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आपलं जळगावः
बुधवार, 28 जानॆवारी 2015, माघ शुक्ल नवमी
जळगाव बाजार भावः
सॊनं (प्रति 10ग्राम): Rs. 28,600
चांदी (प्रति किलॊ): Rs. 41,000

कमालः 26.4 किमानः 14.0
सुर्यॊदयः 7.05, सुर्यास्तः 6.18
A good conscience is the best divinity - Thomas Fuller
ठळक बातम्या (News Headlines):
  • Swine flu takes first victim in Jalgaon city:
  • District’s 30 Police stations in CCTV camera:
  • Corporation general body to discuss No Hawkers zone finalization:
  • Batmidar team wins Inter-Media cricket competition:
  • ZP initiates tender for E-Learning application and hardware
  • R. C. Bafna Jewelers Nanded showroom inaugurated on eve of Republic day
  • District to get 9Crores for watering farms project in 232 villages in first phase

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Updated 10:35am

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