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Jalgaon Monsoon - Year 2004
Monsoon 2004 Raining - Last update: 29th Nov 2004
(Beginning 01st June 04 in descending order of rainfall)
Taluka Today's Rainfall Rainfall(mm)
Bodwad 0 769.0
Jamner 0 721.0
Raver 0 690.0
MuktaiNagar 4 686.0
Amalner 0 664.0
Dharangaon 8 610.0
Yaval 0 604.0
Chopda 0 547.0
Bhadgaon 0 547.0
Bhusaval 0 546.1
Parola 0 507.0
Erandol 3 503.0
Jalgaon 0 500.9
Pachora 1 483.0
Chalisgaon 7 430.0
Water Storage in Dam:
(Last update: 18th Jan 2005)
(In descending order of Storage percent)
Dam Storage Capacity MLT Percentile%
Mangrul (Tal: Raver) 6.407 97.16
Suki (Tal: Raver) 39.850 77.52
Abhora (Tal: Raver) 6.020 72.88
Hatnur, Taluka: Bhusaval 255.000 71.27
Manyad, Tal: Chalisgaon 40.270 60.73
Girana, Tal: Nandgaon 523.550 60.25
Tondapur (Tal: Jamner) 4.638 56.74
Agnavati (Tal: Pachora) 2.760 54.41
Hivra (Tal: Pachora) 9.600 52.88
Bhokarbari (Tal: Parola) 6.540 21.96
Bahula (Tal: Pachora) 16.330 20.94
Bori, Tal: Parola 25.150 0

07th October:

Girana dam houseful, Manyad with 85% storage:
The lifeline of Northern Maharashtra, one of major water supply resource 'Girana' dam has turned houseful after 10 years sending a signal of enjoyment for people of the region. The Authorities have sent an alert signal to villages nearby Girana dam considering full 100% storage and need of opening up dam gates to control water level.

04th October:

Over 100% Monsoon raining in Four Taluka:
With continued monsoon raining, the region has a reason to celebrate. Jalgaon District's Bodwad, Amalner, MuktaiNagar, and Raver have crossed 100% mark with Bodwad at #1 with 769mm raining counting to 108.54% rainfall, Amalner with 106.79% (664mm), MuktaiNagar with 103.28%, and Raver with 101.34%. The Jalgaon, Pachora, and Chalisgaon taluka have rainfall below 70%.
Pachora taluka stands in last row with just 483mm raining counting to 63.64% followed by Chalisgaon with 430mm equalling 63.89%. The Jalgaon District has witnessed 85% rainfall as on 01st October 2004. Meanwhile, the whole of Khandesh region witnessed showering on Sunday evening for more than hours dipping down mercury scale.

29th September:

Monsoon pleases region: Raining statistics touches 84.36% of average rainfall:
The continued monsoon raining in last week has significantly raised water level in all dam of region. The Met department recorder 37mm raining on 28th September touching overall raining until now to 84.36% in District. The Chalisgaon, Bhadgaon, Pachora, Parola, Amalner, and Dharangaon Taluka having lower raining this year also witnessed good pouring in week. The Bhadgaon taluka alone has recorded 102mm raining in last 5 days while the Chalisgaon Taluka had 106mm raining in just 4 days followed by 54mm in Pachora and 79mm in Parola.
The District Health Authorities as a precaution note have urged to use only Boiled water for drinking to avoid spreading of chronic diseases like Gastro, Cholera, and Fever etc.

27th September:

Delayed Monsoon raining pleases region:
The much delayed monsoon raining arrived in full pouring has caused overflow in most of dams in the region sending a sign of prosperity for the coming year. The Girana dam located in Nashik has for the first time in history of last decade touched near to 100% mark and other minor dams including Jamda, Dahigaon, and Dapora are flooding continuously.
The Chalisgaon taluka having lowest of rainfall until now in this year is also witnessing pour Dongri and Titur rivers in this region are in full flow. The Manyad dam showing 0 storage mark until now, has now 31% storage.

26th September:

Artificial raining experiment conducted in 10 more Taluka:
The State Authorities successfully finished Artificial raining experiment in 10 taluka of Jalgaon District that includes Shendurni, Kanhale, and Malkheda in Jamner, Vadgaon Ambe, Vadgaon in Pachora, Chalisgaon, Bhadgaon, Parola, Erandol, Dharangaon, and Raver taluka. The Authorities used Silver Iodide, Sodium Chloride, Ejectable Chemicals and many others to generate raining in the region.
For the first time in many years, Amalner;s bori river witnessed flooding after pouring for two consecutive days.

25th September:

Artificial raining in Jalgaon and Dhule District:
The Project Raining controlled by Shegaon Radar Centre successfully conducted its artificial raining experiment in some parts of Jalgaon and Dhule Districts. The Project conducted on Friday after around 4pm successfully caused raining of around 8mm in Erandol, Bhadgaon, Pachora, and Parola Taluka of Jalgaon District.
The Jalgaon city witnessed natural pouring on Friday afternoon for around 3 hours after 5pm.

08th September:

Monsoon 2004:
The Jalgaon District has witnessed 68% raining till date in Monsoon 2004. The District has average of 690.3mm raining while this year until date it has been 473.3mm. The Bodwad taluka has witnessed maximum raining of 699.3mm while Raver on second run with 588.6mm and Chalisgaon has lowest raining of 257mm.
Meanwhile the District witnessed pouring for an hour on Tuesday evening. The raining in last two days will help upcoming 'Rabbi' crop and boost farming in the region.

07th September:

Monsoon rejuvenates Khandesh region:
The Monsoon raining ushered whole of Khandesh region with heavy to very heavy raining on Monday afternoon. The farming community worried of no raining since last few days have felt a sign of relief.
The raining begun with clouding in afternoon around 4pm followed by heavy raining along with wind flow continued for an hour.

06th September:
  • Monsoon 2004: Sunday Night Raining relieves Khandesh from humid climate

02nd September:

Monsoon 2004 Review:
The Monsoon 2004 has ushered whole of region with good raining throughout the August month. The Jalgaon District had 113% raining in this month while the nearby Dhule had 194% and Nandurbar with 264% raining recorded in the previous month.

24th August:

Monsoon 2004:
The continued medium raining has caused opening of 35 doors of Hatnur dam to control water level in the dam. The dam has water level of 211 meters. The Girana dam also has shown increase in level with continued raining in Nashik District as well.

14th August:

Monsoon calamities kill 33 in Khandesh:
The continued monsoon raining in whole of Khandesh since last 20-25 days has paralysed routine life and has killed 11 in Jalgaon, 12 in Nandurbar, and 10 in Dhule, most of them due to natural calamities caused due to heavy raining. The State official have announced hefty sum of Rs. 1 Lac to family members of those of age group 18 to 65, while Rs. 50,000 to age group 1 to 18, and Rs. 50,000 for those who witnessed permanent handicap, Rs. 10,000 for those having temporary disability, and Rs. 1,000 to 5,000 for injured due to calamity.
The revised natural calamities list includes Flooding, rain pour, snowfall, fire, cyclones raining, cloud-bursting, and Earthquake with effect from 01st August 2004.

13th August:

Monsoon 2004:
With monsoon blessing continued showering and raining since last 20 days, most of the dam in region are showing an upbeat and the raining has spread joy in whole of Khandesh. Jalgaon's major water resource Girana dam has now 46% storage. The storage increase is mainly with opening up of its water basin gates of Chankapur, Haranbari, Keljhar, and Nagasakya dam. The District has until now 60% of monsoon raining as compared to previous year with Bodwad at top list of raining and Chalisgaon at lowest. District's four water dam namely Manyad, Bori, Agnavati, and Bahula are at zero level. The adjoining Dhule District has witnessed its best in last many years, 153% monsoon rainfall in this year has made Dhule foremost in monsoon raining throughout State.
When Jalgaon will have 100% resolution to its drinking water issues is uncertain, but for this year it seems the Almighty's divinity has blessed region and resolved the issue. The privately participated Drinking water supply projects remains a sweet dream for region's farm rich community.

06th August:

Jalgaon turns 'Jalmay' with monsoon pouring:
The unrelenting monsoon raining begun last week has turned whole of Jalgaon district to a 'Jalmay' (a place full of water) making its name a real vision. The region witnessed best of monsoon on Thursday with record of maximum raining until now. The District until now has witnessed 49.30% raining as compared to last year and the statistics continued to grow rapidly. A youth drown in flooding causing death in Yaval taluka's Kasarkheda village.
Jalgaon's water resource Girana dam continues to show phenomenal growth with its storage 40% level as compared to earlier 27%. District's other dam are also on growth front repeating last year's good monsoon. The continued raining has risked standing 'Kharib' crop while disrupting routine work in some of remote parts. The district authorities have flagged alert for villages situated on banks of river to avoid possibility of damages and life losses.
The nearby Dhule and Nandurbar District always facing water shortage are for the first time in many years witnessing flooding in river, pleasing whole of region.

05th August:

Monsoon pleases Jalgaon region:
The whole of Khandesh region continues to witness heavy to medium raining since last week. Raining continued on Wednesday afternoon and in poured in mid-night marking August beginning with one of most pleasing experience. The Jalgaon District has until now witnessed 43% raining as compared to last year and is expected to have more monsoons raining in coming days.
The continued raining in Jalgaon and nearby Nashik has increased Girana dam's water level and it now has 27% water storage resolving drinking water problem of whole of Jalgaon. Region's other dams that include Hatnur, Bhokar Bari, Suki, Abhora, and Mangrul have also shown remarkable increase in water levels. The Manyad, Bori, Agnavati, and Bahula dam still waits for raining and are on zero level of storage.

04th August:

Monsoon downpours Maharashtra:
The heavy monsoon raining in last week has caused flooding in Godavari and Girana River in Nashik region distressing routine life in Nashik district. The Meteorological department has issued an alert for Malegaon city with Girana River flooding in the region.
The Khandesh region comprising of Dhule, Nandurbar, and Jalgaon District also witnessed medium to heavy raining throughout the Tuesday as well.

01st August:

Second sowing works in full fledge:
With Monsoon spreading throughout the last week, farming community's ray of hope has arouse again. The farmers in the region have begun their second sowing of crop failed due to no raining in July first part. There is around 803,400 Hectare areas for 'Kharip' plantation.
The Monsoon statistics until now shows maximum raining of 479mm in Bodwad Taluka while lowest of 113mm in Chalisgaon taluka. Even today the district has tanker water supply of 12 tankers every day in remote areas due to low raining. The until now 40% raining compared to last year has failed to give relief to Jalgaonities in terms of drinking water supply and there is a nominal increase in water levels in 11 dams feeding Jalgaon District.

30th July:

Monsoon raining continues throughout Khandesh region:
The Monsoon showered its raining throughout whole of Khandesh region throughout Thursday generating a positive sign of growth. The showery raining continued throughout the district with maximum raining of 46mm in MuktaiNagar while lowest of 2mm in Pachora Taluka. The nearby Dhule and Nandurbar Districts witnessed downpour with authorities reporting almost 75% raining in both districts. The raining has lead farmers to buy fertilisers and other necessary farming stuff and has engaged everyone. The Monsoon statistics until now shows 34.5% Monsoon raining in Jalgaon District.
The Hatnur dam built on Tapi River marked significant increase in water level. All other dam in region also marked increase of around 5% water level due to continued raining.

26th July:

Khandesh gets the best of Monsoon:
The Weekend marked phenomenon monsoon arrival with raining throughout the day in whole of Khandesh region. The medium and sometimes heavy raining begun on Saturday night and is continuing throughout the day. The rainwater has also helped farmers to save their crop ploughed for the second time.
The nearby Dhule and Nandurbar District also witnessed good raining saving and giving a boost to farming community.

20th June:

Monsoon downpour desperately needed:
After fantastic beginning on its traditional day 06th June, the monsoon seems to have relaxing a bit. There is very less to no raining in since last 3 days in whole of region causing worry amongst cultivating farmers.
The region needs deluge rainfall to satisfy the cultivating farmers and water shortage of the region. The monsoon-beginning trend until now demonstrates good raining in Bodwad, Yaval, and Amalner taluka while lowest in Jalgaon, Chalisgaon, and Pachora taluka.

15th June:

Monsoon 2004:
The Monsoon raining continues throughout the Jalgaon District with medium raining at almost all taluka places. The changed atmosphere and sudden reduced temperature is causing various chronic diseases like cold, fever, and cough throughout the region. Please visit Monsoon 2004 section for detailed raining analysis.
The JCMC has begun demolishing old and dangerous status buildings in the city with arrival of monsoon.

14th June:

Joyous Monsoon continues throughout Khandesh:
Imagine a scene when you are standing beneath a tree on the bank of a lake and all of sudden monsoon raining starts with full force. You feel heavenly and it makes your most memorable natural scene of life. It engenders an ambient feeling of almighty showering his affection especially for you. The syrupy raindrops falling on you generate smiley and fondness for nature. This is none other place but panorama at Mehrun lake on weekend.
The whole of Khandesh witnessed heavy to medium Monsoon raining on Sunday evening. The Hatnur dam's four doors were opened to control increasing water level in the dam.

08th June:

Monsoon begins in District:
With continuous raining since last two days, the Monsoon 2004 has finally arrived in District. Raining continued on Monday night with higher intensity in some locations and medium showering at many places. The raining caused collapse of roof of a house in Neri village of Jamner taluka resulting in death of a Mother and her daughter while crop loss of lacs of rupees. The District recorded total raining of 194.8mm until now in two days with highest raining in Parola taluka. The Girna dam area in Nandgaon recorded 51mm raining and Manyad dam area recorded 47mm raining.
The Jalgaon taluka recorded 12.6mm, Jamner - 0, Erandol - 22, Dharangaon - 10, Bhusaval - 2.2, Bodwad - 4.0, Yaval - 15.0, Raver - 3.0, MuktaiNagar - 0, Amalner - 3.3, Chopda - 12, Parola - 56.0, Pachora - 3.0, Chalisgaon - 10.0, Bhadgaon - 12.0.

07th June:

Monsoon raining arrives throughout Jalgaon District:
The whole of Jalgaon District witnessed Monsoon's first showering on Sunday evening and welcomed season. Beginning around 5pm in evening in outskirts of Jalgaon, the city had good raining in night around 9pm.
The raining has reduced temperature by around 5-8 degrees and relieved people of May heat. The nearby Districts of Dhule and Nandurbar also witnessed raining.

06th June:

Monsoons jingle 2004:
With monsoon 2004 about to arrive in whole of Jalgaon District, the drinking water storage in district is touching its lowest levels. There is just 12.91% storage of water in various dam and if there is no monsoon raining, people of district will have to suffer panic because of drinking water.
At this stage, around 167 villages are facing shortage of which 39 are on acute shortage while 22 on tanker supply. The District authority has occupied 128 private wells to supply water.

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