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JULY 2002
Wednesday, 31st July
Jalgaon District News Today
{News Courtesy: Deshdoot Jalgaon}

31st July:
6 States including Maharashtra (excluding Mumbai) faces severe power problem:
6 States including Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan and part of Goa faced severe power failure of more than 10hours since last night. The problem hit Railways as well. All railways running in this route and having Electrical Engines faced stand-at-point for more than 5hours. However Railway supply was restored around 4am in mid-morning.
The regular electricity supply was restored around 9.30am in morning in entire state. The main reason behind this heavy power failure is considered to be MP pulling up around 500mw more Electricity than its regular schedule. Due to this heavy pulling entire Western Grid had technical problems and it stopped its functioning?

30th July:
eJalgaon.com, Deshdoot and City Slicker Opinion poll starts from today:
EJalgaon.com visitors have now one more reason to celebrate. EJalgaon.com, Deshdoot and City Slicker, Jalgaon are jointly starting up Opinion poll. Every poll question now carries 3 exciting prizes every day along with City Slicker Discount coupons.
So what are you waiting for now? Poll now and keep winning exciting prizes.

Girana Water to be shared by Malegaon:
In a new decision, the state government has given reservation to Malegaon in Girana Water. This new decision has come in to effect in a situation when Jalgaon is already under severe water shortage. Girana has been a major source of Drinking water supply for Jalgaon since many years. Girana River has dam in Nandgaon taluka's Panjhan Village from where Jalgaon is supplied with drinking water.
Jalgaon people have shown strong protest to the issue and are soon meeting the CM.

HDFC bank opens up Jalgaon branch:
HDFC Bank is opening up its Jalgaon branch from today. The branch has various facilities including 24-hours ATM service, Inter-Branch/ Inter-city Banking, International Debit Card, Free Net Banking.

Gutka Ban from 01st August:
The proposed Gutka Ban is coming into effect from 01st August 2002 for 5years in entire Maharashtra state. The proposed amendment has strict regulations to implement this new law.

45 questions on Jamner issue:
District Police has send 45 questions answer to Jamner issue. These answers will be presented in forthcoming monsoon session of State Assembly.

Bodwad's Hemraj Badhe pass BDS exam:
Bodwad's Hemraj Khema Badhe has passed BDS exam from Nashik Dental College. He secured 504 marks out of 800.

29th July:
Police organises Seminar with Press:
In order to co-operate in fighting terror and create harmony in society police organised a seminar with press media. The seminar focused on various issues of discussion including Jamner issue, Malegaon issue and others. Various leading press media reporters were present on the event.

Mobile war starts in City:
With arrival of third operator in the city, the mobile price war has just begun. All three-service providers have slashed their rates and are fully focusing on news media advertisements to market their product. Various schemes have been launched to attract dealers and distributors to sell mobile cards in mass.
The fourth operator BSNL is also all set to start its services in the district. It is in final steps of setting up towers and allocating dealers on district level.

Different School level competitions from 03rd August:
In order to promote sports in the district, the District Sports office is conducting a various age group school level competitions from 03rd august 2002. The competition includes 17-19age groups, below 19, district level ladies sports and district level rural sports.

28th July:
A week to look back:
The last week has been a week of review for Jalgaon. The city witnessed many new changes and Upgradation in itself. The key fact includes new laws regarding Cyber café in entire state. Most of the cyber owners are in confusion about what exactly the law is and how to fulfil it? The week witnessed formation of a new 'Cyber union' in Jalgaon to consider and help Cyberwalas in such issues. This start is one of the significant changes in cyber policies of the city. Many major reforms needed including formation of strict code of ethics for cyber centres will be hopefully implemented.
Another major issue this week was "Traffic of the city". The city police have issued hundreds of memos to people driving badly and not following rules of the traffic. Does it mean we do not have traffic sense? Surely not! Every city and people needs step-by-step intro of following traffic or any rule. Why not social organisations like Rotary, Rotaract and Lions take active part in informing people, what traffic law is and how to drive safely? It will be of great help to people in city specially Jalgaon where major roads are good enough but linking roads are very narrow and are in bad condition. Does only issuing people with memos and giving big newspaper headlines make people aware of traffic laws?
This week was also an important one for students for their academic admissions. This year many graduation results were announced late, so many students were in dilemma of where to take admission and what to do next? As a safe side, many of them had taken admission in Jalgaon as well as many other Universities around. But as results came out more than 20-30% seats from the NMU admission were vacant simply for the reason that the students preferred other universities rather than ours. NMU this week announced Second notice for Entrance to many courses including some quota seats.
Another important view this week has been students protest march to NMU to allow carry-on. Are we not enough compatible to pass to next year? We must think of what fault our education system has that we are asking our University to allow us carry-on? Are our colleges and teaching faculties not cultivating us with education? Be prepared, get ready, go ahead. We have many challenges to face in life as well as when we go out for jobs. If we ask carry-on here, what we will ask in our life when we find ourselves in difficulties? Will GOD give carry-on to our lives? Certainly not, we must gear up our mentality to face this new era. We must protest for what wrong is happening? We must protest for if we are not being educated properly? We must protest if entire class is being failed for any particular subject?
Gear up my friend, its new century. We can fight the challenges only if we have strong enough foundation of knowledge and education. After all college education is just an experimental base, we have to give many exams in our life.

Deepali Patil pass MBBS:
Chandsar, Taluka: Erandol's Deepali Sopanrao Patil has passed MBBS (Surgery) exam conducted by Mumbai University with First class.

Jalgaon's Pancham Drama Organisation to be honoured today:
'Dilip Kumar' in Pune is honouring Jalgaon's Pancham Drama Organisation today. The organisation has been conferred with "Outstanding Drama Experimenting Organisation" throughout the state.
The organisation team has performed many stage shows throughout the state. Various awards in state level final competition have also honoured it.

2 Students from Yaval dies in Ganpati-Pule:
Hemant V. Patil from Faijpur and Deepak Suresh Chaudhari from Bhalod died in Ratnagiri's Ganpati-Pule. Both of them were on trip to Ganpati Pule. When they were bathing at the sea-edge, the high-speed sea waves thrashing sea corners caught them and floated them as well in the sea.

27th July:
Jalgaon's Balkrishna Sonawane invited by International Society of Poets:
Jalgaon's Balkrishna Sonawane has been invited by International Society of Poets from 23rd to 25th August 2002 for its Conference to be held in US.
Sonawane was earlier selected by the Society for his 2 poems through their website.

Time for AGM:
July end and August begin is being marked as a time for Co-operative societies, Banks and other trusts Annual General meeting (AGM) in Jalgaon. Since last 2-3 days each and every society is gearing for its AGM and preparation thereof.
This year AGM will be viewed as a significant year for policy change of the co-op banking area. As the city is changing and business is growing, demands of business houses are also increasing day by day. Until now most of the co-op banks were surviving on DD commission and savings. But now the time has changed.
International standard banks are knocking Jalgaon doors. They are all set to give a big change in how business banking is done and as they succeed in this, the co-operative banks and societies income will fall significantly. Their savings will drop just like share market dropped in some older days.
This year AGM should be marked as very important AGM for deciding what future the co-operative movement holds? What should be the new business policy of them? What number of facilities they are providing to their valued customers? How they are treating their bread-owner? Until now most of the banks even don't have Internet connection, thinking of going online or providing bank statements to the customers online will just be a dream for them at this stage.

26th July:
Monsoon pleases entire Khandesh:
Since last 2 days there has been continuous showery raining in the entire Khandesh region. The showering has pleased entire Farming community as well as Business people.
Even though the raining is going on the city has very little storage of water in its supply tanks and this issue is going to create troubles for the city in coming days.

Jalgaon District Cyber Association established in Jalgaon:
To promote Internet Literacy in the district and to support technical issues of the cyber owners and common man, a Jalgaon district level cyber association has been established.
The Association aims at promoting Internet through conducting various seminars and workshops on Internet and supporting and helping cyber owners for resolving day to day technical issues.
All cyber owners in the district are requested to be a part of this new revolution by becoming a member of this organization.

NMU applies 5 subjects ATKT to Engineering students:
Taking an important decision the NMU, Jalgaon has extended ATKT limits for Engineering students who appeared for 2002-03 exam.
According to new rule, the student who appeared First Year Engineering and failed 4 subjects can now apply for Second year admission. Students who appeared for Second year Engineering and has failed 5 subjects (including theory or practical) can now appear for third year engineering provided there is no pending subject of First year. Similarly those who appeared for Third year and has failed 5 subjects including theory or practical can now appear for final year engineering provided there is no pending subject of First and second year.
Last date for admission in Engineering is 14th August 2002. Students are requested to contact their respective colleges or NMU to get more information in this regard.

Prakash Gavli stands first in State level Air Weapon Competition:
Jalgaon's Prakash Dilip Gavli stood First in 32nd State level Air Rifle Competition conducted at Mumbai. He stood Third in Air Pistol competition.

Krithika Shows outstanding results in NMU Engineering Exams:
Krithika seshadhri of nagaon Gangamai College of engineering passed BE (Instrumentation) with first class distinction in NMU. She had been selected by AIMA for PGDITM on all India mat exam and has joined business academy in Bangalore.

25th July:
Boston chief arrives in Jalgaon:
Dr. Arvind Shah, Chairman, Boston Computer Institute has arrived in Jalgaon for his official tour of BOSTON centre in Dhule and Jalgaon and launch of its Chopda centre. He is today delivering a lecture in JDCC hall on prospects of "Information Technology" field.

AIRTEL launches Jalgaon mobile serivce:
Aiming at high potential of Jalgaon business market, the Bharti group owned AIRTEL has launching its Cellular services in the Jalgaon city from today. The new service will have call prefix as "98900".

Central school shows outstanding performance:
The NMU campus, Central school based on CBSE study pattern has shown outstanding performance in year 2002 exams. Overall there has been 88.5% result for the school with its student Abhinav Ashok Sinha standing first by securing 86% marks.

Jalgaon city to get drinking water supply after 3 days:
Due to less raining and low quota in the storage of drinking water supply in the city, the city administration has decided to supply drinking water after every 3 days instead of earlier 2day schedule.
Currently council's main supply source is MIDC, which is supplying more than 25mlt per day.

Amalner's Niraj Agral pass CA exam:
Niraj Deepchand Agrawal of Amalner has secured honour of being younges Chartered Accountant from Jalgaon District at the age of just 20 years.

Agricultural colleges merit list announced:
Rahuri Agricultural University has announced merit list of 11 colleges from Jalgaon district for admission to its 600 seats quota. The university received 1239 applications.
The course is an after 10th Course and there are 10 non-grant colleges and 1 government granted college in the Jalgaon district.

Rural areas in District suffers heavy power cuts:
Entire Agri belt in the district is sufferings lot of troubles due to continuous and long power cuts through out the day. The main affected areas are Bodwad, Jamner and Muktai Nagar where there is no power for more than 5-6hrs in a day.

24th July:
Police conducts checks on Cyber centres:
The Jalgaon police has conducted checkup on various cyber café in the Jalgaon city. The check was conducted mainly for the checking of Licenses. The state government as per its GR has now included Cyber café, Game parlour, Cards club, Pool Park, Mutual Reliable Games, Entertainment Parlours, Social Clubs, and Sports Clubs etc in Entertainment Tax bound.
Those who are running Games parlours will have to pay amount of Rs. 275 per machine per month and for Cards Club a monthly Rs. 2500 will be charged. Charges for cyber café are not yet announced. Under the new regulation, the officers can anytime check up the centres for proper fullfilment of criterias of the same.
The form for registeration is available with Entertainment Office, District Collectroate Office Jalgaon.

Railways opens recruitment in Bhusaval:
Indian Railway is opening up its recruitment for Bhusaval division for different posts. The last date for application is 31st July 2002.

Medium raining noted in 5 Taluka of Jalgaon:
Since last 2 days there has been medium raining in 5 taluka of Jalgaon district. Jamner noted 3mm, Bhusaval 1.5mm, Bodwad 1.3mm, Yaval 2mm, and Amalner 1mm.

Rahul Bhansali Pass BDS:
Jalgaon's Rahul Sureshchandra Bhansali has passed Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Govt. Dental College, Mumbai with first class.

23rd July:
Mahavir bank opens Navi peth Branch:
Jalgaon's one of leading co-operative bank Mahavir Bank is opening its second fully computerised branch in Jalgaon city in Navi peth area on 24th July today.
With this Navi peth area gets one more label of "Banking Zone" in the city.

569 applications for 31 positions in JDCC Bank:
On the last day of filing of nominations, 364 applications have been received and in all now there are 569 applications for 31 different positions in the bank.

Jhelum express to stop in Pachora:
To resolve daily customers problem, the 1077/ 1078 Jhelum Express will now onwards stop on Pachora Railway station with effect from 01st August 2002.
The 2809/ 2810 Mumbai Howrah Mail will stop on Nandura Railway station now onwards. Please check exact timings of arival and departure with railway timetable.

Jain Chaturmas beings from today:
The Jain community's "Chaturmas" is beginning from today 23rd July. Various religious programmes are being conducted on this eve.

Theme College students' shows outstanding performance:
Jalgaon's IQRA society's HJ Theme college students' have shown outstanding performance in 2002 exams. Its third year Science students had 100% result with Fakir Akhtar Shah Sattar Shah standing first securing 81% marks.

22nd July:
Showering in entire Jalgaon district:
Continuing the Saturday pending duty, the rainfall is back in Jalgaon district since Monday morning. Continuous showery raining is going on all around the district and climate is cloudy and pleasant.

Chetan Kumar Patil stands first in BFA exam:
Chopda's Lalit Arts College student Chetan Kumar Sudam Patil stood first in NMU conducted final year Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) exam. He secured 63.8% marks.

Sheetal Jakhete pass BDS:
Jalgaon's Sheetal Rajendra Jakhete has passed Bachelor of Dental Science (BDS) exam with first class securing 63% marks from Pravara College, Loni.

21st July:
Jamner is getting back to normal life:
With tension easing day by day, Jamner is now turning back normal. Saturday witnessed mass participation of people from all religions on the eve of "Rath" Festival.
Considering this changing scenario the police may ease the nighttime curfew from today.
Saturday turned to be a day of pilgrimage to entire Maharashtra with millions of people prayed "Vithoba" in Pandharpur and thousands in Pimprala, Jalgaon's 125-year-old "Rath" Festival.

Amrita Gupta stands first in entire state in "Commercial Artist" exam:
Jalgaon's Amrita Satish Gupta has secured first rank in entire Maharashtra state in "Higher Art Diploma in Applied Arts (Commercial Arts)" a 5year course from Sophia, Mumbai.
She completed her Schooling from St. Joseph School Jalgaon.

Sanjivani Jhambre honoured with Doctorate:
Chinaval's daughter-in-law Sanjivani mukunda Jhambre has been honored with Doctorate by VBU University, Belgium for her research on "Diabetes".

B. Ed. Final admission from 29th July:
The Bachelor of Education course's last central admission round is starting from 29th July to 31st July.

Chess competition from 27th July:
Sadguru Education society, Jalgaon has organized junior chess competition from 27th July to 29th July 2002. For more details contact Mahavir Classes, Jalgaon.

20th July:
Monsoon rain pleases entire Khandesh:
The Thursday night started monsoon raining has pleased entire Khandesh and saved crop worth millions. Bodwad noted highest of 68mm, Muktai Nagar noted 42.5mm and Bhusaval 33.40mm were the three maximum raining areas in the district. The lowest hit was Chalisgaon with just 1mm raining and Bhadgaon just 3mm. Dhule and Nandurbar districts also noted good raining.
The raining stopped on Friday night. Even today climate is cloudy and is expect to be favorable in this weekend.

Passport forms available in Jalgaon:
According to the new passport system, Jalgaon now has passport forms available in Police Headquarters at a nominal cost of Rs. 10/-. The forms can be filled in and returned along with a DD of Rs. 1000/- for 36pages passport or Rs. 1500/- for big size passport and Rs. 600/- for persons below 18 to the same office.
Once filled, the person will get the passport on his postal address within around 60days. The department has Tatkal scheme also for getting passport in 10-15days.

Yaval gears up for celebrating "Vyas Pornima":
Yaval is gearing up for celebrating "Vyas pornima" to be celebrated on 24th July. Yaval has district's only temple of great saint Vyas. Thousands of people are expected to reach the city to commemorate this event.

Pimprala celebrates 125th year of "Rath Utsav" today:
Pimprala has district's oldest history of celebrating "Rath Utsav" of Lord "Vitthal". Today it is celebrating 125th Year of its festival of celebrating "Rath" on eve of "Ashadhi Ekadashi". A public carnival is being conducted to mark the day.

Call for nominations to Awards for Outstanding Industrialist:
The Maharashtra state honors small scale Industrialists for their outstanding product quality and overall performance every year. This year also it has called for nominations for the awards 2002 up to 30th August 2002 in District DIC office.

Private Buses: Luxury or harassment?
Since many years we are seeing Private buses operating in the district area to provide commuters with options to travel in with less time as compared to government services. But since their startup the so-called Private luxury buses are day by day becoming harassment due to government's no support tendency.
A Government is always supposed to provide with base for youth's employment and make favorable movements in that regards. Instead of snatching private operators back, government should provide up with a competitive platform for government run ST buses. We mean government should make 2 simultaneous platforms for ST as well as private buses. The commuter, whom he feels comfortable, will select the choice as per his needs. Second alternative to this issue is in hands of private operators. They should make their own private bus stand as we see in MP and other states and run the buses from those points.
But scene is reverse, if you go to luxury bus stands now a days, you will not be able to step up in buses due to the fact that the area where private buses stands is totally mud-covered due to recent raining. Even there is heavy congestion while dropping people or moving the buses.
What is common feeling is that no one is taking proper care of providing up customer facilities, every one is just interested in filling his pockets. Filling pocket is OK, but why not we think of providing customer facilities?

NMU puts up second round of Entrance for MCA & MSC:
To fill up some vacant seats in NMU affiliated colleges, NMU has published notice for second round of Entrance test for fresh candidates for MCA & MSC (IT) courses.
The entrance will be conducted on 28th July 2002 and admissions will be completed on 03rd August 2002.

19th July:
Full night raining pleases Jalgaon life:
Friday has been a pleasing day for life of Jalgaon. Since last night there has been continuous medium to heavy raining in the entire district. The raining has made farmers happy as it saved their dying crop. People are happy to see raining after period of more than 20days.
MSEB power cut made life difficult in night. There was power cut for more than 4 hours in night due to heavy raining in the city. Still raining is going on city and as predicted it is expected to continue for the whole day. There is no sunrise today in the city due to this raining and entire atmosphere is cool and highly comfortable.

Council's waste recycling plant production begins:
The Jalgaon council's one of the ambitious project of recycling city waste has started its production of Compost fertiliser. The plant takes input as city's waste and then turns it into compost fertiliser that is very useful for the farming. The plant is joint venture between Jalgaon Council and Cyprus based company.

Inter district swimming competition in Jalgaon:
An Inter district swimming competition is being held in Jalgaon on 21st July 2002. Around 150 participants from all around Jalgaon, Dhule and Nashik District are participating in this contest.

Varadsim's Deepak Jhambre flies to US:
Varadsim, Taluka: Bhusaval's Deepak madhukar Jhambre has been selected in IT firm Honeywell laboratories, Phoenix, Arizona as a software Engineer.
He is a student of COET, Bambhori in B.E. (Electronics & Tele-communication).

NMU declares MSC results:
NMU has announced results of MSC (Computers) and MSC (IT) course exam for year 2002.

Nutan Maratha College's students' shows outstanding performance in BSC:
Jalgaon's Nutan Maratha College's students' have shown outstanding performance in B.Sc. (Computers) exam for the year 2002. Its 13 students have secured first class with Vaishali Jain standing the best on 74.57%. Many of its students have also been selected in MCA in Jalgaon, Pune and Mumbai.

St. Joseph wins under 14 Subrato Mukhrjee Football cup:
Jalgaon's St. Joseph has won the under 14 Subrato Mukhrjee Football Cup beating Bahinabai School by 3-1. The event was jointly hosted by District Sports office and Nutan Maratha College.

18th July:
State government bans 'Gutka':
In an important decision announced last night, the Maharashtra state government announced ban on youth fame tobacco product "Gutka" from 01st August 2002 in entire state.
"Gutka" is one of the most used and common habits of college going youth.

Engineering results today:
The long awaited Second, Third and final year Engineering results will be announced today by NMU. The results were anxiously awaited since last week.
Students have shown strong protest to NMU decision of not announcing results on Internet. Students are requested to contact their respective colleges.

MSEB restarts its load shading:
The last 20-25days stopped load shading is back from last week. MSEB has restarted its load shading in entire Jalgaon district. According to this schedule there will 2hrs power cut every day for 4 days in week in city area and 4hrs power cut every day for 4 days in week.
The changing climate and no power combination is again troubling people a lot.

17th July:
Jamner is changing:
With arrival of Jain Saints in Jamner, the city environment is changing. Last day a Welcome rally of more than 1500 people was conducted peacefully in the city. With this changing scene now city is changing and people have welcome this new change.

Foreign fruits compete with Indian fruits:
Due to shortage of rainfall this year, the Indian fruit is lacking behind its biggest ever competitor Imported Fruit now readily available in entire Jalgaon district.
Australian Apples, New Zealand's Apples and US apples are now available in very attractive packing the market at a very reasonable cost of around 80-90Rs. Per kg. Many other fruits are also readily available in major fruits markets all around the district.

NMU starts Student counselling and Guidance Centre:
NMU has started a Student counselling and Guidance Centre with sponsorship from Ford Foundation. The centre will focus on students individually and provide them guidance related to career profile. The centre has various aims of providing Placement, Self-Employment Schemes and other services. The centre has been established in NMU main building premise.

No 4 subjects ATKT for engineering students:
The last day published news regarding NMU giving 4 subjects ATKT to engineering students has been changed. NMU today announced that it wouldn't allow this 4 subject ATKT until any final decision is made in BOS committee meeting.
The news came in press after student organisations sending common press note stating that NMU has accepted the same. But after publication, NMU has given this new press note, indicating that it has not given any such decision.

Good rainfall in 5 taluka of District:
There has been a good rainfall in Pachora, Jalgaon, Erandol, Dharangaon and Bhadgaon in last 2-3 days. Pachora noted 33mm, Jalgaon 6.40mm, and Erandol 1mm, Dharangaon 4mm and Bhadgaon 9mm rainfall has been noted.
Until now Jalgaon taluka has in all 319mm rainfall and Amalner has 157mm, which is lowest in entire district. The department has predicted a good rainfall in entire Maharashtra in coming 2-3 days.

Pharmacy Admission application last day:
Today is the last day for admission to pharmacy admissions for the year 2002. Until now around 650 applications have been sold and 568 out of this have been duly received for pharmacy.

Asoda village facing Severe Water problems:
Asoda is one of the worst hit water problem areas of Jalgaon. Even though it is considered as an extension of Jalgaon city, no consideration has been given to resolve the issue until now. Since many years Asoda has no regular drinking water supply. Most of the families have to depend on the well or bore water.
Since last 25 days there is no water supply in the entire Asoda. People are fighting with each other for getting maximum water for their families. If no consideration is given to this Asoda issue, this village will cut down from the Jalgaon district map.
Important to note factor is that Asoda is one of the largest Rose producing area of Jalgaon district. Asoda supplies maximum Rose and flora to Jalgaon. Since last 2 years Rose rates have hiked and got doubled due to water issue in the region. Now if you need a single rose to offer someone, you need to pay at least 2 rupees for a good quality rose. Asoda also produces various crops for the district including cotton and other rationing materials.

16th July:
We need Railway Discipline:
Since this year beginning Jalgaon has reported more than 5 accidents on railway platforms. Does it means Jalgaon is lacking railway discipline? If we think in deep, YES we need new measure to tackle such issues.
Many of our young generation friends always make hurry on stations while dropping from railway or stepping on railway coaches. Some of dashing friends also stand on corners on coach gates, which is also a risky reason. Its our duty to reach on time on platform, in-fact before 15mins of scheduled time so as we can safe board on train coaches. This rail code should be followed specially by our business line friends who are always in hurry of doing things. If you get late by some unknown reason and see train moving out of station in front of you, don't dare to board on it.
Accidents resulted in loss of life of many and severe disability. Most of the accidents were purely due to daring of people trying to catch running trains. Not only male members, Females also make such suicidal mistakes.
Its time we should rethink of our day-to-day life code and follow this simple concept to avoid problems to our future dependants.

Low Showers pleases city environment:
The 15mins long low showery rain made city environment pleasing and comfortable for people waiting for rainfall. It seems that GOD himself had came on to wash Jalgaon roads.
Dhule is another victim of low rainfall this year. Until now there has been very low rainfall in the region. Dhule city is already under trouble since last 2years. If the same trend continues this year, Dhule business will come to end.

Rupesh Navgale's Paintings exhibition in Mumbai:
Rupesh Dhananjay Navgale's paintings exhibition is being held in Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai from 21st July 2002. He is native of Khiroda Village.

4 subjects ATKT in Engineering:
NMU has revised carry on criteria for engineering results 2002. According to this new rule, student who fails in 4 subjects can carry to next year. Earlier NMU had 3 subjects ATKT criteria.

Room arrangements for needy students:
Jalgaon's Shree People's Trust has started staying facilities for student willing to get higher education in Jalgaon and looking for room. They have made arrangements for around 25rooms and meal in the area at reasonable rates.
Interested students can contact Prof. S. S. Rane or Prof. S. N. Bharambe in MJ College for more details in this regard.

Tapi River celebrates 12th Birthday:
Tapi, the daughter of Sun and sister of God Shani is celebrating its 12th year of origin. The river originated from MP's Baitul city and flows up to Surat in Gujarat. The Tapi and Purna meet at Changdev village in MuktaiNagar taluka.
Since years Tapi has been the key source of water for entire Jalgaon district.

MBA & MMS admission rounds:
NMU's school of management studies MBA & MMS year 2002 admission rounds are beginning from 17th July to 26th July 2002 in 5 rounds. For more details students should contact IMR, Jalgaon.

"Deccan odyssey" railway to give Ajanta view:
In an ambitious project, MTDC is starting up a special luxury train "Deccan odyssey" for promoting tourism in Maharashtra region. The train is a modified version of "Palace-on-wheels" of Rajasthan. It is expected to start this train by this year-end at a project cost of around 30crore rupees.
The train will be routed as Mumbai - Ratnagiri - Sindhu Durg - Goa - Pune - Aurangabad. The tourists will be given a stay of 2 days in Aurangabad and will tour through Aurangabad Caves, Shivaji Museum, University, Ghrushneswar Temple, Daultabad Fort, Aurangajeb's tomb and the famous "Bibi ka Makbara" and Golden Palace in Aurangabad region.
From Aurangabad the train will leave for Jalgaon. From Jalgaon AC buses will be arranged for tour of Ajanta.
The whole trip will be for 7 days along with various dances like Banjara Dance, Lavani and Gajals along with entertainment from Himaru, Paithani and Bidari artists.
For the first time in history of Ajanta, Jalgaon has been given some role and which will definitely be a big enjoyment for people of Jalgaon.

New Telephone exchange in Mahsawad:
BSNL has installed a new 1000 lines OCB-RSU telephone exchange in Mahsawad village of Jalgaon district. Due to this all-existing 5 digit numbers will be changed to 6 digits as 55XXX to 550XXX with exception of 14 numbers totally changed.

BSNL invites tenders for its WLL cellular service:
Making a big move ahead, BSNL has invited tenders for appointment of private dealers for providing cellular services in entire Maharashtra telecom circle.
The tenders will be available from 17th July to 02nd August at a cost of Rs. 1000 and EMD of Rs. 2 lakhs

15th July:
HDFC Bank to open its Jalgaon Branch:
Jalgaon is now one step ahead in International Banking. HDFC bank is opening its Jalgaon branch soon in Omkareshwar area of City. HDFC has around 202 branches, 750 ATM centres in around 88 cities in India.
ICICI is another bank set to open its Jalgaon branch soon considering high potential of deposits in the region. From this changing scenario of banking in city, the co-operative banks in the city needs a great amount of reshuffle and introduction of new technologies in its banking concepts. Most of current co-operative banks have low infrastructure and very few are offering customer friendly services and utilities. Most of the co-operatives are surviving on DD Commission income, which will soon go out of their pocket once this high quality Banks opens in the city.

JDCC Bank BOD elections on 22nd August:
Jalgaon District Central Co-operative bank, Jalgaon's director's election will be held on 22nd August 2002. Nominations can be filed from 15th July to 22nd July. Forms will be validated on 23rd July and final listing will be published on 24th July 2002. 07th August is the last date for withdrawn of Nominations and elections results will be out on 23rd August.

Pankaj Dara pass CA exam:
Jalgaon's Pankaj Baldev dara has passed CA final exam for year 2002.

Rajesh Bhangale selected for Doctorate in IIT, Madras:
Rajesh Bhangale student of JT Mahajan College, faijpur has been selected for Research Degree(Ph.D) in IIT Madras as well as in IITDelhi as a Institute scolar with a fellowship of Rs.7000/-month. He studied in Janta High School, SAKARI, completed DME (77.13%), B.E(Mechanical) in J.T.Mahajan College of engg. FAIZPUR and Masters degree from Indian School Of Mines, Dhanbad (Estd:1926).

RR School 3 students secures ranking in Exam:
Jalgaon's RR school's Meeta Deshpande, Pragnya Vaidya and Sayali Patil have secured outstanding results in Tilak Maharashtra University's English exam.
Meeta Deshpande secured 98% marks and stood Second in entire Maharashtra.

14th July:
Digital Down Counters to be put up on Signals:
Considering increasing number of accidents on signals, the council is putting up digital down counter signals indicating down count of the signal time. Due to this down count the vehicle operator can know exactly when his/ her signal is GREEN and then proceed further. Display lights in many signals are not working properly and therefore confuse people many times on many signals.
If you start from DSP Bungalow Chowk and go up to railway station you have to face exactly 6 signals. This increases runtime for persons and therefore everyone is in hurry of reaching destination. Moreover Bicycle owners and pedestrians disturbs a lot on signal crossing. It seems that we Jalgaon People need to make ourselves more aware on signals and traffic view. Even two-wheeler owners, car owners also sometimes make move in RED whenever there is no one to check out. Even in today's educated arena some of people go triple seat on two wheelers, which is illegal.
It seems that we are implementing traffic laws by force not on our own. We need to obey these laws for ourselves only because more disciplined we move, safer we are and our near ones are. If we do not obey these rules, some one like us can also not and may result in accident with our near ones.

NMU revises passing criteria for results 2002:
IN a very important decision made by VC last day, all students having more than 35marks in last year of their graduation in subjects, will be deemed as PASS instead of earlier 40marks criteria.
Students who have marks more than 35 and who were earlier termed, as FAIL should contact their respective college to get this change done by NMU.
This decision will have long-term negative image of NMU on other colleges and Universities and will definitely harm students from the region. Such decisions should come before mark sheets not after mark sheets.

City gets polluted water in Supply:
The once said ozonised water is no more for city. City is again getting polluted, odour drinking water which has become impossible to drink. Many middle and upper class houses have already stopped using this supply water for drinking and switched over to mineral water.
What will happen to low income families? Their children are getting polluted water to drink results in various diseases. In all water has again become a difficult issue to bear. Council has promised people of providing clean water at earliest.
Important to mention is that Council stopped its supply from MIDC plant where it installed that Ozonisation plant considering good rainfall start.

TYBA results announced:
NMU has announced results of TYBA exam for year 2002. Admission to MA has also been extended up to 18th July.

Amit Kabra pass CA exam:
Amit Madanlal Kabra, Just 22 has passed CA final exam. CA final and intermediate results were announced on Friday.

Rain awaited in Bhusaval:
The last week gone rain is awaited in Bhusaval taluka anxiously. If there is no rain in coming 2-3 days it may result in severe crop damage to farmers and loss of lakhs of rupees. There has been no raining in the taluka since last week.

13th July:
Mobile War is ON:
With 2 new Mobile operators entering Jalgaon market, now 4 players are in ring for providing Cellular services in the city as well as state. The 2 new mobile operators AIRTEL and BSNL are shortly launching their services in the Jalgaon city.
Due to this launch the earlier 2 operators BPL and IDEA have geared up their marketing plans to attract more and more audience by media publicity. Any one will be surprised to see 4 operators in small city like Jalgaon. But the interesting to note survey is that Jalgaon has highest airtime use in Maharashtra compared to other cities excluding Mumbai. Due to this report each and every operator and service providers takes a first look to provide connectivity in Jalgaon.
So if you have any plans of going mobile, this coming month is the best period to buy SIM that suits your need. You will get many attractive offers from the service providers along with various options.

Postal department starts E-money Transfer:
Postal department has launched International money transfer facility in Jalgaon Post office in association with Western Union Money transfer. Now wherever you are in abroad, if you want to send money to your near and dear ones in Jalgaon, your transfer is one click with Western union in Jalgaon also.

Engineering Admissions gets low response:
Considering market downturn this year Engineering has received less response for admissions to year 2002-03. This year there are 13800 seats in 44 Engineering colleges in Jalgaon and Pune region. Only 10538 admission forms have been received until now.
Colleges will begin regular education from August first week after completion of 4th Round of admission.

Government Polytechnic admission begins:
First year Government polytechnic admissions have began from 12th July up to 21st July. Admission forms are available with college for Rs. 200 open category and Rs. 100 for BC category.

12th July:
Yogasan Camp from 15th July:
Jain Mahila Mandal & Lokmat Sakhi Manch has organised a Yogasan Camp from 15thJuly.This Camp will be conducted under Mrs. Alka Vaijapurkar from morning 5.30 to 6.30 at Jain Mahila hall, Near.Railway Station. For more details contact 227365.

9 Children's passed in Karate Training Camp:
District Judo Karate Association has organised a karate training camp for children's in which 9 children's passed & got Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Purple Belt. New training camp will be organised soon. for further detail contact 261560.

11th July:
Medha patkar arrives in Jalgaon district:
The "Save Narmada movement" activist Veteran leader Medha Patkar arrived in Jalgaon district for "Public rights pledge Tour". In her speech near Pelad point in Amalner she voiced youth for fight against the jobs killing economic policies and showed her protest against big dams being constructed. She also urged government to take care of rehabilitation of people affected due to such dams.
Today she will start her movement in Dharangaon on 8am and then on 4pm in Jalgaon from Shivaji Chowk.

No Rain since last week:
The July opening has been dry for entire Jalgaon district with absolutely no raining in the entire week. Considering the previous week's good raining most of the farmer had planted there crops and was waiting for second rainfall to arrive. But if the same scenario continues then farmers will be in deep financial troubles. They will have to replant entire crop as second fall arrives.
Common People are also facing drinking water supply problem as council stopped tanker supply considering good rainfall.

NMU starts BBS course:
NMU has launched Bachelor of Business studies a new course aimed to making student in touch with the latest market trends. The required qualification for this course is HSC in Science or commerce with 45% marks minimum.

JT Mahajan polytechnic results declared:
JT Mahajan Polytechnic, faijpur results are out. The college's overall result has been 65% with Deepali Mahajan standing first in Computers.
Degree engineering courses results are still awaited and will be out within this week time.

Jamner is still burning, night-time curfew again imposed:
With communal violence hitting Jamner last week, the flames are still on. This week one person was killed by a group of people. Normal business is going on properly in Jamner but people are still tensed and are not freely mixing in each other.
Considering this tension the police has re-imposed curfew from 7pm in night to 6am in morning. Police is making strict checking all around in the city to avoid some non-favourable circumstance that can fuel to Jamner issue.

Archana Atre stands first in DTL:
Archana Pradeep Atre has stood first in entire North Maharashtra University in Diploma in Taxation laws exam conducted for year 2002. She secured 71.6% from SS Maniyar law College.

10th July:
Skating,Aerobics,& Boxing Free Camp for Childrens:
Dragon Sports Clu,Jalgaon has organised a Skating,Aerobiks & boxing training camp for club members from 15th july.These camp will be conducted throughout the year for only 40 childrens.for more details contact 237226 between evening 5.30 to 8.30.

M.P.S.C. Training Classes:
Jalgaon Janta Bank Keshav Smriti Pratishthan has organised a M.P.S.C. Training seminar on sunday 14th July.The topi for this week is "Rajya Shastra".For more details contact 223120.

Two Wheeler Motor Cycle,Scooter Mechanic Training Camp:
Mitcon,District Udyog Kendra & Speedowell service centre has organised a two wheeler Motor cycle & Scooter mechanic training seminar from 10th July to 10th August 02.for more details contact 255285.

Body Language Seminar:
Progressive Ladies Junior Chamber had organised a Seminar on "Body Language" of Prof.Suresh Pande today from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm at Jain mahila mandal hall,Jalgaon.

Various Sports Competition to be held from 21st July to 30 July:
On the occasion of birthday of Advt.Baban Baheti various sports competition has been organised by Sadguru education society & Body Mahavidyalaya.The Sports are as follows 1)Chess competition - 21st & 22nd July,2) Gymnastic - 23rd July,3) Volleyball - 24th July,4) Table Tennis - 25th July,5) Swimming - 26th July,6) Womesn Cricket - 27th July,7) Womens Football - 28th July,8) Rope Pulling - 29th July,9) Body Building - 30th July.All above competition will be held at Gitashankar Swimming pool,Jalgaon,

09th July
Rain Singing Competition:
Gitanjali Music Academy has organised a Rain Singing competition for 5 to 12 years childrens on sunday 14th July.The program will start from afternoon 1 pm.Those want to take part can contact Gitanjali Music Academy Ganesh colony stop,above Jalgaon Janta Bank,Jalgaon before 12th July.

I.T.I. Merit List on 10th July:
I.T.I.Jalgaon Merit list of students who have posted there application for enterance in I.T.I will be declared on 10th July 02.Those who any Complaint may fill their application form on or before 13th July by 5.00pm.

Sanjeevani Health Camp & Seminar from today:
Asset Junior Chamber,Bharatiya Jain Sanghatna & Ram Total body Checkup center has organised a Diabities care camp for the people of Jalgaon city from 9th to 16th July 02.In this camp various famous Doctors will guide.For more details contact 221670.

B.B.S Admission open till 15th July:
North Maharashtra University New Course (B.B.S) admission has been started from today & will be opened till 15th July 02.12th Commerce or Science student can take admission for the course of 3 years.Students securing 50% in open category & 45% for backward class student can als otake admission in it.

08th July
Learning Licence Camp for two Wheelers:
Learning licence on camp has been organised by annapurna Bahudeshiya seva sansthan for two wheelers at Jai mata di Complex Primprala road on 11th July from 11 am onwards.For more details contact 251835.

Poet AShok Kotwal gets Indira Sant Kavya Award:
Jalgaon Poet Shri.Ashok Kotwal gets the Indira Sant Kavya Award for his book "Maunatil Padjhad" by Apte Vachan Group Ichalkaranji ,Kolhapur.Ashok Kotwal has also got Sahitya Award by Yashwantrao chauhan sahitya & sankrutik Pratishthan,Pune.

06th July
Rotary Club Jalgaon East Installation Ceremony today:

Rotary Club Jalgaon East new Preisdent Rtn.Purshottam Nyati will take charge as President from Rtn.Vinod Bothra today for year 2002-03 at Rotary Hall,Jalgaon.

Leproscopy Machine arrived in Shahu Nagar Hospital:
District Health Centre & Jalgaon Nagarpalika has jointly installed a Leproscopy Machine at Shahu nagar hospital for the peoples of jalgaon city.About 500-600 cases can be done throught a month by this machine.

Rotary Club Jalgaon Silver city Installation to be held on Sunday:
Rotary Club Jalgaon Silver city new Preisdent Rtn.Rakesh Zawar will take charge as President from Rtn.Vinod Agrawal on Sunday 7th July for year 2002-03 at Rotary Hall,Mayadevi Nagar,Jalgaon.

Rotaract Club Jalgaon & Jalgaon Midtown Installation be held on Sunday:
Rotaract club Jalgaon & Jalgaon Midtwon joint installation ceremony is going to be held on Sunday 7th July 02 at Rotary hall,Ganpati nagar at 7.00 pm.New President Rtr,Chetan Thakkar & Rtr.Shailesh Patel will take charge as President of the respective clubs from Outgoing President Rtr.Kekal Patel & Rtr.Sapan Jhunjhunwala.

05th July

Jalgaon's Table Tennis Players bag the state level Tennis Awards.
Jalgaon's Sureshdada Jain Tennis Association members bagged the state level Table Tennis Championship arranged at Aurangabad. Shailesh Jadhav and Vivek Alavni won in the Men's Category and Aditya Sawji and Shridhar Tripathi won in the Cadet category.

Water percolation drives held in every part of District.
Taking in consideration the two very intense summers seen by Jalgaon, people have started making arrangements to Percolate all the water they can into the ground this rains so as to minimise the impact of summer next year. Water percolation drives are being held all over the District. Soak pits are being dug at all government structures.

04th July :
Jalgaon Nagarpalika to give 13 school to Voluntary Organisation Today:
Jalgaon Municipal to give 13 Nagarpalika School to Voluntary Organisation today for whole year.

Seminar for NewsJournalist at Jain Hills Tommorrow:
Jain Irrigation System Ltd.has Organised a Seminar on Subject 'Journalism yesterday,Today & Tommorrow ' for all the Journalist of Jalgaon District.

Rotary Club Jalgaon Installation to be held Tommorrow:
Jalgaon oldest Social Club Rotary Club Jalgaon new President & Secretary Installation for year 2002-03 is going to be held tommorrow 5th July at Rotary Hall at 7.30 Pm in presence of Famous Journalist Mr.Kumar Ketkar.

B-Tech Result of North Maharashtra University Declared:
B-Tech result for First Year Arts,Second Year Science,B-tech (Chemical Eng.& Chemical Technology) of North Maharashtra Univeristy has been declared.Students are requested to collect their result from college.

02nd July:
Minority commission president to visit Jamner:
State Minority Commission president Khandvani is scheduled to visit Jamner to review Jamner violence issue.

More than 1300 Engineering admission applications sold:
Around 1350 applications have been sold out until now for admission to Engineering for year 2002. The admission process will continue from 28th June to 7th July 2002.

01st July:
Jalgaon railway station will soon have Television sets:
As a part of entertainment and convenience to commuters, Jalgaon railway station will soon have 8 television sets on its platforms. Railways have awarded its contract and the agency is soon going to put 4 sets each on platform number 2 and 3.
The Television set will broadcast Films, Songs and Railways information along with commercial advertisements from business houses.

Jalgaon city now gets "Once in three days" water supply:
After good rain indication, Jalgaon council has started its "once in three days" water supply distribution from 01st July. Until now it has been once in 5days.
The council is supplying water through Dapora Pumping station. It has also stopped tanker supply and is taking minimum water from MIDC to avoid financial burden on council.

Jamner curfew relaxed up to 8pm:
Considering easing tension in Jamner, the administration has lifted curfew restrictions from 6am to 8pm in night. Until now it has been 7pm.

Shendurni's Vivek Kumavat's paintings in Jahangir Gallery:
Shendurni's Vivek Mangaldas Kumavat's natural scene painting exhibition is being organised in Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai from 25th June 2002. Around 40 natural paintings using blade have been kept for viewers.

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