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Private Medical Services in Jalgaon District:

Jalgaon city and rest of district has rising count of private Medical facilities that largely includes Private practising doctors, smaller Hospitals, Multi-Speciality Hospitals, Heart Hospitals and Critical Care Units. Jalgaon city private Medical services hub areas include Bhaskar Market area, Akashwani Chowk to Icchadevi Chowk Highway nearby Area, Civil Hopsital Nearby Area, Khedi having Private Medical College cum Hospital, Older city area having fewer Speciality Hospitals.

Quick Guide:

  • In Routine Checkup, Consult your Family Doctor first
  • In Emergency, Look to severity level and Consult Speciality Doctor in co-communication from your Family Doctor
  • In event of Emergency, certain immediate decisions might be asked by concerned Doctor(s) - Cross check for same with your Family Doctor/ Trusted Doctor Network Opinion to arrive at decision
  • Take rough estimation of Expenditure while Admitting to Hospital
  • Convey clearly about Health Insurance (if taken) and get the same processed in parallel
  • Doctors might insist on Check up/ Test Reports from specified Lab(s) only for specific tests - Decide on this on basis of complexity required and report required time frame
  • If illness is too critical or complex (as described by Doctors), study to shift to Metro Place Speciality Hospital rather letting experiment and things worsening
  • Most of Private Hospitals prefer Cash based transactions, make sure to have enough Cash in Hand while moving for Emergency executions as major Hospital hubs lacks Electronic Payment features and ATM Cash withdrawal Limitations apply
  • Insist for prescriptions and treatment details while taking discharge from Hospitals
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