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Jalgaon Monsoon - Year 2013
Monsoon Raining - Last update: 24th Sepetmber 2013
(Beginning 01st June in descending order of rainfall)
Yesterday's Rainfall(mm)
Total Rainfall(mm)
Chopda 55.00 738.00
MuktaiNagar 28.00 466.10
Yaval 26.30 624.70
Bhusaval 25.60 582.00
Dharangaon 21.06 639.30
Raver 17.30 441.90
Jalgaon 14.70 682.40
Amalner 14.70 519.30
Bodwad 09.30 619.70
Erandol 09.00 622.60
Chalisgaon 05.00 441.20
Pachora 04.08 548.30
Jamner 03.90 474.60
Parola 03.20 598.00
Bhadgaon 02.70 542.40
Totals: 241.1 8562.50

28th September
  • Monsoon raining in Jalgaon – rain pours for half an hour in evening

25th September

Raining eases after span of four days:
Monsoon eased its continuity on Monday morning and turned lower in entire Khandesh. Climate remained cloudy and had show.ering intervals throughout day. Madhya Pradesh based low pressure area has reduced and this has eased Khandesh raining. Heavy raining has damaged Yaval, Raver and Chopda Tahsil standing crops and rest 12 Tahsil have grains affected largely. Administration has ordered assessment of

24th September

Raver Tahsil raining losses mounts to 8Crores:
Jalgaon district’s banana belt Raver has faced severe damages to standing crop in raining during last 3days. This raining has hit 20 villages in Tahsil based 768 farmers 400 hectare land. Standing cotton, banana and Jwar losses has been estimated at around 8Crores. Chopda Tahsil has also reported losses to standing crop. District’s 14 out of 15 Tahsil have recorded above 100% of their average monsoon raining by now. Jalgaon district has witnessed 241.10mm raining in last 24hours taking district’s average rainfall percentage to 126.7%.

22nd and 23rd September:

Monsoon glees region with best of raining:
Jalgaon district has witnessed sunrise after span of two days continued raining in medium to heavy form. This raining began on Friday night, continued whole Saturday and Sunday in intense speed. Chopda Tahsil is on top of chart with 86.4mm raining in 3days followed by Bodwad – 78mm, Raver – 71mm, Jalgaon – 67.8mm, Yaval – 65.6mm, Dharangaon – 61mm and Bhusawal with 60.2mm rainfall. Tapi River is flooding and Hatnur dam’s 24 gates are open. Mehrun Lake’s fountain seen rarely is a picnic and joyous spot for youth in region. Rural areas are witnessing extensive water logging and farms are full of water damaging entire standing crop. Monsoon’s never seen such sturdy performance at one state rejoiced farmers and citizens of good yields ahead but on other side has made them cry with entire standing Kharip crop and its effort getting in vein in front of their eyes.
Neighboring Dhule district’s Shirpur and Sindhkheda are worst affected with Aner and Arunavati Rivers are flowing above danger mark wherein Gomai, Khardi and Susari Rivers are also flooding in Nandurbar. Nandurbar district’s 100 villages have lost connection with headquarters. Dhule district has recorded 152mm raining in last 3days. Jalgaon district has recorded 671mm average rainfall by now.

21th September:
  • Monsoon sprays showers – continued rain showering in entire region since last night

19th and 20th September:

Waghur dam nearing its 100% storage:
Jalgaon city’s lifeline and region’s significant dam Waghur dam still to be marked as construction completed is nearing its 100% water storage level. Dam is just 2.50meters lesser than its full storage capacity and has 68.81% storage as of now. This risen level has rejuvenated Jalgaon city’s hopes on getting alternate day water supplies to that of every third day supply and no water woes for at least a year or two years ahead.

18th September:

Heavy raining causes losses worth Rs. 1 Crore in Raver:
Region’s banana belt Raver witnessed yet another natural calamity in form of heavy raining yesterday. This has resulted in estimated losses worth Rs. 1.17Crores in 17 villages of Raver Tahsil to standing banana and other crops. Dharangaon Tahsil based 1,500 hectare agricultural land has also been affected due to heavy rains.

  • Monsoon raining continues – heavy rains lead to flooding in Girana River

15th and 16th September:

Raining in Khandesh:
Khandesh region’s many areas including Jalgaon city, Tahsil, Bhusawal, Chopda and Parola areas witnessed rain showering in midnight. Neighboring Nandurbar and Dhule districts have also reported raining. This raining will benefit dry farms wherein has affected standing cotton, Jwar, Bajra and corn crops. Raining began with high windows flow first.

24th August:

Monsoon floods life – rain water logged everywhere:
Khandesh region is once again in Monsoon’s second best continued showering to medium raining since yesterday. Raining began on Thursday night and is continuing throughout Friday and today as well. Heavy raining in Madhya Pradesh has equally raised Tapi River water and authorities yesterday opened up all 41 gates of Hatnur dam to control water pressure. Administration has issued caution notes to villagers on bank of River. Continued rainfall has broken contact of five villages in Raver Tahsil. Raver Tahsil’s 500 hectare based agriculture land is fully under water due to continued rainfall.

Waghur dam records its lifetime water levels:
Jalgaon city’s lifeline Waghur dam is on its peak storage level with continued monsoon raining. Waghur dam yesterday recorded 43.69% water level which is above year 2011 achieved level of 43.18% storage. Continued raining will further addition to this storage level. Jalgaon city’s Mehrun Lake is equally blissed with rain water and is flooding above its standard levels.

21st August:

Waghur dam water level reaches 42%:
Jalgaon city’s water line Waghur dam has marked 42% storage level of usable water. Continued raining in last 2months has enhanced levels to new high and still a month plus raining is yet to be seen.

14th August:
  • Monsoon raining across entire district – Yaval reports 1.25 Crores losses

13th August:

Monsoon spree continues to cheer:
Monsoon’s best ever experience continues in region with intermediate medium to heavy raining in most of Khandesh in last 3days. Continued raining has enhanced all 16 small and medium sized dam storage levels. . Waghur dam now has 29.86% storage wherein Hatnur has 29.57% and Girana dam has 11.29% storage. Other medium projects have 4 dam namely Suki, Ambhora, Tondapur and Mangrul already overflowing.

07th August:

Tapi flooding losses mount to 7crores:
District administration yesterday completed review of losses due to flooding in Tapi River during rain pouring in last 20days. Raver Tahsil losses estimation has been completed and it has mounted to RS. 7Crores. This include Ajnad, Atvade, Nehat, Khirvad, Dothe, Nimbol, Vitave, Ainpur, Nandurkheda and Sangave villages facing damages to 238.1 hectares land of 448 farmers causing 5.81 Crores losses. Amongst other villages include Nimbhora Sim, Boharde and Therole.

04th and 05th August:

Weather eases with sunny day:
After prolonged gap of 15days, entire region witnessed first fresh sunny day on Saturday and Sunday easing life. Opening up of rain helped people normalise life and assess losses faced during raining continued for whole fortnight. This also helped farmers in getting excess water logged in farms dried and helping standing crop in getting new life. Tapi River flowing above danger mark has also eased giving major relief to farmers.
District’s thre dam namely Ambhora, Mangrul and Suki are 100% full wherein Waghur dam now has 16.35% storage and Hatnur has 34.27% storage. Hatnur dam’s 36 gates are still open.

03rd August:

Moving towards wet draught:
Continued monsoon rainfall has taken off moisture in land and as a result Kharip crop’s standing cotton, Soyabeen and other grains are moving towards critical state in this season. Most of these crops are not able to grow further due to no sunlight since so many days and turning pale yellow. Colder climate has also raise fungal infection on crop thereby marking entire Monsoon crop in wet draught zone. Raver, Jalgaon, Yaval, Chopda and Dharangaon Tahsil land holds ability to stand with water being dark black and fertile. Parola, Amalner, Bodwad and Muktai Nagar land also hold capabilities to withhold extra water. However extreme and continued raining has, worst affected these capacities.
Today climate is open and sunny and rain has stopped since last evening. Region is in desperate need of break from raining. Jalgaon region yesterday witnessed 17.89mm rainfall and continued raining has full Mehrun Lake. Many Tahsil have now crossed their average raining percentile mark and many others are in 90% and above zone. Raver Tahsil authorities have reported damages to standing crop in 500 hectares land.

02nd August:

Monsoon 2013 – marks new historic records:
Name it the best ever rainfall, say it wondrous, quote it nature’s bliss, blame it wet draught, the Monsoon 2013 has been the biggest name winning raining/ monsoon season in last few decades for the region. Khandesh is under continued monsoon since last week and this continuous showering to heavy raining has led to Tapi River flooding above danger marks. Hatnur dam’s all 41 gates are open and dam backwater has worst affected 13 villages in the area. This includes Raver Tahsil’s 6, Muktai Nagar’s 3, Chopda’s 2 and Yaval Tahsil’s 2 villages. Muktai Nagar based Kothali older deity Muktai temple is witnessing water logging and authorities have closed temple entry as caution.
Continued raining has yellowed crop and affected standing crop, which is likely to lead in intense losses to farmers. Hatnur dam was at 212.820meters and had all 41 gates open to control rising water in the dam. Waghur dam water level is significantly increasing and as a result department is opening dam gates soon. It has issued notice to Corporation to disconnect its down scheme pipelines from dam and has issued warning to villagers nearby. Region’s average rainfall stats reveal 500.59mm average rain (75.5%) as of 01st August. Bhusawal remained on top of chart with 59.60mm raining yesterday.

01st August:

Tapi River flowing above danger mark:
Continued raining in Madhya Pradesh and Jalgaon district has led to sharp rise in Tapi River water. River crossed danger mark in Burhanpur yesterday night at 10pm. Burhanpur district administration has raised high alert for villagers on bank of river as River flow is above 220.800meters danger mark and is currently at 223.900 meters. Hatnur dam’s 36gates are open and dam had 210meters water level.

27th July:
  • Monsoon raining eases after biggest continued rain – climate opens with sunny intervals

26th July:

Dams on zero storage amidst pouring rain demands dozing administration attention:
Region is witnessing never before monsoon benefits in this season and in spite of this magical spray, area’s most of water reservoir are on zero storage thanks to nothing on plan approach from administrative authorities. Jalgaon district’s one of major drinking water supplying Girana dam is still at zero stage of storage in spite of monsoon’s over 50% rainfall seen by now. Chalisgaon, Bhadgaon, Pachora along with Erandol and Dharangaon Tahsil have significant dependence on Girana dam.
Diversion of upper dam like Chankapur and Haranbari to canal in spite of Girana dam having no storage has pained district citizens. Administration and public representatives are yet to react on this strange move. The acute water shortage time debating leaders and officials are dozing around with no strong measure being taken to help region in whole year ahead.

Monsoon continues to bestow life:
Monsoon 2013 has been the most magical performer for the Khandesh region striving with water shortages in the last year. Bestowing raining has converted dry draught situation to wet draught and for first time in last many years there is no sunrise visibility for almost one continued one week. Meteorological department has reported 13.42mm rainfall yesterday with Chopda on top with 52.10mm raining in single day. Girana River is witnessing significantly risen water level and flowing water after two years span and Waghur dam is also marking rise in levels. Continued raining has devastated roads in city.

25th July:

Monsoon exposes disaster management – water logged all around:
Continued monsoon raining in medium to heavy form in last two days has led to severe and critical state of infrastructural facilities and the paper-planned disaster management going yet another expected failure way. Most of city areas have huge water logging and main roads have extensive damages leading to traffic disruption. Drinking water supplies lines have vanished in between and just two days continued raining affected routine water supplies since yesterday with electricity load shedding in the dam region as one of major reason.  This scenario is in Jalgaon city like area and hence need no mention of what will be real implication and situation in rural or Tahsil level.
Raining since yesterday records reveal Erandol to be on top of chart with 95mm rainfall followed by Dharangaon – 85mm and Parola with 80mm rain. Jalgaon had 65.50mm rainfall. Average raining in last two days has been 55.39mm and this has risen monsoon 2013 average raining until yesterday morning to 62.1% right in July-2013. Agricultural department has reported 100% completion of Kharip cultivation in Jalgaon, 98% in Dhule. Heavy raining has damaged standing corn on 300 hectares and has also affected cotton farmers.

24th July:

Rain pours in Khandesh – life disrupts:
Heavy raining marked Tuesday’s life with massive disruption in routine, water logging and flooding in entire zone and rest Maharashtra. Raining eased in evening and later continued in showering form throughout night with intervals. This is first time in last decade that reason is witnessing extensive rainfall prior to Shravana right in Ashadh month. Climate is still cloudy. Department has reported 356.43mm rainfall in district as of 23rd July this year which 201.11mm greater than last year. Bodwad remained on top of chart yesterday with 29.70mm rain followed by Bhusawal - 18mm and Dharangaon with 16.50mm rain.
Mehrun Lake is flooding with 90% of its capacity wherein city’s newly setup outskirt areas and older areas like Shirdhar Nagar, Chaughule plots, Rameshwar Colony and Bajrang pool are witnessing heavy water logging. Suki and Mangrul dam are overflowing and Waghur dam has shown rise in levels. Waghur, Kang and Anjani Rivers are flooding for first time in last so many years. Heavy raining is likely to damage to standing cotton crop cultivated in this month start wherein it will benefit rest sugarcane and fruits based farms.

23rd July:

Monsoon continues at its best:
Jalgaon district continues to be in pressure belt of monsoon raining with continued showering to medium to heavy raining throughout day. Jalgaon city and rest district marked yet another day with no sunrise visibility and continued rain logging in most of roads. Raining disrupted routine life and marked power outages at some places. Parola remained on top of chart with 16.60mm rainfall followed by Chopda with 14.70mm and Pachora with 14.70mm raining. Jalgaon city had 7.50mm rain.

22nd July:

Rain pours in Jalgaon on Sunday:
Jalgaon city witnessed heavy raining on Sunday evening for around half an hour. District has lowest sunrise view in entire last week and had cloudy climate throughout day. Dharangaon, Raver, Bhadgaon, Chalisgaon and Chopda had no rains. Department has reported 67.9mm rainfall in entire district yesterday.

18th July:

Ajanta caves region turns lush green:
Region’s center point of attraction Ajanta caves region has turned lush green and nicely carved with greenery following good raining in this season. Fountain in caves area is flowing fully now with good raining and has added to its beauty. Tourist visits have increased in significantly to rejoice this cheering climatic condition and visit caves. Aurangabad district had lower raining in last year and hence it missed Nature’s this vivid beauty.

Good Monsoon raining yet to enhance dam storage:
North Maharashtra region has been witnessing good monsoon season this year with continued showering to medium form of raining. Meteorological department has reported that Jalgaon district alone has witnessed 46% of average rainfall, Dhule is at 55%. However in spite of continued raining dam storage in district is still low. Authorities have opened up 36 gates of Hatnur dam to balance water pressure levels. Other dams are also at very low storage levels.

16th July:

Monsoon pleases life:
Jalgaon district is continuing to witness best of monsoon’s experience with continued showering to medium raining. District recorded highest of this season 43.67mm rainfall in a single day yesterday. This included Erandol on top with 52.9mm rain and earlier lower rain belts of Chalisgaon and Bhadgaon also witnessed good rain. District has until now recorded 43.2% of its average rainfall.

10th July:

Monsoon showers continues in region:
Jalgaon district and rest Khandesh continue to witness showering raining across whole day yesterday. Raining stats until now reveals that Yaval Tahsil is on top of chart with 293.5mm raining followed by Chopda with 289.27mm and Erandol with 276.65mm raining and Chalisgaon has witnessed lowest with 174.50mm raining only.

04th July:

Monsoon sprinkles Khandesh:
After gap of few days, monsoon showers are back in region with yesterday being fully cloudy and showering with sunny intervals. Region observed continued medium to low raining throughout night yesterday. There is no sunrise seen today as well and climate is still cloudy and showering. Chopda remained on top of chart yesterday with 18.70mm raining where Jamner, Parola, Amalner, Bhadgaon, Chalisgaon and Pachora had no raining. Sprinkled raining at one hand has rejoiced farmers and on other side has raised chronic and waterborne diseases.

25th June:

Rain showering eases farmers:
Monsoon’s a week long gap refurbished life yesterday with medium showers all around region later turning to good raining in midnight. Jalgaon city had cloudy climate since morning and witnessed showering in evening and later good rain during night.

19th June:

Khandesh cheers up with good rain, cultivation takes pace:
Timely and good arrival of monsoon in entire Khandesh region has geared up sentiments of farmers in the region and as a result cultivation is now in full pace. Agricultural department has reported 17% cultivation completion in Dhule, 10% in Nandurbar and 25% in Jalgaon districts by now. Raining’s seasons favorite cotton crop cultivation is also completing. Amongst other crops include Jwar, Bajra, Soyabeen and grains. Region witnessed showering and medium rain for fifth consecutive day in almost all areas. Waghur dam water level has risen to 222meters with good continued raining in its basin area.

18th June:

Monsoon showering continues on fourth consecutive day:
Jalgaon district continues to witness rain showering for fourth consecutive day. Nashik divisional authorities have reported 18% raining by now and have reported region to have crossed June months’ expected raining stats of 130mm on Sunday itself. This includes Jalgaon with 20.1%, Ahmednagar – 22%, Dhule – 31%, Nashik – 15.1% and Nandurbar with 14.6%. District has average raining of 133.55mm raining until Sunday and expects more seeing current climatic conditions.
Hatnur dam’s 36gates are still open wherein Suki dam is at 96.54% and Mangrul dam has 92.87% storage.

17th June:

Rain splashes life with continued showering:
Monsoon’s most pleasing arrival marks this year’s cheering mindset of entire region on raining arrival. Raining began on Saturday early morning and continues in showering to medium form throughout region. Muktai Nagar remained top on chart with 63mm raining in a day on Saturday. Administration opened up 36 gates of Hatnur dam to control rising water pressure in dam due to good raining in Tapi River basin areas. Raining has speeded up cultivation process for season.
Waghur River has witnessed flooding for first time in last two years due to pouring rain in Pahur and Jamner region. Waghur dam area has witnessed good raining thereby increasing water levels by 1meter easing Jalgaon city’s drinking water woes. Chopda Tahsil has witnessed 39mm raining. Continued raining has caused water logging at many city places in Jamner. State meteorological department has reported rain pouring in Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar districts in coming 48hours. There is no sunrise/ sun seen in region in last 48hours.

15th June:

Monsoon turns Jalgaon ‘Jalmay’:
After a span of one week, Monsoon glee is back with continued showering form raining since last two days. Raining has led water logging in many internal areas of city. Erandol had best of yesterday rain with 30.5mm rainfall in a day recorded. Raining statistics until now reveals Pachora on top with 104.05mm raining and Bhusawal on low with 25.09mm raining by now. Rain is also leading to increase in rivers water levels.

14th June:

Monsoon arrives with bang – showering throughout Khandesh:
Monsoon 2013 has finally ushered in entire Khandesh region with continued rain showering last night. Jalgaon city has medium to low raining since last night continuing today as well. Climate is cloudy all around and there is no sun seen. Please refer monsoon-2013 section for detailed statistics.

05th June:

Rain pours in entire Jalgaon district:
Term ‘Monsoon’s fabulous start’ nicely explains Jalgaon’s joyous mindset on arrival of monsoon this year. Jalgaon district witnessed 24.20mm rainfall in single one day on Tuesday in Yawal wherein Chopda had 2mm rainfall and Chalisgaon had 23mm raining. Consistent and good arrival of rain has cheered farmers in region of good Kharip yields.
Raining startup has rejuvenated farmers and there is good rush beginning at seeds and pesticides shops in region for buying for coming season. Lower lanes and internal city areas are witnessing water logging troubling routine life.

04th June:

Raining in entire Jalgaon:
Jalgaon district continue to witness rain showering in medium to heavy form at most places since last four days during midnight and evening time. Until now Pachora Tahsil is on top of chart with 11.70mm raining and Chopda is on bottom with raining yet to begin. Jalgaon city, Chalisgaon city both witnessed medium raining for around half an hour yesterday night. Jamner city witnessed cloud bursting leading to troubles at few places. Climate is still humid and cloudy and is likely to have more raining today. Please refer Monsoon-2013 section for detailed news.

03rd June:

Raining pours in Jalgaon city:
Jalgaon city and neighboring areas witnessed pouring effect of rain on Sunday night for around 30minutes. Raining eased humidity in climate and spread chill. Climate today is still cloudy. This was second consecutive day district witnessed low to medium raining. District leaders have posted demand of availing Rs. 50,000 per hectare relief aid to farmers having witnessed damages/ losses due to cyclonic winds in last few days.

02nd June:

Raining bangs region with showering:
Entire Khandesh region witnessed this season’s Rohini Nakshatra based first raining yesterday. Heavy Winds flow and lightning marked medium to lower raining. Authorities have reported two deaths during raining due to various incidences in Jalgaon district. Girana region’s most places had rain. Jalgaon city also had showering during 11am in morning at some places.

Muktai Nagar Tahsil cyclonic winds losses mount to 2.60Crores:
Muktai Nagar Tahsil authorities have reported losses worth 2.60 Crores in 12 villages during cyclonic winds on 31st May in Kurha region based 376 hectares land of 263 farmers. Losses include damages to crop, houses and temporary shelters. Neighboring Yaval losses are estimated at 1.25 Crores and final assessment still going on.

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