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Jalgaon Monsoon - Year 2008
Monsoon Raining - Last update: 23rd Sepetmber 2008
(Beginning 01st June in descending order of rainfall)
Today's Rainfall
Erandol 13.0 96.00
Chalisgaon 10.0 92.99
Bhadgaon 7.0 92.64
Parola 18.2 87.51
Amalner 8.6 81.43
Dharangaon 27.0 81.02
Jamner 4.5 75.95
Chopda 20.0 74.89
Bodwad 7.1 74.18
Pachora 8.0 68.01
MuktaiNagar 29.7 63.15
Raver 44.0 60.51
Yaval 46.2 60.41
Jalgaon 36.6 57.64
Bhusaval 16.0 46.25
Water Storage in Dam:
(Last update: 15th March 2008)
(In descending order of Storage percent)
Dam Storage Capacity MLT Percentile%
Mangrul (Tal: Raver) 5.57 90.13
Mor (Tal: Raver) 4.85 60.95
Ambhora (Tal: Raver) 3.01 50.07
Suki (Tal: Raver) 16.91 42.45
Hatnur, Taluka: Bhusaval 107.60 42.20
Girana (Tal: Nandgaon) 159.61 30.49
Manyad, Tal: Chalisgaon 11.03 27.40
Waghur, Tal: Jamner 47.26 16.69
Bori, Tal: Parola 3.94 15.70
Hivra (Tal: Pachora) 1.40 14.62
Agnavati (Tal: Pachora) 0.24 8.70
Bhokarbari (Tal: Parola) 0.46 7.04
Bahula (Tal: Pachora) 0 0
Tondapur (Tal: Jamner) 0 0

04th October:

Winds and snowing damages Raver and Bhadgaon taluka crops:
Farmers have harsh season this time with continuously arriving various natural calamities. Raver and Bhadgaon taluka yesterday witnessed heavy winds and snowing while MuktaiNagar taluka had cyclonic winds. All these has led to severe damages and ruined most of standing crop.
Raver taluka villages and farms affected areas are Nimbhorsim, Dhurkheda, Boharde and Therola located on Tapi River bank. This is second time in last 15 days that these villages are witnessing cyclonic winds. MuktaiNagar villages affected include Pimprinandru, Dhamande and Belaswadi.

03rd October:

Cyclonic winds and raining at Utkheda:
Bhusawal region based Utkheda in Raver taluka witnessed heavy cyclonic winds followed by raining. This has led to heavy losses to standing crop that includes cotton, Bazra and Jwar. Nearby Yaval, Nimbhora bk also witnessed raining.

21st September:

Monsoon raining continues in showery form:
Jalgaon district continue to witness monsoon showering on Saturday. Administration has continued Hatnur dam water discharging. Region's most dams excluding Bahula, Tondapur and Bhokarbari dam are having good water storage. Jalgaon's 14 out of 15 taluka (apart from Bhusawal) have witnessed above 55% raining. Please refer monsoon 2008 section for further details.

14th September:

Monsoon floods Jalgaon Rivers and dam:
Jalgaon district yesterday witnessed awesome monsoon raining leading to flooding and overflowing all around dam and Rivers. Many of villages have lost connectivity with taluka and head quarter. Two drown away yesterday in flooding. Girana dam has witnessed whopping increase in water levels and is now at 54% storage while Waghur dam is overflowing with water for first time in its history.
Titur River flooding in Chalisgaon has lead to damages and losses to Chalisgaon region. Girana, Waghur and Tapi Rivers are having high water increase and administration has sent alert to those living on banks of River. Raining continues in district in showery medium form. Dongri and Panjhra Rivers are flooding while Aner, Bori, Manyad and Tamaswadi dam are overflowing. Administration has set up flooding control room with 24x7 support.

12th September:

Monsoon raining pressure continues:
District continues to witness raining in showering and medium form all around. Raining killed 3 in various incidences of flooding in Kang River at Jamner. Manur Lake got breakage leading to heavy losses to Bodwad taluka farmers. Waghur dam area is having good raining and as a result it has turned full. This is likely to cause flooding in Waghur River. Administration has sent alerts to villagers living on banks of River.
Corporation administration has announced no water shortage to Jalgaon city for upcoming 30 months following good stocking of water in Waghur dam with its current alternate day supply system.

11th September:

Rain pours in entire district:
Monsoon showered its best of raining to whole of Jalgaon district. Raining begun in afternoon and continued until late night in showery form. Jalgaon city, Chalisgaon, Bhusawal and many of areas have reported good rainfall. Jalgaon's Sanjivani Waghur dam now has 15.64% water storage. Erandol taluka is on top in current raining with 78.89mm raining by now while Bhusawal is on lowest with 33mm rainfall. Various incidences due to raining led to killing and death of 3. Authorities have opened up 10 gates of Hatnur dam to control water pressure.

10th September:

Monsoon showering continues in district:
Jalgaon district continue to witness showering rainfall on fourth consecutive day yesterday. Monsoon stats until now have taken Chopda on top of table with 683mm raining. Raining during evening time slowed devotees rush for viewing Ganesha decorations in various areas. Please refer our monsoon section for detailed stats thereof. Kan River yesterday flooded in Sakri - Pimpalner zone following good raining in its basin areas.

09th September:

Lightning kills 2 in Khandesh, raining continues:
Most of Khandesh zone witnessed medium raining yesterday. Sudden lightning killed two bothers on the spot at Vilhale (Bhusawal). In another incidence a college going girl drown in Nala flooding in Bhatpura of Shirpur taluka. Dam near Saygaon in Chalisgaon has leaked and broken down and as a result 150 acres farm has gone down in water.
Chalisgaon region also had good raining. Girana dam now has 31% water storage. Jamner city witnessed good raining yesterday night leading to flooding in Kang River. Ajanta caves zone still has lower raining and as a result Jalgaon city's Sanjivani Waghur River is yet to see any flooding. Waghur River basin near Pahur and Neri villages is still dry.

06th September:

Monsoon raining continues for third day:
Entire Jalgaon district continues to witness medium raining on third consecutive day. Chalisgaon, Bhusawal, MuktaiNagar, Yaval and Jamner taluka have reported medium raining. Dongri and Panjhra rivers have seen rainwater flowing for first time in this season. Raining continued for around an hour with medium to heavy raining and lightning at some places.

04th September:

Good Monsoon raining in whole region - snowing in Pachora:
Jalgaon district witnessed medium heavy raining yesterday evening. Savkheda and Dambhurni (Pachora) witnessed snowing with lightning. Bhusawal and Chalisgaon also had wonderful raining. Raining began in evening and continued for an hour.

03rd September:

Monsoon 2008 review - 8 taluka witnessed low raining:
Jalgaon district's 8 of 15 taluka have received very low rainfall this monsoon season. Every year trailing Pachora sub-division is leading this season while Amalner sub-division is having low raining with exclusion of Chopda. Hatnur dam has 72% water storage and 6 of dam are still dry.
Bhusawal is on bottom with 21% raining, Jalgaon with 31.84%, Jamner - 49.79%, Yaval - 32%, Raver - 33.13%, Muktainagar - 38.86%, Bodwad - 36.12% and Chopda with 37.95%. Bhadgaon is on top of chart with 75.38% raining by now.

02nd September:

Monsoon showers continue - 232mm raining recorded by now:
Jalgaon district continue to witness medium to heavy raining since 2 days. There has been good raining yesterday evening throughout district. Meteorological department has reported 233mm raining until now in whole district. This raining has benefited grown crops while made land fertile for upcoming Rubby.

01st September:

Monsoon raining showers in whole region:
Entire Jalgaon district witnessed wonderful monsoon pouring on Sunday evening that continued for around 2 hours. This has saved standing crops desperately waiting for good rainfall arrival. Sudden arrival of raining led to discrepancies in staff moving home after completion of voting process. Lightning caused death of a pair of bullocks in Lohtara in Pachora taluka.

27th August:

Raining in Raver taluka:
Raver taluka yesterday afternoon witnessed good raining. Region has medium showery to heavy raining continued since last two days. This has spread joy amongst farmers. Meteorological department has recorded 50mm raining in Raver since yesterday morning. Taluka has received 214mm raining until now.
Pahur (Jamner) also had medium raining yesterday while Chalisgaon city had raining for around one hour.

26th August:

Raining in whole district - flooding in Raver:
Jalgaon city along with Bhusawal, Yaval, Raver, MuktaiNagar, Amalner, Chalisgaon taluka have reported good raining throughout the day yesterday. Showery to medium raining arrival after 10 days gap has escaped standing crop. District yet waits pouring.

12th August:

Rain pours in whole district:
Jalgaon district witnessed pouring raining yesterday evening throughout. Jalgaon city and Chalisgaon had rainfall on Sunday as well. Good raining throughout district has eased farmer's woes and raised new hopes of smoother upcoming year on drinking water issues. Authorities have opened up 30 gates of Hatnur dam to control water pressure. Good raining in nearby Nashik district is also leading to significant increase in Girana dam water levels. Raining has delayed most of trains from Mumbai and arriving from Howrah zone.

11th August:

Rain showers bliss weekend:
Entire Jalgaon district witnessed medium showery raining whole day yesterday. Climate remained cloudy throughout day and raining intense in evening times.

06th August:

District waits good raining - 6 dam turn zero:
Jalgaon district is yet to hear good monsoon bang. Some of regions have witnessed medium to heavy raining while rest regions still wait for pouring. Apart from Hatnur, other dams' still have very low collection. Girana has mere 3% stock while 6 have turned zero, Waghur has mere 10.91% and Hatnur has 48% storage. Authorities have opened up 36 gates of Hatnur dam yesterday to maintain water pressure observed due to good raining in Bhusawal division.

03rd August:

Monsoon raining averages shelves to half on 5-years comparison:
Jalgaon district has harsh Monsoon season this year. District's raining statistics of last 5 years reveals almost 50% rainfall this year by July-end. District has received average 2,934.20mm raining by July end.
Jalgaon had 9074mm raining in 2003, 6179.30mm in 2004, 5089.10 in 2005, 7043mm in 2006 and 5203.60mm in 2007 averaging to 5,322mm raining.

29th July:

Monsoon continues to shower - Tapi river flooding:
Entire Jalgaon district continue to witness good monsoon rainfall on fourth consecutive day. Chalisgaon, Bhusawal, Yaval and Raver regions have witnessed pouring. Heavy raining in MadhyaPradesh has led to opening up 4 more gates of Hatnur dam. This has led to flooding in Tapi River. Many a dam have significant rise in water levels.
District farmers are witnessing shortage of DAP, potash and many other fertilizers and pesticides. This shortage is mainly due to suddenly raised demands following good raining.

28th July:

Raining pleases district - Guli, Ratnavati flooding:
District witnessed rain pouring throughout day yesterday. Continued raining in last 3 days has speeded up pending farming works. Meteorological department has reported total raining of 556.3mm till now with Bhadgaon on top with 271mm and Bhusawal on bottom with 73mm. Erandol went at top while Yaval went at bottom in terms of maximum raining on Saturday. Click here to for detailed monsoon 2008 information. Waghur dam has received good inflow of water following raining in Ajanta zone and Hatnur dam's four gates have been opened to maintain water pressure.

26th July:

Raining marks presence for second consecutive day:
Whole Jalgaon district is witnessing showery medium raining throughout day since last two days. Pachora, Amalner, Bhusawal, Yaval, Chopda and Parola taluka have reported raining yesterday. Continued showering has decreased humidity and eased climate. Ratnavati River having good raining in backward areas witnessed its season's first flooding.

25th July:

Showery raining throughout district:
Entire Jalgaon district witnessed medium showery raining yesterday afternoon. Showering has raised farmers' hopes of good raining ahead. Bhadgaon, Chalisgaon, Pachora and Jamner had good raining.
Lesser raining has led to stopping of further cultivation and farmers are now looking for alternate means to save their cultivated crops. District has received mere 14% raining to that of average 702.4mm as of 24th July 2008.

12th July

Monsoon 2008 - 93.3mm raining yesterday in district:
Entire Jalgaon district witnessed good raining yesterday evening. Meteorological department has reported total rainfall of 93.3mm throughout district. This includes Jamner, Pachora and Bhadgaon on top with 14mm rainfall each. Please refer our Monsoon 2008 section for detailed taluka-wise statistics.

29th June:

District records 11mm raining on Saturday, counts to 7.6mm average rainfall

27th June:

Monsoon arrival pleases region - 218mm rainfall recorded:
Jalgaon city and rest of district witnessed medium showering rain yesterday totaling to 218mm. This includes Erandol on top with 42mm, Bhadgaon - 30mm, Pachora - 28.3mm, Dharangaon - 17mm, Parola - 16.6mm, Jalgaon - 16.1mm, Chopda - 4.5mm and Chalisgaon - 4mm.

26th June:

Monsoon pours in whole district:
Entire Jalgaon district witnessed wonderful raining last night. Jalgaon city, Bhusawal, Amalner, Chopda and Parola had medium to heavy raining reported through late nights yesterday. District administration has confirmed to life losses and causalities due to this raining. Farmers have expressed satisfaction on good raining arrival ending their woes on cultivation. Bhadgaon had maximum rain yesterday scaling to 11mm. District has received total of 5.1% raining by now as compared to last year's 11.56mm by this time. Bhusawal city had raining for around 1 hour in afternoon while faizpur had showers since morning.

25th June:

Monsoon delay troubles farmers in region:
District farmers are facing harsh time on sudden change of good monsoon raining arrival. Region has around 90% cultivation done for the season but has no rainfall since last 10 days. Many a region farmers are still waiting for good raining to begin cultivation. Standing pre-monsoon crop is also facing fungal infections.
Bhadgaon taluka witnessed raining for around 1 hour yesterday evening. Raining began around 4.30PM in afternoon in medium to showery form all around the region.
As a result of this mixed status and no clear vindication, farmers are likely to change cultivation policy especially in terms of selection of seeds.

13th June:

Monsoon raining arrives in full pace in whole region:
Jalgaon district is witnessed good arrival of monsoon raining. Whole region had medium to heavy raining yesterday. Lightning killed one more yesterday at Chabutre (Parola) taking death count to 6. District has 42.4mm raining (9.3%) as of now. Click here to view detailed statistics.

10th June:

Raining continues to ease weather:
Entire region continues to witness shower to medium rainfall throughout district. This has led to significant lowering of temperature. Meteorological department statistics have revealed maximum raining of 10mm in Dharangaon yesterday. Until now district has a total rainfall of 2.28% to its average raining. Other taluka rainfall as under:
Pachora - 8mm, Erandol - 4mm, Chopda - 3mm, Bhadgaon - 2mm and Jalgaon - 0.4mm.

06th June:

Pre-monsoon raining continues - 5 more killed in lightning:
Entire Jalgaon district continues to witness pre-monsoon rainfall. Raining along with lightning took 5 lives and 4 animals and injured 5. Raining began in afternoon at 3:15PM and continued for around one hour. Lightning killings include one from Kasoda, Bambhori and two from Pimpri (Dharangaon). High wind flow also took off many trees thereby destructing routine road traffic.

05th June:

Pre-monsoon raining in district - one killed in lightning:
Whole Jalgaon district witnessed arrival of pre-monsoon raining yesterday evening. Raining continued for around half an hour. Raining began after huge lightning noise in many a region. Lightning killings has opened account with one killed in Vardi (Chopda). Last year district had 37 deaths due to lightning. Administration has announced installation of lightning arrestor kits at every Panchayat level to control these deaths. This order is yet to be implemented.

12th June:

Mruga Nakshatra raining arrives in whole region:
Entire Jalgaon district witnessed Mruga Nakshatra monsoon raining yesterday evening for more than half an hour. Raining began with high wind flow and continued in full pace. Jalgaon City and surrounding region had cloudy atmosphere since morning and this rainfall has significantly pleased climate.

01st June:

Raining in Bhusawal, Raver and Yaval:
Jalgaon district's Bhusawal, Raver and Yaval taluka witnessed sudden raining on Saturday evening. Raining eased humidity in climate and continued for around 15-20 minutes.
Raver taluka had medium heavy raining beginning around 4PM and continued for 20 minutes. Taluka's Karjod, Ahirwadi, Kerhale, Pimpri, Mohgan, Padle and Khanapur witnessed rainfall for around one hour.

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