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December 2004
Jalgaon District News
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31th December:
Welcome 2005:
The year 2005 is on threshold with just 24 hours remaining to enter. Let us all welcome this new year with cherish and prosperity all around us.
The 31st Celebration environment has geared Hotel and Restaurants around with many of them organising Parties, Music and special offers for the day. Many of senior members of society have decided not to celebrate the eve following disastrous Tsunami epic in coastal parts of India and nearby countries.

Remembering a World Class Artist, Keki Moos:

Born in Bombay on 2nd October 1937 and brought up in a small village of Chalisgaon, Keki Moos was one of our region's a phenomenal artist. His work over his lifetime is a significant contribution to arts which brought him world wide fame.
After finishing his education in Wilson College Mumbai, he went to England in 1955. He obtained a Commercial Degree in Sheffield and then studied arts, drawing, photography, and other art related courses. He went on to create a significant body of artistic work, mostly paintings. He died on 31st December 1989.
His memories still enchant his old British styled bungalow located on the western side of Chalisgaon Railway Station and reached after crossing the over bridge. Amongst his other famous collections, 'The witch woman" painting demonstrates his highest level of respect for motherhood.

30th December:
Goodbye 2004: A review of Quarter 4:
The hottest pick for Quarter 4 remained Assembly Elections 2004. The Assembly polling scheduled on 13th October witnessed around 67% poll turnout in whole of Jalgaon District. The Poll counting on 16th October yielded mixed response in region for Political parties. Following the Assembly Elections came Legislative Council elections for District Graduates constituency and Nashik Divisional constituency on 30th November.
On social front the city witnessed one of most positive factors i.e. Group Marriages. Group marriages not only boost community moral but also help needy and weaker section of society to perform their social duties. Many of major communities living in the region conducted their Group marriage, youth introduction activities throughout the year.
For over a decade in History of Khandesh, it's biggest water reservoir Girana dam in Nashik District touched 100% mark in this monsoon spreading a signal of joy and comfort for whole of region.
Begun on 23rd October 2004, Ejalgaon Online Shopping marked historic achievement for people of Jalgaon region. Now no matter wherever you are and you wish to send your gifts, wish to take tour of Ajanta, get Sweets, Namkeen, and flowers delivered to your loved one's doorstep, we are here. Just place an order with us, and relax. Ejalgaon Team Shopping division takes the best of care to deliver your emotions the right way. We once again thank you all readers for your overwhelmed response shown to Online Shopping in such a short span of 2 months especially on eve of Diwali and New Year.
Our sportsman continued their remarkable performance in this quarter as well winning divisional cricket competitions, participating in National Competitions, and various other events.
Diwali on 12th November, the festivity of Joy and celebration earmarked with cherished compliments and exchanging sweets all around the region.
Summarising on Year 2004, we lost our Infrastructure resources and now have troubled Electricity shedding gifted by our Government followed by Low/ Medium level of local setup in terms of Road, business facilities by our Local administration. Our veteran leader, social activist Pratibhatai Patil took Rajasthan Governorship Oath on 08th November 2004, assigning a status of glory for whole of Jalgaon.

"Kisan Dindi" from 03rd January:
The Indian farmers association on its Jubilee is organising Kisan Dindi Programme from 29th December until 12th January 2005 in various parts of State. This Dindi will be in Jalgaon from 03rd January until 06th January and will aware farmers about various facilities and latest technologies. The host are arranging Lectures in 27 villages of 6 taluka of Jalgaon District to benefit farmers to take best of their cultivation.

29th December:
Asoda - Waterless village in Good monsoon District:

The Asoda village is Jalgaon Taluka is amongst one of those villages facing acute drinking water shortage since last few years. The Village earlier famous for its agricultural produces is facing hard times with village people waiting for drinking water supply for almost 15 days. Every house has to depend on well as water supply resulting in many common diseases.
The most tragic part for this village is that it is just 5-6kms away from Jalgaon city and even though the issue remains the same. These village natives would grasp this fact at this stage but will find it too difficult in summer season.

28th December:
An Appeal:
The Costal areas of Southern India includes various countries in South Asia witnessed Tsunami waves that filched life of thousands of people. Ejalgaon Team appeal all its readers and visitors to donate generously to help these people rebuild their life necessities by donating in Prime Minister's Relief Fund. You can send your donations by Cheque/ Demand Draft payable in favour of Prime Minister's Relief Fund, Prime Minister Office South Block Delhi. Our small token of sympathy for these people could help them, rebuild their moral, and encourage them to fight for life.

Cottonmics - The Economics behind Cotton Crop:
The whole of Khandesh area famous for its soil offers good cotton crop every year. Many of farmers in this region produces Cotton in large quantity and then sell it to either State Government owned Cotton Federation or by other means to other buyers in nearby Madhya Pradesh.
This year Jalgaon Division that includes Jalgaon, Dhule, and Nandurbar had 36 centres procuring 984,666 quintals of cotton with Jalgaon and Chopda on topmost rank each procuring around 1-lac quintal cotton.

MSEB's humble appeal:
The State owned Maharashtra State Electricity Board wide its Press note has urged citizens to co-operate with MSEB in deducing Electricity theft in District. The Jalgaon District has approximately 6.64 lacs Household, Farm Pump, Business, and Industrial Customers with its Electricity network spread in 9638kms and staff strength of 3941 employees and having outstanding amount of Rs. 312.59 Crores in form of its due bills. As per Energy Bill November 2004, the Jalgaon District records 35% loss of which 15% is due to Technical glitches and rest 20% as Electricity theft. The MSEB wide Electricity Act 2003 has given an option of compounding these bills to offenders and is receiving good response to this compounding scheme.
The Authorities further urge all illegal users to turn authorise by depositing a demand note of Rs. 2000/- for farm pump owners, Rs. 4000/- for household users, Rs. 10,000/- for business users, and Rs. 20,000/- for Industrial Users as Compounding Charges.

Jalgaon Akashwani gets Best Technically equipped Centre Award:
Next time when you hear "Namaskar, Yah Akashwani ka Jalgaon Kendra hai aur aap…" feel proud. The Jalgaon Akashwani centre is top performer for year 2003-04 in Best Technically Equipped Centre category. The Centre receive will this award on 30th December in a ceremony at Bangalore.

27th December:
Goodbye 2004: A Review of Quarter 2 and 3:

The Second and third quarter remained busiest on political front with both Parliamentary and Assembly Elections falling in these quarters. The Parliamentary Elections 2004 scheduled on 20th April witnessed mixed Poll turnout ranging from 40% to 65% as per constituencies amidst tight security arrangements. The State Government announced Khandesh Special Package to boost basic infrastructure facilities in Khandesh region in background of Assembly Elections 2004.
Khandesh region especially known for its hot summer and water shortage geared itself to fight with the issue. The region witnessed a bit shortage of drinking water during the harsh summer especially in interior areas. The Jalgaon city witnessed maximum of 44 degree centigrade on 15-04 and 45 degree centigrade on 01-06 during the whole summer.
The State Government failed to smooth line the Entrance examination for Technical, Post Graduation Courses front with its Online Submission process creating chaos amongst students and parents. For the second consecutive year, the Engineering Education witnessed downtrend with thousands of seats falling vacant. The Ejalgaon Team continued its Student friendly approach by helping its student friends to get their HSC Results at ease. The Jalgaon District marked 56.99% in HSC 2004 result announced on 02nd June. Region's SSC Students excelled their performance with 73.96% result in SSC Exam 2004 result announced on 22nd June.
The whole of Khandesh region witnessed first shower of Monsoon on 06th June and prayed for good Monsoon ahead. The Monsoon continued its positive trend with Bodwad Taluka topping the list with769mm raining followed by Jamner with 721mm and Raver with 690mm. The Jalgaon taluka with 500.9 stood at 10th Place followed by Pachora with 483mm, and lowest one of 430mm in Chalisgaon.
The region witnessed pouring in of Telecom companies to provide services like Cell Phones, Mobile Phones (WLL), Wireless Internet Connectivity, Plans, and Promotions to boost cell phone usage. The region now has four GSM Cell Phone Operators namely BPL, Idea, Airtel, BSNL and two CDMA Cell and WLL Phones provides namely Reliance and Tata Indicom. The region now has plenty of plans and offers to choose from the best of communication service provider.
The divine power of goodness, Lord Ganesha arrived with cheer on 18th September and marked huge public participation in various programmes conducted on the eve.

25th December:
State Government announce District Relations Ministers:
To provide effective administration and smooth line its activities, the State Government yesterday announced Districts relations Ministers for all 35 Districts in Maharashtra. It includes Sureshdada Jain as Minister for Dhule, Vijay Kumar Gavit for Nandurbar, and Surupsingh Naik for Jalgaon District.

Doctors in race:
After stiff business competition in every business and service sectors, the region's doctors are in competition now. Many of senior as well as new comers have announced conducting free checkups camp on their own as well as by means of social clubs. Many mass appeal and use fields like Eye Lenses are not even bothering to give media and cable TV advertisements. May it be children specialist, Pathologist, Intensive Care units, Paediatricians, Ophthalmologists, Gynaecologists, every one is busy in formulating their business plans to conquer bouquet of success in their pockets.
There are around 1200+ Doctors practising in Jalgaon District alone resulting in tight competition amongst same speciality field. The Doctors professionals widely run on Referral to each other to generate business volume stressing on need of good levels of contacts amongst each other.
So when you next time read an advertisement in Media from a Medical Practitioner alike "Buy 1 Get 1" style, do not be surprised, it is Jalgaon, the toughest market to struggle for bread.

Vishal Jain Community leaders in Jalgaon:
PP 108 Digambar Sadhvi Shree Gurumataji with her 47 monks and 55 pastors are arriving today in Dadawadi Jalgaon.

24th December:
Antarbharti Literature Conference in NMU:
The NMU Sane Guruji Cultural Centre is hosting two days Antarbharti Literature Conference 2004 beginning today. The conference also highlights exhibition of Drawings of Sane Guruji, Vinobaji, and Mahatma Gandhi's posters along with their original handwriting scripts.
The two days open to all conference also highlights debate competition on 'Future of Gandhi ideology in 21st Century' and various other such topics.

The Royal Ferrari Deccan Odyssey awaiting its Customers:
Maharashtra Palace on Wheels clones and equally royal in treat Deccan Odyssey Train is finding hard to attract foreign tourists. The luxurious journey of train begins in Ratnagiri and covers Goa, Aurangabad, Ajanta, Ellora, and various other tourism and religious places throughout Maharashtra at Rs. 1.30 lacs for its 7 days plush tour.

23rd December:
Baba Hardasram Birth Centenary from 31st December:
The Sindhi Community is commemorating Birth Centennial of Community's spiritual leader Baba Hardasram. Beginning 31st December, the community has organised various religious programmes on the eve in city's Community hub Sindhi Colony's Seva Mandal. The programme includes Group marriage on 02nd January.

22nd December:
Amalner Cotton store catches fire:

Amalner's Cotton Jean factory suddenly caught fire on Tuesday afternoon resulting in around 1.10 lacs cotton burnt and damaged. The centre had procured 3100 quintals cotton of which it processed 1100 quintals cotton and rest 2000 quintals caught fire.
The reasons of fire are still unknown and further investigation is going on.

21th December:
Schools get Aid under "Education to All Scheme"
All the Government schools in District have received Government Aid for setting up Infrastructure facilities that includes Building, Light Meters, Drinking water supply. There are 634 schools under this scheme in Jalgaon District that will receive budgeted funds of 10 Crores to provide education to everyone.

Mobile Shoppers arrest issue:
Court hearing today, Police books shoppers in Section 67 of IT Act 2000, IPC Section 292

Jalgaon Students Outshines in State Drama Competition:
Wins Best Actress, Best Director, and Actor, Scriptwriter, Best Play totalling to 5 prizes for their Play "Ardha Satya"

20th December:
Mobile sellers under tight scrutiny:

After raiding many mobile shoppers offering pornographic pictures uploading to Mobile Phones, the District Administration has further tightened its belt against Mobile Sellers. A Cell phone amongst young generation is largely popular for sending SMS and MMS messages to friends, conversation amongst each other offers direct computer connectivity by means of Serial cables, Infrared Cables, Bluetooth technologies. Using the connectivity one can copy ring tones, images, sms and mms messages which can further be forwarded to groups and contacts.
The technological advances along with free instant access to media stresses need for more of inner self moral control.

19th December:
Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation's Finance Budget:
After delay of 2-3 months, the JCMC Administration has announced 102 Crores finance budget. The unanimously passed 102 Crores budget has 20 lacs balance with Income and Expenditure equally balanced at 93 Crores 47 Lacs rupees. The JCMC members unanimously rejected budgetary proposal of doubling existing Water Tax.
The 93 Crores and 47 Lacs income comes from 30 Crores as Octroi aid from State Government, Property Tax with 12 Crores, Dearness Allowance with 7 Crores, Water Tax with 5 Crores, Open Property Tax with 1 Crores, Bazaar Fees with 71 Lacs, License Fees with 83 Lacs, Notice Fees with 87 Lacs, Roads development grant with 50 Lacs.
The 93 Crores and 47 Lacs Expenditure composes of repayment of 25 Crores Loan, Salary and wages with 22 Crores, Electricity and Water Supply with 4 Crores, Finance Commission Share with 2 Crores, Retirement benefits with 2 Crores, City Cleanliness with 2 Crores, Diesel and Petrol fuel costing with 75 lacs, Gardens maintenance with 50 lacs, Roads with 10 lacs. The Budget has hefty proposal of Rs. 5 Lacs for each Ward Corporator towards ward maintenance and cleanliness.

18th December:
Thank you readers for your overwhelming response:
A theme when appreciated becomes more mature and strengthened. We at Team Ejalgaon thank you all our readers for your overwhelming response to newly setup Online Shopping concept.
Started with few items, the Ejalgaon team is pleased to announce 108 various services and items that includes Sweets and Namkeen, Flowers, Chocolates, Subscription Service, Package Tours and Travels, and Computer Horoscope. The support lines numbers ringing for various queries gives us immense pleasure to improve such service in much broader way.
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Goodbye 2004: A review on Quarter 1:
The Year 2005 is coming up after a few days. Let us review what 2004 gifted to whole of Jalgaon District. The year full of activities on Political, Social front marked significant achievements and glimpses. Let us asses Quarter 1 of 2004 in our first step.
The year 2004 marked starting of a Special Luxurious Train Deccan Odyssey covering whole of Maharashtra to boost tourism. The Train also cover Ajanta, the great historic monument far near to Jalgaon.
The year also marked significant improvement on social front. The group marriage activity received great response from all corners of society. Many communities followed the trend and organised Youth introduction meet, Group marriage activities. The group marriage concept not only uplifted overall sociology but also helped middle and lower section to reduce their individual expenditure incurred in arranging such big events.
The region witnessed auspicious Spiritual Leader Acharya Mahapragyaji and his team of 200 Jain Monks arrival on eve of Ahinsa Yatra 2004. During his around 40 days stay in Khandesh region, he focussed on life elements and stressed on essential social factors to improve life.
Accident quandary continues to be one of biggest headache for region. Many of its youth lost their life due to accidents mainly on roads crossing and adjoining with National Highways and using two wheelers and high-speed four wheelers. This is one section where we need to tighten our belts and form strict licensing and regulation Acts.
Our students continued to perform with excellence. Their secured top ranks in various National competitions and achieved Fellowships, Doctorates at various locations around the globe. Our school-going students also excelled with best of their performances in various stage shows, TV serials.
The district hosted various Conferences, National Level meets that includes Ahinsa Yatra, State Level Gynaecologist's Conference, The mega Patriotism show "Rashtra ka Hunkar", Latest Computing Trends, and National Level Wrestling Competition at Dhule.
The sun still seems on harder part with mercury touching 46 on maximum part in summer 2004. The Bhusawal city continued to be leader in heating temperature throughout the summer.
In all the first quarter remained a hectic scheduled quarter with politicians busy preparing for Parliamentary Elections, Students busy in HSC and SSC Exams, and businessperson and Industrialist in March ending accounting issues.

17th December:
State Cotton Buying:
The Maharashtra State Cotton federation has stopped cotton buying after its all centre exceeding their maximum storage capacity. Until now, the federation has purchased a record of six lacs quintal Cotton in Jalgaon District and has paid around 24 Crores as first instalment for the same.

Desert King is here:
The Desert Island's king popular for its royal ferry is here. A group of around 7-8 Camels and its owners have arrived in Jalgaon city to earn their breads. These 'Bhaya' (popular abbreviation for Rajasthani young man) take children on trip of a kilometre spreading joy in turn taking some charges to secure their bread.
The modern advertisement media is also cashing their use by fixing some advertisement banners for large ceremonies and events on their backs as mass appeal in a all different manner.

Police raids Pornographic download Mobile Shoppers:
After tightening its belts against increasing use of Adult category obscure websites, the Jalgaon City Police has now begun raiding Mobile downloader passing adult pictures to cell phones.
The increasing use of Cell Phone with ease of copying and forwarding contents on it is spreading anti-social and demoralising porn material rapidly. The City Police raided two mobile Shoppers residence and shops in Golani Market and seized computer Systems and various pirated software used to do so. It has also arrested both shop owners in this connection. The increasing freedom to media around the World and expression without moral control is spreading this anti-social virus in whole of community.

Dharangaon Taluka's Dr. Samadhan Patil gets Portuguese Scholarship:
The Lisbon based Portuguese Institute of Nanotechnology and Micro Systems has honoured Dr. Samadhan Patil from Ladi of Dharangaon Taluka with Post Doctorate Fellowship for research work on thin films use in Telecom sector.

16th December:
MSEB's new daily Load Shedding upsets home life:
State owned MSEB's newly announced daily Power cut schedule for 7am to 11am, 5pm to 8pm, and 8pm to 11pm has hampered the routine home life. The new schedule timings implemented in circular fashion is disturbing start-up and dinnertime home preparation activities. In rural and remote parts, the power cut is causing disturbances in drinking Water supply.
The MSEB on other front is stating that it has to reiterate the same timing as the period has maximum load and power usage.

15th December:
SSC and HSC October 2004 Exam Results announced:
The Maharashtra State Board for Secondary and Higher Education Pune has announced SSC and HSC October 2004 Examination results on Tuesday afternoon. The Repeater candidates have shown dull performance with just 16.18% passing in SSC while 10.69% in HSC Exams in Jalgaon District.
Of 550 school students in 18 different exam centres, in all 6598 male students and 1998 female students appeared for SSC Exam. Out of this, 937 male and 686 female students passed the SSC exam. In HSC, of 152 College students appeared 14 different exam centres totalling to 6734 students. Out of this, just 720 students passed the exam resulting in mere 10.69%.
The nearby Dhule and Nandurbar district students have outperformed Jalgaonities with Dhule having 13.9% in HSC and 23.81% in SSC and Nandurbar having 14.95% in HSC and 22.88% in SSC exam.

Jalgaon students selected in State Softball Team for National Softball Competition:
The Maharashtra State Softball team selection committee has selected MJ College's students Rohit Joshi and Sarvesh Thatte and Nutan Maratha College students Jayant Jadhav, Abhijit Yeole, and Arun Shrikhande for upcoming National Softball competition in Ludhiyana of Punjab from 18th December until 23rd December 2004.

14th December:
West Zone Inter University Youth Festival:
The NMU hosted Western Zone Inter University Youth festival "Yuvarang 2004" ended on Monday with huge youth participation. NMU's Tekchand Sonawane was only winner from NMU in Elocution Competition.

SSC, HSC October 2004 results:
The Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education is announcing SSC and HSC October 2004 Examination results today at 3pm. Please contact your respective College, School for more details and result thereof.

13th December:
MSEB announces new Load Shedding Schedule:
The State owned MSEB has announced new Load Shedding schedule to be effective from Monday, 13th December. Under new schedule, there will be daily power cuts for 4 hours in morning time and alternatively 3 hours in evening time. The new timings announced are 07am to 11am, 17pm to 20pm, and 20pm to 23pm distributed area wise. The rural areas in district will have daily 6 hours power cut from 05am to 11am, 11am to 17pm, and 17pm to 23pm distributed as per area.
In its two pages Media Advertisement broadly covering whole of District, the board has considered the business and Industry sector well adjusting timing that does not paralyse business and industrial production. The new plan excludes Industrial power supply, Water supply units' supply, and big industrial setup. The revised notification No: 35172 dated 08/12/04 from MSEB HO includes villages and places above 25,000 population and C Grade Municipal Councils in Urban areas instead of earlier rural area criteria.

Building Foundation stones of a City:
A city or region gets fame on its Business practices, Industrial Output, and agricultural Crop. Jalgaon famously known for its rich agricultural belt growing Cotton, Banana begun its journey into business and industrial field by 1965's. The region now holds significant share in Cloth Trade, Tea Trade, and Commission based Adat Trade, Gold Sales, Pulse, and Mats Production Units.
The region with superb geographical connection always lacked powerful Administrators that could have given it an all-new shape. Considering the phenomenal success of Nashik and Aurangabad Districts in terms of Business establishment and Industrial Setup, our Jalgaon remained last in the queue. Both these districts began their journey of success long after Jalgaon but are now much ahead of Jalgaon. A District giving more than 100 Crores of Income Tax every financial year on population of just 40 lacs still lacks good water resources, Electricity resources, and necessities. That may be one of key reasons that Jalgaon District has no population growth, new industrial setup since last decade.
The Industrial and Political doomed alliance with fears of loosing its monopoly took whole of district to almost no major industrial setup making it jobless and non-proactive district. Go out and search a Shop, you will not find a shop for less than lac rupees. Look for a dream home, you will return home with a sad face feeling yourself in locked state of mind. For a decade, we have progressed just in terms of building shopping complexes. There are more shops and less entrepreneurs, more issues and tussles than ease to start a new business. Good administration with powerful and future view Administrators still is our dream and prayer.

12th December:
Nutan Maratha College students in NMU, Maharashtra State Teams:
Jalgaon's one of oldest, Nutan Maratha College's five students namely Pankaj Mahajan, Millind Patil, Bhushan Tayade, Hemant Mahadik, and Gunvant Chavan have been selected for Inter-University Site Air Rifle competition to be hosted at Pune from 16th December until 20th December 2004.
College's another NCC Cadet Purushottam Mahale has been selected for NCC Camp at Gulbarga in Karnataka from 12th until 24th December 2004.
Abhay Gore and Prakash Gavali from the same college have been selected in Maharashtra State Rifle Shooting Team for sixth National Shooting Competition to be hosted at Asansol in West Bengal from 12th until 19th December 2004.

Maheshwari Youth Introduction Meet:
The Maheshwari Community Marriage Support Committee is hosting a two days Youth Introduction meet on 27th and 28th February 2004 in Jalgaon. Please contact the committee at 146, Navi Peth, Jalgaon for more details thereof.

11th December:
Worst State of Politics:

If you wish to see most awful State of Politics, Maharashtra would be one of your most favoured States. In its Pre-Election promises, the recently elected State Government run by NCP and Congress alliance assured Farmers of free Electricity. The Parties when came to ruling turned their promise in reality making State to one of most horrible state of electricity resource.
The Maharashtra State earlier famous for its good electricity now has 3.5 hours in urban while 7 hours Power cuts in rural areas every alternate day following hefty shortage of demand and supply graph. The free electricity to farmers is resulting in heavy loads to pocket of common man and that too with frequent power outages.
In its recent press notes, the State owned Power supply board MSEB has announced daily 4 hours power cuts including Sunday with effect from 13th December 2004. Even seeing the worsening stage of Electricity resources, the State Government continues to be with its Election freebie, sending signals of "RULE" rather "DEMOCRACY".
So next time you visit any of places in Maharashtra be psychologically prepared to hear huge noisy and polluting Power Generators and see Invertors and UPS systems in each and every house. Don't be surprised and feel that you are in UP or BIHAR state in this stage, but for sure we will turn out to be amongst those States soon if situation continues to be same.

Husband kills wife with knife in old ST Colony in Jalgaon:
Amongst one of worst and demoralising state of socialisation, a retired Army Man killed his wife by knife as she refused to give her Gold Chain. The murderer later surrendered himself to Police leaving behind agony on the faces of 4 children. The incidence took place on Friday afternoon in old ST Colony located on Nashirabad Highway when the lady aged 28 was at her mother's place since last week. The MIDC Police Station is further investigating the case.

10th December:
Bhusaval bags First Prize in State Drama Competition:

Bhusaval's Play "Agnivesh" written by Prof. Anil Sonar and presented by Utkarsha Navyuvak Mandal has bagged First Prize for Production, Drama, Direction, and Effects in 44th State Drama Competition conducted at Jalgaon's Balgandhrva Open Theatre. Chalisgaon's Ranghgandha Kalasakta Nyas played "Bhint Kachechi" written by Rekha Baijal won second rank.
In all 13 teams from throughout the State participated in the event conducted from 22nd November until 06th December 2004.

Region witness Season's lowest Temperature:
The Jalgaon city witnessed season's lowest temperature on Thursday touching 8.5 degrees centigrade in Minimum on Thursday while 30.3 on maximum. The all of sudden drop of around 5 degrees has turned chilling factor in atmosphere.

09th December:
Arise, Awake, and stop not till the goal is reached:

Socialisation is pathway to contact building and Social Service Clubs and Organisations plays a vital role in joining society in a single thread. The Social clubs conducts various activities and accords to lead society's overall progress. In recent years, the Social Clubs and organisations seem to have focused more on Media Publicity rather doing actual social works. The Media craze has wiped out actual purpose of social service.
Societal service is one of the best ways we could return to our community that helps us grow and live peacefully. Many areas like educating needy people, offering Employment Opportunities, increasing Farming awareness, conducting Business Promotion campaigns are still unexplored by these organisations. This type of activities could boost Society interaction and help everyone to get best of his/ her life.

District Co-operative Bank announces new Policies for Farmers:
Jalgaon's lead Co-operative Bank JDCC Bank has announced revised Loan Policies for farmers for upcoming Crop. The New Policy offers 3000 Rs. additional Loan on 3 major varieties of Sugarcane while 32000 Rs. per hectare loan to Banana crop.
The Jalgaon DCCB after recovering from heavy losses burden has offered this reviewed Loan Policy amidst Administrative Control.

08th December:
Raver farmers come on streets to protest Load Shedding, Transformer, Cotton and Banana issues:
Jalgaon District's rich banana and cotton growing region Raver's Farmers came on road on Tuesday to protest ongoing hectic Power Cuts schedules from MSEB, requesting for Installation of more Transformers in region, starting up a new Cotton Buying Centre in Raver, starting up Auction system for Banana Sales.
The protest caused traffic disruption for around an hour on Raver Burhanpur Road. The Police arrested 21 activists in this connection and later released all of them.

07th December:
NMU Student Council Elections:
After Assembly and Legislative Council elections its now turn for Student community Election. The North Maharashtra University Student Council election is scheduled on Wednesday, 08th December 2004. The Election will result Student Council President and Secretary Post held as one of important post for Academic and University front. NSUI supported NCP, ABVP are two rival student groups fighting for the posts.

Jalgaon Postal Stamps Exhibition 2004:
The Postal Department hosted JALPEX 2004 received wide applause and feedback from community with thousands of students and community members visiting the exhibition. The Exhibition had entries from around 50 plus participants exhibiting their Golden age collection in form of Thematic Collection, General Collection, Legendary History Makers, Freedom Fighters and army man, First Day Cover, Miniature Sheet and Mini Cover, Golden Treasure, and Women on Postal Stamps.
The Exhibition concluded on Monday with prize distribution in form of Gold Medals to participants with marvellous collection hobby.

DM enforces Section 37(1) and 37(3) in Jalgaon:
In order to maintain Law and Order Situation in the District, the District Magistrate has enforced Section 37(1) and 37(3) of Bombay Police Act, 1951 with effect from 6am of 7th December until 22nd December Midnight.

State Level School Softball Competition in Jalgaon today:
The Jalgaon District Softball Association is hosting State Level School Softball Competitions for age group 14, 17, and 19 in Boys and Girls both Categories. The Competition begins today and is expected to have participation of around 42 teams from all around State at MJ College Ground.

Jalgaon's Neha secures First Rank in Rapid Chess Competition:
Neha Mudliyar, a school student has secured First Rank in State Level Rapid Chess Competition for Under 7 years students recently conducted at Aurangabad. With this she qualified for National Rapid Chess Competition to be hosted in Kerala soon.

06th December:
Jalgaon District's Guardian Minister:
State Higher and Technical Education Minister and Jalgaon's NCP leader Sureshdada Jain has been appointed as Guardian Minister for Jalgaon District. The announcement came from State CM on Saturday evening.

05th December:
Fire breaks out in Yaval's Kolte Wada:
The Yaval city's Kolte Wada witnessed fire in wooden house due to short circuit in Electricity line on Saturday early morning 4am. The fire resulted in damages of assets worth Rs. 26 lacs and paralysed life of 69 persons from 21 families in the area. The District authorities have announced an aid of Rs. 1000/- per person immediately on the evening. The fire fighters stopped fire after 4 hours of combat. The fire resulted damages to houses of 21 families of 30 residing in 150 years old Kolte Wada in Yaval city.

Man-eater Leopard captured by Forest Authorities:
After fighting and keeping watch for weeks, the Forest authorities have finally succeeded in capturing man-eater leopard in Borkheda of Chalisgaon Taluka on 04th December morning. It has been taken to Patnadevi forestry. This leopard spread panic amongst people of Chalisgaon, Bhadgaon, and Pachora Taluka villages by attacking children and killing a few.

State Cotton buying:
The State Cotton federation has begun repayment of first instalment against Cotton purchase from Farmers in the region. The authorities purchased 2,35,166 quintal of cotton crop from farmers in the region amounting to Rs. 39.40 Crores of which the department has received Rs. 25 Crores as first instalment for repayment. The Federation repays cost to farmers through District Co-operative Bank Branches.

Western Region Youth Conference at NMU:
The North Maharashtra University Jalgaon is hosting Western region Universities Youth Conference from 09th until 12th December 2004. The Western region Universities includes Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat State Universities. The NMU expects to have around 1500 youth gathering from around 40 Universities in this region.
The festival marks presence of Association of Indian Universities Secretary and fame singer Anuradha Marathe in concluding ceremony on 13th December at 9am.

04th December:
Electricity ups and down hampers routine life:
The Jalgaon District having huge setup of MSEB DeepNagar Power Generation unit is facing acute electricity outages. Announced in October mid, the new power cut schedule has alternative day 3.5 hours power cut in urban areas while 7 hours in rural areas making life miserable. The 3.5 hours power cut includes 3 hours in day time from any of 9am-12pm, 12pm-3pm, 3pm-6pm slot along with 0.5 hour power cut in night i.e. 20pm-20.30pm.
The only key difference factor when we compare our power outages with that of UP and Bihar is we witness routine fixed power shedding especially in Urban areas while these States have Power as State Government's Gift to community. Our rural areas are having same face up as that of any city of UP, Bihar and MP in race.
At one end when we talk of ourselves as World's Superpower with the best manpower resources leading the world, we lack infrastructure facilities especially Roads, Electricity and water supply. This huge brainpower versus resource power factor is leading to migration of skilled manpower from our Country to other countries leading to lesser progress as that we would have expected to do. If our Governments could improve this scene, we would really be amongst the best States.

Anjanvihire's Army man passes away:
Anjanvihire, Bhadgaon's Avinash Vinayak Patil (34), an army warrior in 19 Maratha Life Battalion died on 01st December in Army's Anti-infiltrate operation against terrorist at Kargil in J & K.

Dr. Ravindra Nandedkar on E-TV:
Jalgaon's Dr. Ravindra Nandedkar, an research scholar on diabetes will be interviewed on E-TV on 05th and 06th December at 8am and the same programme will rebroadcast on 11.30pm.

03rd December:
Legislative Council Election results:
The Legislative Council Election result has yielded in majority to NCP. In Jalgaon Legislative Council Election seat, BJP supported independent candidate Gurumukh Jagwani won by 6 votes taking 246 votes as compared to his runner NCP promoted A. T. Patil from Parola getting 240 votes. Of 513 votes, 27 votes went void due to incorrect voting pattern observed.
The Legislative Council seat member is elected by District Council (ZP), City Corporation Corporators along with Panchayat Committee heads. There are in all 513 such voters in Jalgaon District. In Graduates Constituency BJP's Pratap Sonawane won Nashik Division seat.

02nd December:
Nashik Division's 240 villages in draught situation:
After pretty monsoon in most of State, there are still 240 villages and places in Nashik Division facing draught like situation. It includes 32 from Jalgaon, 9 from Dhule, and 199 from Nashik region's other Districts including Nashik, Ahmednagar.

Winter chills further:
The winter season has arrived in full pace with region's mercury scale dipping further below 10 degree centigrade to 9.4 on 01st December, marking lowest of season. The chilling effect mainly observed in Morning times until 10am and after 10pm in night is spreading a symbol of joy and comfort amongst Jalgaonities. Sweaters and jackets are most common now days with school children using mufflers to protect from cold. Alternatively in villages 'Shekoti' is one of most commonly means of burning cold and getting heat.

2141/42 Patna Super fast express to halt at Bhusaval:
The 2141 and 2142 LTT Rajendra Nagar Express Train will halt at Bhusaval Railway Station with effect from 01st December 2004. Please visit Railway Website for more information thereof.

Accident dilemma continues:
Truck collides with Auto Rickshaw: 2 killed and 13 severely injured near Erandol

01st December:
Legislative Councils election peaceful:
The Jalgaon District witnessed 100% polling for Legislative Council Election while 46.48% polling in Jalgaon District for Graduates Constituency seat on Wednesday. The Poll Counting is scheduled on Friday, 02nd December 2004. The Authorities have expressed satisfaction over smooth conduct of Election process.

Man-eater Leopard attacks kid in Chalisgaon Taluka:
A Man-eater Leopard attacked a 9 years kid on Monday night in Bahal village of Chalisgaon Taluka resulting in death of kid. This is second in row incidence spreading panic amongst people of region.

Debating Competition from VV Library:
The Vallabhdas Valaji District Library Jalgaon is hosting State Level Inter-College Debating competition on 12th December 2004 on 'Collusion Politics - Effects of Democracy'. Please contact Library or your respective College for more information and participation thereof.

Aids Awareness Day Promo: Play it safe
Aids killed 6 in Dhule while 4 in Jalgaon District in last 18 years
Vengeance act plays: Husband attempts to kill his wife and murders 57 years old man in affair in Subhash Chowk area of Jalgaon.

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