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31st October:
Waghoda's D. K. Mahajan honoured in World Banana Council's meeting:
World Banana Council's meeting conducted in Bangalore honoured Waghoda's D. K. Mahajan for his outstanding contribution in the field of Banana Cultivation with the help of advanced technology.
The event was jointly hosted by Association for the improvement in Production and Utilisation of Banana (AIPUB), Government of India and various other organisations. The event also included various stalls demonstrating the uses of Banana in day to day life. Around 10 farmers from our Jalgaon district attended this event and had for the first time feel proud for being honoured in Banana production. Khandesh region is considered as India's one of the leading Banana production zone.

Ban on Crackers Bursting after 10pm:
The DSP office, Jalgaon has issued a press note urging people not to burst crackers from 10pm onwards and avoid Sound pollution in this Diwali Season. Various other general precautions including keeping children away from highly exploding crackers, bursting in open spaces, not to burst near educational places, not to burst near petrol pumps and stores and explosive areas.

Yukta Mukhi, Javed Jaffrey and many others in Jalgaon today:
Miss World Yukta, Javed Jaffrey and Richa Sharma are arriving today in Jalgaon to perform in the Cultural Programme of Tax-Collectors Association development fund. The programme will be conducted in the Nutan Maratha College campus and entry is allowed for invitees only.

30th October:
Living in the Past: A fact report from Rajasthan:
Recently I had been to Rajasthan, the land of Culture and food. In the age where technology is so highly changing and promising new dimensions to life, the life in Rajasthan is still hanging on the past cultures.
The people are still used to with the old styles of living without light and new dimensions. No world can progress by technology unless and until its people try to implement it and shows will to change. Rajasthan people still lacks this feeling and are following the same old fundamentals of life. In terms of Electricity supply, the state is following UP-Bihar Track where Electricity is not a need it's a Gift from the Government to the people that can or won't arrive depending on its will.
The Colour of Delight - Pink is considered as colour of "Sadness" and Ladies uses Pink Sarees when some sort of Death/ Sad event happens in their family blood relations. Ladies are the most affected victims of pressurised art of Living life. Seniors dominates life style and family living and women have a very few chances to appear in front. "Mental Imbalance" and such many other diseases can be commonly seen among 3 out of 100 Women in Rajasthan due to this style of living life.
It is not the thing that Rajasthan does not have resources and infrastructure to promote things, the only missing part is willing to wide-spread technology usage as well as desire to change with time. The roll heavily lies on Young generation that is being build up. If they also continue the same culture, the state may find itself at the bottom of the technology era. Another important change can be implied by the people who are living out of state. So if these guys setup some sort of Technology Promotion centre or Information Guidance centre, it will be a real big boon for people of Rajasthan.

Power Problem continues in District:
Due to non-functioning of 3 Gen-Sets in DeepNagar Power station, Bhusaval the entire District went in dark for more than 12 hours. The problem began in morning 9 and was restored by around 9pm in night.

Jamner Village Panchayat converted to Jamner Municipal Council:
The State Government wide its resolution has converted Jamner Panchayat into Jamner Municipal Council. An Ordinance with this reference has been issued by Chancellor of State. The Council will come into effect from 28th October 2002. The state also has declared its boundaries.

ITI Student dies in accident:
Deepali Pitambar Thakur, 22, died in accident by high-speed running ST Bus in front of ITI on Dhule Road. She was driving 2-Wheeler, Spirit while the ST to Bhusaval was crossing the ITI.

BSNL 'Cell-One' registration begins:
The BSNL 'Cell-One' mobile Service registration process has began and the department has started selling forms. Around 410 forms have been sold out in Jalgaon and Bhusaval until now. The service will start soon in coming week.

29th October:
Bsnl Mobile Service delayed for 15 days:

The Jalgaon BSNL Mobile Service "Cell One" is being delayed by around 15 days due to some technical problems.Forms for new Connection Applications are available for sale at BSNL Office.

Nashik Division wins the opening match of State School Level Cricket Competitions:
Jalgaon Lana High-School from Nashik Division has won the First opening match of State Level Cricket match with Kolhapur Division yesterday at Stadium Ground. In another match Aurangabad division defeated Amravati division by 65 runs & Pune division defeated Nagpur division. Today Nashik Vs Aurangabad at Police Ground & Pune Vs Mumbai at Stadium Ground matches will be played.

28th October:
State Level School Cricket Match from Today:
State Level School Cricket match Competition are been organised by District Sports organisation for the first time by Jalgaon. These Competitions will be held at Police Ground from today at morning 8.00 am. Today matches are Pune Vs Nagpur (Police Ground), Sanjivani School, Kolhapur Vs Lana School, Jalgaon, Nashik (Stadium Ground), Amravati Vs Aurangabad (Stadium Ground)

27th October:
17-Story Council building to be renamed on 31st October:
Jalgaon Council's 17-Story Building will be renamed on 31st. in the name of "Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Tower, Jalgaon".

State Level School Cricket Match from Tomorrow:
State Level School Cricket match Competition are been organised by District Sports organisation for the first time by Jalgaon. These Competitions will be held at Police Ground from tomorrow at morning 8.00 am.

26th October:
Miss World Yukta Mukhi, Actor Javed Jaffrey, & Singer Richa Sharma in Jalgaon:
Miss World Yukta Mukhi, Actor Javed Jaffrey, & Singer Richa Sharma are reaching Jalgaon to attend Tax Department's Cultural Evening Programme on 31st October for invitees' only at Nutan Maratha College Ground.

25th October:
Late Kishorekumar Singing Competition on Monday:
Nateshwar Bahudeshiya Sansthan has organised a Singing competition on Monday 28th October 02 at Gandhe hall, Jalgaon from morning 9.00 am. For more details contact 233240.Jalgaonkars are requested to participate wholeheartedly in this competition.

State level Cricket Competition from 28th Oct.02:
State level Cricket competition has been organised at Police Ground & Mini Stadium from 28th Oct. to 30th oct.02.About 112 participants from the state will be participating in this competition. Arrangements for the competition are at last stage.

24th October:
Jamner Violence: 66 released on Conditional Bail:
The 66 Charged in Jamner Violence case have been released on bail last day. Out of 66, 27 were released by Bombay High Court while 39 were released by Jalgaon District Court. All were released subjected to conditional entry at different places as ordered by Court.

79 Villages declared as "Water-Short":
79 Villages from Jalgaon district are declared as "Water Short" areas where the water level is below normal. It includes 17 from Yaval Taluka, 10 from Raver Taluka, 15 from Jalgaon Taluka, 5 from Dharangaon Taluka, 7 from Bhadgaon Taluka, 4 from Chalisgaon Taluka, 18 from Amalner Taluka and 5 from Chopda Taluka.

BSNL will allot 5600 Mobile Connections in First Phase:
The Jalgaon BSNL will allot 3000 new mobile connections from Jalgaon City, 1300 each from Bhusaval and Chalisgaon city in first phase of start of "Cell One" service.
BSNL is yet to receive application forms for allotting new connections.

23rd October:
A Lifetime Opportunity for aspirant Models:
EJalgaon.com team has introduced "Model of the Week" on its Young Generation Centre "Friends Club". Those Candidates willing to choose "Modelling" as their profession have golden chance to try for. The willing candidate has to send 3 1.1x1.6 size Colour Scanned Photographs via e-mail to Friendsclub@ejalgaon.com along with their Name, Age, Profession, E-mail, Postal Address, and Hobbies.
From these entries 2 entries, 1 each from Male and Female members will be displayed along with their Name, Age, E-mail and Hobbies every week on Friends Club along with Contact E-mail Form Link for communicating with them. This will avail them infinite opportunities.
Please Visit Friends Club for more information and registration thereof.

Diwali is coming up:
Diwali, the festival of lights is coming up. We can see huge rush in markets willing to buy new items, home accessories and other regular needs. Most of the homes now a day are in final process of cleaning up and re-painting. Sweets Kings are in big preparations to cash the best of this Diwali Season. We can see Stalls of different groups to sell Sweets and snacks all around the district.
For Business houses, Diwali is day to pray Goddess Laxmi and to start "Muhurat" selling. This year until now there is no boost as such in business after good Monsoon. Showrooms are waiting for customers and are in low cash flow. For Business houses of Jalgaon this year has been a year of losses with many Big Business Houses declaring Bankruptcy worth Crores.
For Students and young generation this is a period to cheer up with holidays. Most of the Schools and Colleges have around 1 week holiday for Diwali Festival.

Jalgaon's Airport renamed after Poet Valmik:
Jalgaon's yet to start Airport has been renamed to "Kavivarya Mahrishi Valmik Public Airport" with effect from 21st October 2002. Other major places including 17-story Council administrative building will also be renamed soon says Council's press note.

DM declares 10 Dams Water Reservation policies until 15th July 2003:
The Jalgaon DM has declared 10370MLT water in 10 different dams of Jalgaon district as "Reserved for Drinking Water". These 10 Dam includes 2 major projects and 8 medium size project Dam.

21st October:
"Cell One" to be launched in Second Phase in Jalgaon District:
The BSNL cellular service "Cell One" will be launched in second phase in coming 5 days in Jalgaon district. Initially Jalgaon, Bhusaval and Chalisgaon will be covered and Amalner and Erandol will be covered after 2 weeks. By December end Highway Coverage will be taken and Parola, Paldhi, Nashirabad, Varangaon, Edlabad will be covered. The BSNL Cell service will have "94222" series Cell number. For more information in this please contact Customer Care centre of BSNL.

Jalgaon wins State-level Junior Softball Competition:
The Jalgaon team has won the 09th State level Junior Softball Competition by defeating Pune Boys while were Runner-up with Pune in Girls Softball. The event was conducted on Jalgaon's Mini Stadium.

20th October:
Heavy Power cut expected as MSEB production unit trips:
Due to non-functioning of various major production units across the state, the MSEB is facing heavy power shortage. To adjust this power shortage it is now implementing heavy Power Cut schedule especially across the rural areas of the state.
The problem is expected to resolve soon as war-level repairing work is going on throughout these units.

Jalgaon District still awaits BSNL "Cell One":
The BSNL launched "Cell One" Mobile service is yet to be launched in Jalgaon District. The BSNL Jalgaon is in process of finalising all final tests and connectivity setup and is yet to announce its Jalgaon Dealer and plans thereof.

19th October:
Power Problem resolves as MSEB decreases its Power Cut Schedule:
After last week's severe Power Cut, this week has been a relief to people of Jalgaon as MSEB decreased its Power Schedule in Business areas. Now since last 2-3 days Power situation has improved a lot and there has been very low power cut in interior parts of City.

Raymond opens up Seconds Retail Shop in Jalgaon:
The Raymond Industries group has opened up a Seconds Retails Shop in its Factory premises in Jalgaon. The Shop will be inaugurated today with promise to deliver Quality Second Material at low and reasonable prices.

D. Pharmacy Admission rounds:
To fill up the vacant seats in Diploma Pharmacy course for First Year 2002-03 the Government Polytechnic has availed forms. The Admission round will begin on 11am on Saturday and interested candidates are requested to be present at right time along with their Original mark-sheet and other related documents.

18th October:
Lush Green Environment everywhere:
The Monsoon 2002 Raining has pleased entire Jalgaon District's natural beauty. If we go outside in interior parts of district, we find Lush green nature's beauty everywhere. All the dams in District are flowing full of water and so are the rivers.
The World famous Ajanta Caves pond is also flowing with full water. Many other places like Amba Rishi, Manudevi are at most pleasant state of their beauty.

MuktaiNagar and Bodwad records maximum raining on Thursday:
The MuktaiNagar and Bodwad taluka recorded maximum Raining in Thursday's "Uttara Nakshatra" raining. Following figures indicates raining for 24 hours in mm until 17th October, 08am.
Jamner - 11, Bhusaval - 1, Bodwad, 28.5, MuktaiNagar - 36, Pachora - 10, Chalisgaon - 8, Bhadgaon - 2. Until now 115.3% raining is recorded in entire Monsoon 2002.

17th October:
State level Singing Competition on 28th:
The Nateshwar Society has organized a State-level Singing Competition on 28th October 2002. The Competition will carry attractive awards for First, Second and Third Prize winners. A program on Kishor Kumar's Classical songs has also been arranged on the same evening. Interested person may contact on Telephone: 226864, 237013 for more details.

Jalgaon District to get 175 Crores Loan from NABARD:
The Jalgaon District will soon get Rs. 175 Crores loan from NABARD to complete its pending projects of irrigation, Water supply, Road development etc.

Petrol and Diesel Prices hikes again:
The Petrol and Diesel prices have hiked by 53 Paise and 57 Paise respectively with effect from 16th Mid-night.

16th October:
MSEB urges for Co-operation:
The MSEB has urged people to support and cooperate in the Frequent Power cuts issue. In a press note issued last day, the board has requested all the people to support and help resolve the Demand and supply gap of power supply in the entire Nashik Division. It has further requested people not to follow violent route by beating up its officers and employees.
In many areas of the district, people have severely damaged MSEB offices and beaten the MSEB officials. Situation has worsen up to such extent that whenever some power cut occurs MSEB office staff shut down their complaint offices by fear of people beating them up specially in rural areas.
How interesting and contradictory situation it is that in UP and Bihar there is no Electricity Complaint concept. "If there is some power it has to come." is their routine. See ours, we are ready to complaint and fight against such issues and is the board. This is real feeling of democracy seen especially in Maharashtra in all the cases. You are free to express your views and media also helps you to do so. Let this democratic style be followed throughout our India.

Rain pleases entire Khandesh:
The Tuesday night showery raining has pleased farmers all around the Khandesh. Due to raining, the climate has turned cloudy and cool air breeze is flowing on in the environment.

15th October:
Victory of Good over evil:
The Vijayadashmi festival is observed as victory of Good over evil minds. Let us all jointly fight out this evil in our society and form a new society. Social evils like Unemployment are still one of the most challenging aspects for people of Jalgaon. Let us jointly try to improve our social standard, hygiene and build up a new youth that is eager to fight challenges ahead.
With strong geographical connections and social base we Jalgaon people stands at the best and first choice of employers and Industry all around our India and world. What we lack is ground level preparation to join such big movements. Our youth does not find enough confidence in our education system and has to cater towards various places to prepare him for the future. We need to strongly focus on this "Education System" aspect.
Our "Education System" needs to renovate its style of conduction. It should focus more on technical base instead of publicising itself in media. It is most commonly seen phenomenon that most of us are focusing more towards our public image instead of paying strong attention towards improving and standardising technical base to our students.
Our Industry needs to modernise itself and get ready to face the challenges of new millennium. Most of the industrial base we have is of Industries from other places. Our local people should come out and establish youth job oriented industries.
Our Business people as usual are doing excellent but they still lack confidence in today's youth and professionals. Instead of giving chances to our localities they prefer more towards outsiders. If our youth can't get opportunities in hometown where and who will stand him at other places?

"Uttara" raining expected: Farmers worried:
The Khandesh farmers are awaiting "Uttara" Nakshatra raining anxiously. This raining will add to relief of farmers as heavy hit may up to some extent burn down the crop. There has been significant decrease in crop production from Jalgaon, Dhule district. Nandurbar had satisfactory raining this monsoon therefore has very good production growth for various Red Chilli Spice and others.
The following Chart shows Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar district talukawise rainfall until September 2002 end.

(Raining in mm as on September 2002 end)
Jalgaon - 802.5
Jamner - 798
Erandol - 709
Bhusaval - 726
Bodwad - 803.4
Yaval - 705
Raver - 824
MuktaiNagar - 824
Amalner - 563
Chopda - 765
Parola - 775
Pachora - 620
Chalisgaon - 760
Bhadgaon - 791
Dhule - 404
Sakri - 450
ShindKheda - 475
Shirpur - 753
Nandurbar - 1009
Navapur - 781
Shahada - 378
Taloda - 594
Akkalkuva - 766
Akrani - 743

14th October:
Varangaon Ordinance Factory opens exhibition on manufactured Arms:
The Ordinance factory of Varangaon has opened up an Exhibition on Arms manufactured by it on eve of celebrating its 38th Anniversary. This is for the first time the factory has organised such exhibition and has urged people to have a look at variety of arms and ammunition manufactured.
The factory started its productions since 15th October 1964.

Dandiya Raas and Technology:
The Dandiya Raas competition being organised this time has shown remarkable use of Technology to facilitate people. For the first time in Jalgaon, the Dandiya Raas competitions are using Television sets all around the grounds for proper view of people in huge rush. Two major Cable TV operators also are showing shows live on their networks. Good lightning arrangements, Powerful Surround sound systems and decorations are key attractions of this Dandiya Raas.
The major issue that remain unsolved this time is people's convenience of sitting. If this issue get resolved people will get more thrilled and be there throughout the programme.

13th October:
"Dandiya Raas" in full pace:
The Navratri Dandiya Raas is in full pace in entire Jalgaon district. Right from 7pm till midnight we can hear celebrations and see roads full of youths in group to join the competitions. Various clubs and groups have announced attractive prizes for the competitions.
Let us all pray Goddess for the best of future, peace and prosperity in our entire Jalgaon district.

Jalgaon's Internet Connectivity in troubles:
Jalgaon's Sancharnet Connectivity is in deep troubles since last week. The telephone department run National Internet Backbone (NIB) is facing severe problems of connectivity, speed and frequent disconnection since last week.
There are around 2500 Sancharnet users in Jalgaon district using '172233' Dialup connectivity to connect to the Information Highway. The department has started "Helpline" telephone service for information to its Internet users. Users can dial '1957' telephone number from their local Telephone instrument to get help related to Internet issues.
People are eagerly waiting for substitute connectivity via new ISP as many of them are not yet availed with new Internet accounts, technical support. Moreover there are frequent "Server Downs" at least 1-2 times in a day.
Reliance, Bharti and some private parties are in final stages of launching their Internet and Telecom related services in the district in coming 3-6months period.

12th October:
Power Problem hits again:
For the 6th Consecutive day, the power problem has again hit the entire District and has paralysed city's business and regular life. Last day there was power cut for around 6 hours in the entire district. The MSEB officials have stated that the fault arrived due to a major problem in Power delivery system between Jalgaon and Deep Nagar. People are deeply depressed over such drastic and never-before power cut routine of board. As a solution to this issue
We need to find out alternative power supply sources. There are many shopping complexes in the city. If a trial is made in for example say VV Complex to generate Power through Solar Energy, it will definitely be very useful, low cost and 24hours solution. The party investing in the project will definitely be earning a lot as everyone will prefer to have alternative stable and low cost power solution instead of heavy cost UPS, Invertors and noisy generators.
The power problem has significantly reduced attendance in various "Dandiya Raas" competitions being held throughout the district. Even in some areas people have turned violent against MSEB officials and have badly beaten some of the top level officials.

Bhalod's Rahul Chaudhari flies to US:
Bhalod, Taluka: Yaval's resident Nilkant Vyankat Chaudhari is flying to US for his MS in Computer Science from MA University. He completed his Engineering from Mumbai.

11th October:
Lokmat Sakhi Manch & Rotaract Club Jalgaon organises Cultural Competitions:
Lokmat Sakhi Manch & Rotaract Club Jalgaon has organised Cultural Competitions on 12th Oct.02 at Jain Mahila Mandal Hall,from 2.00 pm onwards.Competitions like Dandiya Sajawat, Puja Thali Sajawat, Deep Sajawat, Mehandi, & Rangoli are there.for further details contact 1) Lokamat Bhawan -210596,97, 2) Santronix Computers Pvt.Ltd.,222,First Floor,Golani Market,3) Shree Ganesh Cards,Stadium Shopping Complex,Jalgaon or Rtr.ChetanThakkar -270555,9823110555

10th October:
NMU Paper presentation today:
The NMU organised All-India level Paper presentation contest is being inaugurated today in Senate hall of NMU Main building. The programme will include paper presentation by around 105 scholars all around India on "Recent Trends in Information Technology and Its Applications".
For the first time in Jalgaon's history such large national level "Computing" event is being conducted. Many dignitaries from all around India are attending this prestigious event and are keenly looking at Jalgaon's IT and overall market trend.
If NMU success in transplanting the negative image of Jalgaon, its students will definitely have better opportunities in terms of Jobs, Project Completion and future education all around India.

Jalgaon district again in Power troubles:
The sudden explosion in Deep Nagar Power generation Grid Control unit caused power cut of around 3 hours in entire Jalgaon district on Wednesday. This problem added to grievance of people that are already suffering through heavy power cut in entire district.
The Dhule and Nandurbar districts are also in trouble with MSEB announcing new Power cut schedules.

Pachora's Manoj Patil secures Masters in Information Systems:
Pachora's native Manoj Dattatrya Patil has passed Masters in Information Systems with special distinction in Australia from Southern Cross University. He completed his Engineering from VIT, Pune.

Council to supply Daily Drinking Water soon:
Considering sufficient stock of monsoon raining, the city council has decided to supply drinking water on daily basis to people of Jalgaon city. Currently the entire city is getting 2-day alternate Drinking water supply. At last by the virtue of God, our drinking water issue is over for this year at least.

International Money transfer service now available in Post Office, Jalgaon:
The Postal department has availed of International Money transfer in association with Western Union in US. This facility is available in Jalgaon HPO and Chalisgaon.

430crores Japan funding for Ajanta-Ellora:
The Japan Government is providing 430crores 52 Lakhs funding for World famous heritage Ajanta and Ellora caves second round of development work. The work will begin in June 2003 after final sanctions from the Japan Government.
The Japan Government as a plan to conserve the Ajanta and Ellora caves is implementing two phase project. In first phase around 128crores rupees funding has been done until March 2002. It includes Fibre optics light in Caves, Transportation System, CNG buses, Air-conditioned buses, toilets, Sign boards etc.
In second round Site museum, Shopping Complexes, Parking base, Shops for selling memorable-items related to Ajanta, Tree plantation projects will be completed. All roads from Aurangabad to Ajanta and Fardapur to Bhusaval will also be covered with cream layers.
Apart from Road development Jalgaon District has not been sanctioned any important project in these entire 430 Crores, even though the fact that Ajanta is nearest place from Jalgaon and Jalgaon has the best of geographical connectivity and business.

09th October:
Municipal council's general meeting today:
Jalgaon Municipal council's general meeting is being held today to discuss various important issues including change of name of various public complexes, stadium and other places.

Jalgaon's Sanjay Jain selected in ISRO:
Hated's Sanjay Gulabchand Jain has been selected in India's premier research institute ISRO. He completed his engineering from JTM, Faijpur and was selected in campus interview during M.Tech in Bangalore.

"Shakti Kapoor" today in Bhusaval:
The filmi Don "Shakti Kapoor" is reaching Bhusaval today to inaugurate "Dandiya Raas" competition to be held from 09th to 11th October 2002.

08th October:
Power Problem intensifies and severely hits city business:
The Saturday began power problem has intensified and is continuing its show all around the day. The city areas are facing power cuts for more than 4-5 hours daily where rural areas have a few chances of having power supply for few hours in a day.
Business community, industry and normal people have shown strong anger and protest to this Power cut all around the district. However MSEB has publicised a press note today stating 3 hours rotational power cut in city areas while 4 hours rotational power cut in rural areas.

Police enforces 37(1) and (3) in Jalgaon District:
In order to maintain peace and law-order situation in the district, the Police has enforced Bombay Police Act 1951 section 37(1) and 37(3) with effect from 07th October to 23rd October 2002 midnight in entire Jalgaon district.

07th October:
Navratri preparations gears up:
Navratri will begin today with arrival of Goddess Durga all around the district. There are hundreds of Mandals that will welcome Goddess today in their areas. Police has made strict arrangements for smooth conduction of the festival.

Video Shooting, Photography, Training by MITCON:
The MITCON has organised a Video shooting, Photography, Mineral Water, Dairy business and others training today.

06th October:
Heavy power cut paralyses Jalgaon District life:
Saturday has been one of the worst Electricity cut day in entire Jalgaon district for more than 11hours. MSEB has declared a major fault in "Khadka", Bhusaval electricity supply feeder. However the power was restored in around 7.45pm in the night.
The power cut resulted in heavy financial losses to entire district. It seems that entire Jalgaon district will have same view as that of UP and Bihar. Every house/ business will have its own power resource such as Generator set or UPS. Alternatively a Generator power supply company will be seen providing connection to each and every office and home on monthly rental basis. It seems many times that we are heading UP and Bihar way in terms of Power supply.
The city water supply has been one of the worst affected sources. The climate temperature touching 40 levels added to people's and juniors harassment right from morning 9am till 8pm in the night.

Rs. 2 Crores funding for Jalgaon District:
The centre and state governments have funded Rs.2,43,40,000/- for Jalgaon district development programme. This information was publicised by the District Council president in a press conference. This funding will be utilised for various development and provisional activities like health, social development, Handicapped people, and Health and Hygiene services.
Around Rs. 8.5 Crores fund has arrived in the district under "Prime Minister Road development Scheme".

Jalgaon's swimmers cross Mora to Gateway of India sea route:
4 young enthusiast swimmers have cross Mora to Gateway of India 12kms distances in just 4 hours and 6 minutes for the first time in history of district. All the students are below 15.

05th October:
"Yatra Paschimalap" evokes huge success:
For the first time in the history of Khandesh, a full-fledged mass-level event hosted by women council has shown marvellous results. Friday night show in Jalgaon city witnessed presence of around 10000 people. The event also marked presence of dignitaries like CM, Film star Poonam Dhillon and many others. The show included performance by artists on Khandeshi Dances, Garba, Classicals. The event has been conducted in all the major taluka places of our Jalgaon District.
Film star Poonam Dhillon urged CM to start Airport in Jalgaon for the convenience of people visiting Ajanta and Ellora. Let is be anyway our demand for Airport and air services has finally reached the top officials and will definitely be resolved in coming days. Startup of Airport for city will mean boost for our ill-Tourism industry.

Request for complaint against Bribery:
The Anti Corruption Bureau, Jalgaon has requested all people to freely complaint against corruption and bribery in government and civil departments. People can complaint freely on Telephone No. 0257-235477 for any of such complaints. The department has promised for suitable actions against the same.

105 Papers to be presented in NMU Paper Presentation:
The NMU invited National level Paper presentation contest "Recent Trends in IT and Its applications" has received overwhelming response of 105 papers from all around India. This is for the first time the event has got such terrific response.
The 2-day event will begin on 10th October in NMU Senate hall. Top level dignitaries in computing field from all around India are attending this event.

04th October:
"Yatra Paschimalap" gets enormous public response:
The Cultural extravaganza "Yatra Paschimalap" is getting enormous public response all over Khandesh. The event is being hosted by Women Development council, Jalgaon.
The event will be inaugurated today by the hands of CM of Maharashtra along with film start Poonam Dhillon and other dignitaries. Around 20 to 25 thousand people are expected to view the event that will also content various cultural shows, Khandesh cultural dances, Public Performances at G. S. Ground Jalgaon at 7pm. tight security arrangements are being made to handle the load and VIP security.
CM is also going to review the District development plans and work done in the evening.

Power problem intensifies and turns into violence:
The Jalgaon District power problem is intensifying day by day and has turned to violent form by means of high level public demonstrations on taluka places. Around 6 hours power cut in the rural area has made life difficult and has severely affected day to day business activities.
In some areas the violence has taken aggressive form and people have badly beaten MSEB officials for the same.

SSC & HSC October exams from today:
The SSC & HSC October 2002 exams are beginning from today. For the first time in the history of board exams, the bar coding system is being applied. Every student appearing for the exam will have to reach his/ her exam centre 30 minutes before his paper time to know this system. All the photocopy centres are being order for closure from 10am to 6pm in the exam timing.

03rd October:
Seminar on Self-Employment, Industrialisation in Faijpur:
The JT Mahajan Engg College faijpur in association with AICTE has jointly organised a Seminar on Self-employment aspects, Industrialisation and various other related topics from today for 3 days.
The Programme will guide students for all-round development of their curriculum in aspects of business, self-employment, drafting project reports etc.

Dandiya fever gears up in the city:
As the Navratri Festival is coming up, the Dandiya fever is gearing up all around the city. Most the regular Social clubs, groups have already started their Dandiya training programmes while others have launched their media campaign to attract people. The Dandiya ras will be played from 07th October to 17th October 2002.
Many attractive prizes are being hosted to attract new comers and groups. Cable networks are also boosting up their infrastructure to broadcast live shows for people.

Jalgaon's Poonam Kaur on "Aaj Tak":
At Just 3, Poonam kaur Chabra has broken all the records at the outset by demonstrating her capability to drive Bullet on her own. To publicise this skill, Aaj Tak news Channel showed her exclusive interview with she driving the Bullet.

02nd October:
Want to communicate with Police? Write now.
In a movement to increase Police-Public communication and help people resolve their issues; the Progressive Ladies Junior Chamber Youth Wing has installed 3 "Police Complaint Box", first near entrance of 17-story administrative building of Municipal council, second near MJ College and third in Shivaji Nagar area.
The main objective of this box is to resolve people issue via written complaints to police. So next time whenever you have some complaint to talk about, write to Police, they are eager to hear you.

Various programmes on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti:
To commemorate the Gandhi Jayanti, various programmes are being conducted in Jalgaon district today. An All India Urdu Poets Symposium is also being conducted today in JDCC hall. It will mark presence of various renowned poets from all around India. Various other programmes including starting up of Public Library, Public facility centre for unemployed people; Public awareness camps are being conducted.
An exhibition of rare Photographs collections on Gandhiji's life is being organised in "Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan" near Shastri tower.

Want to improve your ranking & grade? Here is a golden chance:
The North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon via its Circular No. 174 has requested all its existing graduates, PG for improving their ranking and Grading. Under this new circular, any student within 5 years of completion of his Degree/ PG in any stream can apply only once for improving ranking by paying nominal charges along with required documents.
For more information and details in this regards, please contact: The Exam Department, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.

17500 students to appear for SSC exam October 2002:
Around 17500 students are appearing for Secondary School Certificate Exam while 5422 students are appearing for HSC of October 2002. Both exams are starting from 04th and SSC will end on 16th while HSC on 22nd October.

Jalgaon wins Inter-division Chess competition & NMC wins Softball:
The Jalgaon team has defeated Erandol team in Inter-division Chess competition while the Nutan Maratha College Softball team has for the fifth time won Inter-division Softball competition.

01st October:
Petrol and diesel prices hike up again:
The Government owned Petrol and Diesel companies have hiked prices again by 25paise per litre. This change of rate has come in to effect from 30th September midnight.

MSEB decreases Load-shading by 1.5hrs:
To make up the heavy protest against load-shading schedule the MSEB has decided to set 4.5hrs as compared to 6hours earlier decided load shading in the rural area while 2hours in the city areas of the district.
The load-shading has been heavily protested from all parts of the society and has given an adverse impact on daily life routines.

Jalgaon bags Regional football competition:
Jalgaon has won the regional Football competition by defeating Nandurbar by 2-0. The competition included Jalgaon, Nashik, Dhule, Nandurbar and Thane districts.

Various Competitions on the eve of Wild-Animal life week:
Various competitions are being organised on the eve of Wild-Animal life week being observed in the first week of October.
An Essay writing competition on "Wild-life conservation in the New Century and forestry movements", "Impact of increasing population on Wild-life & Environment", "Wild-life In Maharashtra", and "Animals - My friends" has been organised in 4 different categories.
A Drawing competition is also being conducted on following topics - Biological Conservation, Marine Animals, No hunting please, Dance my dear "Peacock", Butterflies.
All entries should be sent until 07th October to Chief Conservator, Maharashtra Government, Nagpur-6.

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