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Jalgaon Monsoon - Year 2007
Monsoon Raining - Last update: 30th Sepetmber 2007
(Beginning 01st June in descending order of rainfall)
Today's Rainfall
Chopda 0 119.69
Amalner 0 108.72
Jamner 15.0 106.89
Dharangaon 1.0 104.63
Raver 3.0 103.52
Erandol 2.0 99.64
Yaval 2.0 98.61
Jalgaon 2.6 90.14
Parola 0 85.54
MuktaiNagar 1.3 83.57
Bhusaval 2.3 79.37
Bodwad 15.7 78.01
Chalisgaon 0 75.30
Pachora 3.0 67.84
Bhadgaon 6.0 66.87
Total: 53.8 90.76
Water Storage in Dam:
(Last update: 15th March 2008)
(In descending order of Storage percent)
Dam Storage Capacity MLT Percentile%
Mangrul (Tal: Raver) 6.407 87
Ambhora (Tal: Raver) 6.020 69.42
Suki (Tal: Raver) 39.850 61.26
Hatnur, Taluka: Bhusaval 255.0 57.55
Bhokarbari (Tal: Parola) 6.540 44.74
Girana, Tal: Nandgaon 523.550 32.68
Manyad, Tal: Chalisgaon 40.270 22.06
Bori, Tal: Parola 25.150 17.48
Bahula (Tal: Pachora) 16.330 3.02
Hivra (Tal: Pachora) 9.600 0
Agnavati (Tal: Pachora) 2.760 0
Tondapur (Tal: Jamner) 4.638 0

22nd September:

Monsoon raining reaching to marks: district records 86% rainfall:
Jalgaon district continue to witness wonderful monsoon raining. Entire district witnessed medium to heavy raining for fourth consecutive day. District's 7 out of 12 dam are turning full and most of taluka are reaching above 80% mark with only exclusion of Pachora, Chalisgaon and Bhadgaon having around 60% raining.
Administration has issued warning to those living on banks of Girana following heavy water discharge through dam. Raining disrupted electricity supply of 15 villages in the region.

21st September:

Heavy raining and cyclonic winds damages standing crop:
Jalgaon District's Raver, MuktaiNagar and Chopda Taluka have witnessed cyclonic winds on Wednesday along with medium to heavy raining. This has led to heavy losses to farmers on Jwar, Cotton and many other standing crops. Primary estimates suggest around 400 hectare area's 1,400 villages witnessing 3 Crores losses. MuktaiNagar Taluka villages have also witnessed heavy losses along with Chopda facing destruction of standing sugarcane crop. District Administration is beginning losses estimating today.
Raver and Yaval Taluka banana farms are facing Sigatoka fungal infection. It is spreading further and has infected around 5,000 hectare banana farms. Region has witnessed same infection in 1998. Agricultural department is yet to announce control policy for this fungal infection.

20th September:

Monsoon pours in the region:
Jalgaon city including rest of district witnessed one of best monsoon showering yesterday evening. Raining continued for more than an hour in medium to heavy form. Naigaon in MuktaiNagar Taluka witnessed cyclonic winds caused heavy damages to standing crop. High pressure wind flow led to electricity discrepancies in many parts of region.

19th September:

Monsoon raining showers throughout district:
Entire Jalgaon district including Jalgaon city witnessed medium showery raining yesterday. Raining began in evening and continued for around 30 minutes. Showering has escaped standing cotton crops. The meteorological department has reported further raining during upcoming 48 hours in entire region.
Administration has discharged around 2,000 cusecs of rainwater from Girana dam following continued raining. District's newly built Waghur dam now has around 60% water storage and district has witnessed 79.73% raining as of today.

13th September:

Monsoon 2007 showers: District's 7 dams turn houseful:
Jalgaon district continue to witness best of monsoon this year. Jalgaon district's 7 dam have turned 100% full as of now with 78.10% rainfall recorded as of now. Region's one of major water resource, Girana dam has turned 100% full for fourth consecutive year. Pachora, Chalisgaon and Bhadgaon Taluka in district have witnessed comparatively lower raining this year. District Irrigation department has began availing water for irrigation from newly built up Waghur dam from this year.

07th September:

Monsoon raining in Jalgaon and Bhusawal:
Jalgaon city, Bhusawal, Yaval and Raver have witnessed medium showery raining yesterday evening. Continued showering has resulted in flooding of Sarita-Harita River in the region. Flooding has not caused any casualties as of now. MuktaiNagar also witnessed good raining yesterday.

01st September:

Kharip Crop in good conditions:
Good raining in last 4 days has raised hopes of good Kharip Crop this season. Arrival of raining in medium to heavy form has led to good productivity especially for Jwar, Bazra, Corn and cotton crops.
Jalgaon District has received 2,000 tones of Potash via Railway rack. Agricultural authorities have reported arrival of another rack in next 5-6 days followed by one rack of mixed fertilizers around 10th September. District has been witnessing shortage of fertilizers and pesticides since last month. This arrival would ease demand pressure and help farmers finish off their cultivation tasks.

31st August:

Monsoon bestows blessings on Jalgaon: Girana dam turns full:
Jalgaon District had fourth consecutive year of nature's bliss when its major water reservoir Girana dam turned 100% full. The dam supplies drinking water to Jalgaon city and 173 villages and places in district. It is fourth consecutive time that this dam is overflowing now. Jalgaon City's newly built up Waghur dam is also witnessing significant increase in water levels and now has supply pipeline level water.
Girana River flowing in Jalgaon city outskirts is full of water these days and Dapora temporary sand dam is overflowing. Meanwhile district continue to witness medium to heavy raining during nights. Please refer Monsoon 2007 section for detailed information.

30th August:

Medium-Heavy raining escapes life for standing crop:
Jalgaon city and rest of the district witnessed medium heavy raining yesterday night for around one hour. Arrival of raining has saved standing crop in the region. All Taluka in district have reported raining in medium to heavy form.

28th August:

Monsoon raining continues on second day:
Entire Jalgaon district continue to witness showery to medium raining yesterday. Jalgaon City, Taluka and various other Taluka have reported good raining. Region's major water resource Girana dam is about to reach 100% marks. Administration has ordered opening of four gates to balance water pressure in the dam. Various Rivers in the region are flooding following good rain. Lightning caused death of a farmer at Vadji in Chopda Taluka.

22nd August:

Heavy raining in Pachora and Bhadgaon Taluka:
Bhadgaon and Pachora Taluka facing acute monsoon raining had wonderful raining for around one hour yesterday evening. Entire Taluka had full raining easing farmer's woes of crop damages following no rains since long time.
District Agricultural authorities have estimated no affecting to standing crop following showery formed raining in days between. Jalgaon District's average rainfall is 702.4mm and has witnessed 402.03mm (57.24%) raining as of now. Jalgaon has 4.12 Lakhs hectare under cotton cultivation and rest 1 Lakh hectare with other crops. Authorities have further expressed satisfaction on rain requirement for agriculture.

10th August:

Monsoon 2007: Ainpur life normalises:
Following low to no raining in last 48 hours, the Tapi River rainwater has settled down and life has normalised in entire zone. Earlier disconnected Raver Taluka villages Ainpur, Nimbol and Vitva are now back on normal track. Hatnur dam backwater in these days caused losses to farms in nearby region.
Girana dam has touched 80% marks. Administration has announced recharging Bhokarbari, Mhaswa and Bori dam from extra flowing water from Girana dam. It has also issued warnings to those living on banks of Girana dam region.

09th August:

Hatnur dam's all 41 gates opened: mega flooding in Tapi River:
Administration has opened up all 41 gates of Hatnur dam yesterday night to discharge increasing amount of raining water in Tapi and Purna River origin areas. This has led to mega flooding to Tapi River and chances of drowning of some of villages of banks of River. Dam backwater has led to no communications with Ainpur, Nimbol and Vitva villages of Raver Taluka.
Administration has posted lifeguard boats as a precautionary measure in this region along with home guards special team of swimmers to escape in case of emergency. Raver Taluka had no raining yesterday. Suki River still struggles to get water while Bhokri and Matran have very low amount of water.

08th August:

Raining continues: Hatnur dam's 36 gates opened:
Vidarbha and MadhyaPradesh heavy raining has led to continuous increase in water levels of Tapi River. This has led to opening of 36 gates of Hatnur dam since yesterday night. Administration has sent alerts to those living on banks of River.
Nimbol and Ainpur in Raver Taluka have lost contact with rest following increase in water levels. Dam is now discharging rainwater heavily and is at 210meters water level with danger level set at 214 meters. Meanwhile raining continued yesterday as well in medium showery form throughout district.

07th August:

Meteorological department Kolaba predicts heavy raining in district:
The State meteorological department Kolaba lab has predicted around 12CM raining in Jalgaon district in upcoming 48 hours. Administration has warned people living on banks of river with a caution note. Jalgaon district has witnessed 381mm average raining as of now. Meanwhile showery raining continued throughout district yesterday.

05th August:

Khandesh continues to witness rain showers:
Entire Khandesh region continues to witness showery medium raining since last two days. Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar districts have reported showery to medium raining with heavy raining at some places in last two days. Authorities have opened up 16 gates of Hatnur dam by 1 inch and 4 gates are fully open to discharge water from dam.
Meanwhile district administration and council have reported damages of around 15 Crores 67 Lakhs to various roads in district due to last month raining. Last year record break raining caused damages of around 100 Crores to basic infrastructural resources of district. This year raining has damaged roads at 7 places to State Highways, at 18 places to District's major bridges and temporary blocks. Rural area has reported most of damages with Yaval Taluka on the top reporting 65 Lakhs and Chopda on lowest with 3.50 Lakhs.

04th August:

Wonderful Monsoon raining eases weather:
Whole Jalgaon District witnessed medium to heavy raining yesterday evening for hours. Showering continued until late nights. Arrival of raining has satisfied farmers anxiously waiting for good raining for their standing kharip crop. Raining has also reduced climatic humidity and relaxed temperature as well. Authorities have fully opened up 4 gates and partially opened a gate of Hatnur dam to control increasing water pressure in dam. Nagjhiri, Suki, Bhokri rivers have witnessed flooding due to heavy raining in their region.

27th July:

Heavy raining in Bhusawal, Raver and MuktaiNagar:
Bhusawal, Raver and MuktaiNagar Taluka witnessed heavy raining yesterday evening. Raining began around 8PM in night and continued for hours. Good raining has eased temperature in the region. Jalgaon city also witnessed showery medium raining yesterday night.

26th July:

Heavy Monsoon raining in district:
Jalgaon city along with Bhusawal, Yaval, Jamner, Chalisgaon, Pachora, aMalner, Parola and Chopda Taluka have witnessed heavy to medium raining yesterday evening. Lightning followed by frequent electricity cuts and high winds marked arrival of raining. Raining has pleased farming community anxiously waiting for good raining for standing Kharip crop.

24th July:

Monsoon raining arrives back with cyclonic winds in Bodwad:
Jalgaon District's MuktaiNagar, Jamner and Bodwad Taluka yesterday witnessed monsoon raining after 8-10 days interval. Bodwad Taluka's Amadgaon region witnessed cyclonic winds severely damaging standing crop and electricity supplies. The wind losses are yet to be assessed by administration. Jalgaon city also witnessed showers in morning followed by cool air breezes following raining in nearby districts and region. Bhusawal along with Yaval, Raver Taluka have also reported showery raining.

15th July:

Tapi River flooding losses totals to Rs. 6 Crores:
Tapi River mega flooding caused by heavy water discharge in Hatnur dam has caused a total loss of Rs. 6 Crores in 19 Villages 306 hectares area to banana, guava and many other Kharip Plantation.
Tapi and Purna River flooded on 08th July due to heavy raining and caused losses to many of villages. District Agricultural Authority has completed its losses assessment and losses have now mounted to Rs. 6 Crore 3 Lakhs 75 Thousands 59 Rupees to 503 farmers.

12th July:

Monsoon flooding damages 1,500 hectares of farming:
Tapi and Purna Rivers flooding in Raver, MuktaiNagar, Chopda Taluka has damaged 1,544 hectares standing crop in 58 villages. Primary reports from respective Tahsil offices have estimated these figures. Raver losses list has 12 villages' 300 farmers facing damages in 600 hectares of land amounting to around Rs. 2 Crores. MuktaiNagar Taluka has 198.94 hectares land standing crop damages to 231 farmers in 15 villages worth Rs. 20 Lakhs. Chopda Taluka has 31 villages 756 hectares land facing these issues. Raining has stopped in almost all areas in district. Hatnur dam's 5 out of 41 gates have been closed.

10th July:

Monsoon flooding situation normalise as raining stops:
Monsoon mega arrival knocked raining followed by flooding is normalising as rain has stopped in the region. District Parent Minister yesterday visited Ajnad (Raver) and accessed situation there. Administration Plans to migrate people living in Raver, MuktaiNAgar Taluka on Tapi River banks living after Monsoon to avoid such future calamities.
Tapi and Purna Rivers yesterday had mega flooding that led to opening up of all gates of Hatnur dam. It caused water logging in many villages in Raver, MuktaiNagar Taluka. MadhyaPradesh Tapi and Purna origin areas have lower to no rains now and therefore flow has normalised. Tapi River flooding has caused heavy losses to standing crop in farms on bank of River. Farmers here have demanded immediate help from administration.

09th July:

Khandesh under Monsoon showers:
Entire Khandesh region continues to witness showery raining since last 48 hours. Raining has led to opening up Hatnur dam all 41 gates. This has caused flooding situation in MuktaiNagar, Raver Taluka villages. District Administration has sent two boats to Raver and three to MuktaiNagar and special help groups to Tahsil offices. Raver, Chopda, MuktaiNagar and Bhusawal Taluka are under high water pressure in Tapi River following heavy water discharge.
Ajnad, Nimbol in Raver Taluka are fully water logged with Hatnur water while Khedi-Bhokari in Chopda has 600 acres land under water. Mendhode, Patondi, Pimpri villages in MuktaiNagar are flooded. Administration has stopped traffic on Hatnur dam due to heavy discharging of water going on in dam. District Administration is also using BSNL SMS Alerts for updates on status to all Jalgaon District mobile users. Administration has estimated 11 villages to witness flooding situation in Raver and MuktaiNagar Taluka. It has shifted 164 families to safer places and alert Army.
Duskheda, Nimbol, Ajnad, Vitve and Ainpur from Raver Taluka and Patonda, Mendhode, Narvel, Anturli and Ghodasgaon from MuktaiNagar are in danger state of likely flooding. Nearby Dhule and Nandurbar Districts are also set on high alerts.

District Markets in down state following continued raining:
Continued showery to medium raining in district has led to overall downturn to markets. Oil, Ghee are on upper trend while Pulses are on flat and spices are in good demand. Raining has led to low arrival of goods from other parts of region leading to hike up in rates of some essential commodities. Traders as a low turnout have initiated routine maintenance works to their shops and Godown.

04th July:

Monsoon showers continue in medium form:
Entire District continues to witness monsoon showering throughout fourth consecutive day. Jamner Taluka is on top of list while Bhadgaon is with lowest rainfall. Continued raining would lead to more cultivation of grains. Jalgaon District had 3272.2mm rainfall from 01st June until 03rd July 2007 with average of 218.1mm and 31.06%. Last year district had double raining to that of this year figures.

03rd July:

Meteorology department issues another heavy raining warning:
The State Meteorology Department has issued fresh warning of rain pouring in Northern Maharashtra region in upcoming 24 to 48 hours. The region comprises of Nashik, Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar Districts. The Department further estimates that low pressure and raining has moved towards this region and as a likely means of this aspect there could be heavy to very heavy rainfall

Monsoon showers continued on third day:
Jalgaon District continues to witness medium to heavy rainfall all around. It has recorded 284mm raining yesterday, region's medium project dam have turned houseful, and many have shown significant increase in water levels. Authorities have released Hatnur dam water to control water pressure. Suki in Raver has turned houseful and Abhora is at 81.53% levels, Tondapur has 27.32% water while Mangrul has turned full. Girana dam now has 22% water store.

02nd July:

Region witnesses Season best raining: 1453mm raining in one day:
Jalgaon District and nearby regions are witnessed Monsoon 2007 one of best raining ever. There has been 1453mm raining in Jalgaon District on Sunday. Raining began on Saturday evening and continued for whole day on Sunday with no sun seen around. This continued rainfall has led to water rise in all River and Nala along with Dam showing phenomenal growth in water storage.
Authorities opened up all 39 gates of Hatnur dam yesterday midnight and released 358,710 cusecs of water to balance water pressure. Administration has issued warnings to those living on banks of river after this release. Tapi, Girana, Bhogawati, Suki, Bhokari, Mor, Ratnavati, Guli, Champavati and Aner Rivers are flooded with this rainfall.
Yaval is on top of list with 184mm raining followed by Chopda with 159mm and MuktaiNagar with 157.6mm. Jalgaon had 113.6mm raining. Raining has led to disturbances in road and Railway traffic at many locations.

01st July:

Monsoon's best showers are here:
Jalgaon District Monsoon has finally picked up with raining all around district since yesterday. Tapi and Purna River origin points have medium to heavy raining leading to significant increase in water levels. District Administration has issued warning to people living on banks of these Rivers.
Increasing water flow has led to likely opening up of Hatnur dam gates in these days. Arrival of medium to heavy rain has saved farmers from re-cultivation for Kharip season. Railways have announced temporary cancelling of Mumbai - Bhusawal Passenger Train following continued raining in entire zone. Raining has also led to delays in many trains from Mumbai and Nagpur zones.

25th June:

Monsoon raining picks up: Continues since last night:
Jalgaon City and entire district continues to witness raining since last night. Continued showery form raining has led to significant lowering of temperature and has thrilled farmers.

24th June:

Monsoon raining eases heat, rain continues:
Entire Jalgaon District including Jalgaon city continues to witness monsoon raining throughout. Jalgaon City and all Taluka in district have reported showery to medium raining. Lightning killed one woman yesterday at Parola. Bhusawal and MuktaiNagar regions have also witnessed good rainfall.

22nd June:

Monsoon showers continue to bestow region:
Jalgaon District along with Dhule and Nandurbar continued to witness showery raining yesterday. Jalgaon City, Chalisgaon, Bhadgaon, Pachora, Yaval had medium raining while some areas had heavy raining. Lightning killed 15 years youth at Savkheda in Pachora and another in Sonvad. Region's Waghur River yesterday witnessed flooding following raining in Ajanta Caves region.

19th June:

Monsoon's first best shower arrives in District:
Entire Jalgaon District has witnessed season's one of best monsoon raining yesterday night. Jalgaon, Bhusawal and Amalner had raining for more than two hours and continued in showers later in night. Raining caused discrepancies in Electricity supplies many times.

17th June:

Thundershowers in entire District: One killed:
Jalgaon District many areas witnessed thundershowers to heavy raining yesterday. Jalgaon city witnessed showers at around 4PM while lightning caused death of an old age person at Dharangaon. Raining in Yaval Taluka has damaged standing crop.
Arrival of monsoon rain showers has spread joy in farmers and most of them have begun cultivation process.

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