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आपलं जळगावः
मंगळवार, 02 सप्टॆंबर 2014, भाद्रपद शुक्ल अष्टमी
जळगाव बाजार भावः
सॊनं (प्रति 10ग्राम): Rs. 28,500
चांदी (प्रति किलॊ): Rs. 45,000

कमालः 30.4 किमानः 21.6
सुर्यॊदयः 6.15, सुर्यास्तः 6.42
Diseases are Tax on the pleasure - New Generation Collection
ठळक बातम्या (News Headlines):
  • Monsoon eases after 3days:
  • State classifies Jalgaon and Dhule Corporations in D-Category:
  • Nationalised banks flood with new customers for Jandhan account:
  • District democracy day – 62 complaints received

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Updated 11:30am

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