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Tourist Spots in Jalgaon

Jalgaon District has following major attraction Tourist Spots, Places of Religious Importance/ Interest

Hotel New K.P. Park
Near Ajanta Caves, Fardapur - 9427728906

Rejoice your tour to Ajanta and Ellora with us

Tourist Spot Location/ Direction Approx Distance from Jalgaon City
1. Ajanta Caves Towards Aurangabad 55kms
2. Avchit Hanuman Towards Rameshwaram 15kms
3. Ellora Towards Aurangabad 150kms
4. Omkareshwar Temple Jalgaon City 1km
5. Kusumba Goshala Kusumba Village (On Aurangabad Road) 5kms
6. Unapdev
(Hot Water Spring)
Located at a distance of 25kms from Chopda city and 4kms from Adavad, Unapdev is listed as ASI site and is famous for its hot water fountain. State run Medical Plants Centre to avail benefits to everyone is another attraction
Towards Chopda 35kms
7. Nathban, Undirkhede, Parola Taluka Towards Dhulia 50kms
8. Rameshwaram
(Ancient Mahadev temple at confluence of rivers Tapi, Girana and Anjani)
Towards Chopda via Idgaon and Kanalda 36kms
9. Mahrishi Kanvashram, Kanalda Far near to Jalgaon City 8kms
10. Shirsoli Lake Towards Pachora 6kms
11. Shree Manudevi, Adgaon
Located in Northern border on Satpuda hills, Manudevi temple is one of ideal religious cum picnic spot. The temple area has good development work done in last decade and anyone could now directly reach the temple through vehicle.. The temple is fully covered with Satpuda hills and turns lush green during Monsoon making it a more pleasured spot.
Speciality/ Surrounding:
Khandesh Deity temple, 400-feet high fountain having flowing water for 6-7 months in a year, mini lake
Important Note:
State Transport Corporation has initiated mini bus service for Manudevi - Runs thrice a day from Central bus stand
Towards Chopda 36kms
12. Shree Padmalaya
(Ancient Lord Ganpati Temple)
Towards Pachora 35kms
13. Arts Legendry Keki Moos Art Gallery
(World's biggest one man painting/ photography collection of over 13,000 arts master pieces)
Chalisgaon City 85kms approx
14. Shree Changdev Temple
(Located at Confluence of Tapi & Purna rivers)
Towards Muktainagar 50kms
15. Shree Sant Muktabai Temple, Kothali Muktai Nagar 46kms
16. Patnadevi Temple Towards Chalisgaon 70kms
17. Pal Forestry & Hill Station Raver Taluka 80kms
18. Suki Dam Raver Taluka 90kms
19. Langda Amba Near Raver Taluka 110kms.
20. Ganesha Temple, Tarsod far near to Jalgaon city 6kms
21. Kundeshwar (Mini waterfall & Temple) far near to Nashirabad 18kms
22. Gandhi Philosophical Temple Amalner 100kms approx.
23. Ancient Hemadpanthi Temples Waghali, Taluka: Chalisgaon 70kms approx.
24. Shivdham, Ratnapimpri (Parola Taluka)
Shivdham is a religious place located in Ratnapimpri village of Parola taluka and has nicely designed and maintained Lord Shiva temple and has huge number of devotees during Shivratri period.
Near Parola N/A
25. Nageshwar Mahadev Temple (Undirkheda)
The Nageshwar Mahadev Temple is located on Undirkheda road and is one of most ancient temples in region.
In Parola Taluka N/A
26. Saint Sakharam Maharaj Trust
The Saint Sakharam Maharaj Temple is one of popular religious places in region and is named as copy of Pandharpur. The Temple has wadi having various Deity temples inside it. Annual Saint Sakharam Maharaj Festivity is popular throughout Maharashtra.
Amalner N/A
27. Mangal Graha (Mars) Temple
India has just two Mangal Graha Temples and Amalner's temple is one amongst those. Located on Chopda Road this temple holds utmost religious importance and has various activities every week.
Amalner N/A
28. Valjhari:
This place has Walmik Rishi "Samadhi Sthala" and is located at a distance of 6kms from Chalisgaon. It has various activities every Amavasya.
Chalisgaon 6kms from Chalisgaon
29. Gavtala Forestry:
This forestry has Deity Chandika's ancient times temple and has festivity every Pornima with Chaitra and Kartiki Pornima treated as special days. It also has Bhaskarachya Herbs centre and fountain originating Titur river. Hemandpanthi Mahadev Temple, Pitalkhora Caves are in this forestry.
Chalisgaon 18kms from Chalisgaon
30. Rishi-Pantha
This natural spot is located at a distance of 12kms from Chalisgaon and holds historic importance with Lord Rama having arrived here on banks of Girana river. It also has grand Mahadev Temple and Bahal.
Chalisgaon 18kms from Chalisgaon
31. Girana Dam
Girana dam is region's largest dam located at distance of 35kms from Chalisgaon city and is build on Girana, Panjhan and Mausaum rivers adjoining.
Chalisgaon 35kms from Chalisgaon
32. Gandhi Tirth
Located in southern side of Jalgaon city in Jain Hills, Gandhi Tirth is ideal destination to have thorough go through of Gandhian Philosophy and literary.
Jalgaon 8kms from Jalgaon city

Notified Tirthkshetra (pillgrimage places) in Jalgaon District

Sr. Name of Religious Place Location Taluka
1. Vitthalpuri Temple Rundhati Amalner
2. Lord Rama Temple Nimjhari Amalner
3. Shri Kshetra Waljhari Pimparkhed Chalisgaon
4. Mahadev Temple Chinchgavhan Chalisgaon
5. Shri Laxmi-Narayan Temple Bhone Dharangaon
6. Mahadev Temple Dasnur Raver
7. Lord Rama Temple Pimprud Yaval
8. Mahanubhav Temple Varadsim Bhusawal
9. Vitthal Temple Dahigaon Yaval
10. Sukhnath Baba Public Matha Chunchale Yaval
11. Ancient Vitthal Temple Deoli Chalisgaon
12. Mankidevi Temple Borawad Bk Yaval
13. Mahadev Temple Tamaswadi Parola
14. Lord Rama Temple Deogaon Parola
15. Shri Bhairavnath Temple Savkheda Bk Pachora
16. Shri Khandoba Temple Nagardeola Pachora
17. Shri Mahadev Temple Bambrud Pachora
18. Peerbaba Gorarkheda Pachora
19. Shri Parshurao and Renukadevi Temple Aklud Bhusawal
20. Kapileshwar Temple Velhala Bhusawal
21. Shri Bhavani Mata temple Janori Raver
22. Shri Bhavani Mata temple Kusumba Raver
23. Shri Hanumant Temple Paldhi Dharangaon
24. Madhoidevi Temple Waghli Chalisgaon
25. Mahejadevi Temple Patonda Amalner
26. Magkeshwar Temple Yaval Yaval
27. Nageshwar Mahadev Temple Varangaon Bhusawal
28. Vasudev Maharaj Dhuniwale Temple Vikhran Erandol
29. Old Mahadev Temple Bhatkhande Pachora
30. Renuka Temple trust MuktaiNagar MuktaiNagar
31. Hanuman temple Fulgaon Bhusawal

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