas with good transportation facilities. Many National level Industries having units here are having core-staffing on their rolls and rest executed via Contractors for smoother functional approach. Many local Industries here have out of Maharashtra staffing that includes Bihar, UP, Andhra amongst major workers. Jalgaon city based MIDC is quiet developed wherein Bhusawal and Chalisgaon MIDC are having medium level facilities but ready to use land available. There are private Industrial setup in nearby MIDC area at Khedi (Bhusawal Road), Nashirabad, Kusumba, Bambhori and Mamurabad areas.

We welcome new and prospect Industries in Jalgaon and look forward to hear from you for any specific assistance required thereof.

  • Geographically, no one can beat Jalgaon. Jalgaon is located exactly in centre of Country with wonderful roads and railway connectivity. Anyone can reach Jalgaon in overnight journey of 6-10 hours from various major points in India.
  • Public sector enterprises like Jain Irrigation Systems Limited (JISL), Supreme Industries Limited, Nilons, Raymond Fedora, Tusli Extrusions, Marico, Legrand have either Head Quarters or have lion share production units in Jalgaon.
  • Industrial Labour is a bit critical concern with significant dominance of various leaders in Unions formed. Bihar, Andhra and UP labours are in sizable quantam in various units here.
  • Air Cargo service holds huge potential and growth. Jalgaon Airport inaugurated in year 2012 still has no commercial flights and port is readily available for operation. Cargo can boost industries with speedy transportation of goods.
  • Medicines and Medicinal Aids production equally evolves good demand within Jalgaon district and can further be shipped to rest of India.
  • Gold and Silver processing and Ornament designing units holds significant potential here. The field currently has hold of West Bengal workers working in small groups and doing Gold and silver ornaments processing for large retailers.
  • Ideally Jalgaon deserves and holds potential for new Manufacturing units in areas like Textile (with Malegaon, Burhanpur nearby) and Raymonds having significant presence. Other potential manufacturing sectors are Electricity generation related units like Transformers, Cables, Switches and Irrigation products, bottling and branded furniture.
  • Food processing units and other attractive food industries that can be setup includes Ice Cream Plant, Potato Chips, Onion Juice/ Powder plants, Banana products, Pickles, Lemon juices plants.
  • Jalgaon MIDC Industrial sector does not have any more vacant space and land availability here is only in form of Resale of already taken plots, Locked Units. Other preferred Industrial setup areas in nearby are annexed to MIDC on Aurangabad Road, Bhusawal Road, Paldhi Road, Mamurabad road, Shirsoli (Pachora Road).
  • Nearby State MIDC industrial units are Bhusawal and Chalisgaon. Ample water and Electricity availability are concerns here. Express feeder based uninterrupted power supply is available in Industrial areas and its connected zones. Industries can even get this connection on demand. Jalgaon city's Electricity distribution Services are tendered by Crompton Greaves Limited - State Electricity Distribution Company's Power Distribution Franchise for Jalgaon district.
  • Jalgaon city and nearby areas have excellent Transportation facilities with both by Road and by Rail transportation facilities available at very attractive rates. Segment has SK Translines and Arco Roadlines having its head quarter in Jalgaon along with XPS, Gati and many local/ inter-district carriers.
  • Maharashtra State Road Transport Corproation (MSRTC) State Franchise Uncle Parcels and Forwarders has its head office in Jalgaon.
  • Technology sector is still under estimated in region. NMU generates almost 5,000 technical skills every year holds attraction for large Software Companies to setup development base, Call Center, Back Offices in region. Jalgaon's earlier assumption of Spoken English Language and communications concerns have wonderfully improved in recent 5-7 years. Jalgaon's youth is hard working, business minded and has abilities to work in group.
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