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Jalgaon Monsoon - Year 2006
Monsoon 2004 Raining - Last update: 22nd Sepetmber 2006
(Beginning 01st June in descending order of rainfall)
Today's Rainfall
Water Storage in Dam:
(Last update: 13th August 2006)
(In descending order of Storage percent)
Dam Storage Capacity MLT Percentile%
Tondapur (Tal: Jamner) 4.638 100
Suki (Tal: Raver) 39.850 100
Mangrul (Tal: Raver) 6.407 100
Agnavati (Tal: Pachora) 2.760 100
Manyad, Tal: Chalisgaon 40.270 100
Ambhora (Tal: Raver) 6.020 100
Hivra (Tal: Pachora) 9.600 100.00
Bhokarbari (Tal: Parola) 6.540 96.69
Bori, Tal: Parola 25.150 94.33
Bahula (Tal: Pachora) 16.330 93.10
Girana, Tal: Nandgaon 523.550 84.83
Hatnur, Taluka: Bhusaval 255.0 16.51

23rd November:

Raining in Jalgaon District, worsening state of electricity:
Most of the places in district yesterday witnessed showery raining in evening around 7:30PM. The sudden raining troubled hawkers and pedestrians. Most the District now a day remain in total dark during evening time from 6PM to 9PM following so called Load Shedding terribly disrupting living.
The earlier Electricity Board converted into four different companies with vision to improve standards and consumer facilities have failed to understand its customers. In spite of introducing more of customer friendly and traditional business convenience approaches, it is in reverse pathway. Electricity Bill provided by the Company is one such outrageous example that gives no understanding of billing to customers and scrolls to two pages with consumer companies advertisements posted on it. Who has given rights to Government/ Government-owned Organisations to disgrace and uncomforting its loyal customers? Does Governments take everything for granted by citizens?
We are on revolution verge and such painful state of Government Organisations panics more of disgusting moves rather than adding to overall Country's progress. More than 95% of State Electricity Company Consumers would give a clear-cut statement of getting excess billings backed by ZERO Service. Moreover the recently run Load Shedding and Zero Load concepts are worst ones. A year before load shedding used to have regular timings and now there is no timing at all. The current scenario of electricity supply reminds us of UP and Bihar once again where Electricity moreover is a Government Gift to Citizens rather than necessity and Power Generators/ Invertors/ Batteries are lifelines.

04th October:

Century's heaviest Raining recorded in Jalgaon District:
The Jalgaon District has recorded Monsoon's highest ever raining in this decade. The Agricultural Department authorities have expressed fear of damages to standing Jwar and Cotton crops. The District had Mruga Nakshatra remaining dry and rest Nakshatra having heavy to very heavy raining. District had flooding and heaviest raining 3 times during this monsoon.
The Dharangaon and Yaval Taluka have already crossed 200% raining mark and the overall district raining is 167.44% as of 03rd October. The Jalgaon Taluka had 182.31% raining, Jamner - 127.85%, Erandol - 186.72%, Dharangaon - 201.39%, Bhusawal - 184.66%, Bodwad - 155.22%, Yaval - 204.73%, Raver - 166.34%, MuktaiNagar - 183.41%, Amalner - 145.98%, Chopda - 197.72%, Parola - 193.21%, Pachora - 118.26%, Chalisgaon - 134.17%, and Bhadgaon had 140.50% raining.

22nd September:

Monsoon raining touches record high:
The whole Jalgaon District has witnessed Monsoon 2006 as record high raining as per statistics available with Meteorological Department. The Monsoon raining continued in heavy raining form yesterday as well at most of places. The continued raining has hampered farming and cultivation work and has touched 162% mark this year, one of highest raining in recent 50 years or so.
The rainfall continued since last 3-4 days has led to flooding in many rivers and Nala in District. The Tapi and Purna River flooding has caused overflow in Hatnur dam thereby opening up of 32 gates to release extra water along with 2 gates of Girana dam. The District has witnessed good raining in every Nakshatra change (excluding one or two Nakshatra) since Mruga Nakshatra beginning.
The Amalner, Parola, Chalisgaon and Bhusawal Taluka have reported well to heavy raining throughout. The Yaval Taluka had 201% raining as of today followed by Chopda with 190.90%, Bhusawal with 182.88% and Jalgaon with 179.2% raining. District's 10 dam have turned houseful.

15th September:

Raining turns all dam houseful: Administration collapses on routine supplies:
The Monsoon raining continued to spread it's all times high record raining throughout the District. The whole district witnessed heavy to medium raining yesterday evening as well. The Raining has turned all dam housefuls. The administrative front remained disrupted with local water supplies and electricity on the woes. The local administrations failed to avail normalised supplies on account of damages to supply pipe lines. The District having more than 160% raining this year is getting drinking water supply every alternate 6th day in almost all areas. Heavy and continued raining in MP and Vidarbha area has lead to good stocking of water in Hatnur dam and hence the authorities have opened 12 gates of Hatnur dam yesterday morning.

14th September:

Heavy raining in whole Jalgaon District:
The whole Jalgaon District witnessed Uttara Nakhstra's heavy raining yesterday evening. The heavy raining began with Lightning effect that took life of a lady in Pasardi (Bhadgaon) and her 5 pet animals. Another youth in Borkheda (Yaval) was severely injured due to lightning.
The raining began around 4pm in afternoon and continued for more than an hour throughout District. Parola Taluka has recorded 16mm raining yesterday.

02nd September:

Heavy raining in whole district: Hatnur's all 36 gates opened:
The whole Jalgaon District witnessed sudden heavy raining yesterday evening chilling the weather around. The Vidarbha region and MadhyaPradesh adjoining areas witnessing good raining caused heavy water in Hatnur dam. In order to control this pressure, the Authorities opened up all 36 gates of Hatnur dam from yesterday midnight and are releasing 167,000 cusecs water. This has resulted in flooding in Tapi River and no electricity in around 20 villages in Sakli region. The Jalgaon City, Bhusawal region witnessed heavy raining for around 45 minutes yesterday evening. The sudden arrival of heavy raining amidst Ganesha festivity has troubled Ganesh Mandal organisers.
The Administration has urged best possible caution to all Ganesh Mandal going on river banks for submerging Ganesha idols.

23rd August:

Monsoon flooding to affect Cotton crop output:
The farming community has expressed fears of cotton crop output due to monsoon deluge witnessed in district in first week. Meanwhile the District administration is in final stages of assessment of agricultural losses and has distributed free grains to 36,491 families. The good raining is now giving good yields with Jwari crops in growth, Corn in primary growth, and Bajri also witnessing good growth. The Sesame seed, Black gram, and Green Gram are also on development path.
The farmers have estimated around 3 Lakh hectares of cotton planted area getting affected due to flooding and thereby could cause lower cotton yield this season.

22nd August:

Monsoon flooding losses: Raver Taluka estimates touch 3.75 Crores:
The Monsoon deluge swiping out whole Jalgaon District has cost heavily to agricultural rich Raver belt. Raver Taluka's 103 villages with 1,329 farmers and 685 hectares cultivated area has gone down in rainwater. The primary estimates by Agricultural department suggests around 3.75 Crores loss with exact figure yet to come as many of villages losses assessment is yet pending. The Authorities have assessed losses of 1,329 farmers in 109 villages as of today and have reported 685.97 hectares crop damages worth 37,777,746 Rs.
The farmer community has demanded immediate attention and compensation from State Authorities. The Taluka is yet to receive compensation of 28th May lightning that damaged severely.

18th August:

Monsoon 2006: 8 Taluka cross 150% of average raining mark, 81 water reservoirs turns houseful:
The Monsoon 2006 has come as a magical performer to boost agricultural sector in region. The District until now has witnessed remarkable Monsoon raining. District's 8 Taluka have crossed 150% of average raining mark with Yaval and Chopda Taluka about to touch 175% mark. District's 81 mini irrigation project water reserves have already touched 100% marks.
The Mriga Nakshatra went dry and Adra Nakshatra started from 22nd June with very low raining. The Punarvasu, Pushya, Ashlesha Nakshatra went up with awesome raining. The Magha Nakshatra has started from 16th August and has shown Sun Light - Raining combination effects. The Jalgaon District has 12 mini to medium sized projects of which 9 project areas still have good raining and as a result the administration continues to release water from Hatnur, Girana, Manyad, Bori, Bhokarbari, Suki, Abhora, Mangrul, and Bahula projects.

17th August:

Raver witnesses historic high raining in Monsoon 2006:
The Raver Taluka has witnessed more than 1,000mm raining as of today making it century's highest ever raining in the Taluka. The Raver Taluka has average of 668.20mm rainfall and had 65% raining in last year i.e. 422mm. The Taluka had 828mm raining in 2002, 778mm in 2003, 698mm raining 2004.

13th August:

Post flooding scenario: District Parent Minister in Jalgaon:
The District has faced harsh times in last week with excessive River flooding due to torrential raining throughout. The wet-draught situation has worsened farming community life with most of their crops getting damaged in this pouring. The District has witnessed flooding and has learnt lessons from this chaos and is now demanding immediately implementing of various works to avoid such traps in future.
The demanded works include building of protection walls at Pahur Peth, Bharadi, increasing height of bridge over Kang River in Jamner, construction of bridge at Kekatnimbhore in Jamner, immediate reconnecting of electricity and water supply in many areas in the Jamner Taluka. The Jamner Taluka remains one of worst affected belt during 3 days rain pour from 03rd August until 05th August. The District Administration is yet to announce the exact losses figure. The primary estimates suggests around 200 Crores damages and 27 lives and over 15,000 families affected in district.
The District Administration has until now disbursed around 1.5 Crores compensation to families of those dying and affected. The District Supply authority has availed free grains to 7,115 families disturbed due to flooding that includes 711.50 quintals of rice and Jwari and 30,480 litres of kerosene. The District Authorities have sent 900 quintals of Jwari from Parola to Nashik, 2,000 quintals fo Jwari from Bhusawal to Dhule and 500 quintals of Jwari from Bodwad to Ahmednagar. The District Supply Authority has received a Report from Chief Public Health Chemist confirming good quality of grains in district stores.

11th August:

Monsoon deluge effect: Around 11,000 families affected in 547 villages in Jalgaon District:
The Jalgaon District is recovering hard from record-breaking monsoon raining and thereby flooding. The Administration has reported around 547 villages having 11,236 families affected by this downpour. The death toll in monsoon raining has now touched 26 with Administration availing Rs. 950,000 Rs. Compensation to families of 9 died in various incidences in this raining.
The District has recorded 13,200mm raining as of today and 7 dams in District are 100% full with almost all Taluka crossing 100% mark in terms of average rainfall. The State Government earlier passed a resolution to waive off age limit put on offering State Compensation to families of those dying in Monsoon flooding wide its order dated 10th August numbered CLS/08/2006/PK-341/M-3.

10th August:

Monsoon deluge Losses estimation: A review:
The Post Monsoon deluge affected listing and death toll is increasing every day as situation is normalising. The District Administration has begun its one of largest losses estimating for monsoon downpour from 03rd August until 06th August. The scope of Draft Report on losses includes Flooding affection, Death tolls, houses and house walls collapsing, agricultural and crop related losses and calamity of other significant nature. The report prepared in every Tahsil level through Tahsil offices in respective Taluka arrives to District Administration which then consolidates whole report to come up at final figures to report to State and Central Authorities.
The process begins with houses and most affected areas and continues with farms and standing crop losses estimating. The Media reports have primarily estimated around Rs. 21 Crores losses in Jamner Taluka, Rs. 1.5 Crores loss to Bhusawal Taluka, 1.02 Crores in Raver Taluka, Rs. 1.24 Crores in Yaval Taluka, and Rs. 20.98 Lakhs in MuktaiNagar Taluka worth of losses in form of houses and wall collapses and damages. The figure will increase multi-fold as the major affected Standing Crop and agricultural land losses are estimated. The Jalgaon District's over 60% population is based on farms and everyone has had recently cultivated in Kharip season.
The District administration is expected to come up with comprehensive document on losses in this flooding by this weekend in presence of District Parent Minister so as to speed up the demand of State Compensation for these losses.

09th August:

Monsoon downpour breaks all previous records: 334mm raining in just 1 day in Raver:
The recently begun Monsoon pouring has broken its all previous records with Average rainfall count touching 118.8% mark in overall and 160% mark in Chopda Taluka. The Jamner, Pachora, Chalisgaon, and Bhadgaon remains only 4 Taluka in Jalgaon where raining is yet to cross the 100% mark. The raining has crossed 400mm mark in just 3 days i.e. from 06th August to 08th August in Jalgaon, Jamner, Bhusawal, Bodwad, Yaval, and Raver Taluka. The Yaval Taluka moved a step ahead with 518mm raining in these 3 days.
The Raver Taluka moved a bit ahead of Chopda with 334mm raining in just one day as to 322mm raining at Chopda in last month's calamity. The Mamurabad Meteorology Department Office has monsoon records since 1995 and has reported more than 800mm raining in for 10 times since then. The maximum record was for year 2003 with 1108.6mm average raining followed by 1080.6mm raining in year 1990 and 970.6mm raining in year 200 with 944mm raining in year 1988.

08th August:

Deluge Day 3: Dams houseful, houses water-logged, terrible state of slum areas:
The Monsoon downpour continues to affect terribly throughout the Jalgaon District with death toll rising to total of 18 with 14 deaths in last two days. The worsen situation continues throughout with no scene of raining getting down and clearing skies for sun. The Tapi River flooded with rainwater has caused water logging in many villages on its banks. MuktaiNagar, Amalner, Dharangaon, and Chopda Taluka's 37 villages facing Tapi River flooding have lost contacts with their respective Taluka headquarters. Chopda Taluka's Khedibhokari, Vatar, Sutkar villages around 2000 people have shifted to safer places like Adavad and Mangrul.
The District Administration has estimated losses in Crores with Raver farms being worst hit and all Standing Kharip crop in danger. The Jalgaon - Aurangabad Highway route is also disconnected following high water flow on bridges and supportive pools in between. The Tapi and Purna River flooding has sent whole MuktaiNagar area in terrible condition. The Chopda Taluka is on top of rainfall list with 1122mm raining by now and Chalisgaon Taluka on lowest with 609mm raining. The District witnessed an average of 512.3mm raining in just one day yesterday and has recorded an aggregate average of 812mm raining as of yesterday. The Jalgaon District has reported 186.3% raining as of today while Dhule had 108.3%, Nandurbar had 150.2% and Nashik had 105.5%.
House wall collapse caused death of 4 people in one house in Erandol's Fakirwada area, 1 in MuktaiNagar Taluka, 1 in Lakholi (Jamner), 1 in Shahpur (Jamner), 1 in Amode bk (Jalgaon) and one youth in Halkheda drowned in high pressure rainwater of a Nala and 1 each from Erandol and Jamner Taluka are reported missing.

06th August:

Torrential Raining upsets routine life in whole Khandesh:
The whole Jalgaon District along with nearby Dhule and Nandurbar districts are witnessing pouring monsoon raining since Saturday night continuing till now. The continued raining has led to opening up of all 36 gates of region's second largest dam Hatnur dam thereby resulting in flooding in Tapi River. The media reports have estimated over 100mm raining till now.
The continued medium to heavy raining has disrupted routine life and has punched rainwater into farms. The standing Kharip crop has got into danger situation with most of Cotton crop bases getting damaged.
Jalgaon city remained most affected witnessing maximum raining in the whole District while other Taluka also witnessed good raining. The Administration has sent alert signal to whole Chalisgaon Taluka with Girana dam region witnessing heavy raining along with 20 villages on bank of Tapi River. The Girana dam has touched above 75% mark and still continues to witness good rainwater flow and is expected to cross 100% mark within 2 days. All Rivers in Raver Taluka are flooding with overflowing rainwater.

04th August:

Shravana Monsoon showering continues:
The Almighty is blessing all its love with monsoon showering continues throughout the District for whole day yesterday. The showering would benefit standing Kharip crops and would significantly add to ground water levels. The Chalisgaon region having Girana dam basin also witnessed good raining thereby making Girana dam water levels at around 70%. The Bhadgaon, Chalisgaon, and Pachora Taluka region witnessed medium to heavy raining throughout the day.

31st July:

Monsoon bonanza continues: Girana dam touches 40% mark:
The continued medium to showery form of raining in Girana dam basin region in Chalisgaon Taluka and Nashik district has raised water levels in the region's largest water supply resource touching to around 40%. The Chalisgaon, Bhadgaon, and Pachora Taluka have reported continuous showering.
The Girana River is flooding with raining continued throughout the region.

29th July:

Monsoon showering spreads joy throughout District:
Entire Jalgaon district continue to witness best of Monsoon with showering effect continuing whole day yesterday amidst cloudy and chilling weather. The showery raining is expected to considerably help in Kharip plantation and raise soil water levels. The continued raining in Bhusawal, Raver, Yaval, Bodwad, and MuktaiNagar Taluka has led to opening of 4 gates of Hatnur dam by 1meter. The gate opening has caused flooding to Tapi River.
The continued showering has duped rainwater in farms and many non-roads areas. The Yaval Taluka has witnessed best while Bodwad had lowest raining in yesterday's rainfall. The adjoining Dhule district also witnessed same showering while Nandurbar was dry throughout.

22nd July:

Raining wash out all sorrow: Monsoon at its best:
The Monsoon raining continued to ease life and spread joy amongst farming community. The whole region including Jalgaon city, Amalner, Chopda and Parola witnessed heavy raining while other areas witnessing showery to medium raining. The raining begun around 3pm in afternoon and continued by evening causing rainwater dumped all around roads and remote areas. The raining begun by this week has added significant water to dams and lakes in region.

19th July:

Raining pleases whole District:
The whole Jalgaon district witnessed showery raining after a fortnight. The raining continued for 5-6hrs throughout Tuesday morning has spread joy amongst farming community and has raised significant water level in Hatnur dam. The authorities opened 10 doors of Hatnur dam to control the increasing water pressure. The Bhusawal, Bodwad, Chalisgaon, Bhadgaon, and Dharangaon regions witnessed good raining. The Tapi River witnessed good water as the Hatnur dam gates were opened. The arrival of raining after delay has busy farming community with most of them beginning buying fertilizers for their farms.

10th July:

District Administration reports 3.32 Crores losses in two-days Monsoon raining:
The Jalgaon District Administration has estimated Rs. 33,283,718 losses in its primary estimate for rainfall on 04th and 05th July. The Chopda Taluka remained major affected one with Rs. 17,110,000 (1.71 Crore) loss on its own. The Report submitted is yet to cover farmer's losses in Chopda, Jalgaon, Dharangaon, and Amalner Taluka. The report has found Chopda, Yaval, Dharangaon, and Amalner as four topmost affected Taluka and had 15 human deaths, 894 animal deaths and slashed 215 villages in district.
The report further estimates 213 hectares crop area damage and 541 houses sheltered with 3370 people turning half-hearted. The Administration has distributed 74.52 Lakhs compensation by now and is expecting State's special package after submitting this Report.

07th July:

Monsoon downpour mounts huge losses:
History's one of biggest single day raining for Jalgaon region has raised huge property and financial losses for the whole Jalgaon District with a special mention of Chopda Taluka having witnessing Mumbai-like situation that day. The Authorities have reported a total of 467mm raining in past 48 hours in the Chopda city and Taluka region. The Ratnavati River witnessing heaviest ever flooding damaged 150 houses, pierced rainwater in almost 1500 houses in 18 areas, floated away 350 shops, temporary constructed kind of selling units and importantly took life of 692 animals in Taluka. The flooding took lives of 8 and many still are reported missing. The District Administration has begun assessment of property losses and it is expected to be at 25 Crores with exact figures yet to come.
The District Administration has issued immediate relief aid to families of those dying in the flooding and has called for Helicopter help in heavily flooded areas. Hatnur dam's 32 doors have been closed back following normal flow water in the dam. Monsoon raining seems to have dwelled the disaster management cell and its planning. The State Electricity Distribution Company's 62 feeders have turned non-functional and 60 electricity poles have collapsed due to raining severely affecting the regulated electricity supply.

06th July:

Yeserday's Monsoon pouring breaks previous 40 years record:
The Monsoon pouring witnessed by whole Khandesh region has broken records of previous 40 years. The Jalgaon District has around 700mm raining every Monsoon from June to October.
The Chopda Taluka has witnessed 462mm raining followed by Dharangaon with 342mm raining in just one day making a new record. The whole district has reported 29.4% in last 20 hours in a day. Jalgaon Taluka had 274.4mm, Jamner - 110mm, Erandol - 251mm, Dharangaon - 342mm, Bhusawal - 233mm, Bodwad - 94.4mm, Yaval - 250mm, Raver - 119mm, MuktaiNagar - 129mm, Amalner - 195.5mm, Chopda - 462mm, Parola - 207.2, Pachora - 103mm, Chalisgaon - 72mm, and Bhadgaon - 100mm raining. Jalgaon city's Mehrun Lake that dried this summer is flowing with full water in just a day's raining.
Chart is as

Date Raining (mm)
20 Jun 1982


09 Aug 1987 127.0
29 Sept 1988 101.2
17 Aug 1990 167.4
14 July 1991 125.6
20 Jun 1992 133.6
03 Sept 1992 103.2
16 July 1993 118.4
02 July 1997 100.0
23 Aug 1997 172.2
09 July 2000 137.6
13 July 2000 145.4
26 Jun 2002 125.2
23 Jun 2003 147.4
24 Aug 2003 126.2
24 Sept 2003 121.6
05 July 2006 240.2

Monsoon raining breaks all records: Whopping 29.4% of Monsoon raining in just one day:
Whole Khandesh belt including Jalgaon District witnessed one of historic monsoon pouring that continued for almost 20 hours. The raining begun on Tuesday evening continued throughout Tuesday night, continued on whole Wednesday and relaxed by late evening. The Chopda Taluka was one of worst hit with flooding water entering city. The Jalgaon Taluka had 24CM, Chopda had 32CM, and Dharangaon had 28CM raining in just one day.
The heavy raining caused major flooding in Ratnavati River in Chopda city resulting in flood water entering in many parts of places on bank of River. The flooding and water duping killed 9 in various incidences in Chopda. Jalgaon city remained another worst effected zone with Old Jalgaon area, Pimprala, Mahabal areas witnessing harsh experience. City's extension Pimprala witnessed drainage water overflowing alike a mini lake on almost all roads and did damaged goods at many shops in basements and houses in medium to slum level areas. The Administration has sent alert signals for Pachora Taluka while Paldhi, Yaval, Adavad witnessed rainwater taking lives of many of animals and waiving off shelters of many natives. The Girana River's temporary sand dam constructed in Girana pumping moved away with high pressure water flowing from back. Hatnur dam's 36 gates were opened to control the water pressure. The Authorities have estimated around Rs. 20 Crores loss in this heaviest raining witnessed in last 40 years. The Hatnur dam gates opening caused flooding in Tapi River. Raining added with humid weather is causing various diseases in region and many of families are reporting loose motion, fever, cough like diseases and issues in recent days.
Many a rivers and Nala that never had even sufficient water were flooding in yesterday's raining. The list includes Dongri River in Chalisgaon, Pipraya Nala, in Amalner, Bori River in Amalner, Davandya Nala in Pimprala, and Asoda Nala. The Corporation has called an emergency Standing committee meeting to review the flooding situation in the city to decide on announcing special fund of Rs. 1 Crore for Disaster Management in city and Medicines supply, compensation, water supply repair works etc. The nearby Dhule, Nandurbar districts have same panic status with almost all Rivers flooding disrupting routine life.

05th July:

Monsoon raining devastates routine life:
The whole Jalgaon District is witnessing one of best Monsoon raining this season. The raining begun yesterday afternoon continues till this write up with full force pouring all around. Amalner, Chopda, Parola, Erandol, Jamner, Yaval Taluka have reported heavy raining. The Bahula (Pachora), Kang (Jamner), and Chikhli rivers are flooded with rain water.
The heavy forced raining in city has blocked underground shops in Mahabal area and other shopping complexes, duped rainwater in blockages, drainages. The farming community is happy over such a wonderful raining. The raining has affected Railways and road traffic and disrupted electricity supply many a times since yesterday.
The raining especially spread havoc in Chopda and Parola Taluka with Bori River witnessing heavy flooding causing water duping in farms. Many of the schools have announced Holiday for today seeing heavy raining. The Corporation owned Shopping complexes undergrounds are in bad state with water blocking and damaging almost all shops causing losses in Lakhs.

04th July:

Monsoon bestows Pachora Taluka:
The Pimpalgaon Hareshwar region in Pachora Taluka witnessed heavy raining yesterday afternoon for around 2.30 hours thereby flooding Bahula and Utavali Rivers flowing in the region. Taluka's other villages also witnessed good raining with Jalgaon city having rain flow in late nights. The raining has chilled weather all around. The meteorological department has reported 18% raining in June month in this Monsoon.

30th June:

Monsoon 2006: 104mm raining reported until now:
The Meteorological department has reported 104.92mm (15%) raining as on Thursday. The Amalner Taluka region has been witnessing continuous raining since last 3 days. Jalgaon city is also witnessing medium to showery raining every day and the atmosphere all around is cloudy and eased. The Bhadgaon Taluka is on top list while Bhusawal is on lowest in terms of rainfall.
The following statistics shows Talukawise raining as on 29th June. Bhadgaon Taluka: 184.6mm, Jalgaon: 97.7mm, Jamner: 68mm, Erandol: 105mm, Dharangaon: 112mm, Bodwad: 103mm, Yaval: 96mm, Raver: 93mm, MuktaiNagar: 139mm, Amalner: 68.8mm, Chopda: 78mm, Parola: 82.6mm, Pachora: 107.2mm, Chalisgaon: 177mm, and Bhusawal: 61.9mm
The raining has lowered Tanker based water supply in many villages and has increased water level in Hatnur dam from 7% to 13.57%.

29th June:

Monsoon raining flashes whole Jalgaon - Kang river witnesses first time flooding:
Monsoon continues to bestow its blessing on Jalgaon district with raining continued yesterday as well. The Amalner, Chopda, Parola district witnessed showery raining while Fattepur and Godri in Jamner Taluka witnessed heavy raining causing flooding in Kang River for the first time in history.
The District meteorological department has estimated around 15% raining by now and has estimated good raining ahead. The Jwari, Bajri, Corn, Urad, Moong, Soyabeen, Tur along with cotton remains farmer's main cultivation crops.

28th June:

Monsoon raining in Amalner, Bhusawal Taluka:
The Amalner, Chopda, Parola, Bhusawal, Raver, and Yaval regions witnessed heavy to medium raining in many areas thereby easing the environment and sending fresh hopes of good Monsoon ahead in farming community. The crop cultivation process has begun throughout the district thereby engaging whole of farming community and related labour. The Chopda and Parola Taluka had showery raining while Bhusawal, Raver, and Yaval had medium to heavy raining in the evening time. Jalgaon city also witnessed medium raining around 6pm in evening.
Surprising fact should awaken our eyes here that there has been no major pillaging in whole region in these days thereby clearly demonstrating the fact that Unemployment throws young breed into unwanted and anti-social activities. There is a strong need of awareness for employing every youth coming out of education. Local, Panchayat, and District Administrations have to play a key role in stimulating job culture with timely help from Non-Governmental Organisations.

24th June:

Monsoon bestows happiness in Jalgaon district:
The whole Jalgaon district has witnessed heavy Monsoon raining yesterday night. The raining added with huge lightning continued for over 2 hours. The Parola Taluka has reported snowing while Jalgaon, Bhusawal, MuktaiNagar, Jamner, Chalisgaon, Amalner have reported heavy to showery raining. The raining disrupted electricity supply for an hour and then normalized in late night.

20th June:

Monsoon continues to bestow joy, electricity shelves life:
The showery begun Monsoon finally picked pace with whole Jalgaon District witnessing heavy raining yesterday. The sky bursting in Hirapur (Chalisgaon) cause death of one and injured two. The Bhusawal, Raver, MuktaiNagar, Yaval, and Chalisgaon Taluka have also reported good raining yesterday. The evening begun raining caused power outages in city, Dharangaon, Erandol, and Amalner until late night. The neighboring Nandurbar district also continue to witness rain pouring on second day while Dhule district did not had any raining reported.

18th June:

Monsoon raining picks pace:
The whole Jalgaon district witnessed one of best arrivals of Monsoon with heavy to medium raining reported throughout the district on Saturday evening. Raining begun around 6pm in whole district and continued for more than 4 hours. The heavy raining caused flooding to 3 mini rivers and water outlets at many locations.
Raining caused discrepancies in electricity supply for 5 hours with no electricity in many areas from 6pm until 11pm. The Monsoon effect continues today also with cloudy and rain like atmosphere being observed all around.
The Parola Taluka witnessed good raining beginning around 7.30pm and continued till 9.30pm while Amalner, Bhusawal and Chopda Taluka had medium showery raining for around 20 minutes. The Chalisgaon, Yaval, and Pachora Taluka witnessed heavy raining continued for around an hour. The raining resulted in flooding to Bahula, Utavali, and Indrayani rivers in Pachora Taluka while Hivara river begun showing water. The nearby Dhule District witnessed heavy raining while Nandurbar turned dry with no raining reported.

17th June:

Welcome Monsoon: good bye water woes:
The whole Jalgaon District has finally witnessed arrival of Monsoon raining in showering form yesterday. Most of the parts of district witnessed raining yesterday evening and Kolpimpri (Parola Taluka) had sky bursting causing death of a farmer. The farmers are still waiting for good raining so as to begin their cultivation for season. Jalgaon city as such had showering in later evening that continued for around 10-15 minutes.

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