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Jalgaon Monsoon - Year 2010
Monsoon Raining - Last update: 09th September 2010
(Beginning 01st June in descending order of rainfall)
Yesterday's Rainfall(mm)
Total Rainfall(%)
Bhadgaon 36.80 92.12
Jalgaon 25.60 77.55
Raver 25.40 106.18
Pachora 24.70 88.96
Yaval 21.80 117.07
Parola 21.40 87.65
Bhusaval 21.00 88.37
Chopda 20.30 109.27
Chalisgaon 19.00 76.98
Dharangaon 18.00 90.55
MuktaiNagar 18.00 128.90
Amalner 16.50 86.07
Erandol 15.00 104.63
Jamner 11.10 65.52
Bodwad 10.60 113.27

01st December:
  • Unseasoned raining damages 91 Crores crops in last 2 years in Khandesh

23rd November:

Rain pouring disrupts agriculture in region:
Continued monsoon alike raining in medium to heavy form in region has badly affected standing season crop in the region. Region witnessed pouring since Sunday night leading to severe damages to standing crop in 2.25 Lakh hectares area. Cotton, onion, banana, Papaya and many other fruits and grains farms have witnessed huge losses. All major Rivers and Nala are flooding and most of dams have turned full.
Region has witnessed 9.17% of its average rainfall in this November month and Jalgaon and Erandol Taluka are worst affected. Chalisgaon, Pachora and Jalgaon have now crossed 100% of its average raining records. Farmers expect this raining to boost upcoming Rubby season crop but sudden natural calamities continue to panic them on any likely chances of benefits. Jalgaon has witnessed 100mm, Erandol 82mm, Chalisgaon 113.3mm and Pachora with 106.2mm.  

22nd November:

Monsoon alike raining devastates life in region:
Whole Khandesh region continue to witness second arrival of Monsoon with continued raining in medium to heavy forms throughout the region. The post break arrival of raining in pouring format has badly affected region’s agriculture and farmers expecting shining times are on verge of crying of another big fall. Sudden raining has also paralysed on-going sugarcane cutting in farms following water logging. The low pressure belt created in Arabian Sea northern zone has led to this raining and meteorological department has estimated more raining until Tuesday in medium form.
Pachora Taluka based Hivra, Bahula, Agnavati Rivers were flooded yesterday and electricity outages were also reported in many regions. Most of Taluka in Jalgaon had medium to heavy rainfall.

19th November:

Raining woes farmers in region:
Jalgaon district continue to witness Monsoon alike climate amidst raining in medium to heavy form throughout district. Continued raining in last 5 days has destructed and flattened standing crop and agricultural produces. This raining has caused water logging in many farms and Suki, Mor River flooding has damaged Yaval, Raver based crops widely. Raining in this season has also arouse fungal infections in many crops.

18th November:

Raining continues in region:
Whole district continued to witness sudden raining on fourth consecutive days in many areas. Yesterday raining begun in night around 7.30pm and continued till 11pm in medium to heavy form. Sudden raining again troubled devotees awaiting darshanam of Lord Rama Rath yesterday. Raining also disrupted temporary shelters of workers in many areas.

13th November:

Snowing in Nagardeola region:
Chalisgaon Taluka based Nagardeola and its neighbouring places witnessed sudden snowing yesterday night around 10pm for an hour. The snowing continued for around 15 minutes and later rainfall for around 45 minutes. Sudden raining and snowing has severely damaged standing cotton and banana crop in the region. Sudden raining led to electricity outages at many locations.
Chalisgaon city, Amalner and Dhule district’s many areas also had raining yesterday. Amalner has recorded 19.5mm raining, Chopda had 11mm. Climate is still pretty humid.

08th and 09th November:

Raining in Chalisgaon region:
Chalisgaon city witnessed rain showering yesterday night around 11pm. Sudden raining led to stumble in few areas and caused damages to open grains in APMC. It has also damaged standing crop in farms. Jalgaon city also had showering in noon for few minutes. Climate remained cloudy and humid throughout the day yesterday in whole district.

03rd November:

Monsoon magic – good interval raining reduces water shortage villages listing:
Monsoon 2010 has been all different experience for whole region. District this year had 107% raining to its average rainfall. This monsoon had been pretty different in terms of overall raining pattern and had many intervals in between. Monsoon 2009 had 309 villages in water shortages list and administration review post monsoon 2010 has revealed 167 villages in possible shortages list. Administration has approved allocation of Rs. 1.22 Crores for action plan for water shortages. It would also acquire around 102 villages based well and local water sources to smoothen the process.

22nd October:
  • Rain showering continues in whole district – to benefit largely to coming Rubby crop

20th October:

Cloudy climate and raining disrupt living:
Region continued witnessing medium to heavy raining yesterday as well. Humid climate and cloudy weather turning suddenly into rain showering has disrupted routine life and has thrown ready to pick and taken cotton, banana and other grains. Farmers estimate it would benefit coming Rubby season crop. Raver Taluka had most of raining in last two days.

19th October:

Raining in Jalgaon:
Whole Jalgaon district and city witnessed medium to heavy raining yesterday evening. The sudden raining began with cloudy climate since morning and later continued for an hour. Climate is still cloudy and had showering in morning today. Sudden heavy raining would disrupt current yields of cotton and banana.

13th October:
  • Rain showering in region – heavy raining in Dhule and neighbouring region

27th September:

Monsoon 2010 – district awaits dam water levels increase:
Jalgaon district’s major water storing dam are yet awaiting for monsoon magic to achieve 100% levels. With monsoon almost over, district’s largest dam Girana dam failed to witnessed its full marks. This season’s first raining begun on 13th June and had wide intervals in between. Few areas got flooded and witnessed wet draught with crop losses wherein dam basin areas had lower and medium rainfall. A few smaller dam had good raining and as a result have overflowed in storage. All in this entire monsoon has been mixed mode with a bit of imbalance by extremity in few areas and lowered raining in others

24th September:
  • Heavy raining in Chopda Tahsil – farmers to witness cotton crop losses

10th September:

Wet draught alike situation – Meteorological department estimates heavy pouring in next 24 hours:
Monsoon 2010 is yet with an month spare and district’s many Tahsil have already crossed above average rainfall in this season. Meteorological department has estimated more raining in next 24 hours in whole district. As a result of this district agriculture is likely to get worst impact ahead. Continued showering trend of raining earlier has already damaged large quantity of crop and district’s major produce cotton is also getting affected with the same. This whole situation and if heavy rain arrives further, whole Kharip crop could be in danger. Chopda, Raver, Yaval, Jalgaon, Erandol, Dharangaon, Bhadgaon and Muktainagar are few likely to be affected Tahsil in the district.
However this raining leading to good water level enhancement in soil would benefit upcoming Rubby season crop and district could see more of yield in the season. Authorities have opened up 36 gates of Hatnur dam to control water pressure following heavy raining in its basin area in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra region.

09th September:
  • Monsoon showers continues throughout district – raining in medium form throughout spreads chill

07th September:

Monsoon 2010 – Raining crosses average mark in 6 Taluka:
Jalgaon district witnessing showering to medium rain now has Erandol, Yaval, Raver, MuktaiNagar, Bodwad and Chopda Taluka having crossed average rainfall. District’s dam are also witnessing rise in water levels. Jalgaon still has 74.2% raining and still awaits good rain.

06th September:
  • Medium raining in whole district – Hatnur dam’s 10 gates opened

01st September:
  • Monsoon magic – Tamaswadi dam turns full, rest also enhancing on water levels

30th August:

Heavy raining in Bhusawal and Raver:
Both Bhusawal and Raver Taluka yesterday witnessed heavy raining after a gap of week. This raining has spread joy in farmers and has overflowed various water hand pumps. Jalgaon city also had medium showering yesterday afternoon and later in night. Neighbouring Dhule and Nandurbar districts also witnessed heavy raining.

28th August:

Heavy raining pleases region:
Jalgaon district witnessed medium to heavy raining on Thursday night throughout region. As a result of this raining standing crop and many a dam of region are in good storage now. District’s Girana and Hatnur dam has raised levels wherein Manyad, Suki, Ambhora, Tondapur, Hivra and Mangrul have turned full. Chalisgaon and Jamner had heavy rainfall and Girana dam also witnessed sharp rise in levels.

27th August:
  • Medium to heavy raining in district – Chalisgaon witnesses pouring

10th August:
  • Heavy raining slides protection wall in Ajanta caves – traffic disrupts, PWD begins war level repairs

08th August:

Monsoon showers chilling weather:
The 3 days continued rain showering in region has led to chilling climatic conditions and many a Rivers and Nala have witnessed flooding. Three youths drown in this flooding at Kingaon. Raining continued for full day yesterday in medium to heavy form and it even did not let sunrise seen. Climate still is cloudy and likely to have more raining. Raining has made 3 out of 13 dams full wherein Hatnur had 43.69%, Girana has 11.53%. This includes Jalgaon city on top with 34.8mm rainfall and Raver in bottom with mere 16.8mm raining. Please refer Monsoon section for detailed news.

07th August:

Monsoon showering glees region:
Entire Khandesh witnessed full monsoon cheer yesterday with showering continued throughout the day. Jalgaon and Dhule city and rest of district had continued rain showering in medium to heavy form. Hatnur dam’s 4 gates have been opened to control water pressure and administration has issued warning to villages on banks of River.

28th July:

Raining in Raver Taluka:
Raver Taluka region is witnessing heavy raining since last 2 days. As a result of this Taluka based all 4 dam namely Suki, Ambhora, Mangrul and Gangapuri have turned full and Suki and Bhokar Rivers are flooding. Taluka has recorded 425mm raining until now.

27th July:

Raining pleases Khandesh – flooding in Rangavali, Nesu Rivers:
Khandesh region witnessed third consecutive day of medium to heavy rainfall throughout all districts. Raining led to flooding in Rangavali River at Navapur and Nesu River at Taloda. Jalgaon city also had showering in intervals. Agricultural department has estimated around 94% crop cultivation completion in whole Khandesh.
Yaval Taluka remained on top of list with 52.6mm rainfall wherein Chalisgaon had no rains in two days. District has received total of 343mm rainfall until now.

26th July:

Rain showering pleases whole Khandesh:
Whole Khandesh region witnessed full form of monsoon raining in form of continued rain showering beginning Saturday night. Both Jalgaon and Nandurbar had continued raining wherein Dhule had thunder shower intervals. Good showering form of raining has pleased climate and mercury has fallen down significantly. Raining throughout State has led to discontinuation of electricity load shedding plans and region is having most of uninterrupted electricity.
Amalner, Chopda, Raver, Yaval and Nandurbar had heavy raining wherein Dharangaon, Parola, Bhusawal, Muktai Nagar, Jalgaon areas had medium raining. Hatnur dam’s 14 gates have been opened to control water pressure. Waghur dam catchment area is still to witness good raining and as a result of this, dam still has no improvement in water storage level.

24th July:

Good monsoon raining pleases region:
Entire Jalgaon district witnessed good rainfall yesterday. Raining begun in afternoon and poured in many areas in evening. Authorities opened up 4 gates of Hatnur dam following heavy raining in Madhya Pradesh and Vidarbha and continued raining here.

21st July:

Raining delays trigger pain in region:
Jalgaon district still awaits rain pouring of this monsoon. Until now district had 295mm (42% of normal) rainfall and Bodwad is at top of chart with 63.2% raining and Jamner with lowest rain of mere 29.3%. District agricultural authority has reported completion of sowing for the season and has estimated 823,468 hectares land under cultivation in this season.

18th July:

Heavy rainfall reported in Yaval, Raver and Bhusawal:
Jalgaon district’s Yaval, Raver, MuktaiNagar, Bodwad and Bhusawal Tahsil witnessed heavy rain pouring yesterday night. Raining has led to water logging in many down sider areas and has affected normal life. Bhogwati River witnessed flooding and had two animals drown in it. Suki, Ambhora and Mangrul dams have turned full following continued medium raining in last fortnight and few other dams are at 50% storage level. Jalgaon district till now has received 275mm raining.

17th July:

Heavy raining in Jalgaon and Bhusawal:
Jalgaon city and Bhusawal division witnessed rain pouring yesterday evening. Climate remained cloudy since morning and turned pouring by evening time. This continued raining has eased mercury and chill can now be witnessed in climate. Bhusawal, MuktaiNagar, Raver, Yaval, Faizpur and Savda also had raining. Prolonged good raining has cheered whole district.

16th July:

Rain pouring in Chalisgaon:
Chalisgaon Tahsil witnessed rain pouring yesterday evening around 8pm. Raining was largely in Chalisgaon, Varkhede, Mehunbare, Bahal, Khedgaon and neighbouring areas. Jalgaon city also had rain showering during evening time. Region still wait good raining.

13th July:
  • Rain showers in Jalgaon district in evening – mercury dips down

07th July:

Rain showering in district:
Jalgaon city and rest of district is witnessing rain showering since last 3 days. District has received 177.6mm rain fall (25.3%) till now. District agricultural authority has reported cultivation at 565,714 hectares land and still it is in process. This includes 39.3mm at Bodwad with top and 19.5mm at Jamner on bottom.

  • Ajanta caves zone turns lush green with rain showering – greenery and lake attract large number of visitors

05th July:
  • Hatnur dam’s 35 gates opened – raining continued in whole district

04th July:

Hatnur dam’s 24 gates opened:
Continued raining Madhya Pradesh, medium to heavy raining in Jalgaon district has led to opening up of 24 gates of Hatnur dam for first time in this season. Nandurbar district yesterday witnessed raining for first time in this season wherein Dhule also had showering alike Jalgaon for whole day yesterday. Raining till now has boosted farmers and has saved their standing cultivation. Until now Bodwad is on top of rainfall list and Parola is on bottom.

03rd July:

Showering rain pleases region:
After a long span of dry days, region has finally started witnessing monsoon showers. District witnessed rain showering beginning yesterday evening through all the areas. Neighbouring Madhya Pradesh districts also had good rainfall and as a result of this Hatnoor dam’s 4 gates have been opened to control water pressure. Region had raining for two hours yesterday night and it later continued in showers. Meteorological department has estimated thunder showers to heavy rain in district in coming 24 hours and climate is fully clouded.
Administration has alerted villagers living on bank of Tapi River following this Hatnur water discharge. Raining has escaped region’s this season’s cultivation and has raised hopes of good crop ahead.

02nd July:
  • Raining in Varangaon, Flooding in Yaval Taluka following rain pouring on Wednesday night – 13 animals drown
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