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May 2005
Jalgaon District News
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31st May:
Goodbye summer, welcome Monsoon:
The intense summer is finally passing away and the whole region is now waiting for the pleasing Monsoon 2005 experience. The District last year witnessed good monsoon raining making historic record of 100% full water in Girana dam and many others. The district continues to witness cloudy and breezy atmosphere since last 2-3 days sending a sign of relief.

Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation Standing Committee Meeting:
The JCMC Standing committee meeting scheduled on Monday finalised various topics on agenda that includes starting up Private Party Octroi Collection from 11th June 2005. It also gave internal approval for various road repairs and buying Computer systems to speed up work.

MSEB announces stopping of nighttimes Load-Shedding:
The MSEB Jalgaon Division has announced stopping of night load shedding after 8pm. Currently the Board had 6am to 9am, 7pm to 10pm, and 8pm to 11pm load shedding and effecting today all load shedding after 8pm will be stopped.
On another front, the Jalgaon District BJP makes a strong protest against ongoing Load Shedding in District and urged authorities to find immediate solution within 7 days.

30th May:
State enforces Job Reservation for Sportsman:
The State Government Authorities wide their Letter: NSP/68/ SYS-2 dated 30th April 2005 has enforced Job Reservation of 5% for Scholar sportsman in Government and Semi-Government Jobs. The eligibility for such reservation includes reservation in State Government offices for those who have participated in International Competitions, reservation in Semi-Government offices and District Level and Divisional Government and Semi-Governmental jobs for those participated in National Level Sports competitions.

29th May:
Pre-monsoon raining cools weather:
The whole of District witnessed pre-monsoon showering on Saturday night and Sunday morning, spreading signs of good monsoon raining ahead. The weather remained Cloudy throughout the day on Saturday ending up with showering to medium raining in Muktai Nagar, Bhusaval, Yaval, Faijpur, Savda, Amoda, Bamnod and many other parts of district. Sudden raining disrupted Electricity supply in many areas for hours that was stabilised early in morning. The nearby Shahada witness snowfall while Dhule and Nandurbar had showering.

Time to review Industries: Cashew Nuts Processing Plants in Jalgaon:
Competition leads to exploring new areas of opportunities. Jalgaonities are not untouched with this heat and are in continuous process of searching newer areas of work. Many Entrepreneurs have setup Konkan Cashew Nuts Processing Plants with help of State Agricultural Ministry. The Ministry offers initial technical training and Rs. 15,000 fund to start the activity. There are around 75 beneficiaries of this scheme in Jalgaon, Dhule, and Nandurbar Districts of which 52 are from Jalgaon.
These entrepreneurs buy raw inputs from Konkan and Kolhapur belt and process this here and sell out. This newly explored unorganised work needs to push more on Quality, marketing, and storage management and hence forming 'Cashew Nuts Confederation' could click much better way.

SBI launches 2 more ATM:
The Nation's largest banker State Bank of India is launching two more ATM Machines in Jalgaon city at Akashwani Chowk and Nath Plaza Complex. Both ATM will function with effect from 30th May 2005.

28th May:
H. S. C. Result on 07th June 2005:
The much awaited announcement is out. The Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education has announced Results declaration date for H. S. C. Exam 2005 as Tuesday, 07th June 2005. The Result will be availed at all respective colleges by 3pm in afternoon. Last date for filling recheck/ marks verification request is 17th June 2005.

Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation and Taluka Councils get 3.5 Crores Aid:
The Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation and 12 Taluka Municipal Councils in Jalgaon District have received a hefty sum of Rs. 3.5 Crores under 11th Pay Commission, Road and Land Taxes Aid worth Rs. 3 Crores 65 Lakhs 32 thousand 293 rupees. The District Administration has passed this State Aid to respective Councils for further utilisation.
The Topmost beneficiary remains Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation receiving 27.72 Lakhs for Road repairs, Amalner Council with 6.88 Lakhs for Road repairs and 17596 for land taxes revenues, Chalisgaon Council with 6.85 Lakhs for roads and 202,943 as Land taxes revenue, Chopda council with 24.58 Lakhs for Road repairs and 24,880 as Land taxes revenue, Pachora Council with 23.41 Lakhs and 5445 as Land revenue. Other beneficiary Councils are Dharangaon, Parola, Erandol, Yaval, Raver, Savda, Faijpur, and Jamner for Road repairs and Land revenue.
The District Administration has also received Rs. 80 Lakhs for District Employment Guarantee schemes.

North Maharashtra Level Under-15 Lolge Trophy Cricket Competition:
The Jalgaon District Cricket Association is hosting Under-15 North Maharashtra University Level Lolge Cricket Competition in Jalgaon and Bhusaval. The Inaugural Match was between Jalgaon and Dhule Teams while Bhusaval Inaugural match was between Nandurbar and Nashik.
The Jalgaon team scored 424 runs and lost 4 wickets with huge contribution of 214 runs (of 267 balls) from Sumant Dixit and 132 runs (in 187 balls) from Chandan Ranave. The Dhule Team crashed to Jalgaon's Shashank Attarde's bowling and scored just 23 runs and lost 9 wickets. Shashank took 6 wickets and his bowling analysis 5 over - 0 - 7 runs - 6 wickets smartly describe his performance.

27th May:
Jalgaon's another Lucky Guy: Sushil to Meet Amitabh Bacchan:
Luck is favouring Jalgaonities since long time. This time Sushil Sanghvi, a chap from Jalgaon will meet the Big B Amitabh Bacchan by being topper in 'Pepsi under the Crown' contest. Sushil collected two star Crowns and got a Scratch Card to try his luck.

Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation Standing Committee Meeting:
The JCMC Standing Committee meeting is scheduled on 30th May 2005 to discuss 21 various topics on agenda. Amongst major topics include Sanctioning Private Party Octroi Tender Acceptance, buying 10 Computer Systems and Printers to fast the documentation process, Contracting Private Security Agencies for 18 Guards, 3 Officers, and 6 drivers.

Jalgaon Girls get 'Madanjeet Singh Scholarship':
Sonali Ashok Pathak and Sonal Prabhakar Bhavsar (Pachora), students on Journalism Course of Yashwantrao Chavan Open University Nashik have received South Asian Foundation's Madanjeet Singh Scholarship. The reward includes $100 Scholarship for both.

Tade Village Peoples honour IAS cleared Rajesh Patil:
The Tade Taluka: Erandol community honoured Jalgaon District' only IAS cleared and its native Rajesh Patil. The honour ceremony was attended by thousands of people from the region.

26th May:
B. Ed. CET Result announced:
The Directorate of Education has announced results of Maharashtra State Bachelor of Education Course CET Exam for year 2005.The CET Exam conducted on 08th May attracted thousands of willing teacher students for 50 marks test. The Authorities will now announce Subject wise General Merit List on 30th June and Cut-off listing on 05th June 2005. The Admission process begins 12th June 2005.

Jain Acharya Ramlalji in Jamner:
The Jain Acharya PP 1008 Shri Ramlalji Maharaj along with his team is reaching Jamner city on 26th May 2005.

25th May:
Jalgaon city gets another Girana Dam Water release:
Amidst just 8 days of water storage in Girana Pumping, the District Magistrate ordered another water release from Girana Dam to Jalgaon city and Erandol. The release takes another 3-4 days to reach in Jalgaon Girana Pumping. The Jalgaon city currently gets water supply from Girana Pumping Dapora Station.

Jalgaon Under-17 Cricket Team wins Divisional Cricket Competition:
The Jalgaon Under-17 Cricket team has won Divisional Cricket Competition held at Dhule by defeating the host Dhule Team by 118 runs. The Team secured the Trophy for the second Consecutive year by staying on the top of points table. The winning performance includes significant contribution on 68 runs by Varun Deshpande and 4 wickets by Jitendra Patil and 2 each by Shashank Attarde and Parag Sarode.

Jamner Violence hearing in Final Stages:
The final hearing of June 2002 Jamner Violence is in progress in District Session Court. The District Judge has heard 18 witnesses cross Examinations. The Court has ordered 09th June 2005 as final date for remaining Witnessed hearing.

NMU Second round of Council Elections:
The Second round of NMU Council Elections for 6 each posts from 20 Professors, 47 Education Board members has begun. Last date for filling nominations is 28th May, 2pm followed by scrutiny on 30th and 31st May 2005.

24th May:
Summer horror continues: Bhusaval touches 48
The harsh summer time continues throughout the district on Monday with Bhusaval touching season's highest of 48 Degrees Centigrade, highest throughout the State. Jalgaon City also touched 46.5 Degrees mark, both making historic change in last few years. The Bhusaval city earlier in 2002 recorded 48 Degrees and 48.5 Degrees in Year 1998.

23rd May:
Jalgaon's Pannalal Sonawane wins Rs. 7.36 Crores Lottery Ticket:
The Goddess Laxmi blesses everyone by means of various opportunities and luck clicks. Jalgaon's Jainabad resident Pannalal Sonawane has won Rs. 73,676,400 in Zee Group run 'Super Lotto' lottery on 21st May. His Lucky Lottery ticket six digits were 05, 19, 29, 36, 45, and 47 bought in Jalgaon city.
With this Pannalal becomes the only lucky blessed from Jalgaon region to win such huge amount in Lottery Ticket throughout the State. Avchit Hanuman devotee Pannalal's future ambitions includes developing his native place Khedi Kadholi (Taluka: Erandol) and aiding building of Avchit Hanuman and Lord Shani Temple. He also wishes to set up a fund to aid poor and needy children for education.

MSEB DeepNagar transformer failure:
The State owned MSEB's Thermal Power Generation centre at DeepNagar Bhusaval continues to face technical problems amidst heavy electricity demand. One of its Current Transformer (CT) witnessed malfunction resulting in no electricity in nearby Bhusawal, Bodwad, Jamner, and MuktaiNagar Taluka for more than seven hours from midnight 03am to 10am. The No Electricity also hampered Water supply.

All Communities Handicapped Youth Introduction Meet on 29th May:
The Mahatma Fule Cultural Society and Unity Council is hosting a State Level youth Introduction meet for handicapped , Widowed, Divorced, Deaf/ Dumb Youth from all communities. The Programme is one of unique social reforms attempt being taken at Police Multi Purpose Hall on 29th May 2005. Those interested in participation in the Meet shall contact 0257-5611833, 9890407825, and 9422229205.

22nd May:
Khandesh's Brain designs Electronic Stick for Blinds:
Nardana, District: Dhule native Sanjay Bhatu Patil has designed a special Electronic stick that could change the way Blinds walk on streets. The Stick aimed at helping those having vision difficulties has light, Sensor, IR Transmitter, IR Receiver and Alarm facility.
The stick senses objects in direction and beeps an alarm helping out in changing path. It has special sensors for detection of water on roads, gutters, and electric current. The stick senses daylight and turns on lamp and plays music in evening. Sanjay has priced this stick at Rs. 480/- which he feels that could be further reduced if he could get good basis to experiment further and/ or it gets State/ Private Aid.
National Association for Blinds (NAB), the premiere organisation helping blinds has approved this stick usage and Sanjay has received 'Best Indigenous Experiment' Award at recently held State Level Science Exhibition.
Sanjay is currently a Faculty Member at New English Junior College, Savardi Chiplun of Konkan Belt. Team Ejalgaon wishes best of future endeavours and Progress to this Khandeshi Brain.

Region witnesses highest Summer Temperature:
The whole of Khandesh region witnessed sun burning May Heat effect on Saturday. The Bhusaval city touched to maximum of 46.5 Degrees while Jalgaon touched 45.9 Degrees making it Summer 2005 worst affliction. The extensive heat caused burning effect throughout the day making it tougher to absorb. The extensive heat caused death of two at Duskheda (Yaval Taluka) that includes one aged Man and a Woman.
The nearby Nandurbar had mercury scale on 45.2 Degrees, Malegaon on 45 Degrees, Chalisgaon on 44 Degrees, and Nashik on 41 Degrees.

Jalgaon Cricket Team wins over Nandurbar:
The Jalgaon Under-17 Cricket team has won Second Match being played against Nandurbar by 118 runs and now is on top of Points tally with 4 points in this Divisional Cricket Competition. Jalgaon's Shashank Attarde took 4 wickets in first inning and 5 wickets in second winning yielding a significant contribution in team's wining performance. The Team will now play its third and final match against host Dhule on Sunday, 22nd May.

21st May:
World Banana Council Meeting begins:
The World Banana Council Meeting begun on Friday at World Trade Centre Mumbai. The State Authorities have announced Jalgaon as Banana Export Zone and is planning to offer various amenities to farmers in the region to boost the productivity and MAHABANANA, the organisation taking care of Banana Promotion and marketing strategies. Jalgaon zone is one of largest Banana producing belt throughout the Country.

Harsh summer days:
Jalgaon's May heat is world famous as its Banana and trading community. The Jalgaonities continues to witness most distressing heat in last 3-4 days making life much harder to adjust with. The Jalgaon City and Bhusaval City are two top most heating zones with mercury crossing 43 Degrees centigrade mark since last week. The drastic heat effect begins right at 12pm in afternoon and decreases till late night. The intensifying heat causes severe water thrust and everyone drinking water keep feeling thrust throughout the whole day.

20th May:
Electoral Listing update from 20th May:
Beginning 20th May, the State Authorities are updating Electoral roll. All new eligible voters may enlist their name in this new listing by submitting request over EC website. All Indian National completing 18 years of age as on 01st January 2005 are eligible to vote. Last date of filing request is 06th June 2005.
Current Electoral listing is available at all Polling Booths throughout the State and those whose name is missing can also apply in prescribed form.

Jalgaon's Asif Khan selected in International Indian Team:
Asif Khan, a Jalgaon student will lead Indian "Six a Side" Hockey Boys Team for tournament at New York, USA later in August 2005. Before this tournament Asif played thrice for University, once for State Team and has won many awards for his hard efforts.

Seminar on VAT:
The Jalgaon District Business Confederation in association with Sales Tax department is conducting a VAT Seminar on 21st May 4pm at its VV Market Hall. The Seminar covers wide aspects of VAT and is expected to clear Business community doubts over VAT Tax.

19th May:
Jalgaonities Summer plea 'Save me from this intense heat':
The whole of district is burning alike fire with mercury touching 44 Degrees while Bhusaval city touched the 46 degrees mark making Wednesday one of hardest day to survive. The MSEB with no relief signs continued its daily 4 hours schedule in urban while 9 hours in rural area.
Water resources front has been much poorer. Pachora's Bahula and Agnavati, Parola's Bori are on Zero level while Chalisgaon's Manyad has just 1.25% water level. Pachora's Hivra dam has just 1.93% water level and rest of dam are also on lowest front.
Hatnur Dam has just 13.69%, Girana with 26%, Bhokarbari at 13.29%, Suki with 20.35%, Abhora has 31.58%, Tondapur with 17.65%, and Mangrul has just 63.91% water level.

Jalgaon's 6 students in Merit of Maths Scholarship Exam:
Jalgaon's 6 students are in merit list of Institute for Promotion of Mathematics Pune conducted Scholarship exam conducted nationwide for students from Class IV to IX. The Exam lists 150 Maths scholar students from around the Nation.
Jalgaon's Tushar Raka, Urvashi Bhalode, Jayati Athawale, Nimish Patil, Ankita Chaudhari, Rohit Bhirud are 6 Maths scholars appearing in the list.

MSEB chalks out ambitious Zero Load Shedding Plan:
The MSEB Jalgaon Division has come out with an ambitious Zero Load Shedding Plan for Jalgaon District with a State Aid of Rs. 25 Crores. The draft Plan proposes separation of existing lines into two categories i.e. Agricultural Line and Home, Business Use lines.
MSEB Statistics suggests that Jalgaon District needs input supply of 635MW and has demand supply gap of 150MW. The Authorities are aiming to achieve First phase of this ambitious plan by 30th September 2005 with first instalment of Rs. 4.56 Crores.

Jalgaon's Softball players selected in State Team:
The State Team has selected Jalgaon's Renuka Vyavhar, Meenal Mutha, Dhanshree Chaudhari, and Radhika Deshmukh for Girls team while Anil Mali, Rohan Bhavsar, Nilesh Gadhve, Pravin Shinde, and Rohit Baccherao in Boys team for upcoming National Sub-Junior Softball Competition to be played at Chandigarh from 25th May until 30th May 2005.

18th May:
Fair Skin: The personality catalyst:
Our fate chooses our relatives and this is universal truth. Many say that our skin appearance is inherited by our parental characteristics. A newborn is as fair as world's best beauty, what we lack is ability to nurture it further. As we grow up, our life style changes and so is our workload and mental pressure to achieve things. This inner hormonal change afflicts our outer body appearance. Many of us, especially those earning a lot, tend to laze and play with body by following disturbed and variable eating habits.
The first key personality charming factor is SMILE. The more we smile, the greater fresh we feel. If our work structure is sticky one i.e. all time seating, stand up from your seat at frequent intervals and spray water fountain on face, this helps keeping fresh all times. Since we witness harsh summer and changing weather, it is always advisable to take two baths instead of one, the second bath not only afresh us but also clears all dust particles, harmful germs from our body. Hence the second bath should be made more effective and caring as compared to the morning bath.
Our face is our glory. Try using as many natural resources as possible. Turmeric and Milk cream are blissful resources for our face. Use of Milk based soaps having minimum CFM is also smooth effect generator. Many FMCG companies offer Skin care milk cream based and skin dust cleaning products to care of skin from different seasons. Lime Talcum powder is another powerful way of keeping fresh and lively. Remember our today's preserved and cared skin is our old age beauty and hence take the best of care of skin.

Jalgaon District top 'Crop Loan Aid' throughout the State:
The Jalgaon District is top beneficiary of State Government's Crop Loan Aid offering waiver of crop loan interest to farmers. The State Government repays the same interest to Bankers. The State Government recently paid Rs. 42 Crores 12 Lakhs Rupees to various Banks as interest payment for Year 2003 'Rubby' crop and Year 2004 'Kharib' crop until 31st May 2004.

UGC offers 51 Lakhs grant to Chalisgaon College:
The Rashitrya College Chalisgaon has received Grants worth Rs. 51 Lakhs from University Grant Commission New Delhi for its various development proposals. The Grant sanctioned proposals include building up Girls Hostel estimated at Rs. 25 Lakhs, Setting up Canteen, Library, and buying instruments for practical works costing Rs. 10.40 Lakhs of which Rs. 5.20 Lakhs fund is for Library establishment and other for Research Works. The Aid also offers Good Speed Internet Connectivity subscriptions for around Rs. 70,000, Education Fees for BC Category students at Rs. 4 Lakhs.

NMU Council Election Results:
The First phase of NMU Council Election is over with tough contest for 9 seats. The Tuesday vote counting has given 5 out of 7 senate seats to Progressive Thinking Group lead by NCP and 2 seats to University Development Forum. The University is yet to establish its Brand Identity and belief amongst other top level national Universities and this Council plays a major role in deciding University progression policies.

MSEB announces reduction in Load Shedding:
The State owned MSEB has announced revised Load Shedding plans of daily 3 hours in urban areas and 8 hours in rural area. The new order came in immediate effect and has power cuts from morning 6am to 9am, 19pm to 22pm, and 20pm to 23pm in Urban areas while 5am to 13pm, 07am to 15pm, 13pm to 21pm, and 15pm to 23pm in rural areas.

17th May:
Parola Highway: The Monster road
Jalgaon to Dhule is connected via Erandol and Parola passing National Highway. The NH 6 crossing these two Taluka Erandol and Parola witnesses increasing number of accidents every month. Especially the Highway passing by Parola is that monstrous. Every week or so, deadly killer accidents especially those of Four wheelers with goods carrying vehicles or public vehicles are reported. Every accident incurred here has taken bloodshed of Jalgaonities and severe form.
The Highway Authorities need to review the Technical structure of this road to avoid such increasing number of cases killing hundreds of thousands of civilians every year.

'Vision 2005' Career Seminar in Jalgaon:
The IMR College Jalgaon is hosting 'Vision 2005', an educational guidance seminar for aspirant students willing for higher technical education. The 3 days Seminar begins 27th May with presence of YCMOU VC and MUHS and NMU Authorities. The event highlights various lectures from dignitaries in the field on topics like Prospective Courses in Universities, Professional Education, Opportunities in Commerce Field, Personality Development. Please contact authorities for more information and participation thereof.

IMR College Team wins 11 Awards:
The IMR College Jalgaon team has won 11 awards in recently conducted National Drama and Dance Unity Festival conducted in Orissa State. Its Multi-language play '1947 to AK-47' won 9 awards in various categories while Second Prize in Katthak Dance and Duet Dance competitions.

16th May:
Jalgaon District's Banana farms on pathway of ruin:
Witnessing high temperature, lowering Water levels in wells, and frequent power cut has severely affected Standing banana crop this year. The water resources at many places in district have either dried up or have lowered to lowest levels. With same scenario continued, the farmers from around district will face estimated loss of around Rs. 80 Crores. The most upset taluka includes Yaval, Bodwad, Bhusaval, MuktaiNagar, Jamner, Chalisgaon, Amalner, and Bhadgaon.
Farming is Jalgaon District's major financial resource with its 60% population dependant on Farming and cultivating Banana, Cotton, and other grains.

Opportunities for Educated Unemployed Youth:
The DIC Jalgaon has announced starting of Prime Minister's Employment Scheme (popularly known as PMRY) for year 2005-06. The scheme avails a loan of up to Rs. 2 Lakhs for Educated Unemployed Youth of 18-35 age groups from any Nationalised Bank with minimum education of Class 8th.
Please contact DIC office Jalgaon with all relevant documents for more information in this regards.

Hole (Pachora) student Priyanka Patil selected for National Adventure Programme:
Hole (Pachora) student and Navodaya School student Priyanka Shantaram Patil has been selected for National Adventure Programme to be conducted in Madhya Pradesh. She is amongst top 90 students selected from across Country for this adventurous mission.

MJ's Vidya Patil gets Summer Fellowship:
MJ College M. Sc. Microbiology First Year Student Vidya Shivram Patil has received Indian Academy of Science's Summer Research Fellowship 2005 at Sir C. V. Raman Institute Bangalore.

15th May:
'Lathis' get together in Jalgaon:
All community fellows meeting at one place is rather a common trend but all of one surname meeting at one place is creativity. Jalgaon's Lathi families have taken further this initiative by inviting all Lathi Surname fellows from around India and World in Jalgaon on Sunday, 15th May at Ravsaheb Rupchand Lathi School Campus.
The Lathi Community arrived in Jalgaon 150 years back. The Lathi Community received further recognition with 'Dharma Bhushan' honoured Shri Ravsaheb Rupchand Lathi doing phenomenal social work and the famous old RR School is amongst one of hard accomplishments. The Get Together also includes honouring the seniors and extra-ordinary succeeding personality from the Lathi family.

Jalgaon Police seizes 2Kg being illegally smuggled Gold:
The Jalgaon City Police has seized 2Kg Gold Chips being illegally smuggled and has arrested one in this connection. The City Police while routine Patrolling at New Bus Stand found one youth sleeping on bus stand waiting gallery. The Police found 2 Chips one with 1Kg weight and another with 800gms weight made in Switzerland stamped and is further investigating the case with the help of Mumbai Police.
Earlier the Bhusaval Police and Nandurbar Police detected and seized Silver packed in gunny bags at Railway Stations and other Public Places.

Jalgaon's MJ College gets ICAI Training Centre Affiliation:
Jalgaon's one of foremost Educational Institution Mooljie Jaitha College has received affiliation for conducting Institute of Chartered Accountants 250 hours Practical Training Course for students willing to be CA. The College earlier has CA Professional Education-1 and PE-2 affiliation.

MSEB Transformer catches fire at Chalisgaon's Hirapur Substation:
One of 16HP Transformers at 132KV Hirapur Sub-divisional MSEB office caught fire on Saturday night around 9pm resulting in No Electricity for around 2 hours in whole of Chalisgaon and Bhadgaon Taluka. The Authorities have expressed routine supply in taluka by Sunday morning.

14th May:
Summer count raises: 44 villages turn on Tanker Water supply:
The harsh summer time is intensifying the drinking water problem of region. Around 44 villages in District have turned to Tanker water supply and another 338 villages will face the same within coming month. The District administration has drafted an action plan to tackle the issue with a hefty budget of Rs. 1 Crore 93 Lakhs.
Amongst other major actions taken is to acquire open, private wells in the region. The Chalisgaon taluka remains hardest hit with maximum villages from this taluka facing water shortage.

NMU Council Elections on 15th May:
The NMU Council's first round of Election is schedule on Sunday, 15th May for 11 posts. There are 5 candidates in fray for 2 posts of Academic Council and another 5 candidates for 2 posts of Teacher's Council. Vote counting is scheduled on Tuesday, 17th May.

13th May:
Mission Co-operative: Time to think different:
Co-operative Movement is backbone of finances providing financial aid to root requirements. Thinking ahead to boost this movement, the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation should handover their charge by forming a new Co-operative Trust involving every district's community and bus Drivers and Conductors as their share holders and promoters. The ST running in Crores of losses will for sure become State's one of most profitable in years if the formula is understood and implied well.
The State Transport is one such unit that has World's best talented and skilled Bus Drivers and conductors. Skills are input to drive business movement and these people if trained a bit more and if involved in finances, will definitely boost the overall scenario. Comparing Private Travel Industry, the ST has immense Common man faith and hence fabulous business response even in today's degraded conditions.

Jalgaon's Hero clears IAS Examination:
Hard work and efforts is pathway to success. Tade Brahmande (Taluka: Erandol) resident Rajesh Prabhakar Patil has proved this theme by passing IAS Examination. He scored 91st Rank in UPSC conducted exam and will prove to be a ideal catalyst for enthusiast students from Jalgaon region. He is only the second person clearing this IAS exam from Jalgaon District. He finished his M. Sc. (Statistics) and M. Phil. from Pune University.

DeepNagar Thermal Power Centre faces technical hiccup:
Two of 420MW Power generation Units faced technical problem at the Bhusaval Thermal Power Station (BTPS) resulting in power supply discrepancies in afternoon. The Authorities managed to repair these both sets after 6 hours of intense work.

12th May:
Jalgaon's Sandeep Dahad clears Cricket Trainer's Examination:
Jalgaon's Sandeep Dahad has cleared National Cricket Academy conducted Trainer's Examination Level-3 from 12th April until 26th April. With this Sandeep becomes just second Candidate passing from whole of Maharashtra state in last 2 years.

11th May:
Ejalgaon Online Shopping begins Handicrafts Selling:
Willing to buy India's best quality handicrafts availability at your single mouse click? Ejalgaon presents another historic, easiest, and fastest way of buying Quality Indian Handicrafts at your Single click. Beginning on the auspicious eve of Akshay Tritiya, Ejalgaon Online shopping now offers India's best Handicraft materials viz. Wooden Furniture, Wooden Chairs, Fancy Items, Marble items from its hometown Rajasthan. Availed at most reasonable and best prices, you have the option to get it delivered at your doorstep.
The Handicrafts Online is Ejalgaon's another milestone venture in association with Suman Art & Craft Jodhpur. Easing further your headache of shipping these delicate items, the Shop offers doorstep delivery of materials. So what are you waiting for? Click here to visit Ejalgaon's Handicrafts section.

Bhagwati Diksha festivity today:
The Jalgaon city amidst thousands of Jain Community fellows witnesses the Mega Bhagwati Diksha festivity. His Excellency PP. Acharya Shri Ramlalji Mahajan with hundreds of Jain Monks will offer their pious Jain Monk oath to five willing to opt in the Jainism. The Sakal Jain Sangh on Tuesday honoured all these 5 willing vicar by conducting a felicitation of these throughout the city. The Programme begins 8.30am followed by the main Diksha on 10.30am at Ahinsa Nagar in Khandesh Mill Complex Jalgaon. Thousands of Jain community and Acharya Ramlalji followers have arrived in Jalgaon giving Jalgaon city a form of pilgrimage hub.

State Government rolls back Free Electricity to farmers:
After facing severe Demand Supply shortage, the State Government at last decided to roll back its Free Electricity to farmers' decision with effect from 01st June 2005 on Tuesday. The decision however keeps Farm Pumps away and allows Subsidised rates for usage while hikes up supply rate to Rs. 1.40 per unit to looms. The State Treasury suffered Rs. 1700 Crores loss on account of free Electricity to farmers and generated severe rage amongst common man following hectic load shedding throughout the State.

Jalgaon's Pankaj Bhalerao wins Gold in State Shooting Competition:
Jalgaon District's shooting heroes continues their shining performance. Jalgaon's Pankaj Pralhad Bhalerao won Gold Medal in recently conducted 9th Captain Izikel Memorial Maharashtra State Champion Shooting Competition at Mumbai. Apart from Pankaj, Abhay Gore and Sachin Patil also won the Silver while Shailesh Deore scored first rank. Pankaj participated in .22 Open Sight Standard Rifle Prone position and scored 479 marks.

10th May:
Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation opens Octroi Tender:
The Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation authorities amidst tight security and Video Shooting opened up city's hottest business Tender - The Private Party Octroi Collection Tender. Of 9 tender forms sold, 7 parties filled in the Tender with EMD of which 3 were from Jalgaon, two from Ulhasnagar, one each from Sangli, Ankaleshwar, and Malegaon.
Jalgaon's Sunil Ramnarayan Mantri was topmost bidder quoting Rs. 390,656,000 Rs. i.e. 39 Crores Rupees. The same will now go to Corporation's Standing Committee for finalisation.

Election Commission Serves Notices:
Election Commission has served notices to 29 Candidates that tried their public mandate for State Legislative Council Elections conducted in October 2004. The notice has called for immediate details of Election Expenses made by these candidates within 20 days of notice failing which all 29 will not be eligible to file in Public Elections for at least 6 years.

Athletics Training Camp from 20th May:
The Jalgaon District Athletics Association is conducting Athletics Training Camp from 20th May until 05th June 2005. The Training includes Running Events, Throwing Events, and Jumping Events having scratch to Expert guidelines. Please contact association for entry and more details thereof.

09th May:
Jalgaon gets new Police DSP:
Mr. Vasantrao Koregaonkar has become Jalgaon District's 52nd Deputy Superintendent of Police. He replaces Mr. Pravin Salunkhe who was promoted to Daund. Mr. Koregaonkar joined Police force in 1971 and his last post was as DCP Pune (Zone I) and has just 4 years of service left.

08th May:
Kusumagraj Poetry Memorial inaugurated in Jalgaon:
Great philosopher and poet Kusumagraj famous poem "Swatantrya Devichi Vinvani" has been engraved on Kusumagraj Memorial setup in DSP Square off Omkareshwar Temple road.

Bhusaval to Ajanta Caves Road Repairs begins soon:
The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation in financial aid worth Rs. 15 Crores from Japan Government has begun its process for building up brand new road from Bhusaval - Jamner - Pahur - Ajanta Caves. The 29kms long road is one of shortest method of reaching Bhusaval, Railway's junction point for ease of travelling. It saves around 10kms of travelling Ajanta - Jalgaon and then Jalgaon to Bhusaval.
The Authorities expects completion of this 12 meters wide road by December 2006

DM enforces section 37(1) and 37(3) in Jalgaon:
In order to maintain Law and Order Situation in Jalgaon District, the District Magistrate has enforced Section 37(1) and Section 37(3) of Bombay Police Act, 1951 with effect from 07th May 2005 until 21st May 2005.

07th May:
Wake up Administration: Time to learn Water Management:
The Quote "Precaution is always better than prevention" nicely mocks at Jalgaon City as well as District's Authorities on water supply management. The whole of Jalgaon district faces water crisis since decade wakes up every summer with talks of water harvesting, water conservation, and resource planning cum management.
But the plans remains just blacked papers with no concrete plans and willingness to undertake special projects to resolve. The District spent Crores of Rupees in Waghur dam pipeline for city is still under process since years. The Shelgaon Barrage in Asoda region still remains a sand store and no other concrete plans are killing District's business and normal life. Not just business, the Agriculture is also affected sending severe alert signals.
Thanks to Nashik District Authorities managing the Girana dam without which we all would have been waterless and jobless performers. It would have been much harder life if the same dam could have been managed by our District Authorities.

State Cotton Repayment:
The State Government owned CCI has restarted Cotton procurement repayment process in Jalgaon, Dhule, and Nandurbar Districts. The Jalgaon Division comprising of Jalgaon, Dhule, Nandurbar, and Nashik Districts had 82 centres and cotton procurement repayment due worth Rs. 300 Crores. The Bank of India has issued a Loan of Rs. 300 Crores at 7.5% Rate of Interest to CCI to repay this amount.
The repayment has come to farmers as Special Gift for upcoming "Akhaji" festivity.

Acharya Ramlalji Maharaj arrives in Jalgaon:
The Non-smoking and No-addiction inspirer 1008 P. Ramlalji Maharaj is arriving in Jalgaon city today with team of around 50-60 Jain monks to inspire Jalgaonities and accomplish the Akshaya Tritiya 'Varshi Tap Parana' and 'Jain Bhagwati Diksha festivity'.

Wani Community's Mega meet on Sunday:
The Joint Wani Community mega convention and Youth Introduction meet is being held in Jalgaon on 08th May at Late Yashwantrao Nandedkar Nagar especially built up in Shahu Nagar Housing Society area. The convention is expected to have presence of community fellows from whole of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. The convention will honour Join Wani Community group founder Annasaheb Atravalkar with 'Samaj Bhushan honour' for his highest level of contribution towards the community.

MH-CET Exam centres:
The Jalgaon city has 14 centres for appearing to Maharashtra State Engineering and Medical Entrance Exam 2005-06 scheduled on 12th May 2005. There are 4881 students appearing from these 14 centres with first six centres having mix of Engineering and Medical willing students, next 3 purely for Medical, and rest 3 purely for Engineering.

06th May:
Aurangabad High Court orders District Administration to disclose i Citizens residing in Jalgaon
The Aurangabad High Court bench hearing a PIL filed by Jalgaon's person ordered Jalgaon District Administration to disclose information about all i citizens residing in Jalgaon District. The Complainant has further urged Court that there are around 736 i Citizens residing in district and some others as well who's VISA has expired long back. The Court ordered Administration and Tahsil office to immediately submit the required information and take appropriate action.
The Jalgaon District has much higher number of Sindhi and Muslim Community migrants from and other parts in later 1976.

Mega Jain Bhagwati Diksha fest in Jalgaon:
The whole of Jalgaon is gearing up for the Mega Jain Diksha festivity to be held on 11th May in Khandesh Mill Complex. Three Jain Girls from Jalgaon, two from Akkalkuva are taking Jain Diksha in this festivity. All 5 will now be offered with Traditional Kumkum, Manglacharan.

Police seizes Silver worth Rs. 39 Lakhs:
The Railway Police Force Bhusaval has seized Silver worth Rs. 39 Lakhs packed in Gunny bags. The two Police Constables while patrolling in 9045 Tapti Ganga Express found 17 gunny bags in doubtful conditions. When opened the bags contained Silver Ornaments valued at around Rs. 39 Lakhs. The Police has arrested one youth in this connection and expressed possibility of illegal trafficking of silver from Rajkot to Varanasi.

Swami Samartha Centre 'Rath Festivity' on 03rd June:
Shree Swami Samartha Seva Centre is beginning its Rath festivity from 03rd June 2005 in Jalgaon. The 17 feet high Rath and Swami Samartha Idol has arrived in Jalgaon Centre. Beginning in Jalgaon, the Rath will wander all around India appealing for Peace, removing terrorism and pray for keeping India away of Earthquakes and Tsunami.

05th May:
School Admission Time:
With Primary and Secondary Schools results out, it's hectic admission session time. Anxious Parents have begun their intense search for the best school in the city. Many prefer Convent, many move to Indian themed English Medium Schools and many to Marathi, English, and Hindi medium schools.
Taking admission in school is a hectic process with no standard documentation and process defined at school notice boards. Many premiere schools even charge No Receipt Donation Fees ranging from Rs. 3,000 to 15,000 depending on their years of establishment and experience. The earlier supposed 'Black Money' system is now becoming a part of school education. Many of Schools do not provide with Original receipts of Fees, Books, and Uniforms Fees collected by them. Taking books and Uniform from School is a compulsion for parents and a means of earning for schools.
While School administration terms the process as a must to keep in pace with increase expenditure and No grants concept, the parents are the worst sufferers.

Have VAT query? Contact Sales Tax Authorities Help Desk:
To simply and clarify various VAT related issues, the Sales Tax Authorities have appointed two Sales tax officers as VAT Helpdesk Officers at every District Sales tax office. So if you have any query relating to Value Added Tax, visit Jalgaon Sales Tax Office located at Rasik Marg Ganpati Nagar Jalgaon or call them on 0257-2239214 for more information thereof.

04th May:
Electricity woes all around State:
The Maharashtra State proud of no power failures and continuous improvement is facing what could be described as one of worst state of electricity resources management. Deprived State Government instead of rolling back its Free Electricity to farmers Order, is searching all around for additional electricity resources from Centre and nearby States. State's Free Electricity for farmers caused heavy consumption by farming community resulting in load on existing in supply resources. The State owned MSEB and power generation unit employees are on emergency state of mind with fear of being questioned by Superior Authorities if any failure yields while them being on duty.
Farms once having no electricity now have high voltage flood lights and almost double usage. The worst suffering party of this whole chaos is rural Maharashtra. Electricity in rural areas has become a gift alike that of UP and Bihar. If the same scenario continues, the whole of State is going to face the worst of business situation with no electricity all around.

Raining continues on Second day:
The whole of Jalgaon District continue to witness rainfall on second consecutive day. The raining witnessed in afternoon around 4pm caused overflowing on small rivers in Yaval Taluka while clouds bursting resulted in death of 2 in Saukheda.

03rd May:
HSC Result before 10th June:
The Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education has announced that it is all set to announce HSC Result 2005 on or before 10th June 2005 following the Court's directive.

Raining in Jalgaon:
Many parts of Jalgaon district witnessed unseasoned raining on Monday night around 8pm that includes Jalgaon city, Amalner, MuktaiNagar, Raver, Chalisgaon, and Bhusaval taluka. Monday being auspicious marriage Muhurat day, many faced problem due to sudden rain. The Amalner city had highest of raining of around 30minutes while Chalisgaon had lowest in form of showering. One person died due to electric shock on wetted electrical wire and no other incidence was reported.

02nd May:
Drinking water supply issue stiffen further:
The whole of Jalgaon District continue to witness harsh and intensifying drinking water supply issue. The District Administration has taken over 111 private wells and is using 22 tankers to supply water to 34 villages. Around 350 villages out of 1594 total villages and places in Jalgaon District are facing acute water shortage disgracing their lives.

Helmet grips life: Police fines around 200 non-helmet users:
The very first day of Helmet compulsion marked Helmets being used and discussed all around. The city traffic Police fined around 200 non-helmet users and the action is going to further intensify in coming days.

01st May:
Ejalgaon.com: Success story 2004-05:
A profound idea that receives enormous response from active readers alike you, feels proud and growing. EJalgaon.com is such one venture which senses your active feedbacks and grows itself to cater to your needs. Initiated with theme of doing something unique for native place, the Portal has expanded multi fold and surprising note for Jalgaonities is that not just Jalgaonities but the whole world praises the Portal for its diverse collection, fast and efficient layout, fastest response time, and catching happening things. With more than 2500 unique visitors hitting 4500+ pages and 20 minutes of active site timing, and daily 100+ e-mails and SMS Messages via e-mail, the portal growth marks your affection and activeness.
The year ahead we look forward to further diversify with active enrolment of local communities, traders by offering various solutions for businesses, auctions and taking their business on global map.

Team Ejalgaon

Brahmakumari's Poonam Didi reveals "ABCD Mantra" for Tension free life:
Feeling stressed and tensed? Here is Brahmakumari's Poonam Didi Mantra for tension-free life. Follow the ABCD Rule for Tension free life viz. A - Avoid heavy Workload, B - Bypass Stress, C - Cancel unwilling burden, D - Do you work.
Follow this golden rule for tension free life and enjoy the best of life.

Jalgaon to get new Police DSP: Pune's Mr. Koregaonkar to join soon:
Jalgaon's Deputy Superintendent of Police Pravin Salunkhe has been promoted as Principal of Police Training School at Daund Pune. He will be replaced by Pune's current Deputy Police Commissioner Vasant Koregaonkar who will join his new roll soon. Jalgaon's DSP Mr. Pravin Salunkhe finishes his 3 years tenure in this coming week.

State enforces Helmet compulsion from today:
Following the High Court directive, the Maharashtra State Government has enforced Helmet usage compulsory for all Two Wheeler drivers excluding Mopeds less than 50CC and Sikh Community fellows. The District Traffic Police is all set to inspect and fine if found not wearing beginning this 01st day of May 2005.
The Helmet and Auto parts shops witnessed huge customer's rush willing to buy new Helmets throughout last week.

Deputy District Officer Dr. Gursal and Tahsildar Hulvale receive President Award:
Jalgaon District's Deputy District Officer Dr. Manikrao Gursal will receive President's Bronze Medal award for his Outstanding Services in Census 2001 while being in Dhule. Raver's Tahsildar Tukaram Hulvale will also receive President's Silver Medal Award for his phenomenal services in Census 2001 while being in Sakri District Dhule.
Chopda's Talathi N. B. Mahajan has been selected for "Best Talathi" Award for year 2004-05. All these will receive Awards on eve of Maharashtra Day 2005.

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