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April 2012
Jalgaon District News

30th April:
AAI Jalgaon and Industrial association representatives meet:
Jalgaon district industrial association met AAI Jalgaon officials yesterday to review startup of Jalgaon airport operations. It explored district’s capabilities of international and inter-state exports, entrepreneur visiting abroad and national level for various perspectives, doctors, professors and many likely entities to use Airport services. AAI has prepared Jalgaon airport presentation covering all above aspects and has announced sending it to Air India, Kingfisher, Jet Airways and Indigo Airways.
Representation also discussed projecting Jalgaon and whole Khandesh as educational hub, mega banana producing zone, Jalgaon Jewelers’ nationwide fame, its Dana Bazaar, tourist places and Ajanta caves being the closer location.

Gandhi Tirth to open for public from 01st May:

Gandhi Research Foundation Jalgaon setup Gandhi Tirth inaugurated by Her Excellency is going public from 01st May. The uniqueness of this Gandhian philosophy promoting centre is its rich combination of technology and Gandhiji literature conservation, audio visual means puts a special distinction as must visit tourist places from Jalgaon region now.

Jalgaon’s Akshay Darekar in India-A team for West Indies tour:
Jain sports academy Jalgaon left handed bowler Akshay Darekar has been selected in India-A cricket team to participate in upcoming West Indies tour. Akshay holds distinction of taking 35 wickets in 7 Ranji trophy matches; he took 7 wickets in an inning while playing from western division in Dulip trophy competition and had equal sparking performance in Deodhar trophy.

  • Shahada based Mayur Patil wins Central Maharashtra Chess trophy – Jalgaon’s Prateek secures second rank
  • Centre to discuss cotton exports ban today
  • PCC and IPCC Chartered accountancy exam on Jalgaon centre from 02nd May
  • Khandesh Papad festival – entrepreneurs earn over Lakhs revenue in 2days exhibition
29th April:
Khandesh drama festival from 03rd May:

Utkarsha arts research organization is conducting third Khandesh drama festival in Bhusawal from 03rd until 05th May. Even has ‘एक रात्र बिस्लरलॆली’ drama play on first day and ‘सलवा जुडूम’ along with ‘चमकाव पार्टी’ in second day plays. Third day play include ‘दुर्फळ’. Event acts as unique platform for local artists.

Jalgaon district council members training on 03rd May:
Jalgaon district council implemented various schemes, projects and work process training for ZP members and committee heads is being conducted on 03rd May. Training program will have participation of 68 elected members.

Jalgaon premier league – Janta Raja team wins:
Talent search sports academy conducted second Jalgaon premier league (JPL) cricket competition ended yesterday with Janta Raja team winning the event defeating Vasumitra Royal Challengers in final. Vasumitra won toss and elected to bat first and scored 110 runs in designated 20 overs. This included 38 valuable runs from Kunal Mahajan and Avinash Abhange taking 3 wickets.
In reply, Janta Raja scored this target of 111 runs in 11 overs with loss of 3 wickets. This includes Tushar Bhusari scoring 43 runs along with Vishal Shirsath scoring 40 runs. Supreme Super kings player Kadir Shaikh won man of the series award, Tushar Bhusari won best batsman award along with team’s Siddartha Kambale getting best bowler award and Sudhanshu Shitode (Raymond Royals) securing best wicket keeper and Mahesh Sonawane from Raymonds taking away Best player award.

  • No drinking water supplies today in Jalgaon city – Corporation to undertaking line maintenance works on Waghur supplies
  • Jalgaon’s Shreya Bhalvatkar and Sayali Datar performance in Sahyadari channel Dam-Dama-Dam concert
28th April:
Mission Jalgaon Airport commercial flights operation:
Local print media, non-governmental organizations like Rotary and Indian Medical Association and industrial associations have jointly taken drive to call airlines in Jalgaon to begin their flights. Jalgaon AAI officials are in process of preparing presentation on Jalgaon’s commercial potential for airport operations and would share same with airlines like Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Kingfisher and Spice jet.
Industrial association has kept a meeting with Jalgaon AAI officials to convince potential aspects of the region for airports operation and has equally planned to stress public representatives to initiate further on getting this happen.

Corporation eases LBT rates following State amendment:
Maharashtra State government wide its notification has announced reduction of LBT rates with effect from 01st April. Jalgaon city Municipal Corporation has received this order yesterday and has applied new rate immediately. This decision is post Jalgaon trade association complaint to State government Jalgaon Corporation LBT rates being higher compared to others. Grains, pulses, soyabeen, edible oil and spices now have reduced rates

Khandesh Papad festival in Jalgaon today:
Jalgaon Janta Bank and NABARD sponsored Khandesh Papad festival is beginning today in Jalgaon. The event aims in focusing small savings group made Papad, household eatables in international markets and is annual drive of Bank. There are 50 stalls participating in the event and is open until Sunday from 9am until 9pm.

Dhule city and rural areas to get relief from load shedding:
Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company has announced easing of its Jalgaon division based Dhule city (includes Dhule city, Dhule Circle and Dondaicha) and rural areas (include Dhule Taluka, Sakri and Pimpalner) load shedding followed improved performance with reference distribution losses and improved performance in collection. Company is announcing new load shedding time table from 02nd May and this electricity load shedding is on basis of revenue collections categorized as A, B and C category stations. Load shedding as per new time table will be 7, 9, 10 and 11 hours in urban and 13, 14, 15 and 16 hours in rural areas based on revenue grading. The new pattern has special categorization for above 55% revenue losses and would have more painful electricity cuttings.
  • Delayed drinking water supplies in Jalgaon city today
27th April:
Divisional land records office tops in revenue in State:

Nashik divisional land records office has topped in revenue collections in State collecting 23 Crores revenue to that of 20.93 Crores target assigned from Nashik, Dhule, Jalgaon, Ahmednagar and Nandurbar districts. This includes Jalgaon district’s major share as 5.09 Crores, Nashik – 7.78 Crores, Dhule – 2.09 Crores, Nagar – 5.53 Crores and Nandurbar – 2.06 Crores.

Maharashtra water tribunal prepares proposal for water supplies meters in Jalgaon city:
Maharashtra water tribunal is preparing its draft proposal for setting up drinking water supplies meter in Jalgaon city under State government funded project of 225 Crores. This project has 20% share from Corporation. Proposal would go for review and approval with State and has mandate of 20% financial contribution from Corporation.

Bornar teacher Harun Shaikh to receive National teacher award:
Bornar (Jalgaon) based Iqra Urdu medium school teacher Harun Bashir Shaikh has been nominated for this year’s national best teacher award by central human resource ministry. He would receive this honor by hands of President on 05th September.
  • Gold shoots up – touches 29,700 per 10gms in Jalgaon market, silver steady at 56,000 per kg
  • Seeds sales to come under district Collectorate review – aims to ease farmers protest this year
  • District administration orders NHAI for immediate processing of highway parallel road in Jalgaon city
  • Corporation democracy day today
26th April:
Jalgaon Airport – industrial association meets AAI authorities:

Jalgaon district industrial association representatives met Airport authorities yesterday to discuss status of starting of commercial operations of Jalgaon airport. It has urged authorities to call a meeting of Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Spice Jet to review Jalgaon airport commercial potential, tourist perspectives and other aspects of Jalgaon.
Meet also discussed likely routes of Jalgaon airport which includes Hyderabad – Nagpur – Jalgaon – Mumbai or Mumbai – Jalgaon – Indore – Raipur – Delhi and/ or Kolkata, Delhi, Gujarat route aspects.

Corporation standing committee approves new shopping complex at Khwajamiya:
Jalgaon city municipal Corporation standing committee met yesterday to discuss various projects in run. It has approved construction of commercial complex on Khwajamiya land as per offer private builder. The proposed Swami Vivekanand Shopping complex will also have special parking zone. This proposal was in discussion and process phase since long time and has plan of B.O.T. basis construction.
Khwajamiya land is 10,000 square feet and complex will have 6,000 square constructions and 4,000 sq. ft. based vehicle parking. Vendor has to pay 53.45 Lakhs per year to Corporation as remuneration for the project and all has to be transferred to Corporation later. Parking will be pay and park basis.

State discontinues registration charges discounting on row houses:

Maharashtra State government revenue department has announced cancelling of discounting availed to property registration of row houses with effect from 25th April 2012. This added with property rates ready reckoner increased cost would impact by addition of around 17,400 for houses up to 30lakhs value in urban area and around Rs. 60,000 for rural areas based houses.
The Bombay Stamp Act 1958 section 25 changed has now amended stamp duty of 5% for property registration in Corporation and nearby cantonment areas, 4% for Councils, MMRDA areas, Panchayat and affected areas and 3% for village Panchayat areas. This would inflate real estate market further already whirling in inflated land prices.

NMU 20th Convocation ceremony on 26th May:
North Maharashtra University Jalgaon 20th Convocation ceremony is being held on 26th May 2012 in Jalgaon. Event will have UGC ex-president as chief guest and administration has formed various committees for smooth conduct of whole event.
  • Bhagwat reading on Sagar Park from 29th April
  • NMU alters exam schedule for ADSTM, DCM courses – exam from 28th May
25th April:
District water shortages review meeting:

State minister for drinking water supplies and cleanliness yesterday conducted a review meeting of all public representatives and government officials of district to review water scarcity during peak summer. District MLA focused communication gap in officials as major reason of problem leading to serious troubles in rural areas.
Minister also reviewed Corporation yellowish drinking water supplies concern and has ordered it to take immediate steps for resolving the issue. It also ordered Corporation to declare water not well for drinking in case its parameters fail to remove this yellowish nature of water. Ministry has called review meeting of all MLA of region on Thursday, 26th April for Tahsil basis detailed discussion.

Central railways Bhusawal division begins third line survey:
Railways Budget 2011-12 announced third line laying in Jalgaon – Bhusawal route has finally taken practical shape. Central Railways Bhusawal division has begun survey of third line land requirements and technical aspects and would soon submit its detailed report to Railways board for final action.

Saint Sakharam Maharaj festivity begins at Amalner:
Amalner region’s traditional annual Saint Sakharam Maharaj festivity began yesterday on auspicious eve of Akshay Trutiya. The festivity holds significance and traditional values of over 250 years and begins with special worshipping in Maharaj temple on bank of Bori River in city.
  • Akshay Trutiya festivity – heavy Gold buying to mark auspicious eve
  • Jalgaon district records demand of 20Lakh B.T. cotton packets – to receive 2.25Lakh Packets in first phase
  • Pachora People’s Bank post net profit of 88Lakhs for FY 2011-12
  • Ashok Koli wrote ‘कुंधा’ receives Shabdawell Trust award for year 2010
  • Agricultural office Dhule conducted annual Wheat festival at Dhule from Friday, 27th April

24th April:
State water supplies and cleanliness minister to review Jalgaon city yellowish drinking water supplies:

Maharashtra State Government minister for water supplies and cleanliness has called a meeting of Jalgaon city municipal corporation officials on reviewing likely causes of yellowish drinking water supplies to whole city. Citizens has marked rage on Corporation’s dozing approach on not finding ground cause of the issue likely raising waterborne disease. Earlier Corporation undertook its various storage tanks cleanliness drive to find root.

Pimprala Bara-Gadya festivity today:
Deity Bhavani temple, Ahir Suvarnakar Panch Mandal and villagers conducted deity Bhavani Vaishakha festivity has begun. Temple’s annual traditional Bara-Gadya festivity is being held today on eve of Akshay Trutiya festivity. This is 61st year of festivity being observed every Vaishaka Shuddha Trutiya holds greater religious significance for Jalgaon’s uprising area Pimprala.

  • Chopda student Mahesh Patil tops Jigyasa-2012 general knowledge competition conducted by Bendale College
  • Administration review meeting on Mahatma dispute-free village drive – 8,801 disputes out of 42,488 resolved in district
  • Violence in Tambapura area – stone pelting injures 5 policemen – situation under control

23rd April:
Corporation yellowish drinking water supplies woes citizen:

Jalgaon city has track record of having hard times with drinking water since last many decades. Introduction and use of Waghur dam water eased this a bit but has new set of woes now. Jalgaon city is receiving yellowish drinking water supplies since last few weeks and corporation administration is yet to get reasons of the same. Corporation supplies department has quoted risen fungus in dam water as major reason and is yet to start its technical assessment of the aspect. Many dam and area based water tanks being unclean are equally leading to trouble on this front. Citizens are urged to use boiled drinking water only to avoid spread of waterborne diseases.

Shopping complexes lease renewal - notices issue in full pace:
When someone whisper that India is really growing rapidly, one should look on grounds as a lowest citizen level person’s ease of accessing basic needs of life. Treating anyone’s basic needs as pathways to earn something puts genuine questions on growth perspective of country? Jalgaon city municipal corporation general body in its earlier meeting approved extension of lease by 3years.
However this has reverse practical side. Corporation administration has begun issuing notices to all shopping complexes block owners on not complying with its terms of deed. This practical fuzz on administration versus general body implementation is triggering panic for block owners and raising questions of real implementation.

National eligibility test on 24th June:

University Grant Commission organized NET exam 2012 is being conducted on 24th June 2012. This exam would be on basis of new pattern introduced and has third paper format changed and will now have all 3 papers as objective pattern exam. First paper has 60 questions, second has 50 questions. Last date of filling online application is 30th April.

  • Electricity woes disrupt life in region – frequent power cuts paralyse work
  • Household LPG shortage woes citizens
  • Ordnance factory Varangaon produces artillery and weapons worth 167 Crores
  • MPSC PSI exam at 20 centers in Jalgaon – 4,748 students appear for exam

22nd April:
District administration begins assessment of pending funds allocation:

Jalgaon district administration yesterday began its assessment of various projects and areas based pending works and State government’s pending fund to be allocated. This review has begun amidst State announcement of checking of Khandesh region’s pending funds allocation by Kelkar committee. Administration has reported a whopping 11,331 Crores due allocation of fund from State and Centre on grounds of various projects.
This includes irrigation sector on top of list with 10,234.35 Crores, public works with 1,218 Crores, Health services 49.60 Crores, Education – 19.20 Crores, Agriculture – 1.67 Crore, animal husbandry – 96 Lakhs and various village Panchayat works at 7.67 Crores.
The figures have opened up bureaucratic and diplomatic laze in region to get this allocation from State and Centre departments and get region in full track. District’s public representatives have now initiated their follow ups and review meetings with administration on the concerns. Committee has kept meeting at Nashik for reviewing Khandesh pending projects assessment.

District’s 3 selected in air weapon competition:
Jalgaon district’s 3 shooters have been selected for participation in Maharashtra Air weapon competition at Mumbai on rifle range Worli. This includes Bhushan Sonawane, Nikhil Mahajan and Hirendra Parmar in 0.177 air pistol category.

  • Khanderao Maharaj festivity begins at Pimprala from Monday, 23rd April
  • District awaits commercial flights operation of Jalgaon airport
  • Jalgaon district council general body meeting on 30th April
  • District Police football competition – Vineet football club wins
  • MPSC PSI exam today at 20 centers in Jalgaon
21st April:
Corporation general body meeting review:
Jalgaon city municipal corporation general body met yesterday to discuss various projects in run. Discussions included no new road works since last 2years, devastating state of existing major traffic roads in city. Body approved 8 topics on agenda that included changing reservation in Mehrun Shivar, approving stationery expenses to administration, increasing honorarium of Urdu school teachers, setting new gym in Shirsoli area, approving medicines buying in corporation hospitals and refunding security deposits.  
Body also discussed availing Corporation space on no rent to Allahabad bank and urged administration to collect rental charges from bank on reference. Corporation availed space to Allahabad bank as per its resolution dated 24th April 1999. Administration has setup inquiry for the reference.

Raining in Khandesh, snowing at Sakri:
Sudden climatic unrest by means of change through cyclonic winds followed by raining and snowing at many places in whole Khandesh is visible. Jalgaon city and Chalisgaon had showering yesterday morning. Dhule district based Sakri witnessed snowing at around 3pm in afternoon. This has brought down temperature up to certain extent and has equally damaged standing onion, Bazra, corn and wheat crops.
  • Akshay Trutiya festivity preparation in full pace
  • Corporation approves availing drinking water supplies to Asoda village
  • State co-operative department board organized essay writing competition
  • Corporation to avail lower pressure drinking water supplies today
20th April:
Cyclonic winds and raining in many areas of Jalgaon:

Jalgaon district’s many areas yesterday witnessed cyclonic winds during evening time followed by showering at few areas. Chalisgaon, Bhadgaon and Bhusawal areas have also reported raining. Heavy wind flow caused electricity disruption in many areas.

District administration earns 89 Crores revenue during FY 2011-12:

Jalgaon district administration has earned net revenue of 89.22 Crores through its various revenue streams achieving 103% of allocated target. Revenue includes agricultural land tax, residential land, minerals and other items.
  • Region witness sunny intervals– humidity raises heat effect
  • NMU introduces common accounting code standards along with all Universities in State
  • ZP job craze – over 6,000 applications for mere 124 posts
19th April:
Intense summer heat panic Jalgaon:
Harsh summer heat stroke, rising temperature amidst lesser availability of electricity has paralysed life in Jalgaon these days. Mercury yesterday touched 42.4 degrees in peak time leading to buffing and sizzling hot climatic conditions in day time. District health authorities have urged citizens to take utmost precaution by means of using protective white clothing and maximum use of water.

MPSC PSI exam on Sunday, 22nd April:
Maharashtra State Public Services Commission is organizing PSI exam on Sunday, 22nd April throughout State. Administration has 20 centers in Jalgaon for 5,623 students appearing. Exam is from 10am to 12.30pm. MPSC Sales Tax Inspector exam is on 26th May 2012.
  • Corporation issues notices to shopping complexes blocks owners – issues notices to vacate blocks on non-compliance of terms
18th April:
  • Ekvira Deity temple Chaitrya festivity begins at Dhule
  • Corporation standing committee meeting on 21st April
  • Akshay Trutiya festivity – to boost Jewelers market in Jalgaon
17th April:
District RTO revenue jumps up by 14% with rising vehicles in Jalgaon:
Jalgaon district witnessed swing effect in number of vehicles in region in the last few years and the figure has touched gigantic limits in last 3 years. District RTO earned net revenue of 63.53 Crores in FY 2011-12 in form of RTO tax on new vehicles registration, which is 14% more than last year’s revenue of 55.78 Crores. State availed target of 77.71 Crores to district RTO for the year 2011-12.
RTO figures reveal shocking state of region’s public transporting system. Jalgaon district now has 421,663 motor cycles and 548,907 cars and jeeps. This figure is almost doubled in recent 3 years amidst no enhancement and addition in roads availability, flyovers, bridges and signaling systems. As a result, rising number of accidents, dashes to larger vehicles and crowded signals are seen everywhere and one could evaluate this grief more just observing communication in two affected persons at incidence point. This alarming situation demands quick implementation of stringent measures to ease traffic situation by thinking above political levels and proper utilization of this hefty revenues earned by RTO.

  • Highways four lane work objections hearing on 15th May in Jalgaon
  • Erandol Tahsil level wrestling competition on 25th April
  • Auto Rickshaw strike paralyses commuting in region
  • Corporation to initiate tax collection drive from today
16th April:
Maharashtra talent search exam result announced:

The State level Maharashtra talent search and pre-national talent search exam result were announced yesterday. Jamner based school student of class III Vaishnavi Dhanraj Naik has topped wherein in class VI exam Solapur based Prathamesh Ghavale has achieved first rank. Jalgaon based student Prathmesh Borse has secured first rank in pre NTS exam. Exam was conducted on 29th January 2012 and had 300 marks paper for MTS and 200 marks paper for pre NTS exam. The annual exam attracts Rs. 10,000 cash prize for these toppers and is an event of Jalgaon based organization.

Amalner based Dr. Ravindra Kulkarni elected as Lions regional Chairman:
Lions club International district 323H2 regional convention meeting at Pune has elected Amalner based Dr. Ravindra Kulkarni as its new district governor for year 2012-13. The region 323H2 covers whole Khandesh, Vidarbha and Marathawada regions all Lions club. Dr. Kulkarni’s plan as DG includes focusing ecology conservation and health awareness aspects in all lions clubs associated. Reflecting real NGO spirit to reduce government planned benefits till last section of society and strengthening the bond of communal harmony and prosperity are key perspective challenges ahead for him and his team.
  • Auto Rickshaw strike continues today – JMTU and State transport introduces additional services to smoothen public transport
  • NCP wins Bhusawal municipal council bye-election – defeats rival BJP candidate
  • Mali community 19th group marriage event – 39 couples marry on eve
  • Pulse polio vaccination drive – 92% completed in district
  • State approves 6,301 quintals of sugar quota for Jalgaon for below poverty line citizens
15th April:
Bye-elections in Bhusawal council:

Bhusawal municipal council is undergoing bye election today in ward 10(A). This ward has 3 candidates in fray and third candidate has announced its support to NCP thereby availing direct one to one fight in NCP and BJP candidates. Ward has 14,000 voters and 16 polling booths.
  • Pulse polio vaccination drive in Jalgaon city today
  • Civil hospital setup swine flu centre in Jalgaon amidst increasing cases of Swine flu in Nashik and Pune regions
  • Auto Rickshaw strike begins from today midnight in Jalgaon district
  • District team announced for State T-20 cricket competition in under-14 category
14th April:
Mercury dips below 40 degrees:
Jalgaonities have a reason to rejoice these days. Region’s climate has considerably changed and temperature has fallen down below 40 degrees due to sudden cloudy climate thereby reducing intense summer stroke and heat. Region had mercury scale above 40 degrees since last 10days leading to troubling heat waves around.

Pulse polio vaccination drive in Jalgaon:
National Pulse Polio vaccination based special vaccination drive is being conducted in Jalgaon district on Sunday, 15th April. Health authorities have setup target of 422,000 children at 2,287 booths in both urban and rural areas for 0 to 5years age group. There are 6,298 staffing recruitments with 510 supervisors with most public places having special booths.

  • Teacher’s constituency voters registration begin
  • Jalgaon’s Vivek Shinde gets gold in National Science Olympiad
  • Jalgaon’s Ankita Patil wins silver in national taekwondo competition at Guwahati

13th April:


Want Drivers – come to Jalgaon:
Lowered employment opportunities lead to various ways for to be entrepreneurs and Jalgaon’s auto rickshaw operation is one of its classic examples. Jalgaon had lesser opportunities for middle tire and/or lower educated youth during 1990s. This aspect attracted many of youths towards this line as it had no investment to begin and ready cash to generate. Many businessmen and traders bought Rickshaw of their own and started renting them to these groups. Today one could see Jalgaon district with more than 17,000 Auto Rickshaws, largest of its count in reference to population and small works.
Improved buying power, enhancing public transport systems and having options to choose in commuting has now taken this Auto Rickshaw line in downfall trend. Occupancy decrease and risen living cost has tendered them in questions and one could even see rising count of rickshaw drivers using kerosene mixed with fuel to decrease cost to increase their earnings. There is a stronger need to evaluate this perspective of living by these people by thinking above individual levels. Enhanced earning opportunities, secured jobs/ service, timely reaching back and being able to live happy family life factors would enhance with this change in thinking. Forming co-operative groups to have bigger public transporting means, school students commuting, moving towards private/ government driving jobs may be looked as newer opportunities to usher. Jalgaon’s this segment of entrepreneur is ready to serve with zealous efforts and confident smile and we appeal major public transport organisations/ private resource hiring agencies to look at Jalgaon as one of most rich location having significant count of such resources.


Corporation issues order for pre-monsoon measures:

Jalgaon city municipal Corporation administration yesterday announced various measures to tackle upcoming monsoon time aspects. Amongst this includes major work of cleaning up waste water flowing Nala. Jalgaon city skirts have 68sqkm. Area and peak monsoon time raining causes flooding in Lendi Nala along with 4 others thereby risking lives of those living on banks of these Nala. Also Rivers flowing from Jalgaon city region are above city’s ground level thereby flooding in these Rivers might risk water logging in city areas.
Corporation public works department and water supplies department would execute 23.1kms based these water drainage outflow systems cleaning which takes around 2months time to clean.

Madhukar Faizpur completes this season’s processing:
Jalgaon district’s leading co-operative sugar factory Madhukar Faizpur has ended this season’s sugarcane processing with net processing of 324,385 metric tons sugarcane processing. It has produced 341,725 quintals sugar and has availed 10.54% yield to farmers in 4,890 hectares based area.

Auto rickshaw strike on Monday, 16th April:
Jalgaon district’s auto rickshaw owners and drivers met yesterday to discuss various aspects related to the services. It has posted various demands in the reference that includes availing fare hike every year, not to stop school students commuting via auto rickshaw, immediately stopping illegal commuting done via non-approved vehicles, to implement Share An Auto scheme immediately, to introduce lottery based draw system for dead permits reissue and not to allow small rickshaws permit for public transporting. This strike is supported in whole Maharashtra by various Rickshaw unions and has district’s all unions agreeing for strike on Monday, 16th April.

  • Saint Kanwarram Saheb birth festivity today – various programs on eve
  • Renu Mandhan paintings exhibition at Hotel Royal Palace – to remain open until Monday from 9am to 9pm
  • Unseasoned raining in Parola for around 15-20mins
  • Traders demands extension in LBT return filling from existing 15th April to 31st July 2012 for FY 2011-12
  • Corporation committee heads election – unopposed candidature eases selection
12th April:
BT Cotton seed sales open in Khandesh from Akshay Trutiya:

Maharashtra State government has announced availing BT cotton seeds sales opening on eve of Akshay Trutiya festivity in whole Khandesh. The distribution would be done in government controlled rate in two phases. Agricultural department has announced more focus on use of double BT seeds seeing farmers’ experience on single BT seed in last year cultivation.
  • District scores 10th rank in national drinking water mission
  • Amalner city and Taluka association conducted summer cricket training camp from 15th April
11th April:
Banana rates jump up:

District banana has witnessed sudden jump rates after a stability of one week. Farmers yesterday received Rs. 100 per quintal uplift taking rates to Rs. 975 per quintal with Rs 20 difference factor. Banana remained in stable and lower demand zone since March mid and is now in upward demands.

Hatnur dam storages goes down to 30% - likely to cause water shortages:

Jalgaon district’s over 100 villages drinking water supplying Hatnur dam this year has 30% live water storage, 18% lesser than last year. This factor is likely to raise concerns for region amidst peak summer in April end and May month. Administration is conducting a review meeting today at Collectorate to review concerns and likely action steps to be taken to control this aspect.
Meanwhile administration has rejected corporation demand to avail reservation for drinking water to city amidst Waghur water storage review. Administration has reported having ample water storage in Waghur dam that
would work till July.

Corporation in preparations of newer tender for escorts fees – expects 16 Crores upset price:

Jalgaon city municipal Corporation administration has begun its preparations for floating new tender for escorts fee with price upset of 16.44 Crores. Corporation earlier raised escort fee from Rs. 100 to Rs. 150 per vehicle from 01st February 2012 and existing private party tender is ending on 31st May.
Administration would receive tender request with 1.64 Crores deposit until 14th May and would open up all tenders by this date to finalise. Administration has reported 74% collection of revenues from taxes in financial year 2011-12. It has earned revenue of 32.88 Crores, which is 5.70 Crores more than previous year.

World Bank team in Jalgaon for Jal-Swarajya project review:
Maharashtra government ongoing implemented Jal-Swarajya project having World Bank financial aid is entering in second phase. A team of World Bank officials is arriving in Jalgaon for 3-days tour to review preparations and implementation perspective of this project second phase.
This includes reviewing regional development and project planning by local organization, transparency in implementation and enhancing capabilities. It would also study various water supplies schemes implementation and its effect on environment. Group would review Muktai Nagar Tahsil based 80 villages supplies in coming days.
  • District’s cotton, soya cultivating 429,654 farmers to get State’s special grants of 175 Crores
  • Intense summer stroke continues - Mercury in boiling zone – records 43.5 degrees on scale
10th April:
Khandesh in intense heat strike – mercury back on 44degrees:

Entire Khandesh is witnessing intense sizzling heat stroke and this has taken mercury scale to 44 degrees second time in last 8-10days. Bhusawal yesterday recorded 44degrees wherein Jalgaon had 43.4 degrees on scale. Intense heat strokes added with humid and sweating air waves has discomfort life here.

Ring road to remain closed for 6days for heavy motor vehicles:
Jalgaon city municipal corporation and railways have arrived at decision to have separate road for railways shipment carrying heavy motor vehicles. The new road will have separate route for heavy motor vehicles from Surat railway crossing via Gujaral petrol pump. Corporation has urged citizens to co-operate this work.

Chopda sugar factory ends this season’s processing:
Chopda co-operative sugar factory yesterday ended its this season’s boiler process with net processing of 169,491 metric tons of sugarcane to get 161,265 quintals sugar and net yield of 9.56%. The 145 days season processing has generated 919,780 units of electricity and were sold at Rs. 3.24 per unit to State Electricity distribution Company. Factory has availed first installment of Rs. 1,400 per quintal to farmers.

Water woes in local bodies on Shendurni:
Jalgaon even though its name reflects water as its broader identity has always witnessed tussle times when it comes to drinking water. Villagers of Soygaon and four other villages have marked their protest note to avail drinking water to Shendurni from Vetalwadi dam. The save water committee of these five places yesterday marked a protest note strike by keeping all businesses and trade closed.
Shendurni Panchayat has taken 4.50 Crores cost based emergency water supplies project to get water from this dam and the work has reached till Soygaon. However these Panchayat have tussled with Shendurni on not availing this water and have not even availed No objection certificate for same. Both Tahsil and district administration are yet to light on their side and above all humanity perspective for same.

District administration imposes animal feeds ban for other State animals:
Jalgaon district administration in order to have ample availability of animal feed including grass, fodder and alike items has announced imposing ban on other State animals for feeding in the region. It has ordered animal husbandry and agricultural department to have aligned approach with Police to follow this aspect to have smoother summer time ahead for animals with reference to feeding.
  • Corporation level pulse polio vaccination drive on 15th April
  • Summer training cricket camp from 16th May
  • ZP standing committee meeting on 13th April to elect various committee heads
09th April:
Highways four lane land acquisition begins today:
National highway authority of India is beginning land measurement process for acquisition of land for four lane highways work in Sakri Taluka of Dhule district. The land records department has estimated around 2-3months time for completing the work in 45villages based 451 hectares land.

District Police organized football competition:

Jalgaon district  Police organized 3-days Seven a side football trophy competition is beginning in Jalgaon from 10th until 12th April at Police parade ground. Competition attracts first prize of Rs. 5,000, second prize of Rs. 3,000. Please contact organisers for detailed information and participation thereof.
  • District administration to register household works beginning today
  • Jewelers strike causes loss of 25 Crores revenue
08th April:
LBT rates revision woes traders:

Corporation budgetary implementation of 3% levy of LBT tax from that of 1% has troubled industries in region. All machinery equipment and raw materials had 1% vat earlier and this budget change would inflate prices and input cost for industries. Traders’ representation met Corporation administration yesterday urging revision of the aspect and its impact on industrialisation in Jalgaon. Corporation administration has planned to take this aspect to next general meeting for finalisation.

Jewellers strike ends – shops to open from Monday:
Nationwide strike of jewellers started on 17th March ended yesterday with centre assuring revision in the excise duty and custom duty aspect. Jewellers have announced moving to agitation again if Centre fails implementation of this aspect before 09th May. District’s jewellers participated fully in the strike.

Jalgaon Janta Bank posts 7.52 Crores net profit:
North Maharashtra region’s only scheduled bank Jalgaon Janta Bank has posted net profit of 7.52 Crores in FY 2011-12. Bank has 31 Branches and deposit worth of 768 Crores, loans disbursement of 515 Crores, and had net business of 1,283 Crores during the year. Bank has plan to introduce RTGS service on own and has finalised its participation in national grid of Bank ATMs and this would enable its customers to withdraw fund from any ATM across country. Bank’s Dana Bazaar and Market yard branches crossed 100 Crores turnover individually in last year.

  • National banana council meet begins in Jalgaon
07th April:
State approves LBT implementation in Dhule from 01st October:

Maharashtra State government has approved implementation of local body tax system in Dhule Corporation with effect from 01st October 2012 replacing existing Octroi tax. Dhule is amongst two-phase implementation of tax in whole State’s D-category Corporations beginning from 01st July 2012.

National banana council meet begins today in Jalgaon:
National banana research centre Trichi, association for improvement in production and utilisation of banana (IUBP New Delhi), Jain Irrigation systems Limited and Confederation of horticulture association of India (new Delhi) are jointly conducting 4-days national level meet at Jain hills. Event is being inaugurated by Central minister for Agriculture and has lifetime achievement awards for contribution in the field. Awards include Jain Banana lifetime achievement award and annual Late Gaurai banana new technology adoption award.
  • District to get 8 releases of Girana dam water during summer – includes both agricultural and drinking water usages
  • Nationalised banks to remain open full day today to ease long holidays during this week
  • Jewellers strike continues amidst no clear signal from Centre
06th April:
Jewellers strike paralyses financial nerve of region:
The on-going strike followed by jewellers across India since 17th March has entered in to critical stage with job work basis executing agencies getting severely affected with no business since last 20 days. Jewellers association has made primary estimate of revenue loss of government at around 10 Crores in form of income tax, LBT, Octroi and other taxes.
Jalgaon city holds significant contribution and share in country’s overall unbranded gold market. It is major participant in this field with Jalgaon Jewellers having wide variety and ready stock. Jewellers have estimated government’s sudden U-turn on the gold market as non-friendly approach that would severely affect the whole cycle. Newly imposed custom duty, VAT tax doubled rate, excise and local body taxes would lead to around 2,100 per 10gms price rise and would add on excise department on jewellers head. Around 5,000 job work mode basis Bengali labours have shifted out of Jalgaon following no work in hand leading them to starvation.
  • Hanuman Jayanti festivity greetings from Team EJalgaon.com
  • Mahavir Jayanti celebrated with cheer and various religious activities on eve
05th April:
Intense summer heat raises cautions:
Jalgaon district is in its most devastated climatic conditions with peak summer heat being witnessed since March last week and temperature rising with every coming day. Jalgaon city, Bhusawal and Faizpur are district’s 3 most boiling points witnessing extreme heat. Bhusawal recorded 43 degrees, Jalgaon had 41.9 and Faizpur had 41 degrees on scale yesterday. Heat stroke and hot air-waves effect intensity has badly affected living here and the work goes almost zero during peak afternoon times.

Jalgaon city’s new mayor – Vishnu Bhangale:

Vishnu Ramdas Bhangale, aged 38 has been elected as Jalgaon city’s seventh Mayor and is from ruling Khandesh Vikas Aghadhi. He is Graduate in Chemistry, works in Hospitality Industry, and holds family tradition of public services. He won 39 votes defeating rival BJP candidate getting 12 votes. Corporation administration received 4 nominations for Mayor post and voting was conducting with verbal vote counting system.
Jalgaon city holds significant expectations with the new youth Mayor. These includes taking Corporation’s schemes and implementations to the fullest and until every citizen, focus infrastructural facilities in city to boost trade and businesses, to play conducive role in making Jalgaon Airport take real wings of flights for start of commercial flights operation.

Jalgaon’s Rohit Patel selected in under-16 Indian cricket team:
Jalgaon based Rohit Patel has been selected in Indian under-16 cricket team. He qualified for this team selection with his performance in inter-state Vijay Merchant Trophy cricket competition while playing from Maharashtra team. He is now amongst 30 members team to participate in national training at Bangalore at National cricket academy from 23rd April until 03rd June 2012.
  • Jalgaon Janta co-operative Bank Limited posts 7.52 Crores net profit for FY 2011-12
  • Sakegaon College of Pharmacy conducted a day national conference on recent trends in pharmaceutical researches on 10th April at Sakegaon
  • National Banana council meet in Jalgaon from 07th until 10th April – to honour Bhagwat Patil, Tenu Borole and Prabhudayal Patel for their contribution to field
04th April:
Corporation Mayor election today:
Jalgaon city municipal Corporation general body would elect its new mayor today. Corporation currently has 32 members from Khandesh Vikas Aghadhi along with 8 members in alliance with Shahar Vikas Aghadhi. Amongst other includes NCP-14, BJP – 9, Shivsena – 1, MNS-1 and Independent – 3. Ruling party has two nominees along with one independent candidature. Meeting would begin at 11.30am with district Collector chairing it.

Jewellery business in strike since 17 days – government yet to put attention:
Country’s jewellery business is in fix with central budget 2012-13 imposition of excise and custom duty on unbranded gold. Jewellers have marked this decision of government as non-friendly approach and it would worst affect market and equally inflate gold rates. This would also throw unbranded gold out of competition with upcoming series of branded gold. Jewellers have shown further protest to new impositions and critical terms levied with reference to TDS as well.

Intense heat puts Bhusawal on top in nation:

Mercury touching 44 degree centigrade yesterday has taken Bhusawal on top in whole nation. This is season’s highest temperature recorded in Bhusawal. Life has worsen here with almost fully vacated roads during peak afternoon times. Jalgaon city yesterday recorded 42.8 degrees on scale and had intense heating climatic conditions until night.
  • Nationalised banks announce full day working on Saturday following multiple holidays workload during week
  • Changdev festivity from tomorrow – 3-days festivity to witness huge rush of devotees
03rd April:
Government taxation policies poses traders in fix:
Taxation is most talked and hyped aspect in today’s Indian democracy. Liberalisation doors opened up new avenues of growth and prosperity in country. However, governmental agencies and overall approach still could not read technology as one of its best friend in reducing overhead and cost. Its overall technology implementation until now has eased only its bureaucratic system load of work rather easing taxpayer woes.
A classical evaluation of this reference can be further observed with announcement from Sales Tax department in recent years. The post VAT tax implementation arena has now mandate traders to have multiple formats of sales invoices to help department officials identify the registered dealer versus unregistered dealer for evaluation of VAT input credit. However, this single liner looking objective has raised many questions of concern to traders to maintain their books of accounts and has equally poised rising cost of maintaining systems in desired way. More of same and more panic triggering reference has been noted with other departments. Whenever there is sudden pressure of meeting targets of revenue collection, the top tax payers are taken in net and served with numerous notices to comply with.
Today’s taxation system needs strengthening of reference and as it is towards complying first objective of taking more payers in net, it has to look beyond this by finding those not yet in the net rather stressing these payers. Systems needs simplifications so as every individual taxpayer can execute such aspects with lowest support. When world is moving towards paperless office approach, our governmental departments still largely believes papers as their sole tools of actions. Government authorities need to setup Documents exchange of India as centralised system availing facilities to every taxpayer on unique identification to preserve and share his/ her identity documents as required. This would considerably reduce paper load in government offices and equally boost efficiency of works to be executed.

Intense heat stumps life in Jalgaon:
Jalgaon district and neighbouring districts of Khandesh are amidst intense summer stroke with mercury peaking above 40 degrees with intense heat during whole day. Jalgaon yesterday recorded 41.7 degrees wherein Bhusawal had 42 degrees on scale making it one of worsened day to gain comfort of living. Heat stroke effect is so critical that one could witness hot air waves till midnight.

Women rule in Jalgaon ZP:

Jalgaon district council undergone committee heads election yesterday for four departments namely women and children welfare, social welfare and other committee heads. Out of 4 departments, ladies candidates have secured 3 places.
  • RBI appoints administrator on Dhule and Nandurbar district co-operative banks - reports NPA as major reason of action
  • Jalgaon’s Sucheta Chitre and Hemlata patil wins gold in national badminton competition at Haridwar in senior category
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants Jalgaon branch wins State level award for highly commandable performance and unique activities for year 2011.
  • Jalgaon People’s co-operative bank posts 6.21 Crores profit in FY 2011-12 – NPA reaches to 1.50%
    Farmers and ginning factories protest State imposition of 5% VAT on cotton buying
  • Lord Mahavir birth festivity from 04th April – various programmes on eve
02nd April:
Ekvira deity festivity from Thursday:

Khandesh family deity Goddess Ekvira deity annual festivity is beginning from 05th April at Dhule. The 15 days eve has mega programs and religious significance and begins every Chaitra Chaturdashi in temple region and on Panjhra river basin area. Devotees from Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka also arrive in large number.

State implementation of new LBT pattern to remain a major challenge:
Maharashtra State government has recently adopted LBT tax implementation option of introducing uniformity in rates and has rejected Cess levy on VAT option. This acceptance real term implementation is again going to be a bigger challenge to evaluate and happen in real time. State amidst most demanded setting off of LBT did not accept traders demand of easing the same by levying CESS on VAT. It rather approved continuing this LBT tax with 6 slabs of rate (0%, 0.10%, 0.40%, 1%, 2% and 2.50%) varying on commodity type. State has also extended this tax to all 16 D-category corporations in Maharashtra.
Tax has no need of monthly return filling for trade below 10Lakhs and has composition feature with 2% straight tax and provision of reduction in penalty to 5% in case of trader found offending tax.
  • Ram Navami festivity celebrated with cheer and huge rush of devotees
  • Jalgaon ZP committee heads election today
  • State team moves for fifth National taekwondo competition – includes Jalgaon players in both categories

01st April:
Corporation shopping complexes lease renewal:
Jalgaon city municipal corporation proposed renewal of shopping complexes has turned clear as picture of lack of communication and open ended desire to pose citizen friendly administration. State Government suspending Corporation resolution to charge premium followed general body marking changing in its policy to continue lease renewal for 3years at 10% rental charges rise in current rates.
Corporation administration is in different strategy and plan and is continuing action against traders to vacate blocks with mounting dues pressure. Administration, ruling party and now traders all in different directions leaves Jalgaonities in another disappointment session giving a feel of having no one willing/ mentoring the acceleration of growth of city rather most wanting to reserve their vote banks on every point of process.

Lord Rama birth festivity of 375 years:
Chalisgaon based Lord Rama temple is celebrating its 376th Ram Navami festivity this year along with Palakhi festivity. Temple has goddess Seeta idol, Pandharpur styled structure and rich tradition of celebrating festivity since last 375 years. Temple is constructed in 2,500 square feet area and was setup by Babaji Maharaj Pathak while returning from Pandharpur pilgrimage.
Jalgaon city’s Chimukale Ram temple, Lord Rama temple in old Jalgaon, Baliram temple and Bambhori based Gajanan Maharaj temple have also set various programmes to celebrate Ram Navami.

  • Corporation Mayor and committee heads selection in week ahead
  • Ram Navami festivity greetings from Team EJalgaon.com
  • Banking peaks on financial year-end – heavy load witnessed at Banks
  • District to get 135 Crores cotton grants for distribution to farmers

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