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JUNE 2007
Jalgaon District News
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30th June:
State announces Municipal Council for Bhadgaon:

Maharashtra State Urban Development Ministry has announced conversion of Bhadgaon Village Panchayat to Municipal Council. Panchayat has received letter from State Authorities and is shortly notifying this in its GR. Process will continue with Call to Objections and comments in next 30 days of notification. District Council CEO has to submit a proposal with detailed listing of comments and suggestions followed by adoptions along with views of current Village Panchayat there.
District political lobby has been trying this since 1994 and it faced various technical hindrances in form of Delimitation Act 2002, Corporation Election, Council Election, ZP Election and then MP election. Proposed Bhadgaon Municipal Council will be having 19-21 Councilors with Bhadgaon city, Karab, Vadade and Pethcha to be included in proposed Municipal Council limits.

Bhusawal Tapi Bridge starts for public:
Raver, Burhanpur and Yaval Taluka connecting Tapi River Bridge on Bhusawal has been restarted from 25th June for public. The bridge has been renovated and repaired in first phase and second phase work would be conducted in September 2008. The newly extended Bridge now has width of 10.95 meters to that of 6.60 meters and 29 blocks.

NMU Management council finalise M. Tech Polymer from this year:
North Maharashtra University Jalgaon Management Council has finalised to start M. Tech in Polymer Technology beginning with this academic year. Council also decided on various related issues. NMU would shortly announce admission process for this course.

State EC announces change in Electoral roll review process:
State Election Commission has announced change in electoral roll review process earlier announced to start from 26th June. New process would begin from 10th July with publishing of formal listing. Process continues with comments and resolution from 10th until 24th July and hearing on 21st August. Final supplementary listing would be printed on 11th August.

Call for Nomination to Nehru Youth Centre Award:
Government of India Ministry of Sports run Nehru Youth Center has called for nomination to Annual Award for outstanding services to youth in the region. Award is for two male and two female nominees having devoted excellent services in overall youth development in the region. Forms are available with Centre Jalgaon unit office at 20, Railway Colony, Near Ganesh Colony, Jalgaon.

  • Saint Muktabai Palakhi to move today to Pandharpur
  • ZP Animal Husbandry Department Supervisor recruitment interviews today

29th June:
District's 70% Kharip cultivation complete:

Jalgaon District's 5.50 Lakhs hectare area Kharip cultivation has completed and farmers here are now waiting for a desperate good raining to get a good start. District has around 804,000 hectares area under Kharip cultivation and mere 12.91% raining has spread woe amongst farmers here.
Cotton remains most favored Cash Crop with around 3.60 Lakhs hectare area under Cotton, Jwar with 27,300 hectares, Bajra with 8,200 hectares, corn with 34,500 hectares and rest with other grains. Dharangaon, Erandol and Amalner Taluka initiated cultivating from 18th June followed by other Taluka. A week delay in rainfall here could lead to re-cultivation and severe losses to farming community here.

V. V. Library to inaugurated extended building on 01st July:
Jalgaon District's oldest and richest books resource V. V. Library is inaugurating its newly constructed extended building on 01st July. The 130 years old, Library has done this through State Government's Centenary Library Scheme and aims at availing best of services, E-Library facility in this new establishment. Library has 2,267 members and extension counters at Ganpati Nagar, Shani Peth and Savkheda and has 110,101 books.

District administration prepares Flow charts for Flooding situation control:
Jalgaon District Administration has come up with Flow chart for water flow handling aspects to control flooding situation during monsoon times. This chart aims at reducing losses at villages living on banks of Rivers and Dam caused due to sudden water release from dam.
Last year Tapi River witnessed heavy flooding due to rain pour at its origin Texa in MadhyaPradesh. This led to heavy losses in Jalgaon district villages leaving on bank of Tapi River. Chart further sketches flow of water from all Rivers flowing through district with originating points and/ or dams to reaching back in sea.
District Authorities aim to avail this data through Central Water Commission Office in Bhusawal along with hands on training to Tahsil officers to handle situation with emergency levels.

28th June:
Meteorology department predictions turn foul:

The Meteorological department predicted heavy to very heavy raining in entire Jalgaon District in last 48 hours. Unfortunately, there has been very low to medium raining in these two days with a total of 1330mm raining as of today. Jalgaon District has until now witnessed 88.7mm average rainfall (12.62%). Jamner Taluka is on top with 202mm while MuktaiNagar is on lowest with 33mm.
Dapora dam in Girana pumping station is overflowing with medium raining. Girana pumping region temporary sand dams are also showing medium to good storage. Corporation plans to move Lamanjan dam stored water taken from Girana dam to Dapora station to store more water at Lamanjan. It has further affirmed conducted trial test of Waghur dam water supply on 15th July subjected to fact that Electricity connectivity is well setup by the time.

Chopda Sugar factory Election on 04th August:
District Administration has announced Chopda Taluka Farmer's Sugar Factory Election schedule. Election Process begins from 28th June and election is on 04th August. There are 22 posts in this election from Chopda, Gorgavle, Adavad, Hated and Chahardi groups each with 3 directors along with Body electoral roll to elect one SC, One ST, one OBC, two ladies and one from economically weaker section.

  • Post Department restarts revenue stamps selling
  • Corporation announces Free Text books distribution for Class I-VIII Girls and SC/ST students under State sponsored scheme
  • State Transport announces off-peak season discount of Rs. 1-2 in tickets
  • District Sports Association conducted District Level Table Tennis Competition on 30th June and 01st July

27th June:
SSC Results 2007: Jalgaon tops in Nashik division:

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education has announced SSC results 2007. St. Lawrence School Student Aditi Kiran Nehete has topped Nashik Division with score of 93.38%. She also holds record for being topper amongst girls. KCE School student Madhusudan Murlidhar Kolhe has scored 92.92% and scored third rank in Nashik division and top rank in boys in division.
Kanya School Amalner student Ketki Madan Palkhe has also secured third rank in list with equal score of 92.92%. St. Joseph School student Ajinkya Prabhudkumar Bhasme has scored third rank in reserved category with score of 90.76%. Mahatma Gandhi School Varangaon student Ajinkya Bhanudas Sapkale has topped in ST category students in division with 90.15% marks followed by Paresh Nagre scoring Second with 89.69% and Juily Borole and Rashmi Badhe with 565 marks.
Those students having failed in exam can reappear for October 2007 exam and last date of filling form is 06th July. Marks revaluation submission last date is 06th July. Junior College admission process is beginning today. Jalgaon students scored 73.29% success in Year 2006 while 59.85% in SSC results 2005.

Jalgaon Milk revolution:
Jalgaon region is popular for its Gold, Pulses, Tea and wholesale Trade. It has another feather in its fame with Jalgaon Milk revolution. Jalgaon District milk quality is well known and famous and as a result, region has wonderful turnover in Milk as well. Jalgaon District Co-operative Milk Producers Union popularly known as VIKAS has a major share in this revolution and fame. The NDDB administered Union has came out of earlier posted losses and now has shown phenomenal success in achieving sales record of two Lakh liters per day. Jalgaon Milk Union 'VIKAS' supplies milk to entire Jalgaon district, Nashik, Aurangabad, Akola, Buldhana and many of nearby regions.
Jalgaon city has a net consumption of Lakh liters of milk while Bhusawal has consumption of 30,000 liters. Many of large scale Ice Cream Companies; FMCG Companies eyes Jalgaon milk as one of best quality milk and procures the same through Union and many of such private parties.

SSC Result 2007: A Review:
Dhule District has outperformed Nashik, Jalgaon and Nandurbar in Nashik Division with a passing percentage of 84.75% students. Nandurbar is on second rank with 80.78% and Jalgaon has 76.93%.
Analysing Talukawise, Parola tops result with 86.28% followed by Jalgaon Corporation area with 81.92% and Jamner with 81.09% and Bodwad on lowest with 65.14%. Out of 50,800 students appeared, 39,078 has cleared the exam.

26th June:
SSC 2007 Results today:
Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education is announcing Maharashtra S.S.C. Exam 2007 result today. Results would be availed at Board Website http://mahresult.nic.in. This is for the first time that board would announce results without merit list. Result sheets would be availed at respective schools by 3PM.

Heavy raining likely in Jalgaon District in next 48 hours:
Jalgaon District Collectorate has issued a special note of likely heavy rain pour in entire Jalgaon district in upcoming 48 hours. Jalgaon continues to witness showery to medium raining since last two days. Meteorological Department has expressed probable 100mm raining in upcoming hours.
As a cautionary measure, District administration has issued warning to villages on the banks of Rivers and has cancelled leaves to all Tahsil Officers, Police, Regional Authorities.
Meanwhile State Agricultural Directorate has ordered change of rainfall measuring process. Earlier authorities used to measure only Taluka raining. New order requires raining statistics be measured in every Mandal village as well. This would improve accuracy in overall statistics presented.

Girana dam recharges mini dams:
Girana dam basin region has witnessed medium to heavy raining in last four days and as a result, dam has reported increase in water levels leading to release of extra water. This basin water has now been taken to Mhasve and Bhokarbari dam to recharge them. This is second year in a row that Girana irrigation authorities are following this experiment to utilize extra water in Girana dam.

Kharip Plantation 2007 - 44% plantation done:
Jalgaon District Council Agricultural Authorities have estimated around 44% plantation completion for Kharip 2007. A total of 350,426 hectares area has been cultivated with a major share of 296,450 hectares of cotton crop. Chalisgaon Taluka is on top of cultivation list while Bodwad is on lowest. Jalgaon Taluka has 40.22% plantation completed.
Authorities' further estimates increase in cotton cultivation this year in spite of State Policies encouraging farmers to reduce it.

  • Jalgaon city woes: Polluted Drinking water increases rain time diseases in the region - need of boiled/ purified water drinking
  • Co-operative Societies issues: Steering committee discusses likely mergers and aspects

25th June:
Proposed City Development Plan expected to change city's face:

Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation has recently approved its proposed city development plan for upcoming 30 years as a mandatory documentation part of getting central government grants. The proposed plan has various proposals to give a face wash to Jalgaon city.
Amongst major proposed amendment, include availing building heights to 30 meters as compared to currently availed 24 meters. It also proposes to sanction basement heights from existing 3 meters to 6 meters and balcony from 3 feet to 4 feet. It also eyes to earn revenue with hardship premium charges for regularizing steps taken from outside or extra toilets and rooms constructed in sanctioned plans.
Corporation has failed to attract citizen's interest in such a crucial documentation and has come with this document on a study and proposal submission from a Bangalore based Company. Corporation has sent this document to State Government Urban Ministry for final approval. It has not yet received State approval for earlier submitted extension of city boundary limits. The proposed plan fails to attract trade and business community and has no special plans for promoting industrial, business base in the region.
Earlier state Government approved Jalgaon City Development Plan for Class-A Municipal Council on 02nd April 1974.

Monsoon raining picks up: Continues since last night:
Jalgaon City and entire district continues to witness raining since last night. Continued showery form raining has led to significant lowering of temperature and has thrilled farmers.

Sahakar Bharti announces steering committee for helping co-operative societies:
Sahakar Bharti in its meeting with co-operative credit societies in district has announced formation of a special steering committee to help them in complying with all technical aspects. The proposed committee will meet today.

24th June:
Monsoon raining eases heat, rain continues:

Entire Jalgaon District including Jalgaon city continues to witness monsoon raining throughout. Jalgaon City and all Taluka in district have reported showery to medium raining. Lightning killed one woman yesterday at Parola. Bhusawal and MuktaiNagar regions have also witnessed good rainfall.

Sahakar Bharti conducted Co-operative Societies Guidelines seminar:
Jalgaon District is witnessing increasing number of cases of funds misused in various Co-operative societies leading to financial chaos followed by panic for end customer. Sahakar Bharti's this seminar aims at guiding Co-operative Societies on overall effective management and taking them one leap ahead. Seminar would emphasise on improving network through Co-operative movement, legal aspects of co-operative Act and finally and most importantly Audit process thorough understanding.

Raver Taluka reports 76 Lakhs losses due to cyclonic winds:
Raver Taluka has reported losses to 31.69 hectares of land worth Rs. 76 Lakhs due to cyclonic winds and lightning on Friday, 22nd June. In all 4 Villages are affected that includes Chinawal, Waghoda Bk and others.

Quick tips for protection from Lightning:
Jalgaon District and entire region has witnessed highest number of cases of deaths due to lightning in recent times. This article aims at availing quick tips for protection from this disastrous natural epic.
1) Stay away from heighten objects, metallic and iron items. Do not stand below trees in any condition.
2) Its always a good practice to move inside in a house or in a temporary shelter as lightning starts
3) Switch off electronic devices like Television set, Refrigerator, Computer system etc.
4) Avoid using mobile phones during lightning
5) In case of lightning injury, please take affected person immediately to nearest Doctor.
6) Make sure he/ she do not get in touch with water or good conductors of electricity

Bhusawal Student Sushrut tops in MTS Exam:
St. Aloysius High School Bhusawal Student Sushrut Ikhar has topped Maharashtra Talent Search (MTS) Exam in rural area listing. Amalner student Amey Mundada has scored 7th rank in this exam. Sushrut is Class VIII student.

Deepnagar Thermal Power stations one unit down:
Bhusawal Thermal Power Station (BTPS) Deepnagar has reported non-functioning of one of electricity producing unit following repair works to two of its circulating water pump units. This unit is likely to restart its functioning by today evening.

  • Conference on North Maharashtra University Education Development Plan today
  • Vasant Co-operative Sugar factory Kasoda to restart its operation from November-2007: Assures new management
  • New Railway Time table from 01st July 2007

23rd June:
Lightning kills 9 in Pachora and Dhule:

Lightning continues to be a panic issue for this Monsoon. Pachora Taluka lightning on 21st June has killed four while it killed five at Dhule. Farmers in region have expressed anguish over slow moving administration with losses assessment and compensation yet not started.

Corporation General Body approves City Development Plan:
Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation General Body has unanimously approved proposed City Development Plan for Jalgaon city. Amongst other issues discussed where slum area reforms works worth Rs. 1 Crore 35 Lakhs and 36,000. Corporation General Body members have demanded cancellation of Pay and Park service in Jalgaon city following lower to no implementation. Administration is yet to announce on this.

MuktaiNagar Sugar Factory sealed by State Co-operative Bank:
Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank (M.S.C. Bank) has sealed Shree Saint Muktabai Co-operative Sugar factory on account of non payment of dues to MSC Bank, JDCC Bank Jalgaon, Mumbai District Co-operative Bank and others totaling to five Banks worth above 60 Crores.
The Loans are due since last six years and banks could not find any concrete plans for repayment of loans and hence has been sealed. This sealing has come up as a shocking act for farmers in MuktaiNagar belt.

Rural Grains Bank Scheme in 74 villages of Jalgaon District:
Maharashtra State Government has availed Rural Grains Bank scheme in 74 villages of Jalgaon District to improve quality of living of backwards tribes and communities. The scheme aims at available grains to weaker and needy people on credit basis.
This scheme is available for both tribes and non-tribes areas and is implemented through Village Panchayats and avails membership to 40 below-poverty line people. It avails one-quintal grain per family will grains supplied from District Administration. There are 20 Villages each under implementation from Chopda, Yaval, Raver and 14 from MuktaiNagar.

22nd June:
Corporation General Body Meeting today: Likely to finalise City Development Plan:

Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation General Body is meeting today to give final shape to proposed City Development Plan (CDP). Corporation failed to attracts views/ comments and suggestions from Citizens on this City Development Plan and as a result is in plans of finalising the same.

Monsoon showers continue to bestow region:
Jalgaon District along with Dhule and Nandurbar continued to witness showery raining yesterday. Jalgaon City, Chalisgaon, Bhadgaon, Pachora, Yaval had medium raining while some areas had heavy raining. Lightning killed 15 years youth at Savkheda in Pachora and another in Sonvad. Region's Waghur River yesterday witnessed flooding following raining in Ajanta Caves region.

Amalner tops in Scholarship exam results:
Jalgaon District students have scored 39.66% success rate in secondary scholarship exam and 65.99% in primary scholarship examination. St. Lawrence School student Purvita Ochiramani has topped in urban area while Amalner Taluka students Bhushan Patil, Ashwini Patil and Damini Saindane have topped in rural merit list.
In Primary, Chalisgaon student Sudarshan Chavan has topped along with Damini Ramesh Patil, Sayli Patil, Bhushan Patil, Harshal Patil, Jaydeep Patil and Vivek Chaudhari in rural area.
Jalgaon District's 26,874 students appeared in Secondary (Class VII) Scholarship exam and 10,657 have passed while 501 are now eligible for Scholarship. In all 38,528 students appeared in Primary (Class IV) scholarship exam and 26,152 have passed with 389 eligible for scholarship. Amalner Taluka's seven students are in rural area merit list of top 10. Chalisgaon has dominated urban area result.

Authorities estimate Rs. 26 Lakhs losses in Dahigaon and Savkhedasim:
Tahsil Authorities have estimated Rs. 26 Lakhs losses to 73 farmers in cyclonic winds damages caused at Dahigaon and Savkhedasim on 16th June. The winds added with raining damaged standing banana and sugarcane crops.

Central Railways Bhusawal Division earns 578.33 Crores during 2006-07:
Central Railways one of promising and most loaded Bhusawal division has earned 578.33 Crores during last financial year 2006-07. The earning is 93 Crores more as estimated earning for the year. Division earned Rs. 485.43 Crores in 2005-06, 443.24 Crores in 2004-05 and 435.38 Crores in 2003-04. Most of its earning has come through Passenger revenue, goods wagon transporting, agricultural produces shipment etc.

  • ZP announces Health Trainees Interview List
  • Banana rates dips further to Rs. 250 per quintal

21st June:
Lightning continues to panic Khandesh:

Monsoon arrival has brought in lightning effect for the entire region. The lightning caused injuries to three at Vadoda in MuktaiNagar and has damaged standing banana crop severely. Monsoon raining continued yesterday with showery to medium form during day and medium heavy raining in night times. Lightning has caused death of six and injuries to one in nearby Dhule and Nandurbar district combined.
Jalgaon city witnessed rain showers at around 11AM and medium heavy raining later in night.

Jalgaon District Administration Orders Official Inquiry of Corporation Taxes Payments:
Jalgaon District Administration has ordered appointment of a 20-member committee to inquire into Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation having paid less than collected taxes to State Government for Employment Guarantee Scheme and Education Tax. State has dues of Rs. 5 Crores towards these taxes wherein Corporation Administration denies this with non-collection of these dues and is depositing lower amount.
The committee would check in all receipts of taxes collected by Corporation and would submit report to District Administration for further action in this regards. Corporation Administration is yet to speak out on this issue.

Rapid Action Force arrives in Jalgaon:
Central Home Ministry controlled Rapid Action Force team has arrived in Jalgaon for a special survey of sensitive areas in Jalgaon City along with six other places in District. It includes Bhusawal, Faizpur, Marul, Rasalpur, Raver and Yaval Taluka.

MSADC Authorities visits Jalgaon Airport site:
Maharashtra Airport Development Corporation Authorities are in Jalgaon to review Jalgaon Airport development project. Authorities along with district Administration reviewed current Jalgaon Airport land and are now further exploring another 300-400 acres land for setting up full-fledged airport.
Local Politicians have assured best of co-operation to this land requirement and have come up further with appeal to farmer community to avail this land.

  • District Swordplay team selection today

20th June:
District's 130 Village Panchayat Ward restructuring work begins:

District Administration has began 130 Village Panchayat ward restructuring work. These Panchayat are completing tenure in December 2007. Administration will announce new structure on 03rd July and is most likely to conduct elections in September-2007. This includes 24 Villages from Amalner Taluka, Jalgaon, Dharangaon, Bhusawal, Yaval, Parola and Chopda.

Lightning crash on Deepnagar BTPS:
Deepnagar Thermal Power Station in Bhusawal has witnessed Lightning crash during Monday night raining leading to discontinued electricity supply for more than 18 hours in Bhusawal and Jalgaon Taluka. Emergency response team of unit restored and normalised unit at 3.45PM on Tuesday. The lightning fell on arrestor unit of 132-11KVA transformer.

Health Alert: Chicken Gunya arriving back:
Jalgaon District nearby Districts has reported Chicken Gunya disease arrival and this will also lead to viral spread of the same in Jalgaon. Jalgaonities still recall hard times in last year during Chicken Gunya outbreak. District, State and Central Administrations have failed to arrive at medicinal research and therefore there is stronger need of self-protection from such a dangerous joints pain causing and terrorizing disease.
Keep drinking water storage area clean, refill storage vessels every 4-5 day and use drops for purification. Vacate and dry all vessels and storage means used to store water and used boiled/ purified water only. Consult your doctor at earliest in case you feel sudden severe joints pain and viral fever kind of state.

Chalisgaon College starts Disaster Management Course:
Chalisgaon Education Society run B. P. Arts, S. M. A. Science and K. K. C. Commerce College and K. R. Kotkar Junior is starting UGC sponsored and NMU affiliated Post Graduation Course in Disaster Management. College has received a special grant of Rs. 40 Lakhs from UGC for this Course and has allowed intake of 30 seats.
Course aims at studying flooding state of Girana, Dongri, Titur and Manyad Rivers, its impact on villages living on banks and administrative impacts thereof. Course curriculum has flooding, drought, earthquake, cyclonic winds, fire brigade kind of subjects included.

  • Showery Raining in Chalisgaon for around 30 minutes yesterday
  • Hatnur dam water stock touches 8.78% lowest level
  • District Rope-pulling Team moves for participating in State Rope-pulling competition at Ambejogai
  • D. Ed. Admission craze: 6,543 applications received for admission

19th June:
Monsoon's first best shower arrives in District:

Entire Jalgaon District has witnessed season's one of best monsoon raining yesterday night. Jalgaon, Bhusawal and Amalner had raining for more than two hours and continued in showers later in night. Raining caused discrepancies in Electricity supplies many times.

SSC Result on 26th June:
Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education is announcing SSC Result 2007 on 26th June at 11AM on board website.

Corporation offers Octroi Tender to existing Contractor:
Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation standing committee has approved Octroi Tender of Rs. 55 Crores 78 Lakhs 92 Thousands to existing Octroi Contractor. The decision came amidst complaints from opposition members to blacklist existing contractor following large complaints by traders. Corporation earned Rs. 50 Crores from this contract in last financial year.
It also approved Waghur dam deposit money to be paid to Irrigation department. Waghur dam irrigation Department proposed Corporation in 1999 for Rs. 2.14 Crores estimated expenditure of this work. The Department has charged Rs. 95.33 Lakhs as Intrest on this expenditure since start and has sent dues of Rs. 3.51 Crores. Committee has approved this payment to complete Waghur dam work completion formality.

Panic in Bhusawal over Co-operative Societies deposits: District Administration announces 37(1):
Co-operative movement once again is facing jolts following alleged reports of fund mishandling leading to financial crunch. Depositors in many of Co-operative societies in Bhusawal region have announced their stiffer rage to Societies administration on not allowing/ delaying of withdrawals of deposits. This has further led to protest marches, meetings of depositors leading to tensed conditions in the region.
Administration has announced enforcement of section 37(1) of Bombay Police Act 1951 to control Law and Order situation in the region. This Order remains in effect until 30th June and Police has urged citizens to co-operate further.

  • New District Superintendent of Police joins Jalgaon

18th June:
Girana dam water storage reaches 24% mark:

Khandesh's one of major water resource Girana dam water level is dipping down sharply and has touched 24% storage mark yesterday. The dam supplies drinking water to Jalgaon city along with six Taluka 200 villages. Manyad dam has turned zero. Girana dam has availed special release of water to farmers for summer cotton crop.

Cyclonic winds losses mounts further:
Yaval Taluka's Dahigaon, Savkhedasim and MuktaiNagar Taluka's Narvel, Bhokari, Dhamande and Belkheda farms have witnessed huge losses to banana and sugarcane farms following cyclonic winds. Primary reports estimate around Rs. 2 Crores loss in Dahigaon. MuktaiNagar also has same scenario. District Administration is yet to announce its losses assessment.

Jalgaon Peoples Bank receives National Award for Banking in Alternative Channel:
Jalgaon District's Jalgaon People's Co-operative Bank has received Banking Frontiers honored Frontiers Co-operative Banking Award 2007 in alternative channel for year 2007. Bank also got nomination in Wide Area Networking, Core Banking Solution, Product Innovation. Bank has 4 biometrics based ATM functional in Jalgaon.

  • Mercury dips with hope of Monsoon raining: Bhusawal touches 38 degrees
  • Pratibhatai Patil to fill in Presidential nomination on 23rd June
  • NMU closes Competitive studies Centers in Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar following depressed response
  • MBA CET Option forms filling process begins, refer DTE website for details
  • Cottonomics 2007: State Cotton buying to begin on 02nd October

17th June:
Thundershowers in entire District: One killed:

Jalgaon District many areas witnessed thundershowers to heavy raining yesterday. Jalgaon city witnessed showers at around 4PM while lightning caused death of an old age person at Dharangaon. Raining in Yaval Taluka has damaged standing crop.
Arrival of monsoon rain showers has spread joy in farmers and most of them have begun cultivation process.

Jalgaon City Development Plan of Rs. 2,107 Crores in final phases:
Corporation Administration is in final phases of approving and structuring Jalgaon City Development Plan (CDP) as a mandatory requirement of Central Government sponsored Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Rehabilitation Scheme grants. The proposed City Development plan has provisions of Rs. 2,107 Crores and 68 Lakhs with 292 Crores for water supply, cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation projects worth Rs. 217 Crores, 232 Crores for water storage, waste recycling and management worth Rs. 89 Crores. It also has Historic and ancient monuments and places protection plans worth Rs. 11.32 Crores, ecology improvement projects worth Rs. 11.69 Crores, Slum area development worth Rs. 181 Crores. Central Government avails 90% grants for this development plan and rest 10% is to be spared by Corporation.
This plan has two flyovers in city, five underground roads, pedestrian passage along with roads, water supply, cleanliness all taken into consideration. This plan once approved by Administrative body would go to State Government. Starting up of Waghur dam water supply will close Girana dam supply to Corporation. As a result, it plans to develop Girana Pumping Station as one of picnic spots in city.

Around Rs. 85 Crores turnover in seeds sales this season:
Jalgaon District Agricultural Department has estimated 8.25 Lakh hectares area under cultivation for this Kharip season. Cotton remains highest preferred cultivation followed by others. Authorities estimate around 70 Crores cottonseeds sales while that of 15 Crores of other seeds.
Jalgaon District had 8.50 Lakh packets of B. T. Cotton sold in last year for 4.28 Lakhs hectare Cotton cultivation. Department expects addition of around 20% to this quantity with around 10 Lakh packets expected to sale.
Genetics Engineering Approval Committee approval system has led to entry of 22 companies with 74 brands of B. T. Cotton and this competitiveness would help farmers in terms of cost and quality benefit.

News Media teams arrive in Jalgaon:
The recent announcement of nomination of Pratibhatai Patil as U.P.A. Nominee for President Post has made Jalgaon as a center of attraction for news media. Print Media and Television media teams have entered Jalgaon with ambition to cover best and in-depth of her family, her life style and upbringing. Many teams even visited her native place in Nadgaon in Bodwad Taluka to trace her ancestors and cover them in media.
NDTV, Zee News, IBN-7, E-TV, Star News, Doordarshan and many have arrived with OB vehicles to cover her family feelings and give more coverage about her. Google Alerts hardly sending one or two Jalgaon alerts now has more than 3/ 4 alerts daily for Jalgaon with most of links covering her news, family etc.

  • Corporation to begin Shivaji Chowk renovating work today with Private Party support
  • Bhusawal Karate Players demonstrate excellent performance in international competition at Mumbai

16th June:
JDCC Bank distributes Rs. 200 Crores Crop loans for this season:

District's apex co-operative bank Jalgaon District Central Co-operative Bank has distributed Rs. 200 Crores Crop loans in mere two months to around 125,000 farmers in district. Bank now has 3.50 Lakh farmer members.
Bank has availed these loans at mere 4% interest rates as per State Policy. It availed 325 Crores loan in last season as compared to its targeted 300 Crores. Bank began loans distribution from 01st April and paced up distribution from May first week.

JDCC finalises Vasanth Sugar factory for rental:
JDCC Bank Administration has finalised availing financially ill Vasant Co-operative Sugar factory for a lease of five years to Gangamai Sugar factory from Ghatnandra (Sillod). It has further sent terms and conditions detail to factory and awaiting its acceptance. Vasanth Sugar factory is closed down since last 8 years and was finally taken into possession on 04th January 2006.
Bank received bids of Rs. 1 Crore and 75 Lakhs Annual rentals for this factory and has accepted Rs. 1 Crore offer. Announcement of reopening has spread joy amongst farmers in the region and has raised hopes of good rates to their sugarcane crop in upcoming times.

Raining in Jalgaon District, lightning kills one:
Jalgaon District's Yaval, Bodwad, Savda and Faizpur witnessed raining yesterday while Amalner and Parola witnessed showering. Lightning in Tornala (Jamner) caused death of an old age woman. The cyclonic winds severely damaged standing banana crop at Nagardeola in Chalisgaon. Authorities have begun losses estimation. Savda region witnessed raining for around 30 minutes in evening while Yaval had showering in evening.
Amalner Taluka has witnessed highest of this monsoon until now with 73.02mm raining (3.42%). Chalisgaon Taluka has witnessed 53mm raining by now. Jalgaon District witnessed 10,535mm Historic high raining last year during 01st June until 31st October 2006. Farmers this year have cultivated cotton in around 10,000 hectares area.

State Secretary - District Officers Video Conferencing on Disaster Management plan:
Maharashtra State Secretariat is taking video conferencing call today with District Administration officers to discuss various steps and measures taken for disaster and natural calamities control. This call is at 11AM in District Collectorate and would have presence of Irrigation Department Superintendent Engineer, Rural Water supply department, Hatnur irrigation department, Waghur Irrigation Department

  • District's 48th new Superintendent of Police to join on 18th June
  • Corporation likely to finalise on Octroi Tender on Monday
  • NMU to announce M. Sc. Admission Merit List on 26th June, College from 15th July

15th June:
Highest Rejoice time for Jalgaon District: Pratibhatai nominated for President Post:

Thursday marked one of most golden moments of Jalgaon District with announcement of its native Pratibhatai Patil nominated as a candidate for Presidential election by United Progressive Alliance (UPA). She will became India's first Lady President and Maharashtra's first ever candidate and district's pride to reach highest constitutional post if elected.
Tai marked this announcement as one of most pleasing surprise gift of life as she is currently enacting as Governor of Rajasthan state. This announcement spread joy, pleasure all around district, and was celebrated with crackers and distributing sweets all around. Her likely selection as President of India has raised new hopes for Jalgaonities overall development and automated resolution to burning issues of district like Drinking water, Electricity and Airport works.

MHT-CET Exam: Sonal Patil tops with 195 marks:
Maharashtra State Health Sciences, Engineering and Pharmacy joint Entrance Exam MHT-CET 2007 result arrived yesterday. Sonal Laxminarayan Patil from M. J. College has topped District with 195 out of 200 marks in Health Sciences along with Ajinkya Shard Patil topping Engineering with 190 marks. College's 19 students have scored above 170 marks in medical branch and 44 students have secured above 160 marks in engineering stream.

Health Authorities gear up for viral diseases spread control:
Jalgaon District Health Authorities have begun their preparations for control of viral diseases spread during raining season. Last year Jalgaon witnessed one of worst viral disease "Chicken Gunya" having pained a lot. It killed two and paralysed many in routine functionality giving hefty joints pain.
Most of disease outcome in district has been through polluted drinking water supply. Health Authorities have started waterborne diseases awareness camps from 15th May throughout region with help of primary healthcare centers and Panchayats. It also plans to send water samples of every village per month for analytical testing.
There are two 24 hours Medical panels actively functional in district along with one additional district health authority. District Civil Hospital now has a special viral spread diseases control room along with all necessary facilities. Authorities have urged to immediately contact nearest Primary health centre in disease outcome or contact district civil hospital at 0257-2229593.

Lightning kills one, injures another, raining at many places:
The sudden lightning followed by raining has killed one and injured another in Karanjgaon in district. District's many Taluka witnessed medium showery raining yesterday evening around 3PM-4PM.
Chalisgaon city has witnessed raining for around 45 minutes while Jamner had raining for one hour and Shendurni witnessed its first raining.

Pratibhatai Patil: Sincerity and hard work achiever:
Nadgaon (Bodwad) native Pratibhatai Patil's political journey has reached milestone achievement with her being nominated for President Post. She has completed her M. A. and L. L. B. and has been Alumnae of R. R. School and M. J. College Jalgaon. She began her political career in 1962 in Congress Party and was elected as Jalgaon MLA in 1962 and worked as Home Guards commander.
She was inducted in State Ministry from 1962 until 1967. She has been elected four times from MuktaiNagar in 1962, 1967 to 1980. Later she was appointed as Leader of Opposition in State Assembly in 1979 and then in Rajyasabha in 1985. She was elected as Rajyasabha deputy head. She got elected as MP in Amravati in 1991 and then got appointed as Governor of Rajasthan in 2004.
Her other contributions to district includes setting of Bambhori Engineering College and actively support in establishing MuktaiNagar Sugar factory.

  • NMU Arts faculty all years result today, refer NMU website
  • District's all Schools to reopen from today
  • Corporation standing committee meeting on 18th June: To discuss on water supply and other development works

14th June:
Rain showers eases humid climate:

Entire Jalgaon District witnessed medium showery raining yesterday evening for more than half an hour. Raining climate began in evening with winds flowing around followed by showers continued until mid-night. Jalgaon, Amalner, Parola, Bhadgaon, Pachora, Erandol, Dharangaon, Jamner and Yaval Taluka have reported rain showers.

Electricity situation grim further:
Jalgaon District is back on trails of agony and anguish in terms of basic resources. State Electricity Distribution has restarted hectic load shedding in entire District. City areas are now having 8-10 hours load shedding while rural areas have 14-16 hours if irregular load shedding. This has drastically affected routine life and sent back into darkness and anguish.

Corporation likely to finalise 55.78 Crores tender:
Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation has received various Tenders for upcoming year's Octroi Tender of Jalgaon City. It includes Rs. 55 Crores 78 Lakhs 92 Thousand highest bid from existing Octroi Tender Contractor followed by 55 Crores 71 Lakhs from Second Party and third bid of Rs. 50 Crores. State Government is yet to announce its plan and measures for removing of Octroi Tax from Corporations.

MHT-CET 2007 Result today:
Maharashtra State Health Sciences, Engineering and Pharmacy Joint Common Entrance Test Result are being announced today at DMER Website. This Entrance Test has achieved more significance following discontinuation of HSC Exam Merit list from this year.

Corporation to form Hawker's Zone in City:
Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation is in plans to setup Hawkers zone to control increasing road traffic disturbances due to hawkers on road. It is likely to finalise Open Space in front of Old Weekly Market. City's Golani Complex, Subhash Chowk, Ghanekar Chowk and Dana Bazaar Areas have huge numbers of hawkers placing their sales on road causing road blockages. It is likely to begin anti-encroachment drive followed by announcement of hawker's zone.

  • District Health Authorities alerts from Chicken Gunya Fever
  • Bhusawal Athlete R. B. Bhavar selected for International Senior's Competition at Italy

13th June:
Dam water levels dip down:

Arrival of Mruga Nakshatra and no raining at all has sent sign of delayed raining to district farmers. District's major water reserving dam have also shown lowering water levels. District Administration for first time availed Girana dam water release for cotton crop to farmers. This helped Girana dam bank living farmers and four Taluka with 176 villages dependent on Girana.
Girana dam has 24.36% water storage while Hatnur has 11.08%, Bhokarbari has 15.96%, Suki has 46.98%, Tondapur has 23.65%, Hivra has 5.78%, Mangrul has 11.05% and Bahula has 13.92% water storage.

District Administration submits Rs. 5 Crores Losses report to State Government:
Jalgaon District Administration has sent detailed losses report to State Government for recent cyclonic winds crop damages in Raver and Yaval Taluka. District's Yaval and Raver witnessed cyclonic winds two to three times in last 15 days or so leading to severe damages to standing banana crop.
The report has estimated 108.71 hectares area and 74 farmers witnessed severe losses. Administration and Parent Minister has urged State Authorities to avail compensation based on sugarcane compensation pattern of Rs. 25,000 per hectare.

Corporation standing committee approves Rs. 108 Crores Annual Expenditure for year 2006-07:
Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation has approved Administration's financial year 2006-07 Annual Expenditure of 107 Crores 41 Lakhs 39 Thousand 431 Rupees. Corporation expedited 101 Crores 37 Lakhs 86 Thousand 854 Rupees during the year. This includes Employees and staff Salary along with temporary establishments worth Rs. 36.17 Crores followed by Cleanliness Contract of Rs. 2.87 Crores, Government dues worth Rs. 6.24 Crores paid, Loan repayments of Rs. 9.43 Crores, Finance Commission Provision of Rs. 2.34 Crores. It also includes Diesel - Petrol Expenditure worth Rs. 96.99 Lakhs, Corporators honorarium worth Rs. 50.70 Lakhs, various water supply works worth Rs. 3.50 Crores, Waghur Project expenditure of Rs. 15.56 Crores, Electricity Expenses of Rs. 59.50 Lakhs, New Roads and repair works worth Rs. 1.82 Crores etc.

  • District Agricultural Department reports: 97,000 metric tones fertilizers available in district for crops

12th June:
District schools to reopen on 15th June:

Jalgaon District's all Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Schools will reopen on 15th June 2007 following directive issues by State Government. This year has been special for Educational Sector in Jalgaon District following arrival of two new branded and quality focusing schools. These schools have been selling their seats based on quality of resources they have been availing. Both schools have No Homework, breakfast and lunch at school and all new approach towards schooling.
These schools include Jain Group's Anubhuti International School at Shirsoli Road and Ramkrishna Saraswati Gurukul English Medium School at Umale. Both have Rs. 1 Lakh and 35,000 fees per annum respectively. Other Convent English Medium schools and CBSE pattern schools have also improved up their style and overall presentation and have around 6,000 to 8,000 per annum fees and are located in Jalgaon city.

District Administration Orders cancelling of Load Shedding in Dam areas:
Jalgaon District Administration in Disaster Control Committee review meeting has ordered cancelling of Load Shedding in Dam areas and availing options of secondary backup for the same. Meeting had presence and participation of District Collectorate, Tahsil officers, Irrigation Department, Police Department, RTO, Tapi Irrigation Authorities, Public Works Department, all Council Officers, Home Guard Office and Electricity Distribution Company Authorities.
District has division-wise Monsoon raining measuring devices setup and the meet has further instructed offices to immediately update such statistics on regular basis. It has further instructed all Councils and Corporation to clear encroachments on Nala and water outlets to avoid possible water logging in city areas.

NMU announces results of various Exams:
North Maharashtra University Jalgaon has announced its result for M. Sc., M.S.W., M. Lib, M. Com., B. Ed. and B. Lib exams. Please refer respective College or NMU website for detailed result information thereof.

  • Delaying Monsoon raining causes panic to District farmers
  • Corporation Commissioner Transfer Order yet waited
  • D. Ed. Admission Craze: 2,799 Applications sold, 221 duly filled forms received

11th June:
Banana rates dip by 200 Rupees to Six-month lowest:

Increasing temperature in Northern India along with good inflow of Mango has led to drop in rates of Khandesh region banana. Region's banana rates have dropped by two hundred rupees per quintal in last week itself. The new rates for banana are 210 Rupees per quintal with 6 Rupees difference pricing. This is six months lowest rates to Khandesh region banana after touching peak.
Jalgaon District's good quality banana has wonderful demands in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttaranchal. These states are reportedly witnessing increasing in mercury scale in last few days thereby lowering down this demand. District's banana touched historic high of Rs. 720 per quintal rate on 24th April 2007 with 16 Rupees difference totaling to 816 Rupees per quintal.

Corporation Commissioner transferred to Kalyan:
Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation Commissioner has been transferred to Kalyan-Dombivali Corporation Commissioner Post. As he was on leave for two days, official Order is yet to confirm. He is likely to rejoin Jalgaon today and get official order for joining new post. He joined Jalgaon Corporation in July 2006.
However, State Government has not yet notified/ ordered appointment of new Commissioner to Jalgaon. Jalgaon Corporation continues to witness bad luck in terms of good ruling and discipline.

Desperate need of Monsoon's first shower:
Entire Jalgaon district and Khandesh region has been witnessing one of most humid times with humidity touching all times high. Jalgaon region yesterday evening had cloudy atmosphere all around raising hopes of first shower of Monsoon. However, winds took away all and finally left hectic heat and humid climate. Last few days have raised mercury scale to 40 Degrees causing intense heat back in afternoon times.

Conference on First Year Engineering and Pharmacy Admission in Government Polytechnic:
Maharashtra State Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) is conducting a Conference on Guidelines for Admission to First Year Engineering and Pharmacy Courses for Academic year 2007-08 at Government Polytechnic Jalgaon from 11AM until 2PM. Authorities have urged willing Students and parents to attend in large numbers.

  • Sindhi Community Telephone Directory Published in Jalgaon
  • Corporation standing committee meeting today: To discuss on 25 topics on agenda

10th June:
Increasing number of Blood related diseases in Khandesh region:

Khandesh region has increasing number of reports of blood related disease in recent times especially in Ladies. Media reports reveals that imbalanced diet followed by very low to nil fitness awareness remains major cause of such disease.
These diseases include Blood Pressure, Blood Cancer on top along with many others in 14 to 25 age group girls and women. A whopping 22% of Nandurbar district's backward communities Ladies have anemia disease.

Cyclonic winds causes 5.07 Crores loses to Yaval Taluka:
The last week arrived cyclonic wind in Yaval Taluka has caused five Crores 6 Lakhs 67 thousand 480 Rupees losses to farmers. The Tahsil office primary report has estimated these figures based on site surveys. It has further estimated losses to 266.69 hectares of standing crop land. Region is yet to get District/ State Government compensation for this loss.

District Co-operative Board conducted Conference:
Jalgaon District Co-operative Board is conducting a Conference in Agricultural Produces Marketing Committee (APMC) on Second Model Co-operative Act on 11th June, 10AM to celebrate its 17th Anniversary.

Naeem Akhtar win runner-up in State Carom Competition:
Jalgaon player Naeem Akhtar has won runner up award in recently conducted State Carom Competition in Under-14 Category at Dadar (Mumbai). With this he has now qualified for National Sub-Junior Competition to be played at Faridabad from 02nd until 07th July.

  • D. Ed. Admission craze: 966 applications for CET sold in just two days
  • State Electricity Distribution Company gives administrative approval to setting up 3 Sub-Stations in Raver Taluka
  • District Parent Minister in Jalgaon today: To visit Yaval Cyclonic wind affected area
  • Rotary Club Midtown and Hariom Club organized District-Level Swimming Competition today

09th June:
HSC Results: Jalgaon's Bhushan Chaudhari secures First Rank in Nashik Division:

HSC Results 2007 has been a glorious Result Day for Jalgaonities with Bhushan Suresh Chaudhari, a student of M. J. College Jalgaon securing First Rank throughout Nashik Division by scoring 94.50% marks followed by Sanket Sudhir Joshi securing Second Rank in Board with 94.33% marks.
Jalgaon student Ajinkya Maheshwari has topped Science faculty in Board with a score of 92.33% marks. Amalner student Prachi Bahugune has secured First Rank in Arts faculty with 85.83% in Nashik Division while its student Bhushan Deshmukh scored 82.50% and topped Nashik Division Handicapped Category students and Chalisgaon student Arpita Panpatil topped backward category students with 91.33% marks.

District Planning and Development Committee (DPDC) Election postponed:
State Authorities have issued postponement E-mail to District Administration on conducting Election for DPDC Members election. The DPDC Election process has Corporation, Council and ZP Elected Members as Voters to select Committee members. Earlier State issued order on 20th May to initiate and finish off Election process by 20th July.

HSC Results 2007 Jalgaon District statistics:
HSC Result 2007 has come up with a glorious way out for Jalgaon district with many of its students on top of various faculties and category listing. Bhadgaon Taluka is top on performance chart with 89.08% percentile and Raver on lowest with 50.46%. None of the College in district achieved 100% score and there are 4 Colleges in 0-10% category.
Jalgaon Taluka has passing percentile of 47.98% wherein Jalgaon Corporation area had 53.26% result. In all 28,934 students from 174 Junior Colleges in District appeared for this exam at 48 Centers and 19,017 has passed making score to 65.73%. Repeaters had a bad time with mere 15.98% result. Regular Science faculty had 87.14%, Arts - 56.10% and Commerce had 71.94% along with MCVC scoring 47.86%.

  • Colleges Graduation/ Post-Graduation Admission Processes begins in District
  • Fire catches on Bhusawal Railway Canteen: Losses worth Rs. 40,000 estimated

08th June:
HSC 2007 Results:

Maharashtra State Board of High Secondary Education is announcing HSC 2007 result today. Results would be availed at Board Website http://mahresult.nic.in from 11AM onwards and would be availed at Colleges on the same time. Board is discounting display of Merit List system from this year. Jalgaon's 37,754 students appeared from 48 Centers across District. Board has also changed Reattempt parameters and failed student would now be able to attempt thrice only.

Corporation announces disaster management committees:
Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation has announced its measures for upcoming Monsoon 2007 disaster control committees. It has begun widespread efforts by cleaning up Nala and waste outlets. Old Jalgaon City's two main Nala i.e. Lendi Nala and Davandya Nala in Pimprala outpour every year during Monsoon causing severe damages and troubles to residents in those zones. Corporation has begun cleaning up these Nala right from April end.

Natraj Cinema Theatre ends it journey:
Jalgaon city's one of prominent movie theatre Natraj is closing down its operation from today. Natraj theatre located behind New Bus stand in Omkar Nagar started in 1971 with famous Hindi movie 'Purab-Pashchim'. The 30,000 square feet spread Theatre has been sold to a Pune Builder and it is yet to announce its decision on continuing/ renovation of the theatre.

NMU to start 11 New Courses from this Year:
North Maharashtra University Jalgaon is starting 11 new courses from this upcoming Academic year. It is beginning Admission process of all Courses from 08th June. New Courses are M.A. Music, M. A. Drama, M. Ed., M. P. Ed. Physical, M. Sc. Physical Chemistry, M. Sc. Geo Science, B. Sc. Economics (Five years integrated Course), M. A. Social Science, M. A. Defence, M. A. Psychology along with Diploma in Actuarial Science.

  • Corporation Standing Committee meeting on 12th June: Likely to decide on Bal-Gandharva Open Theatre
  • Jalgaon facts: Jalgaon city drinks 75,000 Liters of milk every day

07th June:
Maharashtra Airport Development Authority demands more land for Airport development:

Maharashtra Airport Authority has demanded around 300 acres of more land for developing International Standards Airport at Jalgaon. The announcement came at a review meeting having presence of District Collectorate, Corporation Commissioner, Authority Vice Chairman, Nashik Divisional Revenue Commissioner and MIDC Authorities.
Currently Jalgaon Airport has 100 acres of land at Kusumba and is far near to Ajanta Caves. Authorities further expressed need of International Standards Airport as Ajanta attracts thousands of foreign tourists every year. Airport Development Authority has expressed its concern to develop Airport only after getting ample space.

HSC 2007 Result tomorrow:
Maharashtra State Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board is announcing HSC 2007 results tomorrow i.e. on 08th June. Result would be availed at Board website on 11AM and at colleges on 3PM.

Lightning kills three youth in District:
Nashirabad's two youth along with Amadde youth have been killed following lightning. Jalgaon District is witnessing showery medium raining since last two days in many areas along with cyclonic winds in some parts. This pre-monsoon raining along with cyclonic winds has severely affected standing crop with estimates of around 8 Crores losses to Yaval Taluka and also disrupted road traffic in many places.

  • Corporation's second Citizen's Day today, Planning and Development Committee meeting tomorrow

06th June:
Showery raining in Jalgaon district:

Entire Jalgaon district has witnessed rain showering later in evening. Showers began with stormy winds and led to around 30 minutes medium to low showers in entire region. Yaval Taluka witnessed cyclonic winds followed by heavy raining. This led to damages to standing banana crop. Authorities are yet to survey and estimate the losses.

Soil Water Survey Organisation reports increase in groundwater level:
The District Soil Water survey Organisation has reported an increase in ground water level in Jalgaon District's 14 Taluka excluding Bhusawal. Bhusawal Taluka has decline in soil water levels.
Authorities have surveyed 178 well in Taluka and have compared last five years statistics. Jalgaon District had around 150-200% raining in last year added with mega-flooding to Tapi, Girana Rivers twice. This has led to considerable overflow of water in region's main water storage dam like Girana and Hatnur dam along with 12 Irrigation projects having 100% water storage.
The report further estimates Bhusawal Taluka with decline of water levels by 1.03 meters, MuktaiNagar with net increase of 1.21 meters, Raver - 1.97m, Bodwad - 0.17m, Yaval - 7.71m, Jamner - 0.67, Jalgaon - 2.08, Dharangaon - 3.14, Erandol - 1.02, Chopda - 2.47, Amalner - 1.92, Parola - 1.35, Pachora - 0.96, Bhadgaon - 1.78 and Chalisgaon with 3.27 meters water level increase.

World Environment Day celebrated in Jalgaon:
World Environment Day is United Nations flagship environmental event, celebrated every year on 5 June in more than 100 countries around the world. The United Nations General Assembly established it in 1972. The purpose of World Environment Day is to focus worldwide attention on the importance of the environment and stimulate political attention and action.
The World Environment Day slogan selected for 2007 is Melting Ice - a Hot Topic? In support of International Polar Year, the WED theme selected for 2007 focuses on the effects that climate change is having on polar ecosystems and communities, and the ensuing consequences around the world.
Many of Jalgaon based Industries like Raymond and others celebrated this event with active Plantation and awareness events on Environment.

Yawal's Mugdha Dabir tops in University in B. Sc. Bio-technology:
PO Nahata College Bhusawal Student and Yaval native Mugdha Pradeep Dabir has topped North Maharashtra University in B. Sc. Bio-Technology Course. University announced this result yesterday. She has scored 896 out of 1200 marks with 74.66% percentile.

  • Jalgaon Airport Development work meeting today: Collector, Commissioner to attend meeting
  • Banana rates dips down to 360 Rupees per Quintal rate
  • District Handball Association conducted Selection Test on 07th June: Team to participate in State Junior Handball Competition

05th June:
Humid climate uncomforting living:

Increasing concerting, large number of vehicles and decreasing ratio of plantation and greenery is leading to continuous increase in Jalgaon City temperature. Jalgaon city's climate now has more SPM as prescribed in standard parameters.
Jalgaon city every year touches 46-47 degrees temperature during May month and this increase in temperature continues every year. Jalgaon city has expanded in all dimensions in last decade. Increasing urbanization and shopping complexes has led to cutting down of trees in large numbers thereby resulting in imbalance in ecology. This factor is also leading to increased humidity in the weather with percentile factors of around 67% humidity in daytime. Dust remains another major block for Jalgaonities with most of roads especially Highways having large amount of dust and smoke being spread through Air during heavy motor vehicle driving. There is an intense need of immediate action plan preparation and groundwork with thinking above Shopping Complexes mentality in City to maintain it clean and green in real terms.

State Transport System in Jalgaon District: A review:
Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) is entering in to 61st year. The State Transport has availed 98.84% buses coverage in Jalgaon District and has a theme of availing best of customer services with smile and care. Jalgaon and Dhule Depots started in 1948 and were separated on 15th February 1971 following increased coverage demands from Jalgaon. Jalgaon Division has 11 depot, 12 permanent type bus stands, 7 temporary bus stands, 14 traffic control rooms, one BOT basis Bus Stand and a force of 4,710 employees.

Railway Traffic normalise on Nagpur - Mumbai route:
Railway Authorities have cleared up Sunday incidence goods train wagon derailed coaches from both UP and DOWN tracks. This has smoothened traffic on both sides and is expected to regularize in next two days. Authorities are now sending trains one by one with war-level works going on to restore overhead electricity supply broken in this incidence. It has also appointed a committee to enquire into Incidence.

  • North Maharashtra University B. Ed., M. Com results on 07th June.
  • District Democracy Day: 107 Complaints received.
  • District Administration announces District Planning and Development Committee Electoral Roll.
  • Jalgaon RTO Office announces new Number Service for Two-Wheelers: MH-19 AL-0001 to 9999.

04th June:
Goods Train derail at Bodwad: Nagpur - Mumbai route disrupts:

Goods train moving from Bhusawal towards Chandrapur has derailed near Bodwad Railway Station. This empty train's 18 wagons were derailed at 5.15PM on Sunday leading to complete blockage on Nagpur - Mumbai route. Bhusawal Divisional Authorities continued their war-level efforts to smoothen the traffic by moving away wagons from track. Meanwhile railways have cancelled many a trains on this route and have diverted a few via Itarsi. There have been no human losses in this incidence and Authorities have cancelled Bhusawal - Nagpur Passenger train until smoothening of route.

District's many medium/ small irrigation projects awaiting Government funds:
Jalgaon District's many a small and medium sized dam are yet waiting for Government funds to complete its tail end. It includes Waghur, Mor, Anjani, Padalsare of large sizes. Most of the projects are in final stage needs and completion of these projects would significantly improve overall economy of district.
Yaval's 49 Crores Mor project is pending and being stretched since last 30 years and has 40 Crores already spent. Completion of this project would avail water for 1,500 hectares of land. It is likely to complete by next year.
Erandol Taluka's 85 Crores Anjani Project has 60 Crores already spent and rest work is expected to complete by this Monsoon. Mangrul Project is ready to benefit 1,500 hectares land in region.
Bahula dam's additional canal work is in progress and completion would benefit 2,500 hectares. Shelgaon barrage and Gul Project seems delaying because of funds availability and is likely to take another 2/3 years period. Gul Project is sized at 65 Crores with a net expenditure of 36 Crores already done. Shelgaon barrage is estimated at 200 Crores and has 60 Crores already spent. Amalner's Padalsare dam is also in moreover same status with requirement of around 293 Crores fund.

Jalgaon's four selected in Indian Tennis Ball Cricket team:
Jalgaon District's four players have been selected in Indian Tennis Ball Cricket team for National Sub-Junior Tennis Ball Cricket Competition at Gorakhpur. These players are Varun Jadhav (Bhusawal), Yogesh Thosare, Amol Shurpatne (MuktaiNagar) in Indian Junior Team.

03rd June:
Jalgaon Airport Development meeting on 06th June:

Maharashtra State Urban Development Ministry and Maharashtra Airport Development Authority are meeting on 06th June to discuss development of Jalgaon Airport. State Government took back Jalgaon Airport from Corporation following no development of Airport being done in more than 3 years period.
The proposed 41-hectares Jalgaon Airport would have Night Landing facility, Pilot Training Academy etc. amongst its resources. Corporation Commission is attending this meeting.

Raining throughout Jalgaon District: City remains dry:
Jalgaon District's many area witnessed showery raining yesterday evening. Lightning at Bambhori Bk in Dharangaon Taluka led to death of a person and injured one. Jalgaon city remained cloudy throughout day and humid weather. Amalner Taluka had medium showery raining during 6-7PM period while Chalisgaon has mild showers. Bhadgaon and Pachora remained cloudy throughout day.

Corporation to get 6.67 Crores more funds for Waghur dam project:
Maharashtra State Government is availing a special fund of Rs. 6.67 Crores fund for speedy completion of Waghur dam project. It has referred Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran for availing a total of Rs. 39.25 Crores fund for this project. The Pradhikaran has already availed 32.58 Crores and rest of 6.67 Crores would be availed as budgetary allocations.
Corporation has earned 40.32 Lakhs from sanctioning 183 Constructions/ development works, 36 blocks issue and 6 land acquisitions for the period from 01st April until 31st May 2007.

Devastated state of Corporation schools:
Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation (JCMC) has topped fourth rank throughout State in implementing Education for All Drive. The one-side brighter paper work has equally dark other side with lowering quality of resources in such schools.
JCMC has around 50 Schools in Jalgaon city and most of them as of have degrading state buildings and lowest to medium qualified staffing for education. Corporation Education Board having passed Education for All Drive in merit has failed with almost zero score in this practical status of quality of schooling.
Jalgaon city having witnessing education boom with arrival of so many private schools in pre-primary, primary, secondary schooling has no concrete plans to avail good quality of education for weaker and needy section of society through such schooling.
Government applies most of Laws and Standards for Private schools but has failed to apply the same level-playing aspect to Government schooling with always-woe financial status. It has enough capacity/ management to get loans/ funds for setting up not at all required Shopping Complexes, but has no time and interest in improving quality of education.

Maharashtra Chalkball Team wins National Competition: Includes Jalgaon's 5:
Maharashtra Chalk Ball team has won recently conducted Senior Chalk Ball Competition at Nashik. The team included Jalgaon's Anil Kulkarni, Sharad Marathe, Dhansingh Pawar, Rahul Mulik and Harshal Kate. Team defeated Karnataka Boys in final round.

  • Democracy Day at District Collectorate tomorrow
  • MCA Open Category Cricket Competition at Jalgaon: Dhule gets lead of 37 runs in first inning against Vijay Club Pune
  • Jalgaon Police Boys gets 3 Gold, 2 Silver medals at State Karate Competition

02nd June:
New provisions likely to make Housing scheme double costlier:

Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation recent decision on housing scheme completion has sent signs of woes for Jalgaonities. Corporation standing committee yesterday approved a fund of Rs. 3.80 Crores for completion of its pending Housing scheme of 672 houses in Mehrun area on Bhusawal Highway road. Corporation claims to earn good money from selling off these houses. The proposed pending works in this housing scheme are water supply, underground drainage systems, electrical fitting, roads etc. and it is still unclear what amount of money Corporation could earn from selling these gizmo houses.
It has already expedited 3.19 Crores on this project and spending Rs. 3.80 Crores more would take it in further debt in spite of no concrete proposal and policy to sell out. This decision would further generate heat amongst opposition and Jalgaonities amidst no concrete developments done by Corporation stating inadequate funds to do so.

District Planning and Development Committee Election in July:
Jalgaon District Administration has urged State Government to extend DPDC Election process scheduled in July. Meanwhile it is in process of finalising Electoral roll for this Election and would publish on 11th June. State Planning Committee has ordered all District Collectorate to complete this election process by 20th July.
Interestingly for the first time after 7 years, District Planning and Development committee would be elected members with publicly elected candidates i.e. Councillors and Corporators to remain as Voters in this process. There are three constituencies for this election i.e. Rural, Urban and Corporation area constituencies and all District Council, Councils and Corporation elected members are voters.

  • District Council's around 1,000 Primary Teachers to get transfers based on their requests
  • NMU Fees Review Committee meeting on 09th June, to discuss on reduction in fees

01st June:
Shirpur and Nardana get SEZ Approval, Jalgaon mum over political infirmity to get SEZ:

Central Government has formally approved Maharashtra's 8 Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Proposals that include Shirpur SEZ having Shirpur Gold Refinery Alankar Project and Nardana (District Dhule) based Astrol Coke and Projects Ltd Textile unit. Announcement of two SEZ in Dhule District has shoot out property rates in the entire zone and made entire Jalgaon mum over its political weakness to express the desire and fight to get such a wonderful Employment oriented, growth catalyst projects. Dhule has also received Nashik - Dhule Four Lane Express Highway approval that would considerably minimise Dhule - Nashik - Mumbai road travel time and boost its economy in multi-fold manner.

Jalgaon's Banana worth Rs. 2 Crores damaged in Rajasthan violence:
Recent violent turnout in Rajasthan has led to traffic blockages at many places leading to huge losses to In-transit Banana to Rajasthan. This violence reflection in Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh has further lead to mounting damages of transit fruit. There are around 150 trucks in transit and around 50 have returned following these incidences. This has led to dropping of rates in local markets and has reached 400 Rs. Per quintal.

Corporation standing committee meeting review:
Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation standing committee met yesterday to discuss various projects in run. Amongst hottest and most debated projects approved was pending Corporation Housing scheme in Mehrun area. Standing committee in spite of sharp protest from Opposition and existing housing case under Court-Scanner approved Rs. 3.80 Crores works for completion of this pending housing scheme of 672 houses in Mehrun area. Corporation has plans not to avail these houses free but to sell out these after completion of electricity and drainage works. It has already expedited Rs. 3.19 Crores for this housing scheme began long ago.
Standing committee has targeted 55 Crores 70 Lakhs 23,500 Rupees new Octroi tender for financial year 2007-08 with a basis of 10% increase compared to last year. Committee also approved Rs. 2.75 Lakhs fund for Bal-Gandharva Open theatre renovation work. Amongst other approved topics include setting up electricity supply line from MIDC Sub-Station, Budget printing expenditure, Ladies Corporators Training Programme at Panaji (Goa), opening up of tender for solar lights in City.

Kharip Plantation preparations in final stages: Authorities aim at reducing cotton cultivation:
Jalgaon District farmers have reach final stages of preparations for Kharip plantation and are now looking forward and praying for good monsoon this year. Agricultural Department Authorities have estimated around 821,300 hectares area under Kharip cultivation this season. Department has further plans to reduce cotton cultivation in this season following lowering demand of cotton and no special rate benefits to farmers.
District farmers last year had 801,793-hectare area under Kharip including 428,302 hectare in cotton cultivation along with 81,000 hectares in grains. Authorities have estimated 60,000 hectares addition to grains cultivation this season and a net reduction of 67,602 hectares in cotton and 3,995 hectares in sugarcane. It is also undertaking special drive to educate farmers to take five quintal produces in one-acre land. There are adequate seeds and fertilisers products available in district and JDCC Bank has begun full-fledged crop loan distribution.

Yogesh Patil scores 20th Rank in GATE 2007:
Jalgaon's native student Yogesh Suresh Patil has scored 20th rank in GATE 2007 exam recently conducted. He is currently undergoing final year education in B. Tech. At Mahatma Phule Agricultural University.

National Skating Competition: District gets 24 Medals:
Jalgaon District Skating Association members have won 11 Gold, 5 Silver and 8 Bronze medals in recently conducted All India Skating Competition at Belgaon. Players include Komal Bhirud, Anushka Patil, Amruta Sinkar, Deepali Sinkar, Rohit Sinkar, Nikhil Patil, Vishal More, Raksha Sharma, Himani Bhaltilak, Manisha Nakave, Vineeta Sinkar, Mayur Chaudhari, Neha Nayar, Ashley Nathani, Neeraj Sharma, Pravesh Joshi, Nayan Salunkhe, Jagruti Kale, Irshita Sharma, Ketan Borse, Komal Sonawane, Priyam Suratwala, Hrushil Vispute and Akshay Wani.

  • HSC result likely on 08th June, SSC likely in 20-25 June: Decision today
  • District Schools to reopen from 15th June
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