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Jalgaon Monsoon - Year 2011
Monsoon Raining - Last update: 26th August 2011
(Beginning 01st June in descending order of rainfall)
Total Rainfall(%)
Erandol 69.81
Pachora 52.31
Bodwad 70.84
Jalgaon 67.99
Chalisgaon 59.55
Jamner 42.90
Bhadgaon 50.04
Dharangaon 58.75
Bhusaval 53.97
Amalner 46.80
MuktaiNagar 49.09
Parola 45.32
Raver 39.17
Yaval 48.13
Chopda 57.70

06th September:
  • Monsoon raining stats crosses 90% of average rainfall
  • Flooding and rain pouring losses mounts to 15 Crores in Authorities estimation – 14 dies

05th September:

Tarsod Ganpati – Region’s spiritual centre of attraction for devotees:
Tarsod temple located at distance of 8kms from Jalgaon is one of most ancient times temple having records of establishment since year 1662. The temple witness huge rush of devotees during every peak festive day as it is beloved to be the most empowering and wishes completing Ganpati temple. Historic records further reveals that Maratha army while moving towards Northern Indian area took rest in Murarkhede (currently nothing) near Tarsod. One of these army personnel Moreshwar Hanmant Deshpande constructed this temple. Artisan carved the temple idol from Nashirabad in 1662 and the idol was consecrated. The Tarsodkar family later devoted 36R land to temple. Temple witnesses huge rush of devotees on every ‘संकष्टी चतुर्थी’ and observe Goddess Gayatri enchanting on every Ganesha festive eve.

  • Raver flooding and raining loses mounts further – Assessment primary figures suggests loses over 50 Crores

04th September:

Monsoon raining stats reaches 80%:
With rain pouring around in whole region, the raining statistics in district have crossed 80% mark to that of average raining here. District is having continued medium to heavy raining since last 2 weeks. District’s 13 small dam have reached full levels wherein large dam are around almost half range of storage levels. Currently Hatnur dam’s 32 doors are open by 1meter to control the water pressure.
Statistics until now reveals Erandol at top of rainfall with 95.3% raining and Jamner with 61.6% raining and on bottom of chart.

Continued raining dips health of roads in region:
Infrastructure has been a key factor and politically sold topic of discussion and Jalgaon district has hard luck here. Major urban areas including Jalgaon city are in worst State of road infrastructure with most of roads down with large number of holes and bad patch of levels. Grim here has been most of governmental works for these references are executed with lowest priority and attention and because of this, most of the works have lower life span and even its raw materials remain lying for many days without any attention. The recent growth has raised a need of immediate attention to this aspect failing which this growth cannot trigger its manifold growth. Bureaucracy and diplomacy here has to think and execute above infrastructure as selling point.

03rd September:

Monsoon pouring causes loses worth 3Crores in Raver, 3 Crores in other Tahsil:
Heavy raining followed by flooding on Thursday has caused losses worth Rs. 2.25 Crores in crops and another one Crore in houses damages in Raver Taluka. A youth drown in Suki River flooding and one more was killed with lightening. Administration and State authorities are yet to announce their compensation or review on this. Chopda, Dharangaon and Jalgaon Taluka have also witnessed significant losses on the front.
Monsoon raining has raised dam water levels of 7 dam to 100% and district’s major reservoirs Girana and Waghur are witnessing significant rise with every day. Latest statistics reveals Erandol on top of raining chart with 94.4% rainfall and Jamner with 60.4% until now with average rainfall of 74%.

02nd September:

Cloud bursting in Raver region:
Khandesh region’s most of areas witnessed rain pouring yesterday with Satpuda hills region having heavy raining recorded in very short span of time. Region had around 114mm raining in mere 2hours causing waterlogging in farms and and many Rivers flooding. Nagjhiri River crossing from within Raver city has flooded and Chopda based Ratnavati River has also flooded. Both Rivers’ water entering into many bank areas has paralysed life of many. Primary estimates reveal around 10 Crores losses and administration is yet to begin its assessment. This Raining reminded citizens of year 2006 flooding with around 300mm rainfall in a single day.

30th August:
  • Monsoon raining death toll rises to 5 – weather opens up with bright sunny view today

29th August:

Heavy raining and flooding kills two:
Rain water logged everywhere is the current picture of district’s every road and area with Monsoon pouring continued throughout the week. Heavy raining has caused flooding in Tapi, Waghur, Girana, Bori, Anjani, Bahula, Agnavati, Aner and Suki Rivers and most of farms are full of water. The Lendi Nala flooding in Jalgaon killed two youth while swimming in to escape. Flooding has damaged standing crop to an extent. Meteorological department latest raining statistics reveals Raver on bottom with 292.4mm raining till now wherein Bodwad is on top with 516.5mm raining.
Raining has raised various dam’s water by significant ratio. District’s Manyad, Suki, Ambhora, Agnavati, Tondapur, Hivra and Mangrul dam are 100% full wherein Girana is at 11.46%, Hatnur dam has 57.6% storage and Jalgaon city’s nerve Waghur dam now has 9.89% storage.

26th August:

Monsoon showering pleases region:
Jalgaon district continues to received medium to low rain showering throughout district yesterday. The raining amidst holy 'श्रावण मास' has pleased climate in region and has equally escaped standing crop. Region’s many small and medium Rivers are flooding and Hatnur dam’s 36 gates have been opened to control water pressure. Other dams like Hivra, Agnavati, Bahula and Garbardi have also shown rising water levels. Climate is still cloudy and showering.
Meteorological department has reported average rainfall of 54.10% in district as on 25th August with Bodwad Taluka on top with 501.9mm raining until now and Bhadgaon on the bottom with mere 1mm raining.

24th August:

Monsoon raining splashes region:
Entire Jalgaon district witnessed splashing monsoon raining yesterday night escaping farmers of yet another critical state for recently cultivated crop. Raining took a gap of over 10 days in region and climate remained humid and pretty hot. District witnessed raining for over 90 minutes beginning in night at around 9pm and later in showering form. Jalgaon district has until now recorded only 332.57mm raining till 23rd August to that of its average raining of 750mm every monsoon.

22nd August:

Raining in Chalisgaon and Bhusawal:
Bhusawal and Chalisgaon Tahsil witnessed medium to heavy raining yesterday evening beginning at 6.30pm. This rainfall after a span of over 15 days caused water logging in some areas and eased climate. Bodwad, Raver, MuktaiNagar, Jamner and Jalgaon witnessed rain showering during this time.

21st August:
  • Farmers awaits next desperate raining to get boost to cultivation - a week's gap discomforts agricultural segment

03rd August:
  • Rain pouring in Chalisgaon city - water logging in many shops woes citizens

31st July:

Season's best Monsoon raining is here:
Jalgaon district witnessed this season's best monsoon raining yesterday evening. The raining begun in evening continued till late night in heavy to medium and in showering form at some places. Jalgaon city witnessed large amount of water logging in many areas following rain pouring begun at 6.30pm in evening. Yaval and Chalisgaon remained dry and had no raining yesterday. Continued raining caused flooding alike situation in many River and Nala and has wetted soil for good crop yields.

29th July:

Rain pouring in Khandesh:
Entire Khandesh region witnessed monsoon's best splash on Wednesday night spreading glee of cheer. Meteorological department has recorded 35.89mm raining on Wednesday night in Jalgaon district with only exclusion of Erandol and Bhusawal having no raining. This raining has caused flooding in Tapi, Girna and many small Rivers. It has wiped off farmers woes of this cultivation.
District earlier had mere 23.35% raining till 27th July and this raining has now taken this average near 30%. The Girna River area specially witnessed good raining significantly helping in dam water level rise. Pachora remained on top of chart in raining with 99.30mm raining; Jalgaon had 43.70mm wherein Bhusawal just had 8mm rainfall. Bhadgaon has reported water logging in many houses wherein many farms in region have witnessed sand collection in farms following rain water logging.

28th July:
  • Monsoon showering in whole region

25th July:
  • Monsoon showering in Jalgaon and Dhule district - chills climate, weather still cloudy

22nd July:

Girana, Waghur and Bahula dam turning towards dry:
Khandesh region's lifeline Girana dam, Jalgaon city's water beat Waghur dam and district's few of important councils supplying Bahula dam are turning towards zero levels following no rain pouring in their catchment areas. District till date has received mere 21.36% of its average monsoon raining and this also is largely medium to showering form. The raining has escaped Kharip crop and the cultivation is about to complete with current raining.
Hatnur dam has 43%, Girana - 5%, Manyad - 71%, Suki - 72%, Abhora - 68%, Tondapur - 90%, Hivra - 48%, Mor - 48%, Gul - 45% and the Waghur, Agnavati, Bhokarbari and Bahula dam are having no water in storage levels.

19th July:

Monsoon glees region:
Continued monsoon raining in medium and showering form has cheered whole region and raised expectation of more raining in coming days. The Bhusawal city alone witnessed around 42.8mm raining on Sunday wherein Yaval - 25.2, Raver - 4.6mm, MuktaiNagar - 3mm and Bodwad with 31.1mm. The region has until now recorded only 18% of its average rainfall.

18th July:

Monsoon raining in various places in district:
Entire Jalgaon district witnessed medium to heavy raining at almost all places in district. This has boosted farmers for completing cultivation process and save their earlier cultivated crops. The Pushya Nakshatra is starting from 20th July and region expects the monsoon backlog completion in this duration. Graduating monsoon raining has started showing rise in dam water level in region. Neighbouring Dhule and Nandurbar have also reported good raining and Dhule has reported flooding in few rivers. Jalgaon city also witnessed medium raining beginning in evening and continuing in showering form till late night.

14th July:

Monsoon cheers again - Authorities open 36 gates of Hatnur dam:
Entire Khandesh region witnessed second round of monsoon raining yesterday throughout day in medium to heavy form. Raining continued till late night and climate is cloudy today as well. The Tapi River origin area has recorded heavy raining and as a result of this River is flooding. Administration has opened up 36 gates of Hatnur dam on Tapi River to control the water pressure. River currently has 175meters level at Bhusawal as per CWC sources.

09th July:

Monsoon splash cheers region - raining eases after 3 continuous days:
The prolong begun monsoon raining took a delightful break yesterday night after 3 consecutive day of its best performance in Monsoon 2011. Medium to heavy form of raining has cheered farming community widely and most of them are now in full swing works for finalising their season's cultivation. Tapi River's basin areas have witnessed around 26.8mm raining in Burhanpur area. Nandurbar has recorded 5.16mm raining in last 3 days. Hatnur dam's 6 gates are open to control water pressure in the dam area.
Jalgaon district raining statistics have revealed Bodwad with 44.6mm on top, Jalgaon city with 22.8mm and Amalner was on lowest with 6.1mm raining. Jamner city struggling for drinking water woes also witnessed good raining of 14.5mm. kang River here witnessed flooding easing water woes of city.

08th July:

Monsoon glees Khandesh - non - stop raining pleases everyone:
Khandesh region having delayed monsoon and signs of pain on everyone's face has witnessed magical change in last 2 days. This Monsoon's the best ever experience is alive and is being observed in Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar districts. Continued non - stop raining in medium to heavy form all across region has speeded up cultivation process. Heavy raining in Chopda Taluka has caused flooding to Ratnavati River and water is crossing above council bridge. Administrative authorities have opened up 6 gates of Hatnur dam by 05mtrs to control the water pressure.

07th July:

Monsoon glees Khandesh - rain pours in whole region:
The ‘Punarvasu' Nakshatra escaped entire Khandesh from panic of lowered and delaying monsoon raining and marked its strong presence in medium to low form in whole Khandesh including Jalgaon district. This raining has now enabled farmers to move for cultivation and escaped their standing cultivations.
Parola, Amalner, Dharangaon and Chopda Taluka have reported rain pouring causing water logging in many inner areas in cities. Bhusawal region also reported good raining since afternoon and rain showering continues to be in full pace in whole region even now.

06th July:

Monsoon raining in whole Khandesh:
Khandesh region witnessed much delayed monsoon raining having arrived medium to heavy form in almost whole region. Pouring in Dhadgaon caused flooding to Uday River and Champavati River in Chahardi. Panjhra River also witnessed flooding in Sakri area in Dhule. Delayed raining has causes losses worth Rs. 300 Crore to region in terms of its overall yields. Jalgaon District having annual turnover of 2,800 Crores in agricultural produces every year is facing jolts following lowered and delaying monsoon rainfall.

03rd July:

Delaying monsoon raining panics region:
The agricultural dominant Khandesh region is having hard times with delaying state of Monsoon raining in this season. All districts in Khandesh have until now seen lowest form of raining and whole June month has went almost dry. Jalgaon Taluka has received mere 47mm, Bhusawal - 26.6, Yaval - 8.2, Raver - 11.4, MuktaiNagar - 16, Amalner - 22.9, Chopda - 5, Erandol - 58, Parola - 14.7, Chalisgaon - 41.2, Jamner - 33.5, Pachora - 50.2, Bhadgaon - 32.6, Dharangaon - 32 and Bodwad has recorded 49.2mm rainfall as on 02nd July end.
Farmers are now desperate and have hopes on Punarvasu Nakshatra beginning from 06th July. In many Tahsil, earlier cultivation is in danger of getting damaged following lesser water availability.

26th June:

Rain showering in whole Jalgaon:
Jalgaon district witnessed medium to showering raining throughout district yesterday. Climate remained cloudy for whole day and had raining intervals. Medium raining was also witnessed later in night. This has raised hopes of good rainfall ahead. Chopda remained on top with 3mm raining recorded where Erandol and Dharangaon were on lowest with 1mm raining recorded.

25th June:

Raining in district - farmers still awaiting cultivation worthy raining:
Jalgaon district's many areas yesterday witnessed light to medium rain showering yesterday night. Bhusawal had raining for around half an hour along with Jalgaon city, Erandol and Parola having reported medium raining late in nights. Raining eased climate a bit and spread chill in air. Climate is cloudy today as well and slight showers have been witnessed in morning as well.

20th June:

Raining in Pachora and Bhadgaon after 15 days span:
Pachora and Bhadgaon Taluka both witnessed medium raining after 15 days span. Raining begun by 5pm and continued for around 80 - 90 minutes in Pachora and it begun at 4.30pm in Bhadgaon and continued in medium form for an hour. Raining has eased humidity and helped on - going cultivation.

19th June:

Hatnur dam's 4 gates opened:
Administration has opened up 4 gates of Hatnur dam following hefty rainfall in Tapi River's origin area Baitul in Madhya Pradesh. Whole State has rain pouring since last 2 - 3 days and as a result of this Hatnur dam water levels have significantly raised. Jalgaon district still awaits good rainfall.

16th June:
  • Rain showering in Jalgaon district

15th June:
  • Rain showering in Jalgaon district

06th June:

Raining splashes region - 5 killed in various incidences:
Khandesh region witnessed Monsoon season's first splash with medium to heavy raining throughout all areas beginning by 2.30pm in afternoon. Lightning killed 5 in various incidences throughout region. Farmers have expressed satisfaction on pouring during mid Rohini Nakshatra. The first pouring raining opened up district, corporation and councils much hyped disaster management plans and work done in the reference.

02nd June:

Raining in district:
Whole Jalgaon district continue to witness humid climatic condition with cloudy to sunny intervals in between. Amalner Taluka's many areas have reported cyclonic winds followed by raining. Lightning took lives of 2 animals in Patonda and many locations in city faced power outages for hours and highway traffic on some areas in Amalner got disrupted following fall of trees.

26th May:

Midnight raining in Jalgaon district:
Many areas of Jalgaon district yesterday night witnessed heavy winds flow followed by lightning and then raining. Jalgaon city also had rain showering in many areas in midnight wherein Chalisgaon, Parola, Kasoda, Padmalaya, Dharangaon, Yaval, Raver and Savda had rain. Climate is cloudy and there is slow to medium wind flow in whole region.

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