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Jalgaon Monsoon - Year 2002

15th September:

Jalgaon District witnesses the best of Monsoon raining:
The whole Jalgaon district excluding Chalisgaon, Bhadgaon, and Pachora witnessed the best of monsoon raining on Wednesday evening. The raining resulted in increase/ overflow of Tapi and Purna rivers. The authorities opened up Hatnur dam's 36 gates by 2 meters to control the water pressure.
A youth went for submerging Ganesha idol in Tapi River drown in the river following heavy flowing water pressure due to opening of dam gates.

13th September:

Monsoon bonanza: Rainfall Report:
Many of taluka in district continue to witness good raining since last week. The raining has reduced tanker supply count and has significantly added to dam water level in many dams. Jalgaon's 12 taluka have crossed 50% raining mark as per 12th September statistics from meteorological department that includes Jalgaon (57.54%), Jamner (74.19%), Erandol (65.26%), Bhusawal (64.59%), Bodwad (54.95%), Yaval (68.84%), Raver (53.2%), MuktaiNagar (57.36%), Parola (70.62%), Pachora (63%), and Bhadgaon with 73.87% raining records.
The Hatnur dam is flowing with 84% water storage, Girana dam has 96%, Manyad has 20%, Bori has 20%, Bhokarbari has 13.94%, Suki has 67.90%, Abhora has 59.57%, Agnavati has 29.88%, Hivra has 23.89%, and Mangrul dam has 74.68% water storage. Jalgaon District now has 37 villages on tanker water supply of which nine are from Chalisgaon, 16 from Parola, 2 from Jamner, 3 from Jalgaon, 2 from Parola, and 5 from Amalner.

05th September:

Jalgaon district witness Monsoon raining:
The whole of Jalgaon District including Jalgaon city witnessed Monsoon raining on Sunday afternoon for an hour. The raining has reduced the humidity and heat in the weather and has pleased community.

04th September:

Monsoon raining spreads joy:
Jalgaon District's Amalner, Jamner, Dharangaon, Parola, and Bhadgaon taluka witnessed downpour on Saturday late evening. The raining continued for over an hour has finally saved standing Kharip crop. The Jalgaon city also witnessed showering for around 15mins around 9pm on Saturday.
The Kajgaon and Chalisgaon belt witnessing cloudy raining on 02nd September has estimated around Rs. 2 Crores in form of damages to banana farms, electricity lines, shelters damaged.

03rd September:

Monsoon bestows Chalisgaon and Bhadgaon region:
The Chalisgaon and Bhadgaon region witnessed heavy raining on Friday late night. The raining arrived after 15 days of span has spread joy amongst the farming community in both Taluka. Rest of the District remained dry throughout the week.

30th August:

Draught-like situation in Jalgaon District:
With Monsoon 2005 failing all expectations of the Jalgaon region, the farming community is in troubles. The region has witnessed just 47% raining mark as on August end. The District Authorities have demanded at least 1000 tonnes of animal husbandry along with demands for artificial raining. District's four dam are still at zero mark and over 40 well could not store adequate water this year. The Hatnur dam has above 80% water store solving water issues of Raver, Bhusawal, and MuktaiNagar region while Girana dam has solved water problems of Jalgaon, Erandol, Bhadgaon, Chalisgaon, and Pachora.
If the same no raining situation continues for another week, the District could witness one of harsh times with its farmers failing to generate good crop badly affecting the overall regional economy.

27th August:

Monsoon 2005 report:
The Chalisgaon city witnessed raining for around 5-10 minutes on Friday. The Taluka has witnessed lowest raining of 206mm this year. The nearby Bhadgaon Taluka has a bit satisfactory record with 394.6mm raining along with Pachora having 341.9mm rainfall.
In all the Jalgaon District is yet to cross the earlier year's 50% rainfall mark. Low raining added with humid environment throughout the day is causing severe damages to standing crops and annoying farming community. Jalgaon District Parent Minister has announced Special grant of Rs. 1 Crore to district for tackling Draught-like situation and has assured of Artificial raining in the district if at all necessarily required.

07th August:

Contaminated Water Supply: Another big challenge:
After facing stiff Monsoon flooding situation, the local authorities have another biggest challenge of supply clean and purified drinking water. Every year the rainy season brings in host of waterborne diseases due to inadequate filtering of supply water. This year with Girana dam overflowing and thousands of cusecs of water released by dam, the Jalgaon city administration is facing tough time to supply drinking water.
Many of areas in the city are getting contaminated light brown coloured drinking water. The water samples taken found a whopping 516 water samples contaminated in whole of district. The city authorities have expressed their inability to supply pure and filtered water on grounds of heavy inflow of water in Dapora station. The authorities earlier announced water supply every alternate day has now turned to every alternate two days that too with very low pressure. The Gastro, Malaria, fever, cold added with mosquitoes and insects has turned life miserable.
The District has reported 40% Monsoon raining until now and 5 dam in district are still at zero water level.

District sets up flood control and Monitoring committee:
The whole of Jalgaon District witnessed panic situation when a Malegaon based Daily Newspaper reported that the Girana dam some wall has cracked. The news spread like a gun and spread serious alert situation for district authorities. The Chalisgaon taluka to which this dam is far near witnessed sudden shock and fear. The District authorities took immediate control of the situation by calling all executive engineers at the Dam site and monitored every corner of this dam. The dam is 100% safe and there is nothing to panic.
Considering increasing number of reports of villages under dam facing flooding situation, the district authorities have set up a flood control and monitoring committee. The committee will observe the issues closely and will monitor the flooding situation to avoid any such dangerous situation. The Khandesh region has Girana and Tapi Rivers connected with many small rivers and these rivers witnessing flooding situation when dam water is released.
The committee set up includes Girana Irrigation division Executive Engineer (Phone: 0257-2233482, 2233914), Divisional Officer (02589-222574), Tapi River Hatnur Dam (Savda Remote Camp) Executive Engineers (Phone: 02584-277044) along with district authorities.

06th August:

In search of water:
The Monsoon continues to spread joy throughout the region. Region's main water reservoir Girana dam is overflowing and many of its gates are still open to control the increasing flow. For the first time in history, Jalgaon District Magistrate personally visited the Girana dam site. The authorities are trying to convert the overflowing rainwater to those dams where there is no water. This will help the zero water dam region to get regulated drinking water supply. The District authorities have formulated a plan to convert this extra flowing water to nearby lakes, medium projects, Kolhapur styled temporary dam and empty dams.
Many water conservation projects are also underway and almost all public places have now their borders dig to recycle the rainwater into soil. These efforts will significantly help in improving water level of region and help get good raining next time. The region has until now witnessed 39% raining and showering still continue.
The increasing water flow from Girana dam has disrupted city's drinking water supply and many areas now receiving drinking water after 3 days and at any time. The water supplied is also highly polluted and will lead to many waterborne diseases in coming month.

03rd August:

Overflowing Girana dam to fill Bori Dam:
The Khandesh region continues to witness rain showers on Tuesday. To maintain increasing water pressure in Girana Dam, the authorities have now opened up nine gates of the dam and has sent caution note to seven nearby Taluka. Until now around 45,000cusecs water has been dropped into Girana dam basin.
The nearby Nandurbar district has reported two deaths due to downpour continued since last week. The State Authorities have ordered releasing of Girana Dam water towards Bori Dam that fulfils water thrust of Parola city. The Parola city currently gets drinking water supply after every 8 days.

02nd August:

Monsoon Report:
The rain showers continue to dominate the Monday. The District Authorities have reported 88% sowing for the current Kharip season and rest 12% is underway. The District until now has 33% raining following continued showering since last week. District's four taluka namely Jamner, Dharangaon, Bhusawal, and Yaval have reported above 40% raining and Jalgaon Taluka has just 38.37% raining.
The Authorities have opened up three gates of Girana dam and has sent alert signs to 30 villages based on Girana basin. The never full Waghur River is also above mark and having good Rainwater stock. The Authorities opened 36 gates of Hatnur dam to control water pressure on the dam.
The Local city administration has failed to take lessons from Mumbai damage and has not yet drawn any concrete action plan to tackle increasing water logging in down areas.

30th July:

Monsoon Report: 100 Villages still on Tanker supply:
With Monsoon deluge causing heavy causalities, Jalgaon District's around 100 villages are still on tanker supply. The Dhule District adjoined Parola is facing acute water shortage following its Bori dam having no water stock even in full raining. The District having good raining around is still using 53 tankers by district administration to tackle water issues. The whole region witnessed good raining in last 4 days. These 100 villages are mainly from Parola, Chalisgaon, Pachora, Jamner, Amalner, Bhadgaon, and Jalgaon Taluka.

29th July:

Monsoon raining continues in Jalgaon District:
The Jalgaon District continues to witness best of Monsoon raining on Thursday. The District has until now received 27.31% monsoon raining. With cloudy climate still around, the region is expected to have more raining in coming days. Region's major water reservoirs Girana and Tapi dam are now with 78% and 80% storage respectively. The continued raining has reduced rates of vegetables due to heavy inflow of stocks.
A youth went in for fishing on Tapi river banks at Kathora village in Jalgaon Taluka is missing and is feared to be drowning in high pressure rain water in the River.

28th July:

Khandesh continue to witness rain showers:
The Khandesh region continues to witness shower throughout Wednesday. The continued raining has caused flooding in Tapi, Panjhra, and Kaan Rivers in the region and water outlets are overflowing with rainwater. The historic raining continued for third consecutive day throughout the region. The District Collectorate office has setup a special Flood Control and Emergency Helpline centre that is continuously monitoring the flooding situation in various Rivers in the region. The Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation has also setup an Emergency Centre in Corporation's Fire Brigade office located in VV Complex.
The Online Bankers along with ATM Machines witnessed connectivity drops troubling cash withdrawals and routine banking. The Private Multinational banks closed their day on 12pm in afternoon following no connectivity from their Bombay Stations. The torrential raining in Mumbai has severely affected Mumbai - Jalgaon Railway Route handicapping thousands of passengers towards Delhi. The Central Railways 44 trains in Bhusawal division have been cancelled and the impact is going to take around 1 week to normalise.
The Jalgaon District had until now 226.9mm raining in last 3 days. The Dharangaon Taluka is on top in raining chart with Yaval taluka on lowest. The District Administration has sent alert signals to villages on banks of Tapi River.

27th July:

Monsoon joy continues:
The whole of Jalgaon District continue to witness best of Monsoon raining on Tuesday. Region's agro belt Raver and Yaval continue to witness flooding in Tapi River. Considering the increasing flow in Tapi, the Hatnur dam's 36 doors were opened on Tuesday. The Bhusawal Taluka remained most benefited one with 33.92% raining while Pachora had 10.84% raining.
The Jamner Taluka until now has witnessed major losses due to this delayed raining. Many of its farmers had to make second sowing while many cotton farmers faced problems due to heavy raining. The loss estimated at Rs. 3.06 Crores on 21067 hectares area is one of major grievance reported by District authorities to State administration.

26th July:

Monsoon raining spreads joy:
The whole of Jalgaon District is witnessing best of delayed monsoon. The raining begun on Sunday evening continued throughout night and whole Monday and is still showering in many parts of district. The Bhadgaon taluka is leading the Monsoon graph with 23mm raining on Monday followed by Chalisgaon with 10mm. Pachora, MuktaiNagar, and Raver had just 4mm raining. Jamner, Jalgaon, Yaval, and Bodwad had 2mm raining and Bhusawal had 3.2mm raining. Erandol, Dharangaon, Amalner, Parola, and Chopda are still waiting for Monsoon showering.
The statistics until now shows that Chalisgaon division having Chalisgaon, Bhadgaon, and Pachora Taluka is having good monsoon this year. Bhadgaon has until now 154.6mm raining, Chalisgaon with 102mm, and Pachora is with 72.3mm raining. The Pachora Taluka has lowest raining this monsoon. The Authorities have opened up 4 out of 41 gates up to 0.5mtrs in Hatnur dam to control increasing water flow.
The delayed monsoon raining has raised debts of farmers due to second sowing. A Farmer from Devgaon (Parola) killed himself on increasing debts of farming. The District Authorities have demanded around 1500 metric tonnes of eatable Grass for animals. The District authorities have estimates of 1,112,780 animals of which 803,606 are of large size and rest of small size needing 5749.09 metric tonnes of eatables.

20th July:

Ye re Ye Pawsa: Raining spreads joy in Bhadgaon and Pachora Taluka:
The Bhadgaon and Pachora Taluka witnessed monsoon downpour for more than an hour on Tuesday afternoon. The raining has spread joy amongst the annoyed farming community in the region witnessing gap in raining since last 8-10 days.
Rest of Jalgaon district continues to witness dry monsoon sending signs of worry all over.

17th July:

Raining moves away: Farmers worry of second sowing:
The last week run good showering has all of sudden stopped since last 3-4 days sending signs of worry for farmers. All farmers are ready with their sowing for various varieties in this Kharip season. The District administration has denied any proposal of artificial being considered seeing the situation.
If there is no downpour in upcoming 3 days, farmers may need to make another cultivation which could shake their finances. The faithful farmers are now hopeful of raining on 'Ashadhi Ekadashi' on this Monday.

16th July:

Jalgaon to get another release of Girana dam water, Chopda to get Hatnur water:
The Jalgaon District magistrate has issued an order to make another release of Girana dam water for Jalgaon city while that of Hatnur dam for Chopda city. The order came amidst both cities water reservoirs touching to end.

15th July:

Where are you going this weekend?
With monsoon raining continuing in showering form throughout the District, the region is witnessing the best of greenery all around. The Monsoon outing not only relaxes from routine work pressure but also gives an expression of natural beauty all around. The tourism cum religious places like Patnadevi, Manudevi, Pal, Avchit Hanuman, Rameshwaram, Suki Dam, Langda Amba are lush green.
So plan your weekend to any of these places and enjoy the best of nature.

14th July:

Monsoon spreads joy: Hatnur dam 60% full:
The month before 0 level Hatnur dam is flowing high now with water storage of around 60% of its capacity. The authorities opened 6 gates of Hatnur dam to control its water flow. The opening up of 6 doors at a time caused flooding in river.
The increased water level in dam has pleased the nearby region farming community with hopes of no troubles throughout the year coming.

11th July:

Monsoon adds to water level in dam:
The continued raining throughout last week has shown positive results and has increased water level in various dam. The Hatnur dam in Raver has shown 3 meters increase in water level.

08th July:

Monsoon raining continues throughout Jalgaon District:
City witnesses downpour in afternoon

05th July:

Many Taluka still await good monsoon:
The Monsoon raining is here in full form but District's Bodwad, Pachora, Parola, Amalner Taluka have witnessed very lower percentile of raining as compared to other taluka in the District. The Jalgaon District until now has 11.45% average rainfall.
With heavy raining in Nashik belt, region water thrust Girana dam is now at 60% storage level spreading joy all around. Still around 100 villages of Jalgaon District are on Tanker water supply.

04th July:

Monsoon rainfall continues throughout District:
The Khandesh region continues to witness monsoon showering throughout Saturday night and whole Sunday. The Yaval, Raver, MuktaiNagar, Bodwad, Chalisgaon, Bhadgaon, and Pachora Taluka witnessed undulated raining causing flooding in many small rivers. The continuous showery raining has also given birth to various chronic diseases like fever, cold, cough etc. Region's major water supply resource 'Girana Dam' also continues to witness upward storage growth relaxing whole of region. The region has witnessed 10 degrees centigrade reduction in temperature in last week.

30th June:

'Ala re Ala - Paaus Ala':
The Monsoon's best experience is here. All 3 districts of Khandesh witnessed rain pouring on Wednesday evening for more than 2-3 hours. The raining has spread joy amongst farmers and they have speed up cultivating crops. The raining also has significantly increased Girana dam's water storage by whopping 6% reducing worries of drinking water problems in the region. The Yaval Taluka remained most benefited taluka in Wednesday raining with 65mm raining recorded.
The nearby Dhule and Nandurbar districts also witnessed good raining in last 2-3 days pleasing whole of Khandesh region this time. The raining also disrupted Railway Traffic due to heavy raining in Gujarat belt.

29th June:

Monsoon bliss Khandesh with Showering:
The whole of Khandesh region witnessed monsoon showering throughout Tuesday. The showering raining eased farmer's tension and chilled environment further. The Bhusaval Taluka remained most benefited until now followed by Yaval, Bodwad, Dharangaon, Chalisgaon, Raver, Amalner, Parola, and Chopda. The showery raining continued throughout the night in Dharangaon and Jalgaon city.

25th June:

Monsoon raining spreads joy:
The much awaited monsoon pouring finally showed its presence in Jalgaon city on Friday evening. The city witnessed raining for more than 1 hour around 5pm. The rainfall eased humidity and further reduced temperature.

20th June:

Raining continues to spread joy:
The Monsoon rainfall continues to spread joy amongst District's majority farming and common community. The region witnessed showery raining on Sunday evening for an hour followed by cool air breeze relaxing from humidity.
The Jalgaon region has majority of population depending on farming and as an effect most of them are now a days busy in readying their farms for cultivating crops. Once heavy raining arrives, they cultivate various grains and commodities and wait for good monsoon ahead.

19th June:

Welcome Monsoon 2005:
The Monsoon 2005 has finally arrived in the whole Northern Maharashtra region with welcome showering blessed on Saturday late night. The Monsoon arrived with cloudy and high speed winds all around. 11 people were injured in roof collapsing due to this high velocity winds in Sangvi of Parola taluka and Shidwadi and Daskebardi of Chalisgaon Taluka.
The Yaval Taluka remains one of most benefited in terms of rainfall until now with 39mm raining traced by Chalisgaon with 38mm, Bhusawal with 33.2mm, Dharangaon with 30mm. MuktaiNagar and Bodwad are two taluka that haven't had any raining until now.

18th June:

Raining Pleases Atmosphere:
After delay of a whole week, the Jalgaon region witnessed first medium showers on Friday evening. The raining pleased the climate and eased humidity being witnessed since last week. The Monsoon showering is expected to arrive in the region within 2-3 days. Jalgaon, Amalner, and Chalisgaon were 3 most rain benefited taluka.

15th June:

Pre-monsoon raining statistics:
The Jalgaon District had an average of 14mm raining since 01st June in form of pre-monsoon showering. The Bhusawal and Yaval taluka remained most benefited in raining until now while Muktai Nagar, Bodwad taluka having low percentile. The District has an average of 690.28mm raining every year and it crossed this mark last year.

14th June:

Rain pouring throughout Jalgaon District:
The whole of Jalgaon District witnessed one of the best pre-monsoon raining on Monday night. The raining begun on around 9pm with sky bursting, high wind flow and continued throughout the night. The sudden heavy raining damaged Electricity transformers in many parts of district turning them into dark. There was no electricity throughout the night in many parts while many parts had frequents in and out of electricity. The 132kva MIDC sub-station's one of Transformer busted in afternoon causing no electricity for over 6-8 hours in Jalgaon city and other residential parts. Troubles continued with Golani Market Transformer busting around 10pm cutting electricity of other major portion of city. The dilemma continued throughout night with MSEB staffs busy in keeping things up. The No electricity factor caused No water supply in many parts spreading panic all around.
A 22 Years old youth from Waghali (Chalisgaon Taluka) died due to sky bursting while many grass shade built houses in Bamnod faced damages due to this raining. The rainfall continued to damage standing banana crop in the region. The Yaval taluka has reported loss of around 10 Crores agricultural worth in this last week raining. The nearby Dhule and Nandurbar also witnessed this pre-monsoon rainfall. The Dhule Taluka has reported 15-20 houses being damaged and crop loss.

13th June:

Pre-Monsoon water shortage in Jalgaon city:
With Monsoon yet to arrive in region, the whole of city is witnessing drinking water crisis following no stock of water in Girana's Dapora Water Pumping Station. The Corporation has also taken stiff measures by reduce supply frequency from Alternative Day to Every Two Days alternate causing chaos in community.
The District Administration on its front has urged for another release of Girana Dam water to control this crisis. It has also approved emergency control measures in 18 villages facing severe shortage.

12th June:

War for Water:
Amongst one of most un-easing stories, region's two villages from Bodwad Taluka fought with each other on drinking water supply issue. Whole story begun when Rajur, a Bodwad Taluka village refused to give water supply to Varkhed Bk. 'Both these villages have independent water resources and even then Varkhed Village's demand to get connection from our village is non-justifying' quoted Rajur Panchayat sources. On other front the Varkhed Bk. Took protest March to Tahsil office demanding immediate water supply from the Rajur village.
The District administration in co-ordination with Block Development Officers, Village Water supply authorities made a mediator attempt and finally heard both parties and reinstated the Varkhed Village water supply. The Administrator also assured of fare review of the whole issue by calling both parties independently.
This story marks another historic failure and coordination of local and District administration to maintain basic infrastructure resources available to all. Both Villages are from Bodwad Taluka and even then denial and non-coordination makes harassing impact on changing psychology of region on such hypersensitive issue like Electricity, Water supply and other resources.

Pre-Monsoon raining shatters farms:
The Friday run pre-monsoon raining shattered region's standing crop estimated loss at Rs. 5 Crores. The Banana Farmers Association 'Maha-banana' has urged District Authorities to take Report of the same repay farmers with crop insurance scheme. The region witnessed unseasoned raining on 9th and 10th June followed by windy cyclonic breezes damaging standing crop. Raver being major banana producer remained main affected region with its farmers facing stiff losses on this account. Raver's East and West region including Tapi river Bank farms were largely afflicted.

01st June:

Jalgaonities makes a protest march against 'No Water':
The Khote Nagar residents in Jalgaon made a protest march on not receiving drinking water supply from Corporation in last 10 days. The residents stopped traffic on the National highway for hours. The Police have arrested 3 in this connection and later released them. Some of areas in Jalgaon after witnessing hectic power cuts and load shedding are now a days suffering from drinking water shortage making their lives difficult to live.
Jalgaon District's 5 water reserving dams namely Bahula, Hivra, and Agnavati from Pachora Taluka and Manyad from Chalisgaon followed by Bori in Parola Taluka have turned zero sending an alarming signal to region. Around 72 villages in district are on tanker water supply and District Administration has acquired 155 private well to tackle the situation.

29th May:

Pre-monsoon raining cools weather:
The whole of District witnessed pre-monsoon showering on Saturday night and Sunday morning, spreading signs of good monsoon raining ahead. The weather remained Cloudy throughout the day on Saturday ending up with showering to medium raining in Muktai Nagar, Bhusaval, Yaval, Faijpur, Savda, Amoda, Bamnod and many other parts of district. Sudden raining disrupted Electricity supply in many areas for hours that was stabilised early in morning. The nearby Shahada witness snowfall while Dhule and Nandurbar had showering.

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